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In the Heat of A Moment:

I see words leafing through the air like clouds, soft, without mass yet full of substance. That is why I write. In writing, my thoughts have a truth, the emotions I could never reveal to another being have experience. They express the reality of my world in a crescendo of heat, frost and palpitation as only my truth could relay. And it is with this in mind that I begin my stories, my tales of venture into the land of the senses…


I stepped out into the frosty air just as the first drops of rain fell from the bulbous gray clouds lingering in the late evening sky. They splattered against the windshield of a parked car with the plop of a stone breaking the surface of still water. I turned up the collar of my black coat and made my way quickly down the walk and out into the busy fury of the writhing city night.

I could hear the quick, crisp “clack” of my boots as I rushed to my destination. My steps were very distinguished from the shuffling patter of nearby pedestrians scurrying to get out of the rain. Mine had a constant beat, a rhythmic tap that pronounced purpose. He was waiting for me.

As the lights of the busy urban mesh tapered away to the occasional “open” sign or business marquee, I made my way across main street like a giddy child, my anticipation rising to a feverish pitch as I turned down one street, then another. I could feel his pull with each step I took. The electric buzz thrummed in my ear, agitating a little, unknown place in the back of my mind. The sensation of excitement propelled me at an even greater pace, and I quickened my stride to a slight run.

As I turned down a darkened alley, the hiss and screech of a stray cat staving a mating attempt drew my attention, elevating my heart’s rhythmic mummer to a startled, pulsing “thump.” Distracted by the feline frenzy, I did not notice the shadow of a body in front of me until I was almost upon it. Startled into a stop, we both stilled. The only sound was that of the incessant rain, which held at a steady rush.

Then the shadow began to move. Smooth and pantherish, its footfalls were ominously steady. I was frozen. The rhythm of its steps and the unrelenting rain fixed me in the pavement, and the only movement I could produce was that of my laboring lungs as they tried to propel air through my mouth and nose.

I closed my eyes with inevitability as the shadow floated toward me, its darkness magnified and enhanced by the surrounding urban pitch. I could hear its steps getting closer.



And then silence

Smooth, hot flesh brushed my temple, a ripple of warmth lingering just there.

“I had to meet you half way.” his words floated softly to me above the torrent of rain. His voice resonated through me, causing a quake, a throb in the center of my core, and it pulled me to where he stood. I heard the soft, satisfied sigh escape my throat at the touch of his Escort bayan coffee warmed lips against mine. His breath hissed, hot against my cheek, raking fire across my face, down my neck and pooling into my belly. His heart rumbled through his chest and moved me to it’s beat.

That pulse he inspired ached me with the need to be full. I felt the firm grasp of his fingers parting the front of my coat and his arms slink around my body, heating me where the dampness of my rain-touched clothing spread its chill. We stayed there for what seemed like hours. Touching, tasting and licking a fire so hot that within moments it was not enough.

He let out a groan of animal desperation as his hands slithered down my back and possessively clutched my ass. I could feel the steel hard length of his cock straining against my belly and a sharp, insatiable need rose up within me. I felt myself cling tighter to him, rising higher to get that bulge as close as possible to the ache growing inside of me with each delicious stroke of his tongue.

A cry, a whispered name and a litany of ‘yes’s was the song within the darkness of that shadowed alley. I heard him groan out my name as my back was pressed tightly against a hard immoveable surface, his arms opening to drop searchingly to my hips. I hadn’t felt my clothes miraculously parting to allow him access to my bare flesh, but I could only let out a cry of pure and hungry delight when I felt his heat brush my naked skin.

My hands sought his flesh as well, pulling his shirt open and tearing the buttons from their heavily stitched places. My lips found that sensitive point just below his ear, and I heard the quick intake of breath rush through his mouth at the touch of my tongue. His hands grew wilder, incessantly lifting my skirt and stripping my panties down my quivering legs. Then, his mouth found mine as he tore frantically at the front of his jeans, the sound of his zipper peeling open increased the pool of liquid heat between my thighs.

It consumed me with a radiant rumble, this surge of incandescent lust. I glowed as a deafening rush of want left me oblivious to everything except the pulse of my thrumming blood, the connection of our bodies and the orchestra of pleasured moans. He let out a primitive grunt as he clasped my ass to lift me, my legs twining around his waist in a tight embrace. His hiss scorched the hollow of my ear when the tip of his sex brushed against the liquid flames bubbling from the core of my sex. We cried out in unison as the thrust of his hips pushed his cock deep into my slick channel. Suddenly, I was incredibly full, deliciously stretched by the engorged pillar of his sex, so thick and hot inside of me.

“Fuck!” was the only sound issued from his lips as he sank deeper into my body. He withdrew slowly, letting me feel each solid inch slide against my sensitive walls, and then he surged forward, thrusting deeply into my body once again. The pleasure was beyond Bayan Escort intense and I could not stop the cries that escaped my throat with each piercing plunge his rigid pole made into my steaming pussy.

I was held solidly between two impenetrable surfaces, his hands gripped my ass as he pounded into me. Each stroke brought him unerringly to my core, the bulbous head of his dick rocking me to the brink of shattering.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” he breathed into my ear as his wet tongue ventured into my tunnel. I couldn’t speak as a ripple worked its way down my spine. I felt his cock pulsing as it grew thicker, stretching my pussy so tight. “Tell me!” came another strained command, this time accentuated with a quick upward thrust of his hips. And with that stroke, he found it, the spot that made me scream out with an acute shock of pleasure, almost painful in its intensity.

“Oh, God!” I gasped, my head falling to burrow into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. “ I want you to keep fucking me…” I continued. “I want to feel every inch of your cock inside of me when I cum!” I was so close to that moment when nothing else in the world existed except me and the flesh connected to my body. I contracted my wet hot sheath around his hard length in a silent invitation, a hungry plea for the joy the thrusting of his hips promised. He shuddered in my arms, trying to hold back the release pushing up from the base of his dick. His arms tightened with need. His hands strained against my ass as he worked my pussy against his throbbing pole.

“You feel so fucking good!” he moaned as he buried his head against my neck. His tongue licked its way from the base of my neck to the lobe of my ear. He nibbled gently, and I shivered at the sensual assault. Clutching him tighter, I held on as I felt the final rush pushing and building inside of me. “I’ve been thinking about this all day…of how tight and hot your pussy would feel stroking against my dick. I’ve been harder than a steel pike since I woke up this morning!” His mouth opened and his teeth sank into my neck, latching on gently and sucking the tender flesh at his mercy. He growled deep in his throat and surged into me, harder and more forcefully. I felt his dick swell, stretching me tighter around his plunging flesh. “You’re so sweet, baby…I can never get enough of you.” he whispered, and I began to come apart.

My eyes were clenched tightly, but I saw the universe explode in a series of moments. I felt nothing but the heat and pleasure flowing through every inch of my body, the repeated thrusts that continued my torment, and the feel of his bite as his teeth gripped harder on my neck.

“Oh…please! Sweet Jesus, please!” I cried out as he continued to ride me through my delicious agony. I don’t know for what I was pleading, but he didn’t stop. Every cell of my being called out to him, urged him to come with me to a place that only we could create. And he did.

“Oh Escort fuck! I’m cumming!” his voice rushed out heatedly. He plunged as deep as he could and held still as I felt the first stream of his liquid heat rush into me, scorching my womb. My cunt clenched tightly around his pulsing cock, each wave propelling me through yet another orgasm. “That’s it, baby! Milk me, take it all!” I felt him spurt into me a few more times while my snug channel stroked and squeezed every drop from him hungrily.

After a few minutes, he shuddered in my arms one final time, his hips thrusting slowly to a stop as he emptied the last his seed into my belly. Neither of us moved as we marinated in our pleasure, but the throbbing of our rushing blood continued to pulse where our bodies remained connected. My arms eventually loosened their hold around his neck, allowing my hands to stoke gently over his head and face.

Our breathing slowed while the rain and the breezy night air cooled our heated bodies. His lips softly brushed back and forth across my lower jaw before working slowly over my check and settling against my parted mouth. His tongue plunged deep into my crevice, stroking and exploring me with focused intensity. A moan rumbled from deep in my throat, and he broke our kiss to lift his head and gaze at me. I opened my eyes slowly and felt a wave of heat rise up inside of me at the blatant lust seething in his gaze. He withdrew his semi-erect cock from my aching sex, and then lowered me to stand as my legs untwined from around his waist. His gaze never broke with mine as he fixed and buttoned his soaked clothing, and then proceeded to cover my own exposed flesh.

His hand reached up to stroke the side of my face, and he leaned into to brush his lips again my temple. I stepped forward to bring our bodies together once again, my arms encircling him. He lowered his head only to stop a breath away from my mouth. “I’m yours,” he whispered softly against my lips just before he swept me into another sensually heated kiss. My arms tightened around him, my nails lightly scratching down his back. Suddenly, he broke apart from me with a groan and stepped away, turning to walk to where my panties lay on the cement. He picked them up and stuffed them into one of his front pockets. He stood there for an eternity of seconds, silently unmoving as water rushed over us.

When he turned to face me again, his eyes reflected every emotion coursing through my body- desire, tenderness, hunger. He wanted me and wanted me to have him. I ached to go to him. But I didn’t. I stayed rooted where I was as he searched my face for something to reassure him.

Finally, without hesitation, he extended his hand to me. “Come home with me.” Solid and sure, he offered himself to me. Not in the haze of after glow, but with a clarity of consciousness. Everything came to this moment. The rain drummed and with its rhythm, my feet moved forward. I stopped only when I stood before him, my gaze never moving from his as I placed my hand in his awaiting one. He glanced down at our joined hands, a small smile lifting the corners of his mouth. He squeezed my hand slightly before looking to me and stating once more, firmly and very heatedly, “I’m yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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