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When Louise says she is going to give you a bath, consider it to be a complete bath. She scrubbed me from head to toe and then some. She then proceeded to dry me with the red towel until my skin was almost bright red. “Enough, already,” I howled, “There won’t be any skin left.” She whacked me on the butt with her hand and said, “To bed with you, tomorrow’s another day.” We slid between the black satin sheets and I was asleep in the wink of an eye. I slept the sleep of the dead.

I was awakened the next morning with the warm feeling of Louise’s mouth on my hard cock. She had me entirely down her throat, her lips pressed firmly against the base of me. She was not moving her head at all. The only movement I could feel was the pulsing of her throat as she swallowed over and over to keep my prick solidly embedded in her throat. She had evidently been working on me for some time because I came very quickly after awakening. I heaved my load into her throat and she grunted as she swallowed every drop. What a way to wake up. I have certainly had an interesting few days, and it didn’t look like things were changing today.

Louise climbed out of the bed and said softly, “Breakfast in fifteen minutes, Tall, then away with you. I have a million things to do before your dad leaves for The Keys after graduation. Not to mention, the girls are coming to spend a week.”

I crawled up and sat on the edge of the bed. I ached all over. I am not used to all this activity in my life. Sex is hard work. I had to plan the next few days carefully, I had a music jobs Friday and Saturday nights in St. Augustine, and I absolutely had to get started on my term paper for Ms. Stones class. I had made lots of notes and was fairly sure of what I wanted to say, but how I would get the point across was still a mystery. This afternoon after school was D-Day for starting a draft of the paper. NO MESSING AROUND VIRGIL!

I stood up and went into the bathroom to take a leak and stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I had a ring of bright red lipstick all around the base of my prick from Louise’s blowjob. I shook my head and thought I ought to just leave it there to remember it by but thought better of it and jumped in for a quick shower. Clean jeans, a sport shirt, socks and penny loafers, no underwear, I was starting to live the part.
I’m not sure what part, just the part.

Louise had the full-meal-deal for breakfast, eggs, toast, grits, a big hunk of ham, with coffee and orange juice. “We’ve got to keep your strength up, Lover Boy.” She giggled. I smacked her on the ass, hard, as I headed for the door. “We are going to talk about that too.” She smiled and cradled my dick through my jeans, “Oh yes, we’re going to talk a lot about that.”

I escaped her clutches, and walked out to get into my car. “Hi Honey,” I heard from next door, “have a nice day.” It was Helen and Karen as they were getting into their separate cars. “Maybe we’ll see you tonight?” Helen asked. “Maybe later on,” I called, “I’ve got to work on a paper for awhile, but we’ll see after dinner.” Man, it didn’t look like I would ever get to do what I had to do for Ms. Stone.

I lucked out and got a parking spot close to the door just outside of my last period class, maybe I could get out of the lot quickly after school and beat the rush down to A-1-A. The drive to and from school is really pretty, but traffic can be the pits coming for Daytona heading north, in the afternoon. I walked in through the door and bumped right into Ms. Stone as she stooped to retrieve some papers she had dropped on the floor. As she started to topple forward, onto the floor, I jumped forward in an attempt to stop her fall. My arm went straight under her chest, and just as she lost her balance, her full weight of came down into my arm. I grabbed around with my other hand to stop her fall and as I caught her, I had one of her fabulous tits in each hand. First time today I wished I were dead, hope this isn’t an omen. “Sorry Ms. Stone,” I whined, “I just didn’t see you there.” “Not a problem, Virgil. I thank you for catching me before I hit the floor. But, people will talk if you don’t take your hands off my breasts.” She said in a voice so soft that it was barely audible. My face must have turned six shades of red. I didn’t realize just how firmly I was holding her. “I’ll see you fifth period. You be good.” She disappeared into her classroom, and I headed for the woodshop. I was not looking forward to fifth period today.

Fifth period rolled around anyway, and as I walked into the room Ms. Stone announced to the class, “Here comes my hero now. Mr. Ellis here saved me from a terrible fall this morning out in the hall. I am grateful for your quickness in preventing me from hitting my head on the floor.” She left out the part about me being the one that had caused her to tumble in the first place. I really liked this lady. “By the way Virgil, are you any relation to Dianne Ellis?” “As female fake taxi porno a matter of fact,” I answered, “I have a sister named Dianne, who lives in New York.” “We were good friends all through school.” She said, “Please give her my best next time you talk to her.” “She’s coming for my graduation, maybe you two can get together while she’s in the area.” I replied. “I’d like that very much. Please let me know when she gets here, and thanks again for this morning.” She smiled brightly.

I was getting those vibrations from Ms. Stone. What next? My very first sexual experience had been with a woman who was seventeen years older than me. I was sixteen at the time, and I’m still attracting the older ones. Not that I mind but it just seems kind of strange. Then again, I had been getting some great pussy, recently, and I hoped that it would continue.

Ms. Stone was reminding us that our final papers were due on her desk by a week from Friday. She also told us that she would not be grading this paper on the curve. Her plan was to grade either a pass or fail, depending on creativity as well as content. I was home free, because I was going dazzle her with the story I planned to write. My life had been a dream lately, and the influences that had inspired my music, were great fodder for the yarn I was going to spin for her. In fact, Influences, was a perfect title. She then explained that the school library would remain open until 7:30 P.M. For the rest of this week, and next week, if any of us needed to do any more research. Brilliant, I thought. The library would be a wonderful place to hide out and write the paper. No one would ever think to look for me there, and it would be quiet.

When the bell rang, I made my way up the hall to the pay phones and called home to let Louise know that I would be late coming home. There was no answer so I left a message and headed for my locker to get my notes and then to the library. I pushed open the door and walked into the room. It seemed that I was the only person here at the moment so I settled down at a table at the far end of the room away from the door so as not to be disturbed. My goal here was to relate some personal feelings in this paper, but not to make it seem like a biography. I wanted to see if Ms. Stone could be teased with inferences to certain topics, without actually spelling it out to her. After all, creativity was the name of this game. I had hoped to relate personal experiences, and reflect how they had influenced my music and the way I acted toward other people and situations.

As I have mentioned before, my first sexual tryst was with a woman much older than myself. She and I had a short relationship, but she taught me to take things slowly and be gently. I guess you could say to roll with the flow. She taught me to eat pussy, and how a woman achieves her best orgasms. I apply this thinking to my music, flow with it, get into it and enjoy it. Works in every day life too. I had made pages and pages of notes, over the past few weeks, on many different experiences. I started putting them in chronological order and the story began taking shape. I didn’t want to be too graphic, just to make my point. I hoped to make the sexual references interesting, but not blatant. I couldn’t be sure of her reaction and I certainly did not want offend. I would be taking a journey into my time in her classroom also, that would have to be very subtle as well.

The library had been extremely quiet. I glanced at my watch and was amazed to see that it was almost 6:30. I stood up and stretched. I had been sitting for over three hours and had made great progress. Another couple of hours and I could start typing and worrying about the grammar stuff. I decided to go out in the hall and get a drink from the fountain. I looked around the library and noticed that I was alone. The hallway was also deserted. The drinking fountain was situated in an alcove off the hall. The boys and girls room doorways opened in opposite directions on either side of the alcove. As I stooped and was drinking I thought I heard someone moan. I turned the stream off from the fountain and listened again. I heard it again. It appeared to be coming from the girls’ room. I cracked the door open and listened more intently.

I couldn’t see into the room because of the double door, but I heard the moans again. I stepped into the entryway, and cracked the inner door and looked inside. The girls’ room had mirrors on both walls and I could see the reflection of two girls across the room. A pretty dark haired girl was perched up on the sink counter and a longhaired red head had her face buried in her pussy. The dark haired girl had her head thrown back and it was obvious she was very near orgasm.

“Yeah that’s it Chrissie, push your fingers in deeper, OOOHHH…YES! Lick my clit NOW! Oh yes.” Moaned the dark haired girl. The red head must be Chrissie. I couldn’t see very well genel porno in the mirror, but they were definitely getting it on. “I’m gonna cum, Baby, lick me hard. AAAAAGGHHHHH, MMMMPPPHHHH, Oh God yes, I’m cumming!!!!!” Chrissie was shoving her fingers in and out of the dark haired girls’ cunt in a blur and I could hear the squishy slurping sounds she was making with her mouth on her cunt. Her orgasm shook her violently, and she soon slumped back and leaned against the mirror behind her. She released her grip on Chrissie’s hair and her legs hung limply down the red heads back. Chrissie continued to lick her cunt softly until she came back down and then she unwound herself and stood up and kissed the dark haired girl savagely on the mouth for a long time. After they broke the kiss, the red head whispered, “I’m absolutely dripping, Gail, please do me now.” Gail’s panties hung around one ankle, her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra had been pushed up to reveal her ample breasts. She eased off the counter and turned Chrissie around and pushed her skirt up above her hips, she reached down and put her hand between the horny girls legs. “You’re right, you are dripping. Slide up on the counter and let my suck you dry.” She said. She pulled Chrissie’s panties down and started licking the inside of her thighs.

I could see in the mirror that Chrissie was a natural red head. Her pussy lips hung full and red through her hairy bush. Gail was slipping a finger into the furry red cunt and I watched as Chrissie stiffened in orgasm. “OOH SHIT, do me girl.” She cried and begged Gail to give her all she could take. Gail pushed her face into the open slit before her and I heard loud sucking noises as she went to work. “Fuck me, bitch, suck my cunt. Make me cum again.” My cock was aching. I unzipped my jeans and pulled it out and began to stroke myself. I was slick with my own pre-cum and knew I’d shoot real soon. Chrissie had Gail by the hair and was frantically humping her face. In no time, she stiffened and pushed her ass up off the counter and crashed into another orgasm. Gail kept sucking wildly, and I shot a huge load onto the girl’s room door, it dribbled down to the floor. The two girls embraced and kissed deeply, tongue sucking and squeezing the others tits. I put myself back into my pants and was about to sneak back to the library when I heard Chrissie ask, “Did you see the guy in the library?” “Yeah, doesn’t he play in a band or something?” came Gail’s reply. “Yup, his name is Virgil, but they call him Tall Cool One. I heard their band play a couple of times and he’s hot.” I really liked hearing that. It made me feel that the practice was paying off. “I heard they’re playing at The White Lion in St. Augustine this weekend. Maybe we can get the guys to take us up to hear them.”

The girls had been hurriedly dressing while they talked and I figured it was time to duck back into the library, before I was discovered. There was a big glob of sperm on the floor right in the middle of the doorway. I hoped nobody slipped in it before it dried. I backed out the door and had just taken my seat as the girls entered the library. They saw me and walked over to my table and Chrissie introduced herself and Gail to me and told me about hearing me play guitar. “We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your band at the last school dance.” She said. “Thanks,” I said, “I’m glad you enjoy the music. We’re playing at the Seniors’ Last Dance, a week from Saturday, in the auditorium. I hope you’ll be here, because I think it’s the last time Terry and Dennis will be playing with me. They are both leaving after graduation and I don’t know if we’ll get together again or not. I’m planning a new group but don’t have anything finalized as yet.” “We’ll be there,” they chimed in, in unison, “maybe we’ll see you in St. Augustine this weekend.” “Cool,” I said, “I’ve had enough of this place for one day. I’m out of here, can I give you girls a lift?” “We have my car,” Gail said, “next time though.”

I gathered my notebooks, and crossed to the door, I stopped and held the door for the girls. We walked to the parking lot together, and chatted about graduation. Gail was a senior and Chrissie was a junior. Gail had been accepted at Vassar and I surmised that she was a brain. Chrissie seemed a little less together and had an infectious giggle. I asked if they had boyfriends and was told yes, but nothing serious. “Good,” I said, “maybe we can go out or something sometime.” Chrissie turned around and skipped backwards, facing us and giggled as she asked, “Both of us? Together?” “Sure, why not?” I said, “I’ll take a chance.” They giggled together.

We came to my car first. “Cool car.” They said in unison again. “Wow!” The car is cool, but not exceptional. It’s a ’55 Ford, Crown Victoria, Candy Apple Red Metallic paint, green sunroof, lowered and sectioned, Mag wheels, tuck and rolled interior, ’57 T-Bird 312, with three 2-barreled carburetors, and four glory hole secrets porno on the floor. Dad and I built the car together. It was my pride and joy. I drove it every day and it, of coarse, was not show quality any more, but it turned a lot of heads. It had Hooker Headers, and dual exhaust, and sounded just as mellow as good loving. I climbed in, rolled the window down and turned the key. The hefty Thunderbird engine jumped to life. I waved to the girls and backed out. As I turned north on State Road A-1-A, I thought about Jimmy Buffet and all the songs he had written about this stretch of highway and smiled. Maybe some day I’d write a song about a highway too. Life is good, but my back seat still smelled like pussy.

It’s a short drive up the coast from Flagler Beach where the school is, about twelve miles, to the sand dunes where we live. The house sits back from the highway and cannot be seen as you drive past. Except for the driveway and mailbox, you’d miss it completely. As you pull off the road. The drive makes an S-curve and you come to a big iron gate with stone pillars on each side. An iron fence extends in each direction as far as you can see into the trees and completely surrounds the property. Through the gate the drive makes a sweeping curve and the house sits at the top of a sloping swell, which rises some twenty feet above the highway. It then either goes straight around the corner of the house to the garages on the right end, or left into a large circular drive in front of the house. The lawn in front is nicely landscaped and irrigated. Helen and Karen’s house, sits beyond the right drive and is set slightly back. Both houses share this drive. The house is all stone, and has nineteen rooms above the grade, almost twenty thousand square feet. Big, long, beautiful, expensive, and much too big for us, but dad and grandpa had built it, it was a fortress and it was paid for. The taxes were hellacious. Dad has lots of money. Somebody has to live here, might as well be me.

A couple of hundred yards north of the main drive is a road that skirts the north boundary of the property and leads down to a second gate in the north fence, and beyond to the river, and a third gate down by the boat shed. The upper gate leads across the back yard, below the houses, to the area where I park my car and to Blossoms garage, which is under their house in the rear. The back of our house is three stories above grade with various balconies, and stairways, and a patio in front of my apartment. The lawn is gargantuan, and extends down a long slope to the river, which is the Florida, Intracoastal Waterway. The boat shed, lift and piers sit at the shoreline and are reached through the lower gate, or a long sidewalk leading from the patio down to the river.

I pulled in through the upper gate, crossed behind Blossom’s house and backed into my parking place between the houses. As I shut off the engine I looked out the windshield and saw Helen sitting in a recliner, on the lawn, catching the late afternoon sun. It was warm, around eighty degrees, and quite still. The river was smooth and the only movement you could see was the tide flowing out, to the south. Helen appeared to be dozing. I got out of the car, retrieved a lawn chair from the patio, and joined her on the lawn. She wore a bright pink thong bikini, which left nothing to the imagination. She was just barely decent. As I settled into my chair, she opened her eyes and smiled over at me. “Hi, Baby Boy.” She cooed, “How was your day?” “Very interesting,” I replied, “I just got to watch my first girl-girl encounter, and they didn’t even know I was there. I even asked them out, and they want to go with me, together.” “Sounds like fun.” she smiled again, and squeezed her thighs together. “Let me know how you make out.”

“Where have you been? You’re usually home earlier.” She asked. “Stayed at the library to work on my paper for Ms. Stone.” I answered. “I made great inroads too, I might even finish on time if I behave myself. That’s where I caught the girls, in the ladies room at school. It was hot. Tell me about making it with another woman, Helen.” I asked her, “What makes it so good?”

She thought for a few long moments and answered my question slowly, “Well, I’m not really an expert. Your sister Dianne, and Karen are the only two women I’ve ever tasted. Karen is young and sweet, and a follower. Your big sister is a driver. She is extremely aggressive and has a lot of experience. I think she goes both ways, but she really enjoys women. I think she’s big into B & D too, but I really don’t know for sure.” “I do.” I chuckled. “Tell me more.” She begged. “Another time, Sugar, tell me about sharing pussy.” “Dianne was my first. She made me absolutely quake when I came. She can take you to the edge and keep you there for hours. And then when you finally do soar over the edge, it bends you mind. A man can do that too, I suppose, but I never really had a chance to find out. You’ll remember I was sixteen when Karen came along, and that rotten son of a bitch who was fucking me vanished. I loved him, but all he wanted was arm candy and pussy. I’ve been more or less out of circulation since then.” “Easy, Hon,” I soothed her, “you don’t want to break a sweat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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