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I try to write descriptions of what happened in my life. Sometimes the action comes early, sometimes it takes a while. Your feedback is always appreciated. The characters are real, the situations really happened, and I try to stay true to the moment if not the exact words.


There are two previous stories that help make sense of the plot but again, we open with two young naked women waking me. Perhaps that is enough back story to get started.


Waking I feel a soft hand across my eyes and a warm mouth sucking my erect cock. I groan my pleasure at the sensations and try to see who to thank. The hand stops me from rising as the mouth stops sucking at me. I groan in disappointment as the girls giggle.

“No, Michael,” Kathy says.

“Yeah, no, Michael,” Jane repeats. “You have another test to pass since you cheated on the last one.”

“Yes, you cheated, didn’t you Michael,” Kathy teases.

“You didn’t mind me cheating,” I reply. “I remember you saying I won.”

“Well, that was then and this is now,” Kathy continues.

“Yes,” Jane chimes in, “this is now.” They giggle again before continuing.

“We’re going to blindfold you and you get to guess who is sucking your cock,” Kathy explains. “You can’t use your hands to feel us either.”

“Yeah,” Jane continues. “No cheating this time, Michael. We won’t use our hands, either.”

A piece of fabric is tied across my eyes and Kathy asks,

“Are you ready to try guessing, Michael?”

“Do I have a choice?” I ask.

“Of course you do,” Kathy answers. “If you don’t want to play we’ll stop. We’d go home then but you won’t have to play our silly games.”

“I’ll play, I’ll play,” I say quickly as Jane laughs at me.

“We thought you might,” Kathy continues. “Don’t cheat this time. You wouldn’t like the consequences.”

I feel the bed move as they rearrange themselves.

“Here is mouth number one,” Jane says. My cock is suddenly engulfed by a warm sucking mouth that runs up and down my shaft. She changes from sucking to licking me from base to head and then sucks at the tip. I fight the urge to touch and simply moan in appreciation of the caresses.

Which one is this? Is this Kathy or is it Jane. This mouth seems to have experience.

The mouth suddenly stops and I groan at the interruption. “Here is mouth number two,” Jane says, speaking for them both.

This mouth doesn’t go as far down my cock and concentrates on mostly sucking at my tip. It still feels good but the rest of my cock feels a bit neglected. I moan some more to be fair and think about my choice. Kathy told me she’d only had two boyfriends before. She’d complained neither one had been very experienced, too. I bet this is Kathy since she hasn’t had the experience to develop a good technique.

But I don’t know much about Jane. She has been very confident so far and she talks a good game but I’ve met virgins who talked about sex almost as much. The mouth leaves me cold in the breeze.

“Okay, Michael,” Jane says. “Which mouth was mine?”

Here’s my moment of truth. “They both felt great,” I start.

“Stop waffling, Michael,” Kathy says. “Which mouth was Jane’s? The first mouth or the second? We can get to relative ability later, if there is a later.”

“Jane was the first mouth,” I answer. I feel fingers lifting my blindfold and blink to see Jane delicately wiping her mouth. A single strand of saliva connects my cock with her bottom lip as she looks up at me.

“Well, this is awkward,” Jane says. Kathy is beside her holding my blindfold and nodding.

“Yeah, awkward,” Kathy agrees sadly.

“Why is it awkward?” I ask.

The girls sit back and pull the robes closer around their bodies in the dim light as Kathy answers.

“I just lost my bet with Jane, Mike,” Kathy says. “Now she gets to choose what I wear home.”

“Oh,” I say brightly.

“Don’t worry,” Jane says. “It’ll be more than makeup and heels.” Kathy blushes and I enjoy the mental image.

“So now we’re awake, what’s on the agenda?” I ask, looking at the clock. It’s mid-evening, barely 24 hours later than when they showed up on my doorstep.

“Honestly, some food,” Kathy says.

“Yeah, my tummy is growling, too,” Jane adds.

“There’s canned soup and sandwich stuff,” I reply.

“That’ll work,” they both nod.

I slide on some shorts and set the soup to warming. While I’m making sandwiches Kathy hugs me from behind playing with my belly button. She has opened her robe and I feel warm breasts pressed against me.

“Careful, Michael,” Kathy teases. “We wouldn’t want you to cut anything off by accident.” Jane is watching from the doorway and opens her robe to flash me when I look up.

“I thought you wanted food,” I protest.

“Oh, we do,” Kathy reassures me.

“But teasing you is high on our list, too,” Jane laughs.

Our meal is quickly eaten although these two seem determined to keep me in a constant state of excitement. Their” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan chosen weapons are gaping robes exposing breasts and lengths of toned legs plus innuendo. I’m not going to complain. Food quickly consumed, I look at these two lovelies and wonder what they are willing to try. So far I haven’t found any reluctance to explore.

Kathy delicately wipes her mouth before saying, “Hope you’re ready for some dessert, Michael. We’ve developed quite a sweet tooth waiting for you to wake up.”

Jane just smiles and licks her lips at me.

“Is it time for me to continue that tongue lashing?” I offer. Four nipples suddenly harden to my eyes as the girls giggle at my suggestion. (Okay, mine tightened, too, at the thought of eating both of them.) Kathy nods and a faint blush chases across her face. Jane licks her lips and gives me a wink.

I stand up to take dishes back to the kitchen. Stepping back I look at the willing young women I am about to taste. Kathy’s slender frame is showing almost every muscle in her lean torso with smallish breasts riding high. Her brunette hair is cascading around her shoulders with some draped across her collarbone. She is smiling as she waits for me to direct our joint activities.

Jane’s ginger curls glow in the lighting as her heavy breasts cast shadows. Her pale freckled skin shows marks where my teeth and hands have bruised tender flesh during our earlier encounters. Her face expresses a pure lust and challenge as she licks her lips. My turgid cock rises before me as I move to gather them both into a standing embrace.

My arms around them I lean down to exchange kisses with Kathy and then Jane. Their arms hold each other and me as we explore our mouths. I can smell their arousal and heat from each other warms my skin. I move them to the bed and sit each one down beside each other. Jane is to my left and Kathy to my right.

“Lie back against the wall and put the pillows behind you so you can watch me,” I say. They move to comply and four knees rise before me as they get comfortable. I sit on the edge between them to savor the moment. Their breathing has quickened as they anticipate my approaching caresses.

Locking eyes with Jane, I drop my head to her stomach and kiss above her pubic hair. She quickly draws in breath and smiles at the touch of my lips. I rise and lean over to do the same to Kathy who reaches out to caress my hair. I slide my tongue lower feeling her coarser hair at the top of her slit. I flick at her clit and see it begin to rise. I inhale obviously and moan at her womanly scents.

I look up to smile at Kathy as I move my head back between Jane’s thighs. Kathy groans in protest as my tongue leaves and I place my hand high on her thigh as a caress.

“Don’t worry,” I say. “I’ll be back.” They both laugh but Jane suddenly gasps as I drop my mouth directly on her clit and suck. I feel her juices flow and lick her outer lips open to taste her more fully. Sweet and tangy nectar coats my tongue as her arousal mounts. Looking up I see her watching my mouth caress her cunt. She has her left hand on Kathy’s right breast to play with the nipple and her right hand plays with her own breast. Her mouth is open and her tongue is playing inside her mouth. Her chest is moving deeply as I continue my exploration of her cunt with my mouth. Fresh arousal flows from within her to be caught by my mouth and beard.

I move back between Kathy’s thighs to explore her leaving a hand idly stroking Jane’s cunt. Jane’s matching moan at the loss of my tongue was answered by a gasp of air from Kathy as I sink my tongue inside her.

“Oh dear lord this is almost torture,” Jane says watching me play with Kathy. I slide two fingers inside Jane and caress her slick walls while sucking at the aroused cunt between Kathy’s legs.

“I know, right,” Kathy agrees. She has her right hand on Jane’s left breast and her left hand is playing with her own left nipple. I watch her pinch herself hard and taste the result as I suck. Jane gasps again at the same time and I’m guessing she has pinched her friend as well. Jane’s cunt spasms on my fingers in response.

I use my teeth to nibble my way around her cunt and use my tongue like a small cock jabbing inside her. Kathy writhes as her hips push back at me repeatedly. She moans as I suck at her clit and nibble.

“You don’t have to be so gentle,” Kathy gasps looking down at me. I deliberately bite harder and her eyes widen in response as her body jerks in pleasure. She nods her permission and I use more force between her legs. I use my thumb and middle finger to flick her clit as she moans louder at my rougher abuse. With a final bite I move my mouth back to Jane whose cunt has been soaking my fingers.

Jane’s been watching me closely as I played with Kathy. Her right hand descends to pull back her clit hood as she says, “Do that to me, Michael. Do what you did to her, please.”

I bite at her firmly and she squeals as her cunt floods my mouth again. I feel Kathy’s” title=”izmit eve gelen escort”>izmit eve gelen escort hand on mine as she roughly rubs at her own clit. Kathy is gasping and trying to sit up as obvious tremors wrack her body. Her mouth is opening in a silent scream as her hand begins to blur.

Jane is climbing her own arousal hill and I attack her cunt with my tongue and thumb. She is gasping and moaning at my assault so I decide to try and get her to cum this time. Sucking hard I bite firmly at her cunt lips as she writhes and clutches at my head. Panting she cums in a series of jerks that pulls her up off the bed using my head as her pivot point. She grinds her cunt into my mouth and growls her climax loudly. I hold my breath and savor her cum flooding my mouth swallowing what I can.

Looking at Kathy I see her eyes roll back as she finally starts to squeal her own climax. Her cunt clamps down repeatedly on my fingers inside her. The hand on her breast is roughly pulling and squeezing her own nipple as a mottled flush chases across her body. She falls back gasping for air as her hand on her cunt grabs my wrist to stop me.

“Enough,” she pleads.

Jane releases my head and I lie back to enjoy the sight of them both panting from their releases and the aroma of their bodies. Both bodies are covered in sweat from their orgasms.

I move to slide my right leg between Kathy’s and position my cock at her entrance. Lifting her right leg I ease myself inside her cunt staying on my side. She drapes her right leg over my hips and pushed back with a soft sigh.

Looking back at Jane I pull her closer so I can drop my mouth back on her cunt and use both hands to pull her against my mouth. She moans at my fresh assault and lifts her hips to my tongue. Moving a hand I explore her open cunt with fingers and tongue while she watches me with rapt attention. Her breathing is ragged with many small murmurs of pleasure.

Kathy has pushed me deep inside her and looks over to see me licking her friend. She smiles at us and is firmly pushing me deeper inside her. She moans and her head falls back as she impales herself on my hard cock. Kathy lifts us both with her hips and wiggles so I am driven deeper and deeper inside her. She uses a hand to grab the back of my right thigh and pulls us together. Moaning and panting for air she talks gibberish as her climax builds.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she pants watching me suck at Jane. “This is so hot … you’re fucking her and fucking me at the same time … ah … ahhh …” I move my hips to start pounding into her quivering flesh.

Jane’s eyes dart from my mouth on her to where I’m joined with Kathy. She has one hand on the back of my head as if to stop me from leaving and is grinding her cunt against me with her own sounds of passion. Her other hand is back on Kathy’s right breast again as she pinches the very erect nipple hard. Kathy responds by bucking against me faster and harder.

“Don’t stop … don’t stop … fuck me harder … please,” Kathy begs as her cunt spasms around my hard cock. I can feel cunt muscles milking me from tip to base as I pound stroke after stroke into her cunt. I drop my thumb onto the top of her slit and pinch her clit against my middle finger. She squeals and tries to stop me but her cunt doesn’t want me to stop. I feel it quivering the length of my cock and ignore her attempts to stop me. Her stomach muscles are tight against my leg as I feel them tighten time after time.

Under my mouth, Jane’s cunt has tried to drown me with cum as she quivers on my tongue. Her hand is pulling at my head so hard she’s almost pulling my hair out by the roots. I work three fingers inside her and use my hand to finger fuck her willing flesh. She is climaxing steadily as my knuckles hit home time after time. Her hand drops to my upper back and her nails tear at my skin as I force climax after climax from her willing body. Her left hand is roughly squeezing Kathy’s right breast and nipple, something that Kathy seems to enjoy.

I slow my pace and savor watching these two beautiful women climaxing on me. Jane fell back and her breathing slows as she opens her eyes to smile at me.

“Thank you,” she breathes. “That was incredible.”

I smile back and reply, “You’re welcome. I should thank you.”

Kathy groaned, “If you think that was good, you should try this end, Jane.”

Jane looked down with interest to where Kathy and I were still joined. She sits up and leans over to watch my cock slowly sliding inside Kathy. Kneeling I straddle Kathy’s leg and stroke a little faster. Kathy’s ass bounces off my hips with every hard thrust. I take both her hands in my right and hold them so Kathy is helpless under me. She gasps and moans as I watch her breasts bouncing from the impact.

I move her right arm back so her shoulders are flat against the bed but keep her hips twisted to the left. Kathy is moaning and struggling against my control but I hold her down and enjoy feeling her cunt contract” title=”izmit otele gelen escort”>izmit otele gelen escort around me. We can see tremors run through her body as it is moved under me. She trembles and starts begging for release but I ignore her pleas.

Jane is breathing faster and deeper as the intense fucking scene in front of her unfolds. She reaches under my arm to fondle Kathy’s breast and squeezes the nipple. Kathy groans at her touch and shakes her head.

“No, please don’t,” Kathy begs breathlessly.

“Ignore her,” I say to Jane. “Play with her any way you want and we’ll make her cum together.”

Jane looks at me and then Kathy as if unsure who to obey.

“Do it,” I say more strongly. “Bite her tits … she loves it.” I move both of Kathy’s hands above her head and hold them with my right. I reach into Jane’s hair and bring her mouth to mine. Kissing her strongly as I fuck Kathy, I invade her mouth with my tongue. Jane gasps and swallows as I let her breathe. Her mouth is open as she watches the power play between us.

“No, no,” Kathy pleads. “Don’t let her make me cum, don’t make me cum again, please stop … stop!” Kathy says but it’s obvious she’s in high arousal and we’ve found some of her triggers. Twisted under me she is helpless to stop whatever we do.

With a soft moan Jane drops her mouth to Kathy’s breasts and start to suck each one into her mouth. She uses her hands to massage the soft flesh and then bites at the nipples in turn. Her ginger hair cascades across Kathy’s naked skin and I watch Kathy’s eyes get huge as Jane helps me arouse her friend.

Kathy’s cries get louder as her hips start to lose the rhythm we’ve used. Her breath becomes ragged and she gasps for gulps of air. I can feel my own eruption building as my cock swells inside her. I have to push her over the top before I lose control.

I pull Jane completely across Kathy so their tits rub against each other as I move them. Jane supports herself above her friend and moves her own breasts over Kathy’s mouth. Kathy’s muffled slurping as Jane hisses tells me Kathy is returning the favor. I look along the expanse of freckled skin draped between us and use my left hand to caress her buttocks. She moves under my caress and her head rocks back as she draws air between her teeth.

“Ah … ah … ah,” says Jane as Kathy plays with her from below.

I raise my hand and swat her closest ass cheek leaving a pink mark behind. Jane’s hips jerk forward in response and she yelps in surprise. I repeat the swats twice more alternating cheeks as Jane quivers between me and Kathy. Under her I hear Kathy squeal a climax as her cunt tightens repeatedly around my cock.

“Oh god!” Jane exclaims loudly.

I hold still as Kathy’s body jerks in reaction. The pressure and spasms are almost enough to push me over and I fight for control. Kathy’s body finally releases me and she stops all struggles.

I wish I could continue but the strain of holding myself up by one arm is getting to me and I move to take the weight on both. Jane looks back over her shoulder and I motion her to pull back from between us. As she rolls away I see bright red teeth marks in her left breast around her nipple. Looks like Kathy is a biter when climaxing.

Kathy rolls completely onto her back to cradle me in missionary position and takes several shuddering breaths as her body relaxes from this climax. She has matching teeth marks on her right breast and bruises across both. I continued to stroke long slow thrusts into her aroused cunt. Her lips follow my cock unfolding as I withdraw and closing tightly around me with every thrust. She is soaking wet and we make squishing noises as we move. Her eyes have rolled back and she weakly responds to every hip thrust.

Jane drops a hand to Kathy’s lower stomach to draw lines in the sweat. Kathy quivered at the extra sensation and protested weakly.

“No,” Kathy pleads.

I stroke harder eliciting sharp inhalations as I bottom out in her cunt. I stop and go at erratic moments watching her unwitting responses to my hard cock buried inside. She makes mewling noises and vaguely protests my continued use of her body. What the girls don’t know is that I have reached a state where I can continue for much longer. My earlier climax has taken the edge off my arousal and allows me greater control than earlier in the day. I have every intention of finding their limits.

Jane is watching me intently with her eyes glued to our combined genitals. I see her lick her lips as I pick up my pace and force. Kathy lolls under me as my strokes move her body around. Each thrust brings a corresponding grunt from Kathy but her body is responding again to my continuing stimulation. She starts a wordless moan of pleasure as I caress her internally with my cock.

“Do you like that?” I tease. “Do you like feeling your body cum for me? Do you want me to stop?”

Kathy weakly protests my movements and rolls her head from side to side. She has reached some state of arousal where even small caresses send tremors throughout her body. Her hands are aimlessly clutching at the sheets or my arms but without any strength.

Jane looks on with amazement as Kathy rises towards climax again. The shuddering body below me is completely at my mercy and I force it to respond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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