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*** Authors Note: Part 9 obviously picks up where Part 8 left off. While I make the suggestion to read from the beginning, a couple of refresher notes:

Characters previously introduced:

Phil – Main protagonist. Wealthy 40-something white male who reshaped his entire life following a workplace accident. Has had a lifelong tendency to act rather impulsively, sometimes with mixed results.

Stacy – Originally, Phil’s physical therapist and friend

Karen – Originally, Stacy’s roommate

Katie – Karen’s daughter and Phil’s assistant.

Paul – Phil’s live-in personal assistant who disappeared mysteriously, most likely robbing Phil of all his possessions in the process. A minor character at most.

In Part 8, the gang moved into their new apartment. Changes may be in store for what has been a tight-knit group of 4. The finale to our mid-life-crisis tale.


Karen was right, Stacy was dating someone.

We actually met him that night. She wasn’t lying when she said it was one of her clients. She wasn’t lying when she said that he needed an emergency massage session. The only lie, if it could even be called that, was that she never told us that she was dating someone. Though, it appeared that she may not have even necessarily known.

Jordan was about my age and worked locally in IT. He was referred to Stacy through a friend when he decided he wanted to get back into competitive triathlons. While Stacy did not particularly have any experience with that brand of multisport, she took her job to heart. First she got his cardio level up and then she learned about and worked on a plan for his specific endeavor.

As it turned out, they had already had sex, something that Jordan seemed shocked she revealed so casually to her three roommates in somewhat detailed fashion. Though, he was a good sport about it and really seemed like a good guy overall. Stacy seemed happy and I suppose that was all that was important. Jordan stayed for dinner and, as a group, we enjoyed a lot of laughs. After dinner, Stacy said that she was going to stay at his place that night and Katie decided she was going to meet up with her friends again.

As everyone left and we cleaned everything up, Karen looked at me with worried eyes.

“I’m still not going anywhere,” was all I could tell her.

That night, we made love.

We weren’t drunk. We weren’t hot from the sun. There was nothing adventurous about it. We had a glass of wine, we snuggled up to watch TV in the living room, we ended up nude and snuggling in her bed, settling in for the night.

I woke up the following morning to the sound of the elevator ding and door opening. Instinctively, I got out of bed and found Stacy in the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards to grab the fixings for some coffee.

“Well, it’s probably a good idea Jordan wasn’t here for breakfast,” she said with a smile, acknowledging my complete and total nudity. I hadn’t even thought about it, I was so used to not being clothed in the apartment.

“Crap, yeah, I guess I will start having to cover up. Considering Jordan and the Sabrina incident.”

“Like hell you will!”

Stacy’s reaction surprised me and she caught the startled look on my face.

“Phil, there is nothing wrong with being naked in your own home. There is nothing wrong with being naked on a nude beach. Unless you specifically want to, don’t you dare change anything about how you are living your life.”

I let out a sleepy chuckle. “Karen just expressed her worry yesterday that things are going to change.”

“Well of course they are going to change! Things always change, you can’t resist that. But as far as this lifestyle is concerned, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else there is no reason that you have to change unless you want to.”

Stacy handed me a cup of coffee.

“If this becomes serious I want you to know that I am going to miss you,” I said. “I owe a lot to you both physically and mentally.”

Stacy walked around the island and sat down next to me at a bar stool.

“I’m not going anywhere yet. But, I get it. I’ll miss you, in more ways than one.”

Stacy reached out and jiggled my dick with a warm, coffee-mug hand, on her face a wink and smile.

“Yeah, we had some fun, didn’t we.” It was more a statement than a question.

“Fun?! Yeah, I think you could describe it that way. Phil, I think that you and Karen think that I have this crazy sexual experience history but I really don’t. Much of what I did with you or the both of you was for the first time. Apparently midlife crises come in different forms.”

She laughed at herself at her final statement and we sat quietly for a second.

“So, what are your plans?”

“With Jordan? Nothing definitive. It hasn’t been that long. I guess time will tell. But, with life experience comes the ability to just say something feels right, ya’ know?”

“I do know. And I am happy for you. But I was actually referring to something a little more immediate. What are your czech harem porno plans for the day?”

“Don’t have any, actually. He is spending time with his kids today and we both feel it is a little too early for me to meet them. Did you have something in mind?”

“Same as yesterday, actually. Head over to the beach.”

She didn’t even say anything before taking my coffee cup out of my hand and putting both of them in the dishwasher.

“All right, let’s go,” she said with a satisfied smile.

It didn’t appear that Katie was home yet but we did leave Karen a note as to where we were and what our plan was for the day, hoping she would join us. As it was, the original plan was to head immediately to the beach and relax for a little while. We were going to do some running and stretching on the sand, something I had not done with Stacy in a long time, and later get lunch from the snack stand. Afterwards it was a little more beach and water and then going out for a nice dinner that night. Instead, we actually packed a ton of stuff. Too much, in fact. We had chairs and a radio and a cooler with drinks and balls and frisbees, the list went on and on.

Thankfully, pretty much everything we were packing, above and beyond our towels and a couple of snacks, was being pulled out of our storage area in the basement meaning we didn’t wake Karen during the entire process and, 30 minutes later, we were on our way.

It was almost ridiculous setting everything up once we got there. I must have taken 5 trips to-and-from my car bringing everything over to our little section of the beach. Considering there were only two of us, possibly three eventually, our setup was overkill. But, we were together, we were naked, we were in the sun and loving life.

The only thing in the back of my mind was a question that I decided to keep to myself: For Stacy was this a continuation or a life that she planned on keeping or was it something of a last hurrah?

A familiar chorus echoed in my mind: only time would tell.

Time also told what would turn out with our day.


About an hour after getting to the beach, or 20 minutes after unloading and setting everything up, Karen strolled up from the direction of water. She carried a tiny bikini in her hand, flip-flops on her feet and had sunglasses over her face but was otherwise unencumbered by anything at all.

“Jesus Christ,” Stacy called out to her with a roll of the eye. “Could you be any more perfect? You’re like a Playboy video.”

“Jealousy will get you nowhere, sweetie.”

Karen strode in and gave me a kiss on the lips and Stacy a hug.

“My God, is this not a perfect day?” Karen spoke to both of us indirectly, instead continuing the imaginary filming of her Playboy video, hands on her hips, back slightly arched, her face turned up into the sun.

Stacy’s reaction was completely unexpected.

From a stand-still start, Stacy took off for the 5-10 feet in between the two of them and full-body tackled Karen. As in, launched herself from her sprint and put her shoulder right into Karen and flung both of them into the sand.


It was the only sound that I heard before Karen hit the ground and her face was soon covered.

Do you remember the snow-ball fight scene in the movie “Dumb and Dumber?” In it, Mary and Harry are out skiing and Mary playfully throws a snowball at Harry. Harry, being an idiot, overreacts in retaliation, first pelting Mary directly in the face with a snowball and then basically tries to bury her in the snow.

This was kind of like that.

Instead of snow, it was silky, dry sand.

Instead of ski-clothes, it was sweaty nudity.

Instead of being even mildly provoked, it was completely one sided.

“Stacy! What the fuck?! Stop! What has gotten into you?!”

Those were only a bit of what I heard as I watched, slack-jawed as my two best friends rolled around in the sand. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if this was a plan of theirs to get me to humiliate myself somehow. I didn’t know if I had missed something that caused the ruckus.

In retrospect it didn’t last long. Karen didn’t fight back as she was so confused. Stacy wasn’t really fighting to begin with, instead just toying around with Karen like an older sibling.

Finally, Karen seemed to have enough. She focused her attention, wriggled her hands free and gave Stacy what looked to be an incredibly hard pair of titty-twisters.

Stacy howled in pain and rolled off her friend.

Both of them laid there, nude, sandy, panting for breath.

I stood by for a moment before talking the few steps over in between them and offering each of them a hand to pull them up. Stacy grabbed first but I waited until Karen understood what was going on before I helped each of them into a vertical position at the same time.

Karen looked pissed.

Stacy had a huge smile on her face. A big, shit eating grin directed right at Karen.

They czech mega swingers porno stared at each other for a moment, seemingly oblivious to my presence before they both burst out laughing. Genuine belly laughter that had both of them practically crying.

“You asshole,” Karen said through her convulsions, “now I have sand in my asshole.”

“Think of it as a free exfoliant!”

“I don’t have any pores on my asshole, asshole!”

The two of them laughed for a little while longer, going so far as Karen falling down back in the sand and Stacy plopping herself on top of her in a pile of giggles. There was no point staying clean, both of them were covered head-to-toe already.

I took the time to settle into my chair and get comfortable. The girls were still having a good time but it just wasn’t something I was a real part of. Though it was fun to watch, I felt somewhat like an idiot just standing over them, nude nonetheless.

It wasn’t more than a couple of minutes before they announced that they were going to head down to the water and rinse the sand off of themselves, leaving me alone in my chair and watching out for all of the gear on the beach. I tried to get into a magazine I had but just couldn’t focus on it. I tried to do some people watching but the action on the sand was just not enough to keep my attention. I tried to do some straightening up and organizing of “camp” but there was just no point. Instead I just sat there, alone and bored.

…And apparently tired.


“Phil. Phiiiiiillllll. Phil, wake up.”

I was stirred and opened my eyes to find Katie kneeling at the base of my chair, situated between my legs. I was startled to attention at the realization her hands were playing with my cock.

“Katie!” My voice was a panicked whisper. “What are you doing? When did you get here?” My body had found itself in a slouched position and I clumsily tried to to straighten myself up.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s just us.”

I started to wake up and realized that, indeed, we were the only two in the camp.

“Where is everyone?”

“Mom and Stacy said that they were going to go for a walk. I just got here so I said I was going to get situated and, because you were asleep, that I was going to stay behind to watch the stuff. I don’t know if it is the sun or what, but you were looking pretty sexy. I decided to have a little fun.”

“But what if they come back?”

“Then I’ll stop. But I don’t think they will be back for a while. Besides, I think they may have known why I offered to stick with you.”

“What? Me? Why?”

“Well, because of this guy,” Katie responded while shaking my mostly firm dick a bit. “I didn’t do this to you. I don’t know what you were dreaming about, but ‘Little Phil’ was practically bouncing in the air it was throbbing so hard.”


“Oh, don’t be dramatic. There is nothing not to love about this guy.”

Between the sun, whatever I was dreaming about and her gentle grasps on it, my dick had remained fully erect. It was an appealing situation, the heat of the air and solar rays, her sexiness, there was no chance it was a fluke.

“Anyhow, how long ago did they leave? Did you want to catch up with them? I’ll stay awake and keep an eye on everything. Not that I think we would even possibly have an issue with theft anyhow.”

“Maybe, but first I wanted to talk to you about something,” she said before pausing and checking out our surroundings for a moment. “Do you think we could have sex again?”

My mind snapped to the present situation.

“Uhm, sex?” It wasn’t exactly the smoothest verbal volley of my life.

“Yeah, so I’ve been thinking about it for a little while. I actually haven’t since we did in Vegas and I have kinda’ wanted to for a while and then seeing you hard… well, I thought. Crap… I don’t know… Maybe I’m just too hot right now… It’s just that… You know… I thought you might want to… I didn’t think it was bad… You know… I thought it might be nice.”

She never stopped moving her hands and her eyes never strayed from my crotch. I had to put my hands on top of hers to stop her and get her to talk to me, not just talk out loud.

“Katie, you seem pretty nervous, you’re sure this is something you want?”

“Yes! Oh, my God, yes! It’s just so embarrassing to ask, you know? What if you said no? But I even talked to my mom about it and she encouraged me to say something to you.”

“She did?”

“Yeah. Look, I know you think it’s weird, but my mom and I really do talk about everything.”

I shook my head at the thought of the bizarre world I lived in.

“I don’t think it would be appropriate to do something here.”

“Oh, God! No! I couldn’t do that. Could you imagine if they came back? I mean, just because I talk to my mom does mean I want to be caught getting fucked in front of her.”

I could only smile my response.

“Though, it would be pretty hot, you know? Out here on the beach, in the sun. czech pool porno I totally get why people can consider a nude beach to be like foreplay.”

Katie had a wicked twinkle in her eye but I figured it was all for show. That said, she did shock me when she broke eye contact long enough to wrap her mouth around the head of my dick. I felt her tongue work its way down my shaft and the sensation practically took me breath away. I audibly gasped.

With her mouth still on me, Katie looked up and caught my gaze. She winked. In typical Katie fashion she went from demure to practically predatory in an instant. My memory raced back to the first day we were on the beach and she flaunted her ass and pussy in an attempt to get me to go in the water.

Her incredible ass. Christ…

“Katie, shit. You’ve gotta stop.”

“So, we can have sex?”

“Yes. We can have sex. You name the time and place, I’ll be there. You just have to stop right now. I can’t take this.”

It was about 10 seconds after she started and I was still having difficulty catching my breath.


She took her mouth off of me but did not immediately relent otherwise. I was now mostly reclined in an armless beach chair, my dick slick and hard and shining in the Florida sunshine. Katie was on a roll and pounced at her opportunity. Thankfully, for my modesty, some things just don’t work in real life.

Katie stood up and straddled me over the chair. Her groomed kitty was directly in my view and from there my gaze just made it way up across her taut stomach, her pert breasts and to her coy, smiling face. She had a look of “what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it” on her face as she lowered herself down onto me.

I sat, frozen in the moment, physically unable to move. My arms stuck to my sides and legs as if I were following the rules at a “no touching” strip club and I was getting a very intimate lap dance. She sat on my thighs, the base of my cock and my balls pressed right up against her soft lower lips.

“I’ve never done anything outdoors before. Does the risk make it better?”

She wrapped her fingers around my dick again and kept playing with it. It had quickly dried off in the sun and she shocked me when she spit in her hand in order to lube my erection back up.

“What if we just give it a try? Just for a second?”

I was speechless, she was totally taking charge.

She had me slick again, visibly so, and it was obvious she was going to make “sex on the beach” something more than a funny drink she ordered at a bar. However, her inexperience prevailed.

As she lifted herself up off of me, shifting her body for a better angle to guide me into her, Katie lost her balance slightly. She put one of her hands on my chest to steady herself but my chest was supported by the back of the chair… and the back of the chair had no support behind it.

Her weight on top of me caused my chair to flip backwards, completely removing any support for Katie, causing her to literally somersault into the sand behind me, moaning a “whoo-ooohh–oooaaaAAAA!!” for her entire trajectory.

The speed of the action caused me to flip backwards, heels over head, landing face down in the sand behind me, my foot landing on and smacking Katie right on the leg.

We were silent for a split second before Katie groaned and I started to laugh.

“Damnit,” Katie replied, “so much for being sexy and in the moment.”

I crawled to my knees and got myself situated. I was covered in sand, especially my dick. Katie was on her back and had her hands over her face. Her front also had quite a bit of sand on it but seemingly not as bad as me. As delicately as possible, trying not to get any sand on her face, I pulled her hands away and looked into her eyes.

“That was very sexy and very in the moment. Don’t worry though, we’ll have our chance.”

I gave her a tender kiss on the lips and could feel her relax as we held onto it just a moment longer than a quick peck.

“In the meantime though, why don’t we get cleaned off and meet up with the others?”

Katie smiled. It was obvious that she was upset, most likely just embarrassed, but she reluctantly accepted my hand and I pulled her to her feet, wrapping her up in my arms.

“Hey,” she bemoaned as I pulled her in tight to me, “you’re getting sand all over me!”

“Oh, we’re in this together now, sister!”

I didn’t let go immediately, instead gave her another quick kiss. Upon letting her go she was indeed also covered with sand and we took the opportunity to run down to the water to wash it all off.


By the time all of the sand had been rinsed off each one of us, our mood had leveled. Katie seemed no longer embarrassed, my erection had subsided and I no longer felt beholden to it. What we also felt was hungry and our timing was perfect as Karen and Stacy came walking down the beach, lunch-in-hand, just as we were getting out of the water.

As the day continued we played some games, we danced around to the music, we relaxed in the sun. We had so much activity that, as the sun began to go down and we realized that our perfect day was up every one of us was sad to pack up.

But, as the day did wind down and we found ourselves relaxing in our chairs, not much conversation going on between us, I totally zoned out and relaxed.

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