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She removed her gown and panties and then stretched out on the bed. The sheets were cool against her overheated flesh. She was missing her lover badly tonight, wanting him very badly as well. She ached to feel his body against hers, skin sliding against skin. She lay very still, dreaming of being with him, finally being able to touch and taste and tease. The anticipation grew into arousal, and as she moved beneath the sheet, she felt the tingles begin in her stiff nipples each time the smooth cotton slid over them.

She lifted her arms above her head, stretching as far as she could reach. Her breasts jutted upwards as she arched her back, her nipples clearly outlined beneath the sheet. Oh, how they ached and begged to feel his touch. Slowly, she closed her eyes and let her mind drift, imagining he was there with her.

Her hands slid back beneath the sheet as she relaxed into the softness of the bed and the pillows. They rested on her hips for only a moment before beginning a slow climb upwards over her stomach. In her mind, it was his fingertips that tickled across her skin and stopped just below her breasts, teasing the sensitive spots just beneath the curve of each. The delicate touch made her nipples tighten further until even the areolae began to pucker and harden, too. She cupped her hands around the bottom curve of each breast and feathered her thumbs across both straining nipples. “So hard,” she thought, as her slow caresses began to relax her taut flesh and intensify the ache at once. She lifted one hand to her mouth and moistened a fingertip with her tongue before running it over her nipple. Her wet finger became the tip of his stiffened tongue darting out to flick over her nipple, and she moaned as the tingles arced down to her pussy.

She slipped further into her fantasy, her hands becoming less her own and more his. It was his tongue teasing first one nipple to attention then showering the other with the same maddening teases until both throbbed in time with her heartbeat, echoed only slightly more dully by her throbbing clit. She squeezed her thighs tightly together, and her clit gave another answering throb. Drawing the edge of her fingernail across her left Büyükçekmece escort bayan nipple, she gasped aloud as she imagined him giving it a gentle nibble. His lips pinched it, tugging it upwards, and she moaned again, the weight of her breast pulling down, away from his pinching lips. He rolled her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and pulling it, making it ache as badly as the other.

Licking her fingertip again, she trailed it down the valley between her breasts, leaving a damp path very like one his tongue would leave on her skin. She shivered deliciously as the air cooled her skin, and she felt her nipples tingling and tightening again. With a quiet moan, her hand slid over her stomach, and her damp fingertip toyed with her navel, circling around it then dipping inside to tease. Begging for attention, her clit throbbed strongly once more. When she squeezed her legs together, she felt her wet lips rubbing against each other, and some of the moisture transferred to her inner thighs. One hand covered her left breast, her palm flush against her aching nipple, and she rubbed across it, pulling it to and fro as her right hand continued down over her tummy.

Her fingertips brushed lightly over her mound, tickling just like his breath would tickle over her skin, and she moaned in anticipation as her hips rose of their own volition. Spreading her legs open for him, imagining his body settling in between them, she stroked her damp, swollen lips. She’d shaved earlier, and she was soft to her touch. She knew he loved a bare pussy, and it aroused her to shave herself smooth and imagine his reaction when he touched her or saw her or tasted her. Squeezing her lips between her fingers, she felt him give them a tug, pinching and sucking on them with his mouth, sliding the tip of his tongue over the smooth skin. She gave the nipple she was still toying with a sudden twist between her fingers, and she gasped aloud as her hips rocked up against his mouth.

She caught her lower lip between her teeth to stifle a loud groan as she finally let one finger slide between her lips. Lost in her imagination, she released the Escort Çatalca breath she’d been holding, his name slipping out on a moaning sigh. Her fingertip swirled around and around her pussy, then dipped just barely inside herself, teasing just like he’d promised to do so many times before. Slowly, she drew her fingertip upwards, pushing her full lips open more completely, exposing herself to him, showing him what she wanted and needed. Her glistening fingertip found her throbbing clit finally, and she moaned deeply, jerking her hips up hard to press against it.

Circling it slowly, she imagined him licking her like this, making her clit swell even more, making it stand up hard and beg for attention. A second finger joined the first, and she flattened both against her clit to rub up and down over it just like his tongue would. She slid one finger to either side of that hard little button and squeezed it between them, dreaming they were his lips pinching it. She tugged on it, pulling it upwards as though he were sucking it into his mouth.

She began to rub her clit faster and faster, her fingers occasionally slowing down to give it another firm pinch and tug. Settling her index finger on the left side of it, she pressed her ring finger against the right side and rested her middle finger directly on top of her clit, feeling it throb beneath her touch. Slowly, she started moving her fingertips again, stroking the sides of her clit as she rubbed the tip of it. Closing her eyes tightly, she blocked out everything except the sensations rippling through her and this dream she was having of him. It wasn’t her fingertips arousing her flesh and driving her wild; it was his mouth doing those things. It was his lips closing around her clit and his tongue licking over the crown of it. She cried out in pleasure as she pinched her fingers around both aching buds, clit and nipple, at once.

Releasing her sensitive flesh, she gently rubbed her fingers over her nipple, soothing it and increasing the ache once again. She slid her other finger lower, leaving her clit for a moment, making it throb in protest. One fingertip circled around her pussy then slowly Esenler escort began slipping inside. The muscles clamped down hungrily on the invader and urged her to push deeper. She slid her finger in deeply in one long stroke then withdrew it before pushing back inside. Beginning a slow rhythm, she fucked herself, making believe it was his cock stroking inside her, filling her hungry pussy, stretching her tightness open around himself. Imagining him above her, seeing him lean down to suck her nipple into his mouth, her fingers tightened on her nipple, and her finger drove faster and deeper inside. She pressed her thumb against her clit and let it slip side to side across it as her finger moved more quickly.

Her pussy was soaked and all but dripping from her state of arousal, and she couldn’t hold the orgasm off any longer. She pushed another finger easily inside, fucking herself like she wished he were there to do, fast and hard and deep. Her thumb rolled over her clit, pressing it hard each time she pulled her fingers free. She undulated on the bed, still seeing and feeling him above her. Her hips rocked upwards to meet each thrust of her fingers. Her back arched away from the bed to push her breast more fully into her hand, wishing it were his mouth to which she was offering it. Every breath was becoming a deep moan, and her body couldn’t remain still. Her legs scissored beneath the sheet, and she finally kicked it off and out of the way. Both hands moved more quickly over and inside her body. Her back bowed up sharply, driving her head back into the pillow. A loud moaning gasp ripped free of her lips as the first waves of her orgasm struck, rippling across sensation at first, then breaking full and hard over her. Her pussy clenched tightly around her slick fingers, and her clit pulsed beneath her thumb. The muscles began to relax, but only for a second before clamping down tightly again and again. From deep within the dream of him and the all-consuming pleasure, she heard her voice moaning his name softly.

As the strength of the orgasm began to drift away, she relaxed back onto the bed again. She continued to stroke her body back into calmness, relishing her release as it began to ebb. Finally, she lifted her fingers to her lips and darted her tongue out to taste her passion for him. Closing her eyes again, she imagined him kissing her deeply, tasting herself mingled with the taste of him.

His name slipped free again, carried on a quiet sigh. “My god, I miss you so much…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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