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Ass Insertion

Adrienne watched the plumes of black smoke rise against the horizon. The green fields and dark forests that lay between the war and her were deserted, and she hoped they would stay that way.

Not quite deserted, she realized with a sting of fear in her chest. A dark speck moved over the cows’ grazing pasture, in the direction of her house. A soldier.

She swallowed and walked into the barn. Did this mean the war had finally come to her home?

Adrienne pursed her lips together and tightened her grip around a rake. If the soldiers wanted to take her cows, she would let them. But they wouldn’t take her home or her dignity without a fight. It was bad luck that her parents were away the entire week, but Adrienne knew how to defend herself if she had to.

She returned to the sunlight and watched the soldier come closer. He was alone, she realized with a sigh of relief. And he was wounded. After he had climbed the last fence surrounding the farm, he collapsed with a moan.

Biting her lip, Adrienne let the rake fall to her side. The safest thing would be to let him lie there until her parents came back. On the other hand, what kind of person would she be if she did?

She walked up to him with slow, measured steps. He was breathing, clutching a shallow wound in his shoulder. Blood had soaked half of his uniform, which was that of a private in the British Army.

“Sir?” she said in her halting English.

The soldier’s eyes opened, and an expression of panic spread across his face. He was handsome, with pale blue eyes and dark, tangled hair. For a moment, she hoped she would get to see a smile on his full, red lips.

“Please, help me,” he said.

Adrienne opened and closed her mouth, uncertain what to say. Deciding that silence would do for now, she grabbed his good arm and helped him up. He leaned against her as she led him into the farmhouse, up the stairs and into her bedroom. There, he collapsed on the bed with a pained groan.

“I’d better clean that wound,” she said. Forcing her hands steady, she removed the soldier’s shirt.

“Thank you,” he mumbled and closed his eyes.

“I think the bullet just missed you,” she said and pressed a wet cloth against the wound. “This will heal in no time, as long as it’s kept clean.”

A red blush spread across the soldier’s face. “It felt a lot worse than that. I thought I was going to die.”

Adrienne couldn’t help but smile. “I can imagine.”

“I got separated from the others. Then this bullet came out of nowhere and I couldn’t think properly. I just ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. That’s when I saw your house.”

She nodded and went to collect something to dress the wound with. When she returned to her bedroom, the soldier swallowed and stared at the ceiling.

“You think I’m a coward,” he said. “For running away like that.”

Adrienne touched his shoulder lightly, felt the warmth of his skin against her fingertips. He was so different to the other men in her village. Where they had rough, sun burnt skin, he was soft. There was a slight tremble to his voice that she found intoxicating. The image of his body against hers flashed past her mind, and she felt a tingle of excitement.

“I think I would’ve run away like that, too,” she said.

The soldier smiled, but winced as she pressed the bandage against his wound. “You speak very good English,” he said.

“My mother taught me. She travelled a lot when she was younger, mostly to England.”

He nodded and lifted his hand. “I’m Private Johnson.”

“Adrienne,” she said. “How long have you been in France, Private?”

“Call me Ron. That’s what my friends used to call me. I guess I’ve been here about a month now, but I can’t tell for sure. The days just seem to blend together.”

“And you like it here?”

Ron smiled, and Adrienne felt a sting to her chest at the sight. He seemed so innocent, so kind.

“I love it here,” he said. “The fields, the forests. Nothing like London.”

“I wish I could see London, though,” she said. “My mother used to tell me stories about it and I always wanted to go.”

“Perhaps, after the war, you can come visit me.” A blush spread across Ron’s cheeks again. “I mean… Well, you could, if you wanted to.”

Adrienne lowered her eyes, conscious of the heat in her cheeks. Her stomach tingled with anticipation. For the second time she failed to hold back an image of his body pressed against hers.

“Perhaps,” xvideos porno she mumbled and finished with the bandage. “You should rest now.”

Ron brushed a finger along her arm. “Thank you for your kindness, Adrienne. I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Just to get away from this awful war for a moment and see a kind, pretty face. It makes me think I can actually stand all the fighting and the dying. Reminds me of why I do what I do.”

A warm sensation spread through Adrienne’s body, emanating from where Ron had touched her. She smiled and swallowed a sudden lump in her throat. “It was my pleasure,” she said.

Ron let his arm fall to his side, and she left him. The animals on the small farm where she had grown up and spent her entire life needed her attention. While working to feed the chickens and clean out the cows’ stalls, she found that her thoughts kept drifting back to the soldier asleep in her bed.

A coward who ran away from the enemy. The thought brought a giggle to her lips. If there was one thing she didn’t like about men, it was their incessant wish to be brave heroes. But here was one who dared admit he was frightened, one who brought tingles to her stomach with just one look.

She blushed and was glad her parents weren’t here to see her. They would be gone for a few more days, at least. Plenty of time for Adrienne to get to know Ron.

No, I shouldn’t think like that! She was a farmer’s girl from the French countryside, he a soldier from London. The only thing that could come out of a relationship between them was heartache.

And a few good moments that I could cherish forever.

Adrienne shook her head and went on her business. She could dream, but that was it.

The day passed quickly, and it was dark when she returned to the soldier’s room carrying a tray of food. Ron smiled the moment she walked through the door.

“I’m sorry to be a burden,” he said.

“You’re not.” Adrienne prepared a plate for him and then one for herself. “It’s nice to have someone to talk to. My parents are away for the week tending to some business, so all I have for company are chicken and cows.”

“Not great company,” Ron said and smiled.

He opened his mouth to continue, but was interrupted by the thunder of an explosion in the distance. Adrienne’s stomach froze, as it had done every night for what felt like years.

“They’re coming closer,” she said.

Ron put his plate aside, got up from the bed and walked over to the window. His eyebrows lowered in a frown. “Do you have somewhere to hide?”

“My father prepared a hideout in the basement,” she said.

Ron nodded and took her hand. His touch sent shivers up her arm, and she followed him down the stairs to the kitchen. There, she pulled a rug to the side and opened up a concealed door to the food cellar. The basement was cold and damp, but she figured a few candles could drive the worst of the chill out. A mattress lay against one corner, and the other walls held empty shelves.

Ron helped her carry some blankets and candles down the stairs, and then he carefully closed the door behind him. They could still hear bombs in the distance, but they were muffled and thus less frightening than they had been before.

“So you’re brave when needed,” Adrienne said and smiled, watching Ron’s face in the light of the flickering candles.

“I’m brave when I have someone to protect,” Ron said.

“I can take care of myself.”

Ron blushed and nodded towards the mattress. “You have that. I’m happy to sleep on the floor.”

“Nonsense. You ‘re wounded.”

Ron clutched his shoulder, wincing, and sat on the mattress with his back against the wall. “I’ll only sit down a little while.”

“Let me have a look.” Adrienne sank down beside him and studied the bandage. “I think it’ll heal up nicely.”

Her fingers brushed against Ron’s skin. Then another bomb rattled the night, closer this time, and she pressed herself against the wall.

“Are you okay?” Ron said and placed a warm, supporting hand on her shoulder. His touch sent shivers down her spine.

“This war frightens me, that’s all.”

He moved his hand up to rest against her cheek. “They’re still far away, trust me. They won’t come tonight.”

“And what if they come tomorrow night, or the night after?”

“Then I’ll be here to protect you.” He let his hand slide down to her neck. “I’ll stay for as long as yerli porno you like and keep you safe. I’m brave when I have someone to protect, remember?”

Adrienne smiled. “Thank you.”

Another explosion shook the house, and she took the opportunity to move closer to him. He placed his arms around her, one hand on her back and the other gently pressed against her hip. She sighed and brushed her fingers against the soft skin on his naked arms, wishing they could stay like this forever.

Ron sighed and leaned his cheek against her hair. She looked up, and before she knew it he placed a kiss on her lips. Her body trembled, and her fingers clutched against his skin. Ron opened his mouth and let his tongue play with hers. His hand moved from her hip to her stomach, then up towards her neck.

She sighed as his fingers reached her cleavage. He brushed the sensitive skin of her breasts lightly, then moved his hand down to her nipple. Warmth spread between her legs at his touch, and she kissed him intently to let him know she wanted him to continue. In the distance another bomb dropped, but it didn’t frighten her this time.

Ron moved one of his hands gently over her chest and stiffening nipple. The other ran slowly down her legs, then up underneath her dress. Her skin tingled as he touched the inside of her thighs, towards the warmth between her legs. He slid a finger inside her underwear and gently rubbed her lower lips, which were wet with anticipation now.

She brushed her hands over Ron’s shoulders, down along his sides. Then she touched his bare stomach, where she felt his abs working beneath the soft skin. The belt was easy to unbuckle, and soon she had his trembling cock in her hands. He sighed in pleasure and pressed a finger deep inside her vagina.

Adrienne trembled and began moving one hand up and down his cock while stimulating his balls with the other. Ron pressed another finger inside her while his thumb caressed her clit. She sighed in pleasure as warmth spread from his fingers throughout her body.

Ron smiled, his kisses sweet and intense. His blue eyes burned in the candlelight. Adrienne returned his smile, but couldn’t help to let a gasp escape when he suddenly moved away from her. His hands moved to her dress, and in one motion he had pulled it over her shoulders.

Adrienne shivered in the cold air, completely naked now except for her underwear. Ron eased her down on the mattress and placed himself on top of her. His tongue moved from her lips, down to the sensitive skin of her neck. He let his fingers return between her legs, where they rested teasingly just above her clit. Then he kissed her nipples, his tongue running in gentle circles around her areola as he did so.

He moved his fingers to the inside of her thigh, spreading tingles that filled her body with anticipation. Softly, he let them enter her vagina. While moving back and forth inside her, he kissed her chest, her stomach, then her clit. His tongue still made circles, and she gasped in pleasure.

Ron moved his fingers faster and faster, until Adrienne cried out in an orgasm. He smiled, gave her clit a gentle kiss and moved to lie on top of her. She spread her legs apart, her whole body aching in desire now. The candlelight fell on his shoulders, which were covered in a thin layer of sweat.

He thrust inside her, and she sighed in pleasure. If the war came to her home tonight, she wouldn’t notice.

Ron moved slow at first but gradually faster. His lips touched cheeks, her neck, her forehead. She groaned. Although she had done this before with a boy from a neighboring farm, this was different. Ron was sweet and sensitive, his hands caressing her body and his eyes lit with excitement and joy. The other boy had been a rough brute, like most boys were from around here.

The combination of Ron’s cock inside her and the gentle touches of his hands and lips brought a sensation that was almost unbearable. Her back arched as she moved in rhythm to his thrusts, and her fingers dug into his back. Ron grunted in her ear, his breath hot against her neck.

She squealed as another orgasm tore through her body, this one much more intense than the first. Flashes of light passed before her eyes, and she gasped for air.

Ron smiled and sat up with his back against the wall. Adrienne lowered herself on top of him, letting his cock slide inside her vagina with a grunt of excitement. She moved slowly, first back youjizz porno and forth and then up and down. Ron moved his hands to her hips, and his thumbs pressed gently against her clit. Leaning her head backwards, she groaned as he took her breasts in his mouth.

Her movements became faster as she became more and more eager. Ron’s fingers against her clit, his tongue and teeth against her nipples all brought waves of pleasure unlike anything she had experienced before. Then the excitement became too much, and she screamed as the world exploded. Ron screamed with her, his hands tight around her hips as he came.

Adrienne collapsed on Ron’s good shoulder and sighed.

“That was…” he mumbled.

“Yes,” she said, having suddenly forgotten all other words in the English vocabulary.

“You were amazing.”

“Thank you.”

She shivered, feeling the cold air again. Ron noticed and draped a blanket over her shoulders. They sat like that, holding each other, until she was overcome by thirst.

She got up and poured them both a cup.

“It’s quiet,” she said. “I think we’re safe for now.”

“And I was just beginning to like this place,” Ron said, pouting.

“I guess it’s safer to stay here.”

Ron nodded and lay down on the mattress. “I think we can share this one now.”

“I think so too.”

She lay down next to him, relishing the feeling of his skin against hers. He pressed himself against the wall and ran a hand over her breasts and stomach beneath the blanket.

“You’re so beautiful,” he mumbled. “More beautiful than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Adrienne felt him become stiff against her thigh and smiled. “Thank you.”

Ron leaned forward and kissed her. His hands fumbled down her side and found her clit. She trembled and spread her legs. He entered her with two fingers and smiled.

“I think I could do this all night.”

She nodded and swallowed a groan. “Why not? The war could come here tomorrow, and then it’ll be too late.”

Ron sighed and rolled over on top of her. He entered her softly, and they took their pleasure again in the light of the candles.

Adrienne never wanted the night to end. Eventually, though, she must have fallen asleep because she woke up by the crow of a cockerel. Ron was sleeping beside her, his hands around her waist.

She kissed him on the mouth and smiled. “I hate the war, but I’m glad it brought you to me.”

“I’m glad, too.” He kissed her intently and pressed his body against hers. “Perhaps I can stay here until it’s all over, and then you can return with me to London.”

“I’d love that.” The thought of spending the rest of her life with him brought butterflies to her stomach.

“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman.” Ron kissed her neck and her cheek. “Beautiful, intelligent, strong. I thank God for bringing us together.”

Adrienne smiled and pressed herself against him. She wanted him more than she could ever imagine, both body and soul. He seemed to sense her excitement, because he began caressing her breasts and kissing her intently.


They both froze at the call from upstairs. Adrienne rolled from the mattress and pulled the dress over her head.

“That’s my officer,” Ron said and shot up. He struggled with his trousers and ran upstairs.

Adrienne swallowed, straightened her dress and followed him. Five British soldiers stood on the farmhouse’s courtyard, all with big guns and stern looks.

“Sir,” Ron said where he stood saluting in front of them. “I got lost and was shot in the arm. Adrienne here nursed me back to health.”

“I see.” The officer’s smile was polite enough, but there was an unmistakable hint of amusement in his eyes. “Are you ready to leave, Private? We haven’t got all day.”

Ron swallowed and disappeared inside the house. Adrienne drew a shivering breath and tried to look respectable.

“Any of you want a glass of water?” she said. “Milk?”

They all shook their heads in silence. Adrienne sighed, and she gave Ron a relieved smile when he returned.

“I have to go,” he said. “But I… I’ll come back for you. After the war. Trust me, I’ll come back.”

Adrienne blinked back a tear burning behind her eyelid and nodded. “Of course. Be safe, will you?”

Ron smiled that warm, kind smile that had made her melt already from the beginning. “Good.” He kissed her once on the mouth and walked away.

She watched them leave. Ron’s fellow soldiers patted him on the back and laughed, and he laughed with them. Then they disappeared behind the barn, from her view.

She bit her lip and sighed.

He’ll be back, she thought. Then she returned to the farmhouse to finish her chores.

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