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I am Eva. I belong to an educated family. My parents love me very much. I am an Indian girl with long black hair, 5’9″ height, slim, fair. I am 19 years old now. The story which I am going to write is a real embarrassing incident occurred to me. It happened on a public beach in London.

It was my birthday. Dad organised a party for me. Guests came one by one and gave me gifts. I was very happy that time. I cut a huge cake. Though everybody gave me gift, my parents’ gift was my most favourite gift. They offered me a trip to London as my birthday gift. I was so much happy that I could not express my feeling.

So next day I, along with my parents set out for London. We hired a taxi to reach airport. Sitting in plane, I was thinking how much I shall enjoy in London. When we reached there, it was evening. Dad already booked a hotel. We hired a taxi from the airport and within sometime reached the hotel. I loved the hotel because it was not so far from the beach. We all were tired. As a result, we started taking rest. Mom and dad started taking rest in their room and I went to my room. Thus we spent our one day in London.

Next day we had our breakfast and went out for shopping. We went to a shopping mall and bought some clothes. Dad bought two shirts and three t shirts, two shorts and two pants. Mom bought three tops, two pants and two bikinis. I also bought a bikini, two short dresses and two pairs of undergarments. Then we returned hotel and had our lunch. I entered my room and started to look at my new bikini. It was a two piece red bikini. I loved it very much. In the evening, we went out to walk on the street. Dad asked a guy about the beach. He told that the beach was not so far. It was ten minutes far away from our hotel. After sometime we returned hotel. After having our dinner, I wished good night to mom and dad and went to my room. I took the new bikini in my hand, kissed it and put it on the table. Then I went to the bed and started sleeping.

I woke up. It is our third day in London. This day seemed to be different to me. I knew why. We planned to visit the beach today. There will be unknown people, so we decided to wear those swimming costumes under our clothes. Dad wore his shorts under his clothes, Mom put on her bikini under her dress. I went to my room and put on my red bikini under my clothes. Dad wore a t shirt and full pant, mom wore a sleeveless knee length dress and I put on a sleeveless top and shorts. After having our breakfast, we hired a taxi to reach the beach. Within some minutes we reached the beach. I smiled in my mind. It was the day I was eagerly waiting for! I jumped out of the taxi. When my feet touched the sand, an electric current passed through my body. Mom and dad came out of the taxi. We found a suitable place and took off our clothes. I was hesitating to take my clothes off because dad never saw me in bikini before. I think mom understood my problem and told me to be relaxed.

She said, “He is your dad. So don’t worry.”

So I took off my clothes off. Needless to say I was looking beautiful and sexy! My boobs were bigger in comparison with other girls. We rubbed sunscreen lotion on our face and body.

Dad said, “I am going to walk on the beach.”

Then he left. Mom sat on a towel spreading it on the sand.

I said, “Mom, I am going too.”

I started walking on the beach. I noticed some people looking at me. I act that I did not understand that. I smiled. My skin was glowing in the sun. My boobs were started to come out of my bikini bra.

I heard someone saying, “Hey look at the girl. She seems to be Indian. She is so fucking sexy.”

While walking, I saw some guys playing volleyball. I went toward them and ask for playing. They agreed. I played well. At the end of the game we won. It was the time for an introduction.

One of them asked, Şerifali Escort “Who are you? We never saw you here.”

I said, “I am Eva from India. I came here for four days.”

One said, “You look so sexy. Never know that Indians are so much sexy!”

I blushed!

I said, “Thank you. You guys are handsome too.”

Suddenly one of them said’ “Hope to see your some private flesh!”

I blushed and said, “Maybe!”

Anyway after sometime I came back to mom. I saw mom lying on towel on her chest. I was surprised to see her topless. I saw dad was using the sunscreen on her back.

I said, “Mom, why have you taken off your bra?”

Mom said, “It is ok honey! It’s normal here. Nobody is going to notice.”

I did not think about it again. I was going to the water now. I asked dad to come with me. He refused to come. I insisted to come with me.

Mom smiled and said, “Go with her. She will not make you free then!”

Dad said, “Ok, I am going. Happy?”

I nodded.

So dad and I went to the water for swimming. I was enjoying a lot. Suddenly a huge wave hit me. I controlled myself but could not control my lower part of my bikini. The strings were torn as the wave hit me. It went away floating with the wave. Now the down part of my body was totally naked.

Suddenly dad said, “Eva, I am going out of the water. Will you come?”

I said, “No dad. I shall stay here for some minutes.”

Dad said, “Be safe sweetie!”

But I knew that I was not safe. I was half naked and unable to come out of water. I looked at the people walking here and there on the beach. But I had to come out of the water now or later, I could not stay here all day. I covered my bare pussy with my left fist and started coming out of the water. Suddenly some people stopped and started staring at me surprisingly. Some of them started laughing, some ignored and some of them gave bad comments.

One person said, “Look, she has shaved pussy!”

One said, “Hey girl, show your tiny angel!”

I did not say anything. My face was red with embarrassment and anger. I was angry on myself. I was so much irresponsible that I could not control my bikini bottom!

I thought, “What shall I do if my parents see me? They never saw me naked after my 8th birthday.”

But I had to tell them. Only they can help me. They will definitely understand my problem. I came to that place where they were. But they were not there, neither mom nor dad. People were continuously commenting on me. Suddenly I saw my parents coming toward me. They were shocked seeing me like this.

I ran toward them crying. I told them whatever happened.

Dad said angrily, “You should tell me that time! Why did you not tell me?”

I remained silent.

Mom said, “I never expected this from you! You should be more careful. How could you be irresponsible like this?”

I remained silent.

After a while dad said again, “Let it go. What to do now?”

Mom said, “Nobody knows us. Tomorrow we shall return home and nobody is here from India. But the problem is that we cannot find her bikini bottom.”

Dad looked at me again.

Mom said looking at me, “Will you mind if I say you to enjoy this day totally nude?”

Dad said, “What? You should not do that!”

Mom said to dad, “Don’t worry! Nobody knows us here. This trip is her birthday gift. Let’s make it more interesting.”

Dad said, ‘As you wish!”

Mom looked at me again.

She said, “I did not get your answer.”

I thought, “Nobody knows us here and my parents are also giving me the permission to stay naked. I should not lose this golden chance.”

I said, “I don’t mind.”

Mom said, “Enjoy this day!”

Dad said, “But you have to be careful! Nobody should touch you.”

I nodded happily.

They Göztepe Escort sat on the sand again. I took my bikini bra off and gave it to my mom. I noticed an erection in dad’s shorts. My cute boobs got hard!

Suddenly mom said, “Honey, you shave your private area!”

I turned red!

Mom said, “It is ok honey. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Go enjoy!”

I started walking on the beach totally naked. People started staring at me. Some gave bad comments. But I did not notice them. My boobs were fucking hard and my naked body was shining by the sun light. My shaved pussy was so much shiny. When I went to the water, people who were there started staring at me. Some of them laughed at me. As usual I did not notice. I enjoyed there for sometimes.

Suddenly I remembered the guys who were playing volleyball, asked to see some of my flesh. I went toward them. When I reached, I saw they started playing their game again. One of them suddenly saw me and told the other. They looked at me and came where I was standing. I was covering my boobs and pussy with my hands. I noticed all of them got hard on.

One of them said, “Why are the hands doing there? Show us.”

I put my hands down and gave them an awesome show.

They asked for some of my pictures. I agreed and they started to click. I knew that they must masturbate looking at my pictures. I was wet but did not tell them.

I said, “Ok bye. I have to go.”

Surprisingly those guys were good people. They were not like Indian guys.

While coming back to my parents, I saw a guy looking at me. I noticed him from that time when I lost my bikini bottom. I went toward him.

I asked, “I saw you following me. What are you looking for?”

He said, “Can I touch it?”

I was totally surprised to hear that. I remembered what dad said to me. But he was a little guy.

I said, “Yes but only once.”

He agreed but suddenly his mom came there. She looked at me suspiciously. I did not know why. She scolded him badly and took him far away.

In the evening we decided to return hotel back.

Mom said, “How did you enjoy today?”

I said, “I never enjoyed like this. It was awesome.”

Mom and dad smiled looking at each other.

We completed putting our dress on. We hired a taxi and reached hotel.

After reaching hotel, mom and dad entered their room and I entered my room. I locked the door and took my clothes off. I was so much tired. I remembered what I did all day. I turned wet and horny. I could not control myself and started masturbating myself. I pushed my two fingers into my pussy hole and took it out. I did it slowly first. Then I started masturbating hard. I could not moan because my parents were in the next room. Suddenly I shot a load! I squirt all the time.

I was resting, suddenly mom knocked my door. I put on my clothes quickly. I opened the door and saw mom standing there.

Mom said, “Come, have dinner.”

After having dinner, mom and dad were pretending to go to their room.

Suddenly I said, “Dad, I want to go out. Let’s go out for 15 minutes.”

Dad said, “I don’t want to go, I am so tired. Take your mom with you.”

Suddenly mom said, “I am tired too. You go and come back quickly.”

I said, “yea.”

I came out of the hotel alone. I was on the street of an unknown place. I was in my white shorts and black sleeveless top. Luckily it was not India. In India if a girl wears a short dress, everybody thinks that the girl is bad or slut. Here no one was noticing how I was dressed.

As I was walking on the street, I saw that little guy whom I met on the beach. He was standing near a shop buying some chocolates. I looked for his mom but could not find her. I went toward him.

Putting my hand on his left shoulder Ümraniye Escort I said, “Hey there!”

He looked back and gave a smile. I understood that he remembered me. I asked him what he was doing there. He pointed a house and told me that it was his home.

I said, “Where your mom is and what you’re doing here?”

He said, “She is at home and I came to buy some chocolates for my little sister.”

I said, “I am Eva. What is your name?”

He said, “My name is Zack.”

Then I remembered him the incident happened on the beach today.

I said, “I can show you now if you want to!”

Suddenly he jumped up with happiness. I understood that he wanted to see.

He said, “Where do you want to show?”

I was looking for a suitable place where I can give him a wonderful view of my body. I asked him for a dark place. He took my hand and started walking on the street. I followed him without saying anything. Within a minute we reached a ground.

He said, “It’s a playground and it always stays dark.”

The playground was not fully dark that we can see each other clearly. But other people could not see us easily. Here I can show him with complete privacy. So I told him to stand in front of me. He did so. I started taking my clothes off. First I took off my sleeveless top and shorts. I was not wearing my undergarments. Before having dinner I was masturbating in my room and suddenly mom knocked the door. So I could not wear bra and panties, I only wore top and shorts.

Anyway I was standing fully naked in front of him. He licked his upper lip with his tongue. He was looking at my boobs. I think he was thinking how firm it was. Then he looked at my shaved pussy. Suddenly I saw his shorts. I noticed that he got a hard on seeing me naked.

He said, “Can I touch your pussy?”

I was surprised to hear the word “pussy” from him. I thought British are so advanced.

I said, “Yes you can but I have a condition. You have to show your dick too.”

He agreed and took off is shorts as well as shirt. It was big and hard. My boyfriend’s dick is smaller than him. He is 19 though! I thought that British people have big dick too!

He said, “Can I touch it now?”

I nodded.

He touched my pussy. My boobs got hard. Suddenly he entered his two fingers into my pussy. I could not say anything. I was so much wet! His warm fingers made my pussy wet.

I said, “Zack, do you know about fucking?”

He said, “Yes.”

I was quite surprised to hear that.

I said, “I am so much horny! Zack, I want you in me. Can you please fuck my pussy? I am afraid of fucking with big guy. That’s why I want you to fuck me.”

He agreed but told that he had never done that. But I did that once with a guy.

I lied on my back on the ground and told Zack to enter his cock in me. He did so. I told him to take it out and push it in again and do this continuously. He started doing it. The feeling was amazing. After sometimes Zack told that he was feeling something in his cock. I suspected that he will cum. I told him to take is cock out. He did so. I took his cock in my hand and started to suck. Then I took it out of my mouth and started stroking it. In a sudden Zack shot a big load on the ground. I sucked his cum from his limp cock. I put on my clothes and told him to put his clothes on. He did so. Then I went to hotel and he went to his house.

After coming back, I knocked the door of my parents’ room. They opened the room. I wished them good night and entered my room. I locked the door, took off my clothes and sat on bed. I started masturbating so hard. I was so much wet that is why I reached orgasm easily. Then I wiped myself with a towel. I turned the lights off and started sleeping.

It was a new morning. We completed our packing. We are returning home today. I wanted to tell Zack about it but I had not his contact number. I did not want to go to his house because of his mom. As a result I could not contact him. I was quite sad. After having our breakfast, we hired a taxi and set out for home keeping some sweet, hot memories in mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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