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I was a little lost when my wife of 15 years divorced me, so I moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina to be closer to my family.

One Sunday, we had a family reunion and I sat on a blanket eating chicken and potato salad when jet black 325i BMW pulled into the parking lot. I first noticed “him” as he stepped out of the car and took off his shades to look over the crowd. I had never had the slightest interest in another male, but his magnificent body was a thing of beauty.

He was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts with a tank top setting off huge bronzed shoulders, and thickly muscled arms. His large thighs flared beneath his shorts and his bulging calves tapered to thin ankles with his feet encased in sandals.

I turned to my mother and asked if she knew who that was, trying to contain my unexplainable excitement.

“Oh Steve, you have to remember your cousin Dave. You used to baby sit for him and change his diapers.”

My mouth dropped open as I recalled being a 18 year old, home from college and baby sitting my one year old cousin. I couldn’t believe that what was a screaming, pooping little crumb cruncher was now a 19 year old 6’2″ 225 pound Adonis, and I was a 36 year old 5’8″, 145 pound straight man, in awe of his body. I never had the slightest interest in another man’s body, even in the locker room showers where all was bared to see, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he grabbed a plate and proceeded to load it with food.

I had moved away with my wife and had not kept up with him, but my mother had watched him grow and develop into the muscular teen he had become. When he saw my mother, a huge smile came on his face and he approached her and picked her up, twirling her around in the air and planting a kiss on her face.

After he placed her back on the blanket, my mother “reintroduced” us to each other and we shook hands. My small hand nearly disappeared as his strong long fingers enveloped my hand in a firm, almost painful Taksim Escort grip.

I had to stare up into his sparkling blue eyes and perfect teeth as he smiled back at me, seemingly sizing me up. I finally had to break aware from his supremely confident gaze, as he seemed to revel in the obvious discomfort he was causing me.

The discomfort only intensified as he caught me studying his muscular arms as he drew the chicken to his face, or caught me staring at the large bulge in his crotch as he sat on the blanket opposite me, cross legged. God, he was handsome!

After lunch we proceeded to choose teams for a flag football game, and Dave and I ended up on the same team. I panicked when I heard our team would be “skins” and the other team shirts. I have one of the hairiest bodies on earth; including my back, so when I slowly removed my shirt and saw an admiring smile on Dave’s face, I was both surprised and relieved.

In contrast, Dave removed his shirt and was smooth and hairless, with a washboard rippling stomach, and each time he moved, his well developed pecs involuntarily jumped and danced. His strong, developed back tapered into a small waist and he put a headband around his flowing long blond hair to keep it in place, and the sweat out of his eyes.

We had played for two solid hours, and the score was tied, so we agreed that the next one to score would win the game, and we would hit the showers in the Pavilion.

It was all I could do to keep my attention on Dave as he set up the next play in the huddle. My eyes devoured every inch of his taut body, as the sweat made it glisten in the sun.

We broke the huddle and I got into a three point stance and waited for Dave to call out the signals and receive the ball. On cue, I took off, did a fake to my defender, turned and almost panicked as I saw the ball already on its way to me. I couldn’t let my team down.

I felt it touch my hands and I quickly drew it into my Taksim Escort Bayan stomach and took off for the goal with all the speed I could muster. With my other cousin, James hot on my tail, I was somehow able to outrun him the remaining 20 yards for the score, and the victory was ours.

Dave was the first one to greet me, and hoisted me up into his strong arms, hugging me with all his might. My hands came to rest on his shoulders, and the feeling was incredible. It was like touching iron, but with a soft richness to it, and it was all I could do to refrain from running my hands up and down his back and incredible arms.

I was like a little baby in his strong arms and could have stayed there the rest of the afternoon. After awhile, he sat me down, and this 19 year old teen ruffled my hair as if I was a 35 year old baby boy.

We all went to the showers, and chose lockers in the same tier. I was apprehensive to strip down because my cock is only a couple inches at rest, and only reaches 4 inches when erect.

I bent and pushed down my shorts and jock and tossed them in the locker as I grabbed my towel. I could not resist looking at my young cousin, who had stripped down, and whose back was facing me. What an incredible ass he had, with dimpled cheeks and not an ounce of fat. The light color of his ass contrasted incredibly with the rest of his bronzed body.

I was mesmerized by his beautiful body and was unable to look away as he put the towel around his neck and slowly turned. I audibly gasped as I viewed his incredible 7 inch cock and huge ball sack in perfect symmetry, surrounded by a light patch of blond pubic hair.

Dave smiled as he caught me staring and calmly asked if I was ready.

I could only shake my head and follow him into the shower. The rest of the teams were busy showering and slowly finished and headed back to lockers to get dressed.

As I slowly lathered my body, I couldn’t help but look Escort Taksim at Dave as he ran his soapy hands up and down his firm ass, and move to his chest and arms. He turned suddenly, catching me staring once again before I could quickly look away.

I grabbed some shampoo and started to wash my hair when I was startled to feel two hands on my back, not missing an inch as they gently but firmly massaged up and down my body.

I was frozen, staring ahead at the tiled wall as I felt my heart begin to race, and my small cock begin to respond.

Dave slowly moved closer to me and whispered, “I’ll stop if you want, but your hairy body really turns me on.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Could this incredible male specimen possibly be turned on by a scrawny hairy guy nearly twice his age? I felt his hands explore my back over and over and slowly move lower to the crack of my ass as he bent to insert his tongue gently into my ear. I gasped from the unexpected pleasure, and immediately turned to be enveloped into his strong arms.

Could I let this happen? As I looked into his hypnotic eyes and felt his fingers part my ass cheeks and gently insert a finger into my asshole, I knew there was no way I could turn away from his advancing lips.

He pulled me tighter to his body as his lips and tongue conquered mine, and I could only submit to his greater strength. I was totally defenseless in his arms and spread my legs as he continued to explore my asshole, while taking my cock in his other hand.

I gasped for air as he sucked and controlled my tongue and could only hold on to his magnificent shoulders as I tried to return the kiss with equal fervor. My mind and head were spinning as he stroked my cock slowly up and down, squeezing my balls, totally in control.

When he slowly inserted a second finger into my asshole, I could take it no longer and exploded in a huge gusher as he held me and probed me deeply. He continued to stroke my dick until I was totally spent and empty, and gradually removed his fingers from my ass.

I had never wanted to give myself totally to anyone in my life, including my ex-wife, but I definitely knew this young teen was going to become the most important person in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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