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I believe I’m a fairly normal 25 year old wife. I’m proud that most people consider me attractive. I’m currently working at a publishing firm while my husband is going to grad school. It’s a very competitive school which makes it very stressful for us both. But we are comfortable with each other and quite happy, really. You could say I’m exploring my sexuality, but I’m not sure that sexually isn’t ambushing me. I can’t say whether my random acts of promiscuity are the real me or not.

You might remember, I described an extramarital experience I had while on a vacation with my husband. It did actually happen to me, as surprising as that might be. Improbable, totally unpredictable, things happen every day.

Up to now, my writing has been exclusively for academic and work matters, so I’m not exactly great novelist material. Still, I enjoy telling strangers about it all. What I’ve written here is also a true story in all the essential elements.


My immediate boss at work is also the owner’s son. He’s a self-confident, but sometimes eccentric, middle-aged man. He often engages me in conversations that I find uncomfortable. True, he’s never actually propositioned me or insulted me. But he does raise subjects that involve erotic or explicitly sexual situations.

Recently, he told me that he and his girlfriend (who also works with us) belong to a sex-club-swinger group. He hastily assured me it was nothing radical, mainly voyeurism, partner-swapping and some group sex. Well, I couldn’t really think of any response. It seemed to me, at least at first, like a kind of staged zaniness.

Of course, he asked if I might be interested. My face must have been beet red when I replied. “I don’t think I could do anything like that.”

Okay… as I already said, the previous summer I did have an extramarital experience. It was a very sexual encounter with four college guys. I’m still not reconciled to having done it. That was a moment of temporary madness that has passed. At least, I hoped so.

While I was thinking about that, Peter (my boss) was saying, “You and your husband should come check it out. Even if you never get involved, it’s worth seeing how things work. Talk to him about it.”

A couple of days later, I did mention the conversation to hubby. I expected him to dismiss it as just another of Peter’s eccentricities. Instead he asked, “Well, what does this “swinging” really involve?” I repeated everything Peter had told me.

“Sounds like one of those old Penthouse Forum letters. Does this really happen?”

“Peter claims it does. Promiscuity was certainly big with a lot of girls at college and there is a bit of sexual playing going on at work. I don’t know a thing about sex groups, though.”

Hmm, maybe we could just… you know, take a look.”

I was very surprised! “It could be kind of fun, I guess. But would we really be comfortable with either or both of us being with someone else?” Yes, I did feel guilty saying this.

“I don’t know. I guess the only way to find out is to go and see what happens. I mean, we wouldn’t have do anything if we don’t want to.”

We discussed the idea for quite a while and finally agreed. If Peter raised the subject again, I’d tell him we would attend, but just to explore possibilities.

As I was sure he would, Peter did ask about it again. I explained our concerns and he readily accepted our conditions. We wanted our attendance to be strictly confidential and anonymous. I also insisted on no pressure or coercion of any kind. Sure, I know…fat kurtköy olgun escort chance of that!


On the night of the meeting/party I dressed in a short, little black dress and heels. It was sexier than what I usually wore to go out, but not overly so. My husband thought I looked very hot. He’s one of those men who looks effortlessly good in anything.

The party was in a large suburban home, perhaps a 25 minute ride from our apartment. I saw Peter and his girlfriend as soon as we entered the house. As far as we could tell, there was no-one else we knew. The place was fairly crowded. There was probably a dozen couples. At least, I assumed they were couples.

Peter greeted us and got us both a drink. He introduced us to our hosts and to a lot of other people in a short time. It was something of a whirl. I was happy to see that it all looked like a very ordinary house party…no orgy in progress. It wasn’t long, though, before things got more intimate. Starting with heavy flirting, it progressed to fondling and people slipping off to (I presumed) bedrooms.

My husband and I spoke with several people and couples who described some of their swinger experiences. A few were pretty wild but most were not. I still couldn’t see us doing these things. My husband seemed interested, but then he is always diplomatic in a group.

We got into a conversation with two men, about our own age, who were apparently friends with Peter. One of them was there with his wife, the other with a girlfriend. We never saw the two women, though. Both men were good looking and fit. They didn’t try to hide that they were flirting and, from the way they looked at me, impressed with what they saw.

They told us about some group sex activities they had been involved in at previous parties. The taller of the two asked me, “Have you ever done double penetration?”

Well, I actually had with those college guys, but my husband doesn’t know that, and I wasn’t going to admit to it right now.

I replied,” No. What was it like for the woman?” Of course, they couldn’t possibly know, but I wanted to hear what they would say. The question stumped them. My own reaction to DP had been wholly positive. It was a real sexual high for me! From my husband’s expression, it was obvious that he was intrigued by my interest in the subject.

The discussion went on. I pretty much figured what was coming next. Eventually, they asked if I might join them to learn what DP is like for myself. This was a sex party, after all, but I was still a bit shocked to be so openly propositioned in front of my husband. Then I surprised everyone by blurting out, “Only if my husband is there too.”

I really can’t imagine what crazy brain-flash made me say that! Was the summer madness back? I was always happy with my old sexual inhibitions. What happened to them?”

Hubby looked both repelled and fascinated by the impending possibility. My own pulse was pounding and my mouth had gone dry. I understand many husbands fantasize about watching their wives, but he hasn’t actually told me he does. He’s certainly never said he wants me to have sex with other men.

But I was pretty sure now I probably did want to do it… and I wanted him to watch me. I turned to the two men, “Give us a minute?”

I drew my husband aside. “Are you okay with this, really? It won’t upset or anger you? No recriminations later? It’s fine if you’re not. What I said was just an impulse.” After a slight hesitation, he assured me he was. He tuzla escort would truly like to see me doing it. So, taking a deep breath, I consented. We all found our way upstairs to a vacant bedroom.


The room was starkly white. To the left of the doorway there was a mid-size bed. To the right were two comfortable looking chairs, clearly situated to provide an unobstructed view of the bed. Between the chairs, there was a tripod with what looked like a camcorder mounted on it. The camera was also fixed on the bed. My husband and I both looked it over. It certainly appeared to be off. There was a dresser against one wall with two bottles of lube gel, a box of wipes and a large bowl filled with packages of condoms.

I thought, “This looks like the setup for a porn shoot.” Well, I suppose, in a way, it was. I was going to perform for these two guys, and my own husband.

The three of us undressed. My sex partners were already semi-hard. As I looked down at their members, they reached out and placed my hands on their cocks. I glanced over at my husband and he gave a very slight nod. I started stroking them. One of them was slightly larger, but not really bigger than my husband, and both were circumcised. It didn’t take long for them to get rock hard and start oozing pre-cum.

The one with the larger dick took a condom, moved over to the bed and lay on his back. It was put up or shut up time! By now I was very wet. I inhaled deeply, went to the bed and straddled him. Carefully taking his sheathed penis into my pussy, I’m fairly sure I let out a small gasp. I could see my husband watching. That excited me tremendously!

I rode that man for several minutes while he fondled my small breasts, making my already pert nipples dark and hard. Before long, the second guy climbed onto the bed. He began touching me all over and was soon playing my breasts too. I heard the click of the bottle top and knew he was covering his dick with gel. He spread lube around my ass. I reached back to rub it well into my hole.

He asked if I was ready. I looked back, smiled and said I was. Gently he pressed his cock into my ass. He slowly pushed all the way in. My bottom partner continued thrusting into my pussy at the same time. I actually shuddered with the thrill of it, just like the first time I did DP! This was so much better than just sex. Sex with my hubby is great, but two dicks at once seems to turn me on like nothing else.

I shot a glance at my husband again. He was staring intently at what was going on. There was a small grin on his face and a huge bulge in his pants. I was really happy to see that. My latent worry he might be unhappy with what was happening was still strong.

My partners were uttering all sorts of exclamations, but I wasn’t really paying attention to them. I had been unusually talkative at first. That was likely just nervous tension. Now I was totally concentrating on being fucked! They kept thrusting into my body. First they went fast and then slower…almost as if they were synchronized.

I know I was still self-conscious about such a brazen act with strangers. That sounds strange…but I was full of contradictory feelings. My sexual arousal definitely won out, though.

I checked my hubby once more. He was totally enthralled by those guys ramming their cocks into me. Once he looked straight into my eyes and mouthed, “Holy shit!”

I take the pill so we don’t use condoms at home. Condom covered penises felt a little different, but I could still tell the men pendik escort were close to coming now. I was actually disappointed it was about to end! I wasn’t tired or even a little sore.

The one in my pussy ejaculated first. I could still feel it pulsing, but It was strange not to feel the semen shooting into me. Soon after, the guy in back came too. I’m not sure how long we’d been going. It was probably not more than 10 minutes. My ass partner pulled out and moved off the bed. I rose off the bottom man as his now flaccid penis slid out. The two guys were quite winded.

I wiped myself as the other two dressed. When I was dressed too, they thanked me profusely and I gave each a kiss on the cheek. My husband shook their hands and they left. I felt my husband’s crotch and was not surprised to feel a very impressive hard-on. I eased him down onto the chair and closed the door again. Kneeling in front of him, I pulled down his zipper and extracted his cock. It was actually throbbing with anticipation.

He was also very wet. I swirled my tongue around his erection to lick up all the pre-cum. Then I kissed the tip several times before slipping my open mouth down onto him. I’ve always liked giving him blowjobs, but this was a special one. I wanted to thank him for letting me do this!

I sucked it hard a few times and flicked my tongue around. Then I took his cock as far into my mouth and throat as I possibly could. I have a small mouth and strong gag reflex so I can never do deep throating. But I could caress his cock with my mouth and soft lips. Of course, after thing, it didn’t take long for him to come.

He shot so strongly across my tongue and against the back of my throat that I did gag slightly. The load was so great I had trouble swallowing it all. I did swallow every drop, though. I gave him a big smile and a kiss. When we had both caught our breath, we went downstairs.

I saw Peter and he nodded to us. I wondered if he had already heard about what I’d done. I blushed at the thought of my boss knowing I’d just been double fucked! But I was on a real sex high, so I wasn’t truly concerned that night. I spoke a little while with Peter’s girlfriend Denise about their night. We only stayed another 25 minutes or so.


Later at home, my husband asked me what I felt and thought about it all. I’m certain he could tell I was still giddy over the experience. “It is really an exciting thing for me. I love having two dicks in me together. I don’t necessarily love being done by another man, but there’s no other way to do it.”

“True, so would you want to do something like this again?”

“Maybe I would. Would you object if I did? I mean, does it upset you at all seeing other men banging me?”

“Well, it is different. It would bother me a lot if you knew them, or if it was an affair. But you’ll never see those two again. It was one-time. I can deal with that.”

“And you got off watching me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did. I really did.”

“It seems pretty slutty, really. I don’t know why, but I’m very fixated on being done by multiple men.

“You mean like a gang-bang, or just two guys and, maybe, DP?”

“I couldn’t stand any disrespectful, semi-violent stuff like in the porn videos. Not with a mob of… you know, fat ugly men all saying lewd things to me. But I might do something like a gang-bang. I’m not sure. But I would definitely want you to be there.”

“Would you suck their dicks and everything?”

“Not if you don’t want me to do that. I don’t have any real desire to give blowjobs to other men. But… I guess I would do that”

It would be okay. Strangers would probably not bother me. I don’t know how we would go about arranging a gang-bang, though””

I was getting wet again just talking about all this! “Neither do I. Maybe we can find out.”


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