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Big Dick

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made this all up, you can check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is, a story. The TV talent contest is fictional, although it’s modeled after one of the real shows. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help.


Chapter 8 – Semi-Finals

The next day I’m woken up by Rose sucking my cock. She isn’t trying to wake me up. She is amusing herself. Playing with it. Anna, Maria, and I are all awake, watching her play with it. I’m not rock hard, about 30%. She stands it up and watches it flop down. Then she pushes it over, followed by gobbling it up in her mouth like a spaghetti noodle.

We hear a knock on the front door from the cable company. We are all looking at the windows for an escape path. We all know they’re probably covered, though. This is bad, they will kill us all.

Kim and Maggie come rushing into our room and lock the door.

Kim is calm, “Don’t answer the door. We didn’t call the cable company. You’re all staying right here; we need them to enter the house.”

I am turning red from not enough air, my heart is racing, and my bones are shaking like I’m ice fishing in the nude. My eyesight is losing focus and narrowing.

Kim grabs my hands and places them in her robe, right on her pussy. Then, she looks me in the eyes, “I didn’t marry no dumb man. We are perfectly safe.”

We hear glass being broken. They’re coming in the house! They’re going to kill us! I try to pull my hands away so I can panic and jump out the window. I have heard this story way too often. I know this ending.

This story, though, it has a different ending than the ones I know.

I hear several men shout, “Freeze, or you die!” They didn’t freeze.

Kim says, “We will be leaving through the back, patio-door, and do fast food for breakfast today. Take your showers and bring the sheets of music. They will make copies there. We won’t be staying here tonight, bring one set of clothes. Tot, tot, we need to get going quickly. No interviews today.”

Anna takes Kim aside, “When you know who they are and what city they’re from, that will tell us a lot. We will help you all we can.”

Kim gave Anna a big hug.

It’s amazing how many people fit in a medium-sized shower. It isn’t easy getting clean, too many soft body parts are in the way. Sure, is fun. My cock gets stroked a bunch; Rose kneels to suck that load. I got a chance to feel three chests, six breasts, and six hard nipples. That’s mighty special stuff. Too bad, we need to hurry up. I think that is short for “before the reporters get here.”

We stop for donuts and coffee. Five dozen donuts! Wow. We go back to the same bar and other than Paul, a whole new group is here. There are a lot of men hanging around outside. Each of them is on edge, and I hear them calling in license plates. Smart.

Once inside, the guys devour the donuts. Kim kept enough aside for us. She goes off to a corner with a coffee and a donut, she cries off and on. Not quite so tough after all, I guess. I tell you, at the worst of it, when they were breaking in, that woman was in protective mode. She was as cool as a cucumber. I guess this is how she deals with it.

Kim has her head between her legs and is obviously crying. I walk over to her, sit next to her, and then purposely nudge her.

Kim giggles, “You asshole, you made me spill my coffee.”

I whisper to her, “I’ve seen this before, I was still scared shitless, and was about to run out the window. I’m going to distract your daughter by singing with her. I bet she’d love to have you nearby. You think you can help her out for me?”

Kim giggles, “You suck at lying.”

She stands up and takes my hand. We walk back to the group. We sing the song three times to get a feel for it. I can see obvious issues right away in the song. It was done in a studio with a full band and all the tricks they can do. We will be a piano and two people, zero tricks, and nowhere to hide. I modify the song a bit to fit our ranges and our styles, plus the fact we are not in a studio.

The result changes the song a lot. We both show off, and our harmonized voices are amazing. We are on to something here. We sing it three more times, and it keeps getting better. At noon, Maria announces we are done. She doesn’t want me to wear out. We are served a traditional Bangers and Mash meal. Let me translate that for you, sausages, mashed potatoes, and rich, thick beef gravy. It’s delicious.

After lunch, I am given a laptop with MS Word on it. They disabled the wireless card and the wired network connection. Zero internet access. All other programs were removed, no distraction for me, other than a Calendar app, so I could look up dates. From 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, all I do is write. I am telling my history and every story my dad, brothers, or uncles ever told me. I add in everything I heard from people at school, my parents talking, or just mom after dad died. In just one day, I only put a dent in şirinevler escort this massive story.

Anna’s responsibility is to look after that computer. She keeps it in a backpack, it’s always on her unless we are in our room. Because the house is a crime scene, we are staying at a hotel. Anna pays for both rooms. We use alias names. They have taken us to a hotel, we go into the underground parking, then come up behind another hotel and go in through its back door. They know their stuff.

We have adjoining rooms high up. All curtains are pulled. The last thing we need is someone spotting us. Room service is dinner, they watch a movie while I write. Bret is staying in his office downtown. He has a cot there for extended emergencies. He knows we’re here but won’t risk meeting us. That’s got to be hard on Kim.

At 10:00, I save and shut down the laptop. I am tired of documenting my memories. It’s a lot of back and forth. I remember stories and pictures; I go back and place it in the correct year. Each year is a Chapter to help find the right place and time.

I motion for my sisters to come with, they motion for me to come sit with them. This is going to hurt; I just know it. I sit down in a chair across from them, I am leery of their intentions.

Kim has Maggie stand up. Maggie asks me to stand up with her. No way I am fucking her in front of her mom and my sisters. NO WAY! I can’t. She puts a vertical finger in front of her mouth, “Shhhhh.” We aren’t talking, why do I need to be quiet?

My sisters get up, but they walk to Kim. Kim has a huge smile on her face. I know I must look scared. I am scared! What are their intentions? In what seems like a practiced move, my shirt is pulled up and over my head, and then back along my arms. However, she stops there, with my shirt binding my arms behind my back.

She quickly pulls down my pants to my knees. Now I can’t walk. I am almost freaking out. Meanwhile, my sisters take off Kim’s shirt. They twirl it and throw it on the chair. Two of them quickly remove the bra while Rose pulls it off, leaving Kim topless with her large perky tits. Are they sagging some? You bet, just not as much as I expected.

Kim pushes me hard, I tip over, and I am thinking OH SHIT. That’s when it hit me that this has been orchestrated. My sisters are there to each grab an arm, so I don’t hit the floor. Anna and Kim help me into Kim’s bed. My arms are behind me, still bound by the shirt.

I am a certified wimp; I fully admit it. No superman here. Yet even I can rip a shirt to shreds. They have obviously put a lot of effort into their plan. With all the shit going on and people dying in their home, I think it’s the least I can do is humor them and play along. I still need to play my helpless victim, though. Let them have their fun.

After falling back on the bed, my pants are taken off entirely. Need I even say that my boxers are next to go? Kim did the honors. My sisters take her shorts and then panties off. I can’t see anything, but they seem to be touching her a lot. I can see her face contorting. Are they licking her pussy?

After what looked like several orgasms, she has had enough and leans back. My sisters are sitting on her face. Okay, probably close to her, have a tongue’s length away, and she is eating them. Maggie slips away and goes straight for my cock.

She has a scared look on her face, “Do you mind? We didn’t ask you.” She looks ashamed of herself.

I giggle, “If I were raping you, would a loose-fitting t-shirt stop you from running off?”

She tilts her head like a puppy, “Then why’d you allow this?”

I laugh a bit, “Silly girl. You, your mother, and my sisters clearly organized this night, I’m giving you everything I can. I really don’t expect to make it to the finals. They will get me this week. Going into or coming out of the bar. Heck, they may blow the whole place up. They won’t stop. They can’t, or everyone will sell them out.”

Maggie has tears in her eyes, “What about your plan?”

I smile, “I give it a 50/50 chance to work. Nobody has ever tried it. The fact that I’ll have a job that doesn’t threaten them will help.”

Behind Maggie, her mother is rubbing her red and tearing eyes. Maggie sucks on my cock. Like Rose, she is experimenting and playing with it. Checking the length, width, and taste. She has such a cute smile as she plays with my cock. She is oblivious to everything else. Her games are making me harder, and that makes my cock so much more enjoyable. She licks it, pets it, rubs it, and … rubs her hair on it? Ok, whatever.

Eventually, she is only sucking and bobbing on my cock, a traditional blowjob. It’s awesome. Maria has finished with Kim; she lays next to me and watches Maggie.

Maria whispers, “She had a bad experience with a large cock, she is scared to death of taking you vaginally. This is all she is willing to do.”

I chuckle, “Nothing wrong with that. We’re both having a good time, why ruin şişli escort it?”

Maria kisses me and lays partially on me, pressing her large breasts into my side.

Kim offers, “Use light suction. Run your tongue on the underside of the helmet. Go as deep as you can and then pull off. Look at him as much as you can. NO TEETH! Use variety and never stop moving. The number one thing is to be energetic and willing. There is nothing as pathetic as a woman blowing a guy that doesn’t want to. Show him you crave cock.”

Maggie doubles her effort and never takes her eyes off mine. Holy shit, what a difference that makes. I can’t help but smile and moan a deep, gravely moan. I wave my hands.

I can’t talk, but I do get out, “Um, hey, uh, NOW!”

I spew my baby batter into her warm and inviting mouth. The first shot is a surprise, her eyes go wide. Her mom gets closer like she wants to cut in. Maggie uses her hands to push her away. I see her visibly swallow, and then I quickly replace the load with another. Now she has a problem. Maggie has a huge smile on her face, making it hard to keep a seal on my cock.

She releases her lips and pulls back. Now when I shoot a load, it travels through the air (only an inch) and into her ready and waiting mouth. She performs a flawless sciggle. It’s part scream and part giggle. I have no idea how you do that, but somehow, she did. Everyone looks at her like she is an alien. They crack up laughing, Maggie can’t help herself. She giggles as well. My next shot hits her on the neck and breast; she likes that a bunch. The rest of my cum lands on her breasts.

I sit exhausted. Maggie is mauled by Kim, Rose, Anna, and Maria. They want my cum and push her around until it’s all gone. I am rock hard again from watching the women fight each other.

Kim giggles, “We had a plan to get you hard again. It seems it only takes a few women fighting for cum. Awesome.”

They decide to give me more time. They each use the washroom and order up snacks. When room service comes up a bit too quickly, we all freeze. Kim calls her husband immediately.

Maggie yells out, “One second, I need to put on my clothes.”

He yells, “Room service again,” and knocks on the door.

Rose goes over to the balcony and is leaning too close to the railing. Everyone else scatters. I go to the other door and use the peek-hole where I see a room service kid and a cart. I also see three men with pistols. Oh crap, this is bad. This is how it ends. I plan to run out of this door when they kick in the other door. However, they will leave someone in the hallway or will hear me. They will hear the elevator if nothing else.

Speaking of elevators, I hear a ding for the elevator to our floor. I can’t see them, but I hear several men shout, freeze. The men by my door don’t freeze. That was a big mistake. I look away from the door. I no longer need a snack.

I hide in the corner, crying, until I hear Kim say, “Rose honey, come here. You’re scaring me.”

I sprint to Kim. She is looking out on the balcony; Rose is sitting on the railing. Naturally, this all makes sense. She ratted us out. How else would they know where we are?

I plead with her, “Rose, I need my big sister. I can’t live without you. The book will work, trust me.”

Rose is crying harder than I have ever seen a person cry, “They said I was dead unless I helped them. They were going to kill all your sisters, even Sophia. I had no choice. How do you live with doing something like that?”

I am slowly moving closer, “We beat them again tonight. The book is going to work. Your knowledge will help me survive. We have information to barter with now. You’re important to your sisters. You had no choice; we all see that. Do you see anyone wanting to push you over the side? No. Rose, please, I need your help to beat them.

“I have seen enough death in our family. Would you rather I join you? How much more death can I take?”

I fall to the floor, crying.

Rose looks and Maria.

Maria shows her Italian attitude, “Fuck you, bitch. You made him cry, you console him. He’s getting on my nerves.”

She walks away from me. What the hell. She must be looking at Kim.

Kim has tears in her eyes, “I don’t know him. He isn’t my brother. I have no idea what it’s like to lose so many family members. It seems like it eats him alive. Bret will want to talk to you, it will help his investigation a bunch. He’ll know where to look, and they can deny them access to the state by plane. That will slow the mother fuckers down.

“Get off that God damn railing and start doing something useful for a change. Start by helping him assemble his shattered life. NOW! We have to move again.”

Rose listened to her and held me for a long time. We both cried. Several officers are mulling around until Bret shows up. I can tell he is mad at Rose. He grabs her arm, not her hand, and he is taking her with him. I try to object.

Before taksim escort I can say anything, Bret smiles at me, comforting me, and explains, “People told your sister to do things. She is going to give us names and look at mug shots. We’re going to start hurting them. In New York, the population loves you and hates what your family is doing to you. Tomorrow, they have a sit-in planned at all their facilities and a DOS attack on the escort agencies.”

I have no idea what he just said, my mouth is open catching flies.

Bret tries again, with simple words, “Every single business your family owns will have people show up, sing your songs, and buy nothing. NYPD will be there to make sure they don’t get thrown out. Then thousands will be calling the escort agency numbers so nobody can get through. Finally, hackers are denying them internet access to the escort agencies so they can’t set up appointments that way.”

Kim adds, “They are squeezing them, taking away their revenues. It will only last three days, but that will send a message. Anyone that threatened Rose and your family will be arrested. Typically, their high-priced legal team outmaneuvers the DA. This time the top law firms in New York are working together to put them away. At least for now, they’ll be in jail and won’t be getting out any time soon.

“No judge will let these guys out on bail with the mood of the city right now. Because it’s crossed over state lines and your popularity, the feds are now involved. We will no longer be giving you shelter; they’ll organize it.”

That scares the hell out of me, I don’t know those people. I have tears in my eyes yet again.

Kim runs to me and hugs me hard, “We won’t be leaving you. In their eyes, we’re family. They have far more resources, this is a good thing. A lot of them are big fans of yours, this will be good.”

An FBI agent walks in, her name is Cindy. Cindy is stunning.

Cindy points at Rose, “Take her away, please.” Now she looks at my scared face. “She is going back to New York.” I almost faint, Cindy pushes me into a chair. “She needs to press charges against everyone that did this to her and you. She should be back in a few days. There will be three teams of lawyers that interview her, plus the NYPD and the FBI. She’ll be busy and well protected. We don’t like our witnesses dying on us.”

For everyone else, including Bret, we are taken by van to a hotel’s back door, and then up to two suites with curtains drawn already. There are people in the lobby, on our floor, and two in our room. Cindy is one of the two with us.

Cindy introduces Frank, her partner. Cindy is twenty-three, and only two years on the job. Frank is a year from retirement and scared to be on this job. They each sleep on a couch. Bret, Kim, and Maggie sleep in one room, while Anna, Maria, and I sleep in the second room. I don’t think anyone got much sleep.


The next day, everyone has a fresh set of clothes complements of the FBI. We shower, eat room service, and then it is off to the bar. This will be our last time in this location. They have a block roped off to give us a buffer. We sing our duet in the morning. I practice my song. Then it is lunch and time to write. I am feeling better about my chances now. With the pressure being applied, either they will snap and go all out, or they will grasp at the straw and make a deal.

The duet is incredible. Our voices harmonize to perfection, and our timing is perfect. Sure, it’s obvious that my voice is better, but in a way, we complement each other almost perfectly. For me, I am singing Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” This is way out of my wheelhouse. Again, the song needed to be changed. My long notes and higher range help in a few places. This song is just insanely hard to sing. What was he thinking when he wrote this?

Nobody writes a song like this. I can’t make some of the sounds he makes or the way he stretches them. This might be my downfall. It’s an iconic song that nobody else sings. It’s too late to do the sensible thing and choose something else. Since I am changing the song, I decided to be more aggressive. I raised and lowered the notes to fit my range and changed out the screams for more extreme voice inflections than I usually use.

At the bar, they are blown away with my song. I can’t sing it too much; it hurts my throat. Then, it’s back to writing and writing and you guessed it, more writing. At the end of the day, five identical cars with black windows come to pick us up. We all get in one of our choices, they all take off in three-car convoys, in five different directions. Even I am confused.

We end up in a nice hotel with a great view again. Everyone is worn out; we go to sleep. Tomorrow is the show. They will know where I am going. They promised that Rose would be back for my performance. That makes me sleep a little bit better.


The following morning, I can tell that everyone is on edge, including the FBI. Cindy looks nervous. These people are going to drain me of my energy, I need to perk them up. While sitting down, I start singing the Beatles, “All You Need Is Love.” Everyone knows that song. Maggie picks it up as well, but I strive to keep the volume down, I don’t want to strain my voice. Soon, everyone is following along because, well, sometimes you just need to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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