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(Enjoy this story for there will be an additional chapter to follow. Please vote, send an encouraging word, e-mail me or whatever. Just read on and have a great time!!! It’s always nice to explore something new! Thanks for sharing your time with me.)


I always had the dream of sharing my life with a wife, raising kids and living happily there after. As it turned out I did in fact get married and we had two children. The oldest was a girl, named Jean. I called her G for short and then we had a son, Ken. Somewhere along the path my wife and I grew extremely distant and cold towards one another and then it happened. We managed to squeak twenty-two years out of a hard marriage and it was now over! Our daughter was off to college and our son just headed into the Air Force. My wife decided that it was time to go and find her self…whatever the fuck that meant. So here I was, middle age and no one to spend the rest of my years with. It really wasn’t all that bad I guess. I still had the house; it’s contents and my Jeep. My wife didn’t take anything except a pocket full of money and a brand new Lexus I had just bought her. She had even left behind a half a closet full of clothes. So much for fucking early retirement!!!

The first five or six months after she decided to leave weren’t as bad as I thought they might be. The winter was over and spring was closing making way for summer. I hadn’t heard much from my kids but they weren’t to upset with their mom and I splitting up. I knew my daughter G would be home for the summer and Ken, my son, was on his way to Korea. I had not given much thought to having either of them home but it would be nice to see G again. She didn’t favor her mother much except that she had a splendid body. It was always nice to look at a fine body, even if it was my daughters! Not that I was looking if you know what I mean. G had long jet-black hair and deep brown eyes. Her body was well toned and she had a natural tan, olive color to her skin. I guess that’s the Indian coming out in her. I figured I better start getting the house prepared for her arrival. A really good cleaning and painting were in store. Besides I wanted to try and get my wife’s smell and any other reminder of her out of the house!

I knew I wanted to paint and get the house cleaned so I called in a professional cleaning service to help. I managed to get most of the household stuff out into the garage. The four-bedroom house seemed huge without any furniture in place. I kept a few items out so I had a place to sleep and eat. I had a crew come in and clean before I was going to paint the walls. They did a great job. The house was spotless and I dreaded what was next. Every room needed to be painted and now came the fun part…I enjoyed painting but didn’t have an eye for color so I asked my neighbor Ben to give me a hand. But Ben quickly turned me over to his wife’s care because he was worse than I was with coloring. Ben’s wife, Susie, was about ten years younger than I and she was a looker as well! I often thought of how it would be just to have her once, but quickly dismissed that idea. There were still occasions that I would think about her and I often wondered what the attraction was. It finally dawned on me! Susie reminded me somewhat of my daughter, just in body frame. That was a scary thought! Anyway, Susie was just the right ticket, she had a fantastic eye with color and decorating, something that didn’t even fit into my vocabulary.

I don’t know what kind of a sex life Susie and Ben had but I knew one thing. Susie made my head spin when she first walked in my house in her flimsy clothes! She was very comfortable with her body, at least in showing it to me! She had a very tight ass and her breasts were just the right size, but firm as hell. Anyway, Ben pretty much let her come over any time that she wanted so we could get the house done and I was very appreciative of that. Believe me, when she came over to help, she didn’t hide her luscious body from my eyes, so it was always pleasant to see her and fantasize about her. Susie had short blonde hair that reminded me of a poodle but it looked great on her. Her body was tanned all over from what I could see and I did see a lot of it. I could tell that she must work out because there wasn’t any fat on her body. Many days after she would leave I would head for the shower and lather myself up and finally shuddered with spurts of cum all over the bath tiles. Man was she hot!!! I wanted her hot little body!

Susie and I had just about finished the painting and I was kind of dreading the fact of not seeing her around the house. It really had been nice to have her around for the past three weeks. The den was the last room to be painted and then the painting was done. Now Susie had suggested that we put a bold masculine border for the top. I didn’t really care but she said that it would bring out the man in the room. Susie called on Wednesday night and asked if we could finish the room on Friday night. She explained that Ben beyoğlu escort would be going out of town for the weekend and that she was going to hang around the house. I asked her if Ben thought it was okay for her to be over while he was out of town. She laughed and the next voice I heard was Bens. He said don’t worry about anything. He said he trusted Susie and I 100%. So I expected Susie to arrive early on Friday. My mind went in all kinds of different directions just thinking about Susie being here alone and having Ben gone. I talked with Ben and filled him in on what was left to do and that I wouldn’t tie up his wife long on Friday night. Ben said go ahead and tie her up and enjoy her company. He even suggested that we have dinner together. Ben clued me in on some of Susie’s likes and dislikes. He even mentioned that she loosened up with a couple of glasses of wine. That raised a question in my mind. Anyway, Friday came and I couldn’t wait until Susie came over.

The weather was pleasantly warm, almost swimming weather, so I was down to a pair of shorts and a tank top. I was in the den when I heard the door open up and I heard Susie holler out,

“Hey, Dan, it’s just me! Can I come in?” She asked. I laughed because she was so polite.

“Come on in, you don’t have to ask. I’m in the den.” I said. I was setting up a ladder and the trays for the wallpaper border. I heard her come down the hall and then she came in to view. I almost creamed my shorts by what I saw. Here was Susie standing there with a very small halter top on and a pair of skimpy shorts. When she turned around I could see that her shorts had crept up the crack of her ass and completely exposed the outline of her pussy lips. Now that was one way to make an entrance into a room.

“Oh, God!” I thought. “What is she doing dressed like that?”

“Looks like you’re ready to get down to business.” I said.

“Yep, it shouldn’t take to long now. Besides I’m getting a bit hunger and I would like to finish before I eat.” She replied.

“How about me making some steamed shrimp and crap legs for dinner once we’re done?” I asked her.

“Oh, my favorites.” She squealed. “That’s a great idea.”

It was so hard to keep my mind focused on completing the border while having to watch Susie perched on top of the stepladder. Her short shorts continued to climb higher up her cracks and before it was all said and done I could even see the fleshy bulge of her pussy lips. My cock grew harder and harder as I tried to concentrate on the work. I was picking up a couple of items from the floor when I noticed the ladder shifting and all of a sudden Susie started to fall from the ladder and paper, paste and water went everywhere. I ran over and barely made it in time to catch her. I cradled her in my arms and I could feel the softness of her skin on mine. I held onto her tightly and then I came to my senses. As I held her I could feel her heart beat faster and faster…

“Dan, that sure was a close one. Boy do I owe you one for catching me.” She said as her arms locked around my neck.

“Oh, it was nothing. I didn’t want to clean up the blood.” I kidded her.

She squirmed in my grasp and I gently set her down but I didn’t release my grip on her. I could feel her heart beat against my own chest. God she felt good.

“You sure are strong Dan. I wouldn’t have guessed that you could catch a flying girl!” she said as she pushed herself from my grasp. I glanced down at her breasts and noticed that her nipples were jutting out somewhat. My cock grew harder. Before I had a chance to say anything else she reached up and gently kissed me on the cheek.

“Seriously Dan, thank you. I don’t know how I can repay you but I’ll figure something out before the nights over.” She said shyly as she kind of glanced down at my bulging shorts.

“I, I guess we better get this mess cleaned up and finish this project.” I said as I moved away from her.

We managed to clean up the mess and finished the remainder of the border in about twenty-five minutes. I stood back and was really amazed at how good the room looked. What an improvement all the way around the house. My den had been turned into a man’s room finally and I loved it. I know my furniture would look great in here.

“Hey Susie? How about I go ahead and make dinner for us now? Do you think you can finish up in here by yourself?” I asked.

“Great. I’ll clean up and then I’ll come in and help you.” She said.

I headed to the kitchen trying to hide my hard cock. As I walked passed Susie she reached out and swatted my butt. “Thank you for letting me help you Dan. It looks great.” She said as I made it out of the room.

My mind was racing and I didn’t know how to proceed except that I knew something was going to happen tonight. I rummaged through the pots and pans and started dinner. I headed out to the patio and put the shrimp and crab legs in the steamer and sat back in a lounge chair. It was getting dark and there was sarıyer escort still a warm breeze blowing gently. When the shrimp and crab legs were done I placed them all in a big bowl and headed for the house. Susie almost knocked me over coming out the door.

“Oh, damn that would have been a real big mess, Dan!” she exclaimed. “Hey why don’t we just eat out here Dan? You do have some candles or lanterns don’t you?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ll get a couple of candles and I’ll be right back. Would you like something to drink? I have some wine chilling?” I boldly asked.

“Boy Dan, you sure know how to push my buttons. Food, wine, candles but where is the music?” She asked laughingly.

“Looks like you’ll have to sing if you want music. The stereo is packed away.” I replied.

“Oh wait, let me run next door and get our portable stereo.” She replied as she bounced off towards her house. Susie reminded me how nice it was to look upon a beautiful woman once again.

When she got back Susie turned her boom box on and plopped in to a seat next to me and we proceeded to eat our dinner. Dinner was fantastic and the company of Susie was great. We both ate a fair amount but what got my attention was the fact that we were on our second bottle of wine. Believe me, Susie was drinking two glasses to my one. So she was getting really loose with her words and conversation. Both of us were still in the same clothes we had worked in and I could smell her musky scent over the other aromas in the air. God it was good having a woman around, even if she wasn’t mine.

“Dan, can I ask you something?” Susie piped in. I nodded my head yes.

“This is a pretty sensitive topic so I hope I don’t offend you Dan. Do you think two people can have an open relationship with their spouse and still have a sex life outside of their marriage?” She asked.

I about fell off of my chair.

“I, I, think it would really depend upon the circumstances so I guess I would say it’s okay.” I kind of whispered to her. “As long as both partners are in full agreement and no one gets hurt.”

“That’s what Ben keeps telling me.” Susie replied. “I have only had two men in my life and have often wondered how it would be to have sex with another man outside of my marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ben and we have a tremendous sex life, but I think it would be kind of erotic and exciting! What do you think?”

You could have hit me with a feather and I would have fallen on the floor after she said that.

“Susie, I think you have had a bit to much to drink because you’re talking pretty crazy right now.” I said. “Besides, Ben would probably kill the man that would touch you.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Ben has even encouraged me to try it out if I really wanted too, but he did say be very careful. I’ve never run in to anybody that I have felt comfortable with. Except that is until now.” She coolly replied as she scooted her seat closer to mine. I felt her hand on my knee and I almost came out of my skin.

“It’s really okay Dan. Ben wouldn’t mind it if you made love to me.” Susie said as she now stood up and moved closer to my side. Her hand reached up and started to caress the side of my face. “I bet it’s been a while since you’ve had a woman, hasn’t it Dan? Why not let that woman be me Dan?”

I could feel the heat rise in my face and my cock twitched on it’s own. Susie slowly tilted my head back and lowered her mouth to mine. It felt so good to once again feel the probing of a wet tongue on mine. I couldn’t resist and I pulled her onto my lap. I lost all common sense and didn’t resist her advances. Slowly Susie repositioned herself so that she now straddled my lap. Both of her hands were around my neck and her mouth and probing tongue were working over time. God this felt great. I pulled her face away from mine long enough to rip her tank top off of her, exposing a beautiful set of breasts. Her nipples were hard and pointy. I immediately lowered my mouth first to one breast then the other. Running my tongue around her tight nipples. I leaned her back gently and ran my hands down her breasts until they made their way down to her taunt belly. I slipped my hands inside her shorts and with one swift motion I ripped them from her. I now had a great view of her pussy mound and it sure looked inviting. There was a small strip of hair running down to cover her pussy mound and it stopped just short of her clit hood. The remainder of her pussy looked slick as a babies butt. I wanted to feel the wetness of her pussy with my mouth so I eased her off of my lap and gently laid her on the chaise lounge sitting next to me. I slowly eased open her legs and now before me was one beautiful sight. I could see the dew of her juices dripping slightly from her opening; running down her inner thighs. I got between her legs and started licking my way from her ankles up to her knees. My hands caressed her inner thighs and I felt Susie shudder.

“Oh Dan you don’t know how good that feels. maslak escort Don’t stop whatever you do!” she exclaimed.

When my mouth reached the top of her left thigh I by passed her smooth pussy lips and moved my mouth to her mound. I slowly but deliberately sucked her clit between my lips, which brought out soft moans from Susie. Susie raised her hips upwards forcing herself harder into my face. The sweet aroma along with the fantastic taste of her wetness started to drive me nuts. I couldn’t take much more so I moved up between her legs and positioned my cock at her opening, letting my cock head touch her wet pussy lips, but she had other ideas.

“Dan, don’t stop. Please suck my pussy!” Susie moaned. I scooted back down and gently spread her pussy lips open and stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. I worked from the moist spot and slipped my tongue upward to her clit then downwards towards her puckered asshole. When I reached her little brown eye Susie wiggled her butt harder onto my face and she let out a moan.

“Dan I want you inside of me now.” Susie whispered to me as her fingers ran through my hair. She gently tugged at my head up wards.

I moved up and aimed my cock at her entrance. My purple cock head was about to explode when Susie said. “Let me do it, I love the feel of a hard cock in my hand.” as she wrapped her fingers around my engorged cock and I couldn’t believe how good it felt..

I wasn’t overly big but her hand was now filled with my cock. She pulled me towards her pussy opening letting the cock head just barely sit in her opened lips. She held my cock tight, not allowing me to go any deeper. I gazed in to her eyes and I saw nothing but pure lust coming from her deep blue eyes. Susie slowly released the grip she had on me…

“Okay Dan. Please make love to me. Give me your hard prick now!” she said while pushing forward with her pelvis. I proceeded to gently push my cock deep within her. Her vagina just swallowed my cock whole. There was a tightness around me that I hadn’t felt in years and it was incredible! I buried myself until our pubic bones ground against each other. Susie’s legs opened wider and then she wrapped them around my backside. I took this as an invitation to go full bore and I eased out until just my throbbing head was inside. I threw all caution to the wind and now started to work myself in and out slowly at first. With each thrust inward my cock seemed to grow larger and I knew from experience that I wasn’t going to last very long with this tempo.

“Oh Dan, please, please fuck me harderrrr!” Susie gurgled. “Yes Dan, Harderrrrrr!”

I really picked up the tempo and she started to buck underneath me, meeting my every thrust with her own.

“Yessss, yessss please fuck me babyyyyy!” She hollered out. “God yes Dan, make me cummm!”

“Oh, Susie I’m not going to last much longer.” I said.

“Go ahead Dan. Cum inside of me. Ohhhhh agggghhh.” She hollered out once more.

That was all it took. I felt my cock bulge with the rising of cum from my inner most being. The first wave rocked my world. I shut my eyes and held on to Susie. I just slammed in to her pussy that much harder. With each squirt erupting the intensity was almost unbearable. I finally ground my pelvis forward and drove my cock home one final time. With my last effort I collapsed down on to Susie. My whole body seemed to be in an orgasm because I didn’t even hear Susie holler out that she was cumming. Susie had moved her hand to her pussy mound and was rapidly working on her clit. I just held on! I felt her pussy squeeze down hard on my cock and then it relaxed then it squeezed even harder. Her legs wrapped themselves around me and she started to really grind her hot pussy into me.

“Ohhhh Dannnn, ohhhhh, yesssssss, ohhhhhh, aghhhhhhhhh.” She blurted out until her body stopped shaking.

Our bodies were drenched in sweat and the smell of sex was definitely in the air. I could also hear my heart beat within my chest. We just lay in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity, but it was only a few moments in time. I slowly withdrew myself from her wetness and eased myself in to a standing position; I gazed down at Susie. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, just lying there with nothing on but a satisfied smile…I reached out my hand to hers and gently pulled her to her feet. I then lowered myself so that I could pick her up. With Susie cradled in my arms we headed for the house…


I woke up and reached my arm out next to me…nothing there but an empty bed. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. There wasn’t any sight of Susie. I had to really think for a moment, was it only a dream? I crawled out of bed and proceeded to survey the house. Susie wasn’t there and I glanced outside and saw her belongings missing as well. Oh well, I thought, damn she was great. I walked passed the kitchen table and headed for the shower. The ringing of the phone stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked at the clock, shit it was only 6:00 am, who was calling me this early? I ignored the ringing and headed for the shower. My answering machine picked up the call as I turned on the shower, drowning out the sound.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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