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Answering the phone with my one hand, I took the other one off my cock and stuttered a greeting. Holy shit. It was Gina. I hadn’t spoken to her since graduation, nearly three years ago. I pulled up my boxer shorts and tried not to sound puffed out. “So, ya crusty old booze hound… Are you up for a bit of a reunion?” She paused, wickedly teasing. “With me and a few friends? And… Katie?” My old fella twitched at the sound of that name and a released a rivulet of pre-cum that dribbled down my shaft and ball sac, making its way to my inner thigh.

The chick that she was referring to was a major crush that I had in the last four years of High School. She was friendly to me and we hung out and got high a few times, but she was way out of my league and everyone knew it. People always came between us somehow. Teachers made us sit on opposite sides of the classroom, jocks would stroll up to us when we were chatting and put the hard word on her, her friends would make up some bullshit about having to be somewhere so they could chide her in private about talking to me, and her parents… Whoa. Her Mum’s suggestion that I was ill-bred paled in insignificance to her Dad taking a swing at me for wearing the wrong baseball cap. Anyway, I had just about forgotten her and settled in for a mind-numbingly boring life of porn when I picked up the phone and answered it.

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. Did she… Well, is she…?” My tension was openly self-piteous, and I hoped she didn’t notice. “Y’know, like, with someone?” Gina assured me that she was currently single, and it was a low stress thing, and just a chance to catch up again. “So, we’ll see you tonight at seven?” She said, her upward inflection flirting outrageously and putting me back in shy-guy mode. “Sure thing, Gina. At the old watering hole?” I had hoped that we were just going to have a few drinks and reminisce. mecidiyeköy escort “Nah, we’ve all pitched in for a hotel room. It’s the toffy joint on the main drag, y’know, the new one that just opened? The Plutocrat I think it’s called…” I agreed, said goodbye and broke out into an immediate cold sweat.

Arriving at the hotel, I looked up at the pale August moon and sighed with twenty years of pent-up semen. I talked to the receptionist and he smirked at my heterosexuality and told me what room the old crew were in. Making my way past the marble pedestals containing vases sprouting copious peacock feathers, I grasped the polished bronze banister. I was so nervous, my feet slipped on the immaculate red carpet. I made my way to the hotel room and knocked.

Much to my utter surprise, Katie answered decked out in lacy black lingerie. I instantly started to get a boner. She looked fucking amazing. “The other guys send their apologies. I guess it’s just you and me…” She stared at the growing bulge in my jeans and licked her lips. Grabbing me by the shirt, she pulled me inside the room. I was pretty amazed. The door eased itself shut, and I tried not to be a klutz, while tripping over a fancy footstool. “Katie, hey…” I eventually managed.

“Hey yourself, you sexy bastard. What’s up? You just kinda faded away and went nutso after graduation; we all kinda figured you were lost to all sense and reason! But I didn’t… I wanted to fuck your absolute ass off.” She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs, chuckling.

“I didn’t think you liked me…”

“You don’t do an awful lot of thinking, do ya Ruffle?”

That was my nickname in High School, because I always rocked up to class with bed-hair. Katie had never called me that before. “Why don’t you relieve that merter escort mound you have there?” She cooed, placing her palm on the front of my pants. “Carn… Let’s see what you’ve got there.” Unbuckling my belt and top button, I looked in her eyes. They were wide and beseeching, her hand now massaging my crotch. Unzipping my fly, a silken boxer short boner sprung out. “Mmmm.” She whispered. “Ruffle’s cock.” I lifted myself out and held it out for her. A warm hand encircled my base and squeezed gently. She pouted her lips and pressed them to my erect penis. I groaned and my heart rate tripled as she opened her mouth and began to suck my cock. She applied a nice amount of suction, working her mouth up and down slowly. She moaned softly, and began to caress my balls. I reached out both hands, and rested them on the top of her head. Increasing her speed, she gripped my member fiercely with her mouth and blew me like she was making up for lost time.

My body started to shake, and sensing this, she suddenly stopped. “‘Bout time to do me, Ruffles, matey…” She firmly stated. I still couldn’t believe it was happening. I’d have written it off as a just another vivid dream, but it had some sense of reality about it. She lay back on the bed and removed her teddy as I lay beside her and lightly grazed her thighs with my fingertips. “Give me one. Now, please…” Katie stated matter-of-factly. She was now naked and looked better than I had imagined all those lonely nights. Cop that, Mrs Palmer! I held my dick in my hand and kneeled between her legs. Massaging my cock-head against her lips was pretty bloody great, so I did that for a while. Her pussy was really, really heated…

Letting out a sigh, she bucked to meet my guy. But the moment was just too excellent for any hurriedness. Then I felt a trickle mutlukent escort of ovum, and Katie demanded I fuck her and stop piss-farting around about it. That seemed fair, so I began. I wouldn’t call myself well-endowed, but I had received a compliment on it here and there. Katie started talking in a monologue about it.

“Your junk is so fucken thick… You always wanted to bang me, yeah? Do me, just… bloody do me! You absolutely rock my georgie. Yeah, fuck me like that…”

Such talk was making my dick vibrate and throb with energy. I could feel the veins vibrate and the head was pulsing and leaking like nothing else.

“Softly, babe, softly” I pleaded.

“Fuck that. Pound the shit out of me, ya mad bugger!”

Responding to her urgent demand, I began to fuck her warm insides with quick thrusts, making them more forceful at the end of the stroke. She dug this heaps alot and started yelling, using lingo that would make a pirate blush. Eventually, this disintegrated into incoherent nonsense about her poochie, her poochie. Yummy, Sir. Do me like that, Mr Cohen. And crazier shit that nearly put me off. Yes, yes, yes. Fuuuucking YES! Followed by intense, searching bucking of her hips. She soaked my cock in her girl juice, and I was about to say something when she said;

“If you stop now, I’ll absolutely fucking kill you!!!”

She wasn’t finished, as three more orgasms shook her sweet body. I wasn’t really sure if she actually liked me still, but I guess her body indicated in the affirmative. Vocalising with cavewoman grunts, I knew it wasn’t going to be long till I blew.

“You’re so gorgeous, Katie…”

I said which I never had the guts to say to her before. Withdrawing just in time, I pumped my shaft a few times against her eiderdown and then splattered my cum all over her pubic hair and stomach. We were completely exhausted after such intense fucking, and lay there sweaty and covered in coital liquid, catching our breath. Katie suggested we take a shower together to freshen up. We soaped and cleaned each other, ridding ourselves of the baseness of sex. Or was it a celebration of desire? Guess I’m a screwed up kinda guy. But she said that we should do this more often…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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