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Linda is a hotty who recently divorced her husband. He was always either too tired for sex from playing golf or just not interested anyhow. Some people have really screwed up priorities. Oh, well, that is his loss and my gain. Some other guys’ gains also, I am sure, but I am not jealous and never ask. Linda is short and bosomy with a beautiful, heart-shaped ass. Any man who would prefer golf over sex with her is either gay or castrated at birth. Or both. I am neither, and I can’t imagine not making love with her at every opportunity. The most recent opportunity was a few days ago.

Linda lives in an apartment and keeps her door locked. I rang her bell and almost immediately heard her unlocking the door. When she opened it she was wearing a short skirt and snug T-shirt, and looking good enough to eat. Linda threw her arms around me, and gave me a big kiss. We were really glad to see each other and we let each other know we were.

Because she was so glad to see me, and anxious to get started, Linda took me by the hand and we hurried down the hall to her bedroom. One wall near the bed is all mirrors because Linda likes to see what she is doing and what is being done to her and with her. I like looking too. Doing is more fun than looking but both at once is even better. Linda peeled off her T-shirt and let her beautiful breasts free. They bounced briefly, celebrating their freedom, then stood still, a treat for my eyes and soon for my hands and mouth. I quickly peeled off my clothing and Linda kicked out of her skirt and panties and we both jumped, naked, onto the bed, where I took one firm, perfect titty in either hand and began to gently lick one of them. Linda is justifiably proud of these glorious glands and likes to have me pay homage to them. I just like licking and sucking them and I alternated between the twin beauties, licking one erect nipple for a few strokes and then going to the other. Linda began purring. I switched from licking to sucking and licking, taking as much of a pleasure globe as I could into my mouth, then sucking gently on it while caressing the nipple with my tongue. Again, I alternated my attentions between these luscious beauties, licking and sucking on the right one for a few seconds, then licking and sucking on the left one. Whichever titty wasn’t receiving attention from my lips and tongue was being gently kneaded by my hand. Linda’s purring became louder. She easily lubricates from me sucking and licking her titties and she was doing so then, copiously, but she can’t cum from it. This was foreplay, not one of the main events, but it was immensely enjoyable foreplay to both of us so neither of us was in any hurry. When it was time to move on, I knew that Linda would let me know.

After a long and mutually enjoyable time, Linda pushed my head down in the direction of where the first main event would be held. On the way, I stopped to lick her navel. Linda giggled because my mustache tickled her and kept pushing me lower on her gorgeous body. After I reached her czech super models porno/ pubic hair, I got up, went around to kneel between her legs, and slipped a pillow under her beautiful ass. Unless I am 69ing that is my favorite position to eat a pussy. With a big smile on my face, I gazed on the feast before me, then looked in the mirror and smiled again at the look of pure lust on my face. I am not at all ashamed of lusting after a pussy as gorgeous as Linda’s.

After getting into position, I leaned forward to lick Linda’s love hole but before I began licking, I breathed in the heavenly aroma. After enjoying the aroma, I slid my tongue into her love hole and began lapping at her fresh juices, enjoying the delicious taste. Linda’s purring grew louder and she began to slowly hump her pussy against my face. I knew she still had a way to go before cumming, and a lot of enjoyment for both of us so I worked my way up her pussy lips, going from left to right and back again. Linda’s purring grew louder and her breathing more ragged and she fucked her pussy faster against my face. We both knew I was going to her clit and once I got there she would cum quickly. I like it when a woman cums as I am eating her pussy, first, because I feel good about it and second because of the wonderful aromas and delightful juices that are produced, but I was having such a great time eating this incredible pussy that I was in no hurry. Linda was less patient. She shifted her body slightly toward me and her clit was in my mouth. I accepted the inevitable and began sucking and licking on her adorable love button as I had sucked and licked on her nipples earlier.

Linda started cumming. Her purring turned to snorting and her legs clamped around my head; her body tensed and her ass lifted off the bed, grinding her pussy into my face. I loved it. Linda’s pussy always smells great but it is at its best when she is cumming and her cum juices were best when they are fresh. I kept her clit in my mouth and continued licking and sucking until she finished cumming and slumped back on the bed. Eagerly, I licked all the delicious fresh pussy juices out of her love hole.

After a few minutes I walked into the bathroom and came back with a warm, wet towel. Linda saw the towel and smiled. She knew what was coming next and got up on her knees and elbows in anticipation, with her heart-shaped ass pointing at me. Linda’s ass is a visual delight and a delight to fondle and caress but the best part is what’s between her asscheeks. I spread them gently and looked at her cleft and her adorable pink rosebud was already twitching in anticipation.

Linda keeps all her private parts scrupulously clean, especially when I am coming over. Even so, some very unclean things pass through there, and I didn’t want to take any chances. I carefully washed the entire area between her cheeks. Linda didn’t complain and she was already purring when I began licking at the top of the cleft. I licked czech tax porno the entire inside of each cheek where the skin was smooth and soft and my tongue loved the texture. Linda was purring louder now, and a bit impatiently because she wanted me to get to the most sensitive part, her sweet, pink rosebud. Finally, I was there and I squirmed my tongue in slightly. Linda reached back and spread her cheeks to allow greater access and my tongue went in as far as it would go. Her purring resumed a more contented tone.

Linda’s ass is slightly more sensitive than her nipples but she wouldn’t cum from my licking her ass. I would have to massage her clit to bring that about and I was in no hurry. Licking her sensitive ass was nearly as much fun as eating her pussy so I began painting the rosebud with broad strokes of my tongue, up and down, sometimes back and forth. Linda was now on her elbows and knees, thrusting her ass back to meet each stroke of my tongue as she had humped my mouth with her pussy earlier. The slurping of my tongue made a beautiful duet with her purring. I switched from painting to again penetrating the rosebud. Linda thrashed her head and wiggled her ass against my face. She wanted to cum. She reached back again, I thought to spread her cheeks but instead, she took my hand and placed it on her clit so I took the hint and began to caress the sweet little love button. Linda had been very close and my fingers on her clit caused her to cum again, with gusto. She fell flat on the bed, my hand pressed tightly against her clit and my face pressed tightly into the cleft of her beautiful ass. I continued licking her lovely rosebud and caressing her precious clit until she finished cumming. I don’t know if Linda would cum from me fucking her ass or not. One of these days I would find out.

Back in the bathroom I washed my mouth out thoroughly with Listerine. Although I hadn’t smelled or tasted anything bad in Linda’s ass, I wanted to take no chances. I still had plenty of pussy juices to lick out of her love hole and I didn’t want to leave any nasty germs in such a beautiful place. Linda was lying on her back, waiting for me to lick her out. I got into my favorite pussy eating position and stuck my tongue back into that most delightful hole and licked the delicious juice from her entire pussy.

Linda moved over on the bed and I lay down on my back, my cock sticking straight up. She took a few tentative strokes with her mouth and looked at me quizzically. Linda has a small mouth and a strong gag reflex and doesn’t really like to suck cocks, and isn’t very good at it but she makes up for this in other ways. Thinking about one of those ways, I reached back and took a condom off the headboard and handed it to her. Linda’s eyes lit up with lust.

She slipped the condom on my stiff cock. She knows I have a very active sex life and I believe she does also and neither of us wanted to hurt the other one or any of our sex partners. Linda straddled me on her defloration porno knees, took my eager shaft in her hand and slipped my cock head into her pussy, then slowly lowered herself until she had impaled her sweet slippery pussy. This is called the cowgirl position and it is great for a small hotty like Linda. With her perfect titties bouncing up and down in front of me it is a tactile and visual delight. Linda prefers it also because she can control the depth of penetration and the speed. She also likes to look in the mirror and watch herself fucking.

Linda rocked slowly back and forth and my cock moved in and out of her pussy. I moved my hips slowly to give her a variety of motions. A blissful smile was on her face and I could hear her purring. What we both wanted was a nice slow fuck to finish our sexual adventure. Linda started rocking sideways because she wanted my cock to massage ever centimeter of her heavenly love hole. We both looked in the mirror and smiled at the erotic sight, both of us completely naked with Linda bouncing up and down and back and forth with my cock all the way in her beautiful pussy. What we were doing was enormously pleasurable to both of us and watching ourselves made it even more so.

I reached up and caressed her beautiful titties, one in either hand. Linda leaned forward and I took one of these luscious twins in my mouth, and began sucking and licking again while Linda continued to pump her pussy slowly on my cock. This continued for a few minutes and then Linda leaned back again and began swiveling her body, providing a new stimulation to my cock and her pussy. We were enjoying our varied fucking motions and getting so much pleasure that neither of us wanted to cum for a while. This was some of the best either of us had experienced.

But even the best things must end. I could feel my climax building and I told her I was almost ready to cum. Linda shifted her position and her strokes became longer and deeper as well as faster. Her purring changed to grunting and I could tell she was also ready to cum so I put my hands on her hips to steady her. Faster and faster she pumped her pussy up and down, rubbing my cock and her clit together until, after several extremely enjoyable minutes, she started cumming and her pussy muscles squeezed my cock tighter. This extra squeeze put me over the top and I grunted and pulled her down tightly on my cock as I pumped my ejaculate into the condom.

Linda continued her rocking motion a few more strokes while she finished cumming and her talented pussy muscles milked the last juices out of my cock. Then she sprawled on top of me with her face nestling affectionately against my shoulder. After a very pleasant period lying quietly together, my flaccid cock slipped out of its perfect love nest. We lay there, both of us covered in her pussy juices. Much as I love those juices, they were going to have to be wasted because I just couldn’t bring myself to move.

* * * * *

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whatever you think of it, I always appreciate knowing. Please vote and send feedback, either emailed to me or public comments after the story. Such feedback helps me to write more and better and I always answer any emails or PC that I receive or that is posted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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