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Tara couldn’t believe her luck. Mrs. Samson, one of her mom’s lady friends, was leaving to go out of the country and had asked if Tara wanted to house sit for two weeks. Tara, who had just turned eighteen and was heading off to college in the fall, jumped at the chance. All she had to do was to take care of the pets and sign for any packages that came and she would have access to the pool and hot tub. She couldn’t say yes fast enough!

Her mother warned her about inviting friends over to party which, honestly, was unnecessary. It’s not that Tara didn’t have any friends. It’s just that she was a bit introverted and loved time away from everyone once in a while. She looked at this opportunity as a vacation from the world. So, the night before Mrs. Samson was going to leave, Tara threw her suitcase in the car and drove the hour trip to Mrs. Samson’s house. It wasn’t a huge mansion but a very nice two story Victorian style with a back patio and the aforementioned pool.

Tara arrived and was shown in by the older woman. Mrs. Samson, Delores to her friends, was a widower in her fifties. Her husband had passed away several years earlier due to an unfortunate accident at work and the settlement was large enough to allow Deborah to live the lifestyle that they had always worked for. Her husband’s passing also allowed her to indulge in certain sexual situations, mainly having sex with other women, that she would never had done if Harold were still around. It was Kay, Tara’s mother who suggested her daughter could house sit while Delores was gone. The two older women had just finished making love when the subject came up. Delores had always had a soft spot for the young woman, having literally watched her grow up from an infant to the beautiful lady she’d turned out to be.

Tara had always felt comfortable around Mrs. Samson, viewing her a second mother. But lately, Tara noticed something in the way the older woman looked at her and acted around her that made Tara tingle. Comments like “Oh Tara, you’ve blossomed into such a beautiful woman.” or “You’re going to make someone very happy when you meet the right person.” were spoken with an sexual undertone. It didn’t make her uncomfortable or put off. Instead, Tara started fantasizing about Mrs. Samson, late at night, alone in her bed. She though about the older woman’s large breasts, her round ass packed in the jeans she often wore when she came to see Tara’s mom, her beautiful face which always gave Tara a peck on the cheek when she pulled her into an embrace. Delores knew the girl had a crush on her and never did anything to discourage it, always hoping to one day be able to act on those desires.

It was after supper when Tara had arrived. Delores embraced her and kissed her cheek like she always did. The young lady returned the hug. She could feel the older woman’s tits press against her and shiver ran down her spine straight to her pussy. Delores showed her around, where to find all of the necessary food and supplies for the four cats that she was supposed to take care of, the emergency numbers that were hopefully not going to be used and where to find any cleaning materials needed. What she did not tell Tara is that she’d recently just had a new security system installed in the house with hi def cameras in every room. Including the guest bedroom and master bathroom. It’s not that Delores mistrusted Tara. It was that she wanted to see what the young woman would do when she didn’t know that she was being filmed.

The next day came with Mrs. Samson leaving early to head to the airport. She again hugged and kissed Tara before leaving, though this time, the hug went on just a bit longer than the quick embrace of old. Tara felt the other woman’s hard nipples poking her smaller tits. She didn’t want the embrace to end but too soon, Delores was heading off to the airport for two weeks of traveling Europe. The first thing she did was make herself breakfast. After that, she planned on spending as much time as possible outside by the pool.

When the summer day heated up, Tara ran to her suitcase and pulled out her clothes to grab her one piece. Which she totally forgot to pack. The young woman cursed out loud for forgetting the most important article of clothing. She was just about to make the hour drive home to get it when a thought occurred to her. There was no one else in the house. The backyard was surrounded by a huge privacy fence. Hell, she didn’t need a swimsuit. For that matter, she thought to herself, there really wasn’t a reason to be wearing clothes the whole two weeks unless there was a knock on the door. She smiled mischievously to herself and quickly shucked off her shirt and shorts, bra and panties. Tara felt like she was getting away with something naughty as she padded out of her bedroom and headed to the pool. Making sure she was covered in sunscreen from head to toe, she jumped in the cool water. Instantly, she felt her nipples hardening and goose bumps rose on her skin and not just from the temperature. Tara wasn’t much of an exhibitionist or nudist but the freedom bursa escort that she felt with no clothes on was a bit intoxicating. I seriously have to get my own place, she thought to herself. Having three men in the house, her father and two younger brothers, prevented her from even running around in her panties and tee shirt when she was at home.

After swimming for a while, Tara hopped up out of the pool to catch some sun. She applied a little more sun screen to her most sensitive areas as she laid on the chaise longue. She lingered on her nipples which were still hard and rubbed the liquid a little too vigorously into her pussy. Tara’s breath caught as her fingers glided over her vagina. She spread her legs, dipping her finger inside the cleft of her pussy and started frigging herself. It was so erotic, being outside naked, feeling the hot sun beating down on her body, the warm breeze gently blowing over her skin. She would have just died if anybody could see her. But, she felt secure in her nudity. The privacy fence kept the onlookers at bay and the closest neighbor lived over an acre away. But, someone was watching. Delores was getting very turned on, at that moment.

Delores left early because of several factors. One was the issue of just trying to get on the plane. TSA had made all air travel exceedingly tedious. That went double for overseas. But also, she took a gamble with being able to spy on her little home helper. And, happily, the gamble had paid off. She was watching Tara run through the house and swimming and lounging by the pool buck naked. Then Tara turned up the heat and started masturbating right at the pool! Delores got the camera as tightly focused as she could and watched with baited breath as Tara brought herself off. She felt herself getting moist as a flutter went through her. When Tara finished and licked her fingers dry, it took all the willpower that Delores could muster not to run to the bathroom and frig herself to an orgasm of her own.

That night, after Tara had finished her chores with the pets, she decided to do a little investigating. The master bedroom was huge and opulently furnished with an old fashioned four post king sized bed. Mrs. Samson had kept her marital bed she’d shared with her husband of thirty plus years. But it was the walk in closet that interested Tara now. Most of the boxes had contained shoes but there was one large one that was placed in the back that looked different. Tara opened it to discover several smaller boxes as well as something that made her eyes grow big. Several dildos were placed in the box as well as what looked to be a multi tentacled whip and a couple of pairs of handcuffs. WOW! It turned out that Mrs. Samson was into some pretty kinky shit. Tara picked up the box and brought it out, placing it on the bed. Memorizing the order that the other boxes were in, she opened the first one and her heart skipped a beat. They were of Mrs. Samson nude, either alone or with other women. She kept digging through the pictures until one caught her eye. Holy shit! The picture was of her mother going down on Mrs. Samson! Each subsequent picture she pulled out was just as shocking, if not more! Her mother getting fucked by a dildo, her mother handcuffed to the bed getting flogged, her mother wearing a collar with a chain running through the ring that connected nipple clamps. Jesus! When she was finished, Tara put the pictures carefully back in the box and with trembling hands, opened the next one. Several DVDs, unmarked except for dates were in there along with several sets of nipple clamps, including the one that her mother had on in the picture. Beneath all of that was the leather collar Tara had seen.

She reverently picked it up and ran her fingers along the leather. It felt smooth, as in it had been used quite a bit but still had a faint odor of the leather smell to it when Tara held it to her nose and inhaled. Before she could even think about it, she put the collar around her neck and buckled it. For some reason, knowing that her mom had worn it turned her on so much. It felt right wearing it. Not even caring now if she put everything back just as she’d found it, Tara reached for the last box. Lengths of rope were there as well as a couple of paddles, one of leather and the other of wood with holes drilled in it, lay on top of several pairs of panties. Tara counted eight of them. Each one was of a different size but all were sexy. Four lacy thongs, two crotchless and two silken ones so sheer that they were almost transparent were neatly folded, cushioning the implements of pain laid on top. Then it hit the young woman that these were trophies, all belonging to a different woman that Mrs. Samson had bedded. She closed the lid of the box, returning to the DVDs that were laying scattered in the second box that she’d open and after choosing the most recent one, walked over to the entertainment unit that Mrs. Samson had in her bedroom and inserted it into the player. Turning the TV on, she hit play and immediately was treated to the sight of Mrs. Samson and a much younger bursa escort bayan women, probably in her late twenties sucking each other off in a sixty nine.

The camera wasn’t on a tripod as someone was moving it to the best possible vantage point. Tara could see Mrs. Samson’s pendulous breasts swinging down as she had raised up and was vigorously finger fucking the other lady. Tara could hear a muffled scream as the other lady orgasmed and coated Mrs. Samson’s hand with her cum.

The scene cut away to another one, this one with the same young woman tied spread eagle to the posts of the bed. The nipple clamps had been applied and Mrs. Samson was slowly walking around the bed, flogging the woman with the whip. Tara started massaging her own nipples to hard little tips. Then her curiosity got the better of her. She dug through the box to find the same clamps that were being used and retrieved a dildo too. She threaded the chain through the ring in the collar and, after taking a deep breath, clamped her right nipple and then her left. The chain was a little short and pulled her breasts up towards her face. She winced a little at the pain which quickly turned into a dull ache before leaning back and rubbing the eight inch plastic phallus along her sopping wet cunt, thoroughly coating it with her juices. Inserting the tip into her hole, Tara began fucking herself as she watched the action on the TV. As the woman screamed out in pain, Tara screamed out in pleasure. With every movement, the clamps relentlessly tugged on her nipples. The pain that they bestowed added to the intensity of the orgasm that was quickly building. She looked at the screen just in time to see Mrs. Samson bring down the flogger right between the splayed open legs of the bound woman. That act set off a massive orgasm in Tara. She plunged the dildo into her twat as hard as she could and clenched down. Juices sprayed out of her, coating her hand and the comforter. Another wave hit her just as the woman Mrs. Samson was whipping came from the next blow.

Tara just laid there for a minute as the home movie continued to play. Now, it was showing Mrs. Samson wearing a harness with a dildo attached taking the young lady’s pussy from behind. Tara watched for a few more moments, actually wishing it was her that was being fucked like that before removing the clamps and turning off the TV. She was exhausted, both physically from the orgasms and mentally from all that she’d discovered and drifted off to sleep right there on the master bed.

Delores, who’d landed safely in London, enjoyed a little of the nightlife before resting in her hotel room for a big day of sightseeing tomorrow. She clicked on the website which linked to her home cameras. To her pleasure, Tara was making dinner at that moment, padding around the kitchen, still naked. Delores wondered if the girl was just going to stay that way for the whole time. She certainly hoped so and couldn’t wait to wake up to check the tapes to see what had transpired the night before.

The next morning, Delores reviewed the footage, starting with Tara entering the master bedroom. She hadn’t expressly forbidden the young woman into not going in there on the off chance that she would find her secret box. She knew the best way to entice someone into exploring was to look like you were hiding something. Delores was pleased that Tara had put the box on the bed before opening it because the angle of the camera prevented her from shooting into the closet. She laughed out loud at the expressions on the poor girls face when she opened the box of pictures, especially the ones with her mother. Delores was pleasantly surprised with Tara donning the collar and was nearly floored watching her attach the nipple clamps and fucking herself with a dildo. Delores was so turned on, she had to finger herself to two orgasm just to calm down enough to go out for the day. Just before she left, Delores checked on the live feed. It showed Tara still sleeping and still wearing the leather collar. The younger woman looked so innocent, naked and asleep, the only thing being worn by her a symbol of submission.

Tara woke up to the sunlight streaming through the windows. She quickly ran to the bathroom to relieve herself and then took care of the cats. All the while, her hand would almost unconsciously touch the leather collar she now wore. Tara considered wearing it all day but couldn’t think of an explanation to tell her friends and family why she would have an all over tan except for a white band around her neck. Also, she didn’t want to get it wet and ruin it. So, reluctantly, she removed it, promising to herself that it would go back on as soon as possible. Tara spent most of the day outside, getting tanned, swimming in the cool waters, only stopping for lunch and bathroom breaks. But her mind was constantly on the photographs.

After supper and a shower, Tara entered the master bedroom again. The collar was lying on the bed where she’d left it. Picking it up, Tara buckled it around her throat before lying down on her stomach. escort bursa She grabbed the box containing the pictures and began to go through them, studying each one intently. Most of the women that Mrs. Samson was with, Tara didn’t know. But, besides her mother, she did recognize Miss Thompson, her eleventh grade English teacher. Tara had always had a bit of a crush on her. She was the one whom inspired the girl to go to college and become a teacher. Yet here she was, tied face down on the bed, getting spanked with the wooden paddle that Tara had discovered earlier. Each subsequent picture showed Miss Thompson’s ass turning redder and redder. Tara could hear the woman’s screams in her mind. Her hand went to her ass and began rubbing. It had gotten a little burnt from the midday sun and she flinched when her fingers touched the sensitive flesh. Then she raised her arm up and brought it down as hard as she could, spanking herself. It really stung and the pain brought tears to her eyes. Tara blinked her eyes for a second to try and clear them. Then she brought her hand under her body and touched her pussy. It was soaking wet. The little blast of pain, along with everything she’d been looking at, had caused her pussy to leak like crazy. She put the pictures carefully back in the box and picked up a second DVD. There were eight of them and Tara realized that each woman had her own video. That meant that Tara just had to find the right ones to watch Miss Thompson and her mother getting punished. But, she decided to go in order instead. It would be that much sweeter when she did find it.

The TV blazed with light and the movie began with Mrs. Samson and an older Latina in bed together. Mrs. Samson was lying on her back, her legs spread open while the other woman’s head was buried between her thighs. Mrs. Samson was calling her all sorts of degrading names and telling her what she planned on doing to the lady that night. Again, Tara briefly wondered who was operating the camera but Mrs. Samson’s raunchy words and screams of passion quickly pushed that question from her mind. Tara reached for the nipple clamps that she’d worn last night and after threading them through the collar, attached them to her nipples. This time though, she tightened them to the point where it was almost unbearable before picking up the dildo. She didn’t even tease herself with it. Tara’s pussy was so wet at this point, it just slid right in. She started fucking herself hard and fast, arching her back so that the chain would pull her breasts taut. Tara had been so worked up all day that she quickly orgasmed. She didn’t stop thrusting the dildo in though.

The DVD now showed Mrs. Samson tying the other woman to the post of the bed. This time however, the lady was standing, not lying down. Mrs. Samson picked up the leather paddle and began bringing it down on the woman’s tits. Each blow caused her to scream in pain. Each scream caused Tara to slam the dildo in. The Latina woman’s breasts were turning a deep shade of red, her nipples engorged. Mrs. Samson stopped her paddling long enough to attach the same nipple clamps Tara was now using on herself to the other woman’s titty tips. She then tied a piece of rope onto the chain and threaded it through an eyehook in the ceiling. Pulling the rope caused the other woman to let out a long moan because her breasts were stretched horizontally. Mrs. Samson then picked up the flogger and began to flog the other lady’s body, paying special attention to the already punished tits. Tara had slowed down her thrusting as she watched the preparation of the punishment. Her own nipples were really starting to hurt now and she almost removed the clamps. But the sight of the resumed punishment instead caused her to start fucking herself again. She squishy sounds of her pussy getting fucked mixed with the screams on the TV. Tara’s whole body shook as an intense orgasm ripped through her. She could literally feel her pussy trying to suck the dildo in more as her stomach tightened from the powerful cum. Tara’s world started to go black but then the orgasm began to subside and she started breathing again.

When she could move, Tara undid the clamps on the nipple. She grimaced as the blood began to flow back in and she rubbed the sensitive nubbins, trying to relieve the pain. The dildo was still buried in her. She felt it pressing against her inner wall. But, instead of removing it, she left it there as she used the remote to turn off the movie and TV. She wondered as she laid there if Mrs. Samson was having fun on her trip and what the older woman would say if she could see Tara now.

Delores could see her now, of course. She’d had a wonderful day, touring London Tower, getting great footage of the Buckingham Palace. Tomorrow would be spent looking at the museums and then onto France before her last stop in Germany. When she got back to her hotel room, she ordered room service before turning on her tablet and watching that day’s footage. Tara again didn’t disappoint. Delores watched the young girl inflicting pain upon herself before ramming the dildo in. The older woman smiled and began to touch her pussy, frigging her clitoris and shoving her fingers into her hole. She wished that she’d packed the second dildo and vowed tomorrow to find an adult store to purchase one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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