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I was driving down County Road 41 one summer morning making my way to my lake front property and the best swimming hole in the world to enjoy a well deserved day off. I had a pack lunch of sandwhiches and such, a 12 pack of cold beer and a day of rest and relaxation on my mind. As I turned off 41 onto Old Town Rd I saw a figure about half a mile down, on foot and walking east into the morning sun. As I turned his direction he glanced over his shoulder, spun and stuck his thumb out. As I drew closer I could see that he was just a kid no more than 20 or so, he looked like he’d been walking a while so I figured I’d pick him up and and take him down the road a piece.

I pulled over about 25 yards ahead of him and stopped, he ran up and opened the door and I got my first good look at him. He was about 5′ 7″, 150 lbs with a slim athletic build. He was wearing only cut off jean shorts and had his t-shirt tucked into his back pocket. He thanked me and climbed in and shut the door. I put the truck in gear and pulled back onto the road. We exchanged small talk, his name was Keith and he was 19 and heading to the next town over to catch a movie and maybe have a beer at the local tavern.

As we drove and chatted, my eyes kept wandering down to the bulge in his denim shorts. The tight faded fabric clung to his package and I could make out the long line of his cock as it ran down the inside of his right leg, thankfully I was wearing my mirrored sunglasses and was able to snatch glances as we casually chatted without him being the wiser. I had never felt attracted to a man like this in my life, but I have to admit I was turned on like I never had been before. I could feel my cock swell each time I looked at his crotch. My mind raced with thoughts I had never entertained before in my life and my cock ached with excitement.

Before I could think I blurted out that I was on my way to my favorite swimming spot on Long Lake and had enough food and beer for the both of us if he wanted to join me. My blood ran cold at what seemed to me to be a ham handed attempt to lure him into coming with me, but either it didn’t sound as desperate as I had thought or the idea actually appealed to him. But he chuckled and asked me if I would like to smoke a joint. I happily accepted, as I had been outta herb for about 2 days.

Then it happened, he brought his right foot up and placed it on my dash and reached into his shoe and produced a baggie of joints. As he did this his cut offs road up and the head of his cock poked out of the leg. I had never felt aroused by the site of another mans cock before, but for some reason this kids cock was driving me wild. This circumcised prick peeking out of the bottom of his shorts had me spell bound.

He asked me for a light and I almost jumped, I managed to answer him and reached into my left pocket to retrieve my lighter. As I did this I had to slide a bit forward in my seat and the outline of my now fully chubbed cock showed against the fabric of my khakis. I quickly handed him the lighter and slid back in my seat to hide my obvious bulge. He thanked me and lit the joint, taking a long pull off it and handed it to me. As took it from him I thought I saw him stealing a glance at my own crotch, but I passed it off as wishful thinking. We passed the joint until it was gone and casually chatted about everything and nothing.

We finally arrived at my property and we pulled onto the logging road that skirted the edge of a large hill and followed down to the shore of the lake. I bought this property years ago just to have my own swimming hole and fell in love with its thick canopy of old oaks and poplars, it was well secluded and very private. We parked the truck and unloaded the cooler and sat on the picnic table and smoked another joint. The higher I got, the hornier I got and I had to concentrate to keep from staring at his bulge. I asked him to open the cooler and hand me a beer. Before long we had downed 3 beers and another joint as we sat enjoying the summer day and talking. I was getting pretty wrecked and I could tell he was too, he had the goofy Spicoli “I’m so stoned” look on his face when he jumped off the table and stated he was going for a swim. He dropped his t-shirt on the table and walked down toward the water, my eyes were glued to his body as he strolled. Then he stopped and his hands moved to his waist and he dropped his shorts around his ankles, stepped out of them and trotted to the waters edge, I could see his cock swinging between his legs as he ran, it was long, it was thick and it was beautiful. My cock became rock hard and I unconsciously reached down and began squeezing it and watched him run off the end of the peer and dive into the water.

I decided at that moment, that if he was willing or canlı bahis not I was going to suck on that cock today, even if I had to get him dead drunk to do it. I stripped off my shirt and walked down toward the water draining my 3rd beer and nonchalantly kicking his shorts into some poison ivy growing near by. When I got to the end of the peer I unbuttoned my pants and waited until he submerged before dropping them and diving in. I didn’t want him to see my stiff cock and get scared off. We swam for about an hour, talking about going skinny-dipping as kids, parties we’d been to and music we liked. I then told him that I was going to go back up by the truck and get the food out and he should join me soon. I swam to the end of the dock, got out and slid my shorts on. As I walked up to the truck I stopped and yelled back to him that he had dropped his shorts in poison ivy and that he’d better not put them on and to come up to the truck to get an extra pair of sweat pants in my bag that he could wear.

I got to the truck and removed the sweats from my bag and slung them over my shoulder and began pulling the sandwiches out of the cooler. He was now waist deep in the water and walking to the beach, I felt my heart racing in the anticipation of seeing that cock again. He strolled out of the water and his cock finally appeared, but something was different, I hadn’t noticed before as he had been running away from me but he had obviously trimmed all of his pubic hair extremely short. That sight made me hornier than ever and my cock strained against my shorts, I had tactically placed myself behind the cooled to hide my raging hard on. The closer he got, the hotter I got just watching his healthy cock swing side to side still glistening wet from his swim, his smooth, tan hairless body glinting in the sun

He got up to the picnic table and I tossed him a towel and made myself busy with the sandwiches and watched him dry off. My knees went a little rubbery when he started drying his groin. I swear he was moving in slow motion. He spoke and broke the spell..

“Can I get those sweats from you? I can’t believe I dropped my shorts in poison ivy, what a tard.”

“Yeah, you can have them. But first, I’ve gotta suck your cock.”

“You’ve gotta wh-what?” he looked a little shocked but he had this half assed smile on his face.

“I’ve gotta suck that cock of yours kid. I’ve never done this before I swear, but I can’t stand it. I want to suck your cock and I’m going to.” and I moved out from behind the cooler, my rock hard erection pressing against my shorts. His expression looked a little scared, but that half ass smile never left his face, I moved closer to him, he didn’t back away and his soft cock twitched a bit.

“Sound like a deal?” and threw him the sweats, before he could reply I grabbed him by the shoulders and guided him to the picnic table and pushed him against it, he stumbled backwards and landed on the table top, his arms jetting out behind him to catch him and I moved my face closer to his steadily growing cock.

“But I uh.. You.. uh…” he stammered as my lips found their way to his dickhead and parted slightly to touch the soft skin of his trembling cock. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his penis into it. My cock stiffened as my tongue pressed into the spongy head and he let out a long hissing gasp.

“oohhhh wait…. ungh… I’m not gay.” He half heartedly protested as I let his cock slip from my mouth.

“Neither am I…” and with that I opened my mouth and sucked the entire length of his still soft cock into my mouth. His body stiffened and arched forward pressing his soft cock deeper into my mouth as I danced my tongue along it’s bottom and pressed it agasint the roof of my mouth as I slowly pulled my head back letting it slide out. He gasped long and hard and looked down at me, the head of his cock sealed tightly by my lips.

“Oh my god………” he whispered throatily as I felt the head of his cock swell and stiffen in my mouth. Reaching up with my left hand I grasped his scrotum like a handle and guided his swelling cock out of my mouth, popping out and swinging like a garden hose, hanging in a gentle arc in front of my lips.

“Just lay back and let me take care of this.” I placed my right hand on his chest and pushed him firmly down to his back on the picnic table. He struggled ever so slightly and I attacked his cock with a fervor. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked hard, pulling his ever growing cock into my mouth then working it deeper and deeper like an inch worn until his balls bumped my chin, then letting it slide out until the flared head of his cock caught my tightening lips. I did this 5 more times until his cock was as stiff as mine and he was breathing hard and bahis siteleri heavy. I released the grip on his balls and grabbed the base of his erect cock and squeezed, the head of his cock was growing purple and angry looking and a glistening drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip. I was transfixed and trembled with excitement.

“Don’t…..” He whispered coarsely, I instantly felt a pang of guilt for forcing myself on him, when he stammered “D-D-Don’t s-s-s-stop now..”

I licked the tip of his cock tasting his salty pre-cum and knew what I wanted, I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to suck this guys cock until it shot every last drop it had into my waiting mouth. And so I began to suck his cock like a madman, short quick strokes across the head while circling my tongue around it, then taking it long and deep into my throat. His body twitched and convulsed, I swear I could feel his heart pounding in his shaft, my was mouth slippery with his precum. Faster and deeper I sucked his raging hard on, my own cock pulsing each time I took his dick deep. Gently at first, then harder and faster his hips began to buck and thrust upward, jamming his cock into my hungry, waiting mouth until all at once I felt the head swell up and press against my checks.

“WAAAUUUUGGHHHHHNNNNNNNNAAAAAHHH………!!” He bellowed in a low husky growl and began to blast shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth. His cock thrusting like a piston and forcing some of his load to drool out of the corners. His body went limp and his breath came in went in long slow draws as his cock twitched in my mouth. I continued to slowly work his cock with my tongue and gently sucking the last drops of cum.

He began to stir and I abruptly stood and turned away from him, grabbing my towel and wiping the remnants of his load off my face. My legs went weak, I for all intents and purposes just ‘raped’ this guy almost half my age, my head began to reel and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach even with my rock hard prick still protesting against my shorts.

“Wow….” he said as he sat up. “I can’t believe you did that.” I waited for the verbal assault and maybe even a physical attack, but being nearly half again his size, I doubted he’d venture doing that. But he simply swung his legs over the picnic table and sat there as casually as he had been drinking beer before our swim. “Well…?” He asked firmly.

“Well what?” I answered as I turned to face him, my hard on now giving way to fear.

“How was it?” He chimed as if asking me how I liked a movie.

“What? You’re not angry? I – I –” He cut me off.

“Fuck No!!” Dude, I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. This is the first time anyone has ever touched my cock but me! I’m still a little stunned by the whole thing but …WOW. That felt great.”

“You’re serious? You want to know how I liked it?” I was stunned.

“Yeah man, you sure seemed to be enjoying yourself. I’ve never had any luck with dating back at home. Ya see my parents were religious nuts and I was home schooled until I was 18 and forbidden to date. I just moved outta there 3 weeks ago and rented the old Stanley place on Knob Rd. All I’ve been doing is walking back and forth to work. Plus, girls don’t date guys that have no money or no car. So tell me, seriously, how was it?”

“It was incredible. I don’t know what came over me, I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before, honestly. It was fucking hot.” I stated matter of factly and I felt my cock stir again.

“Yes it was.” he said smiling widely and produced another joint, sparked it up, took a deep hit and passed it t me. I felt a rush of relief wash over me when I realized that this wasn’t going to get ugly.
I took the joint from him and hit it hard, and began to laugh nervously, choking on my hit. He started in too and we laughed like good friends sharing a good joke.

When we finished the joint he stood and stretched, still buck naked, my eyes locked on his now soft, but still plump cock. I felt my own cock twitch and throb with unreleased excitement. Still feeling rather odd about what had happened I stood and walked to the cooler and grabbed a beer, cracked it and took a long pull. I was feeling horny again, really horny, and the sight of his young cock was just fueling the fire. He had stepped down off the picnic table and slipped into the sweats and was walking down toward the water’s edge again.

“Grab me a beer!” he shouted back and I obliged, grabbing 2 more from the cooler I walked to where he was sitting on the peer and handed him his cold can of brew. “Thanks.” he said and opened it, taking a long pull. I sat down next to him and dangled my feet in the water. We sat drinking our beers quietly and finally he spoke.

“What are we going to bahis şirketleri do now?”

I was a little taken back by this question as I really didn’t know what he meant. Did he want to leave? Did he want to eat? I was perplexed.

“What do you mean?” I asked him. He turned and looked square at my crotch, still bulging in my khakis and then looked at me with that same half assed grin from before, now I knew exactly what he meant. I stood and unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to my ankles.

“I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do.” and reached down and grabbed my half erect cock and gave it a squeeze. A drop of precum appeared at the tip of my cock and his eyes widened. He stood and took a step back, his eyes still wider but that grin had not left his lips.

“I don’t know man, that thing’s pretty big and I don’t think I can..” I moved toward him quickly and placed my hands on his shoulders.

“Yes you can.” I interrupted, pushed firmly down on his shoulders and he fell to his knees, his eyes locked on the dripping tip. I placed my hands on his head and guided his face to my now rock hard cock. He put his hands on my thighs and pushed slightly offering some resistance, this only fueled my now carnal state of mind.

“Open your mouth.” I said authoritively. His eyes moved from my cock to my face and that half ass grin started to part and his tongue slid out slightly. I moved in closer with my cock and deposited the now near dripping tip of my cock firmly on his tongue and he drew it back into his mouth. I felt him shudder the same way I did when tasting him for the first time. His mouth opened wider and I could stand it no more. I grabbed his head and thrust my cock into his waiting mouth. I felt his breathing quicken and his hands stopped pushing and started clutching at my thighs and we emitted a loan moan. I lost it, I started plunging my cock in and out of his waiting mouth, going a little deeper with each thrust until I could feel the back of his throat with the head of my cock. My hips grew a mind of their own as I frantically fucked his face, the warmth of his wet mouth sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. Spit now slick on my cock and his face he moved his hands from my thighs and up to my hips and pulled hard. My cock slid down his throat and my balls met his chin. His breathing quickened and I noticed his stiffening cock pressing against the sweat pants. He liked this, he liked it like I did.

“You wanted to know what it was like to suck a cock, well now you do.” I said coarsely. “Now your going to see what it’s like to taste my cum.” He feverishly pulled his cock from his sweat pants and began to tug at it.

“Mmhmmmmpph” was the only sound he could manage with my cock filling his mouth and he started sucking harder, his tongue wildly darting round my cock as it plunged in and out. Faster and faster, harder and deeper I fucked his eager young mouth until the initial wave of my impending orgasm made me stop stock still and begin to convulse, his hands shot to my rod and began feverishly sliding on the spitty shaft as he locked his lips around the head of my cock and sucked. Time seemed to slow as my first spurt of cum blasted into his mouth, my body bucked and with an audible ‘pop’ my cock escaped his lips and shot my second shot of spunk across his lips, then the third and fourth further painting his lips and mouth with thick globs of cum. He managed to track my cock with his open mouth despite my uncontrollable bucking and take the final two squirts across his tongue before sliding his lips down the shaft of my cock and locking them there are my cock twitched and jumped as this incredible orgasm subsided. My knees went weak again and I slumped to the deck, and laid on my back. Gasping for breath and feeling like I had ridden every roller coaster in the world at once. He rose to his feet and stood above me, his hard cock sticking straight out in front of him, his hands instinctively found their way to it and began massaging and squeezing it with abandon. He then dropped to his knees between my open legs and began to feverishly flog his hard cock, faster and faster until he arched his back and shot his load all over my now softening cock and balls, then he too fell backwards into a heap on the deck of the peer. We both lay there gasping for breath and basking in the summer sun. I sat up and looked at him, my cum still clung to his face and his half hard cock lay against his flat belly. Looking down at my own cock, splattered with his cum I longed to taste it again and moved over him until I could grab the head of his dick with my lips and steal the last drops from his thick prick. He twitched and gave a startled chuckle.

“Wow….. that was fucking hot.” and he sat up. We smiled that same half assed grin at each other and slipped into the water to clean up and have a quick swim. We spent the rest of the day down by the lakeside, smokin joints, drinking beer and well, you know………. (we never did get to those sandwiches)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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