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The place where I get my car fixed has a free shuttle that brings you back and forth to your home. It’s often older, retired men driving the shuttle which is a special treat for someone like me with a sexual fetish for much older men.

I have big 38DD tits that are impossible to contain. They pour out of my shirts, bounce all over, and are always stared at in public. I often like wearing a push up bra with my tits pulled out of it so my nipples show through my shirt and my cleavage has extra bounce. I love the stares that I get, especially from older men.

I’d started exploring my desires for older men in college and had many encounters under my belt at this point, including with strangers. Fucking old men I didn’t know was a special turn on for me. I loved the thrill of seducing them, getting their old cocks hard, and taking them inside of me without ever knowing their name.

I did know this old man’s name. It was Frank. Which he told me as he stared directly at my big tits which were on perfect display for him. He was mesmerized and couldn’t Yeşilköy escort bayan take his eyes off. I’d worn a tight white tank with my tits out of my push up bra. My nipples were rock hard poking through the thin material and you could see the rounds of them poking out the top of my shirt. I let him stare and told him my name was Misty Rose, and I was ready for a pleasurable ride with him.

I’d also worn a short jean skirt, which I made sure to hike up as far as possible when sitting down in the shuttle van. I knew the edges of my pussy lips were just visible, but pretended I didn’t notice. Without hesitation, Bob asked if I had a boyfriend. I told him no, that I prefer to keep myself free for opportunities that pop up and love dating lots of men.

As he started to drive, the bumps in the road made my tits jiggle like crazy. Bob could barely keep his eyes on the road. He asked me what kind of men I date, and I told him that I tend to enjoy older men. He asked if I’d ever dated a man his age, telling me he was Escort Yeşilyurt 73. I told him the oldest man I dated was 84 just after I graduated college. And that we were together for several months. I could tell Bob was shocked, but very turned on. He kept fiddling with his crotch trying to hide a growing erection at the thought of me with a man even older than him.

We drove in silence for a moment. While at a stop light, I sneakily pulled my top down an inch, exposing parts of my hard nipples to Bob. Still pretending I didn’t notice, I was now on full display–both pussy and tits–for him. He was now rock hard in his khaki shorts and there was no hiding it. I looked at him and told him it was okay that his cock was hard. That I liked making old men like him feel good.

He groaned as I then pulled my tits completely out of my top for him. Letting them bounce along with the road as he drove. He gripped his dick and worked to keep the steering straight. Luckily, I didn’t live far and we were soon pulling in my drive. Zeytinburnu escort He barely parked the car before unzipping his pants and pulling his old cock out. It was short with a thick bush of hair. I wasted no time climbing onto him and putting my pussy down onto his dick and shoving his face into my tits.

“Is this what you want, Bob? This tight young pussy and these big fucking tits? Huh? This is it. You wanted this the moment you saw me didn’t you, Bob? MMMMMM, hard cock old Bob. That’s right. Fuck my tight cunt full of cum.”

It was so hot to be fucking a stranger with the thrill of my neighbors possibly seeing me that I unloaded all over Bob’s cock. Squirting and cumming for him. I flooded his cock to the point he couldn’t control himself and shot off like a cannon in my pussy. Shooting it straight up, spraying my pussy walls. Shot after Shot. Thick hot seed as he grunted and groaned. I lost control again and squirted everywhere. His cum and my pussy juice so thick and messy that it puddled down his balls and onto the seat.

I then sucked his tongue into my mouth as his cock twitched and jerked, letting him come down from his ecstasy inside of me. When I popped my pussy off his old cock, a thick stream of hot jizz pushed out of me. I climbed back over onto the seat on my knees facing Bob, put my fucked cunt up in the air and sucked him clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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