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During the year Bernie and Vera would go south to visit or Carl and Jeannie would go north for a visit. This year they had decided to meet in Pigeon Forge the first week of December so the ladies could do their Christmas shopping. Of course, they would go to Dollywood and Gatlinburg, catch some shows and eat well, but the attraction for the ladies was the multitude of outlets.

It had been an interesting day; shopping, shows, arcades, all the excitement of a vacation town.

The three returned to the hotel, Carl said, “Hey, Bernie. Let me buy you a drink.”

Bernie was tired but a drink sounded good. “Sure.”

Jenny shook her head. “You boys go ahead. I’m going to the room. It’s been a long day.” She kissed Carl on the cheek.

Carl caught Bernie watching her as she walked a way. Bernie smiled, sheepishly. “Sorry, but you have a beautiful wife.” Jenny was not a stick-thin model, no. She was plump with big breasts and a bouncing bottom. Her lilac tinted hair swung to and fro at her shoulders. He wondered why women thought gray hair needed to be blue or purple.

“I know,” Carl shook his head. “I’m amazed she’s stayed with me all these years.”

“Oh, come on. You’re still in good shape. What is it? Swimming?” Carl wasn’t tall or muscle bound, but he had most of his hair and his stomach was still flat. “And you take good care of her, nice house, nice car, nice clothes.”

Bernie was taller, still in shape from running, had all his hair. Not too bad for an old man.

“Yeah, but she’s younger than me. I’m sixty-eight, she’s fifty-four. It’s hard keeping up with her.”

They entered the hotel bar and ordered drinks.

“Don’t worry. It’ll even out. I’m seventy-five and Vera’s seventy-two. She’s no longer as demanding as she used to be.”

“Yeah, is she alright?”

Vera was the antithesis of Jenny. She was almost six foot tall, trim, small tits, narrow bottom. She had the imperious character of a queen such that when she entered a room she seemed to expect everyone to bow and curtsy. When they didn’t, she forgave their ignorance and deigned to interact with her subjects. He was her consort, her lover, her husband. They had once been active lovers, both enjoying multiple orgasms, unwilling to get out of bed in the morning. Now that they were older, they made love, still enjoyed multiple orgasms, but were almost unable to get out of bed the next morning.

But yesterday’s trip had weighed heavy on her aging frame.

“Yeah, she’s okay. She’ll join us for dinner and drinks. She just couldn’t get excited about shopping today after the trip yesterday. Maybe she’ll be up and at ’em tomorrow.”

They sipped their drinks.

Carl took a breath, “There’s something I want you to do for me.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Go up stairs and make love to Jenny.”

Bernie laughed. “That’s your job.”

“Yeah. I know. But I’m not up to it after last night and this morning. And besides, she wants you to make love to her.”

Bernie shook his head, stopped. “Ah, ha. You want to make love to Vera.”

“No. I mean, Vera’s a beautiful woman, but that’s not it. Jenny has been talking about you making love to her and she asked me, no, told me, this would be a good time.”

Carl pushed his room key across the table. Bernie looked at it and shook his head.

Carl eyed him, “If you don’t go, Jenny will be mad at both of us. You because you didn’t want to and me because I didn’t convince you.”

Bernie sighed, “Tell you what. I’ll go talk to her, make it clear you asked me and clear that I want to, but I’m not going to. Fair enough?”

Resignedly, Carl nodded.

Bernie finished his drink, “I’ll be back in few minutes.”

Carl and Jenny’s door was down the hall from Bernie’s. Bernie knocked, even though he had the key. He heard a muffled, “Come in.”

Stepping in from the lighted hall, the room was dark. No lights and the curtains were drawn, but there was enough light that he could see Jenny lying in the bed beneath the covers. He went over and sat on the side. Jenny’s hair was artfully spread on the pillow, framing her brown eyes and red lips.

“Carl said you wanted to see me.”

She raised her eyebrows, “Is that all Carl said?”

“No. But we can talk about the rest of it.”

She pulled the sheet down, exposing her breasts, causing Bernie to draw a quick breath.

They had vacationed together on various occasions and he had seen Jenny in a swim suit. But he had never seen her breasts in their full glory. They were large, round, sagging to the sides, the areolas were almanbahis şikayet

large and dark rose, the nipples hard. She brought her hand up and cupped one, imitating the perkiness of her twenties.

“You like my tits, don’t you.”

“Of course, but….”

She took his hand and placed it under her breast. “You like holding them, don’t you?”

“Yes, but….”

She moved his hand under the covers and down between her legs. She was completely smooth. He cupped her wetness. She gave a little moan, “And I’ve been looking forward to this.” Her other hand pressed against the front of his khakis, rubbing his erection. “And so have you.”

Though his body was betraying him, he knew he should stop. “Listen, I love Vera.”

“So do I.”

Bernie shook his head, “You and Vera are lovers?”

“No. I’ve made a couple of passes but she’s rebuffed me. Told me you were all she needed. Told me what a great lover you are. I got excited just listening to her.”

She found the zipper and reached inside his slacks. “Oh, she didn’t exaggerate.”

His finger had slipped between her lips and into her wetness. She brought her hand up and pulled his head down. Their lips met. Her tongue pushed between his, exploring. She withdrew her tongue and sucked his in.

He pulled back, shaking his head. “What will we tell Vera?”

She smiled, “I don’t think we’ll tell her.”

“But she’ll know.”

“She knows I want you, so it won’t be any different. She just won’t know I’ve had you.”

“But I will. And Carl will. Is Carl going to expect Vera to make love to him?”

“No, I’ve already offered and she refused. She just wants you.” She pulled him down for another kiss, “And so do I.”

They kissed and he pushed away. She pulled his member out and stroked it. A small bead appeared on the tip.

“Oh, look. It’s crying for attention.”

She pushed the covers aside, wiggled around and licked the tip. “Ummm.”

She took the tip in her mouth as she continued to slowly stroke. His fingers slipped between her lips, into her wetness, his strokes matching hers. She took more of him, to the back of her throat. He pushed in two, then three fingers. He moved his thumb around so that it rubbed on her clit.

He wanted to put a stop to it, but couldn’t. He kept stroking as she caressed and sucked. She shook with a small orgasm and fell back against the pillow.

“I want you in me. Now.”

He stood, removed his slacks and shorts. He knelt between her spread legs. Looking down at her smooth cleft, he couldn’t resist the desire to kiss it, lick her swollen lips. He dropped down, his tongue parting her lips, tickling the edges, his fingers pushing deep. After a few minutes, she shook with another orgasm, her juices gushing over him.

“Damn it. I want you.” She pulled him on top of her. He easily guided his rod into her, driving hard and deep. She locked her legs behind him, pulling him deeper, holding him tight, loosening to let him pull back then tightening again. He sucked and nibbled at her breasts as she moaned her encouragement.

She pushed him away, rolled over on to her knees and he quickly reentered her from behind. He stroked her cheeks, looked down at her little brown hole and rubbed it with his thumb.

She reached under and grabbed his balls, pulling and squeezing. That was all it took. He shot wad after wad deep inside her, again, again, and again. He felt her shaking with her own orgasm.

He continued to stroke until he softened and slipped out.

He lay down beside her, “This can never happen again.”

“Of course it will. I want it to.” She snuggled against him.

“Okay, but let’s tell Carl it didn’t happen, that we just talked, maybe I played with your breasts.”

“And I gave you a blow job.”

“No, he doesn’t need to know that.”

“He’ll taste it when he kisses me.”

“And he doesn’t have to know we screwed.”

“He’ll taste it…”

“Maybe, but you can lie, can’t you?”

“Sure, but why?”

“Because Carl and I are friends. I want it to stay that way. Lie for me.”

“Promise to make love to me again?”

“I couldn’t stop it this time. I won’t be able to the next time.”

He rolled out of bed and pulled on his pants and shoes. He sat on the side of the bed and kissed her before leaving.

He walked into the bar and sat beside Carl. He motioned the bartender for another drink. He lifted the glass in toast to Carl. “You have one hell of a wife.”

“Yes. Did you enjoy it?”

Bernie shook his head. almanbahis canlı casino “She tried to seduce me; showed me her tits. And they are beautiful. But I convinced her that Vera and I are too close and too honest with each other for it to happen. We talked about some of the trips we’ve taken and how we were attracted to each other. You remember the hot tub and me massaging her feet after their shopping trip?”

“Yeah, she got me back to the room and ripped my clothes off. I thought she was going to rip my dong off, too.”

“I convinced her that you and I are good friends, too good for me to take advantage of you.”

Carl shook his head, “I doubt you convinced her. But maybe she’ll be easier to live with for a while.”


They finished their drinks and Bernie returned to his room. Vera was sitting at the desk and he went over and kissed her, “How are you feeling?”

“Much better. So, how was she?”


“When you did Jenny, how was she? She just phoned me. She said you were one of the best.”

“One of the best? How many has she had?”

“She didn’t say.”

“Does Carl know about them?”

“He knows about some of them. He knows about you. She said you both did her.”

Bernie had asked Jenny to not tell Vera or Carl, but, obviously, she had ignored her promise and couldn’t wait to phone Vera. And, yes, she had Carl earlier and him later. But since she hadn’t kept her silence, he didn’t feel any responsibility to withhold the truth.

“Well, did you enjoy making love to her?”

He could probably deny it, but he might be caught in a lie. “We didn’t make love. We had sex. You and I make love.”

“Okay then, did you enjoy fucking her?”

“It was interesting.”

“Better than me?”

“Absolutely not. I love you which makes all the difference. It was like having a hamburger with nothing on it, satisfying but not very good.”

“When you both did her, how did that work? Did you take turns?”

He and Carl did not both screw Jenny at the same time, but if Jenny was going to embellish the story, so would he. “We were lying in bed after….”

“She was waiting for you to recover.”

“Yeah, I guess. Anyway, Carl came in. Said he wanted to see if she was alright. She jumped out of bed and went over and hugged and kissed him. She was naked and it didn’t take long for her to get him stripped. She brought him over to the bed and had me move over. He lay down and she straddled him. Watching her tits swinging as she bounced up and down got me hard again and she reached over and grabbed me. Told me to do her in back.”

“In back?”

“I worked my way between Carl’s legs and she leaned forward on top of him. She reached back and spread her cheeks and said, ‘Do it.”

“You mean she wanted you in her rear?”


“That would hurt.”

“That’s what I thought, but when I got in position, I was surprised to find her hole was already open. Not big enough, but almost. I got lined up and slowly pushed in. But as soon as I got in a little, she pushed back until I was all the way in. Then she started going up and down on Carl and I got in to her rhythm.. Carl was the first to come and then Jenny started shaking and we both had to hold on to her to keep her from falling out of the bed.”

She frowned, “You liked it, didn’t you? ” She was quiet for a minute. “Why have you never done me in back?”

“I love you and it would hurt.”

“But if you went slow, maybe?”

“And she is shaved smooth.”

“You don’t like my gray hair?” she laughed.

“I love you, all of you.”

“Will you shave me?”


“If I’m smooth and clean, maybe it will be easier to do me in back.”

He didn’t understand her logic, but he certainly wasn’t going to forego a chance to play with her pussy. He went to the bath, grabbed a towel, the clippers that he used to trim his mustache (his clit tickler), shaving cream, mineral oil and his after shave. He wanted her to associate the moment with his fragrance.

He spread the towel on the edge of the bed. “Take off your clothes and come sit here.”

She stripped, sat and he spread her legs. With the clippers, he removed most of her thatch. He wasn’t worried because he knew that even when he pressed the clippers against his skin, they wouldn’t hurt. When she was down to stubble, he ran his hand across, “Is that enough?”

She ran her hand down, “You said smooth.”

He spread shaving cream and began using his safety razor. When he was finished, he asked, “Smooth enough?”

She almanbahis casino reached down and rubbed it. “Ooh. Wow. But how about the rest of it?”

He took a deep breath, “Okay, but you’ll have to help.” He pushed her legs up, spread them, “Hold them there.”

Very carefully, he inserted his fingers, stretching her lips and slowly shaved. She was getting very wet as he was moving his fingers around until she cried out, “Oh, wait. Wait. I’m. Wait. Just a Sec.”

And then she was shaking. But she quickly recovered. “Okay. I’m okay now. Go ahead.”

Taking great pleasure in watching her orgasm twice more, he cleaned both lips and most of the way back to her anus. As she shook again, he stopped and watched her: closed eyes, gritted teeth.

He finished and rubbed oil and shaving lotion on her as she shook again. She calmed and he backed away. He tossed pillows on the floor. “Now turn over, kneel and put your head down.”

As she did, he stripped, freeing his erection. Using the oil and the shave lotion, he worked his hands down across her back and massaged her cheeks as he moved on down to her thighs. As he worked up between her legs, she spread them. He had seen her little star before when he took her from behind, but he never had studied it. He spread her cheeks and used the razor to remove the last vestiges of her muff. Though he wasn’t sure, she seemed to already be a bit looser. He poured more mineral oil between her cheeks. He pushed three fingers into her vagina and stroked in and out as he rubbed her star.

“Reach under and rub your clit.”

She shifted around and as he continued to stroke and rub, she shook with another orgasm. When she did, her star opened a little and he pushed in a finger.

“Oh. Oh. You did it.” Now he was stroking. Three fingers in front and one in back. As she loosened, he added another finger in back. She shook again and he pushed in his thumb and she groaned.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh, oh. No. More. More.”

She relaxed a little, “Okay, I’m ready.”

He pulled his fingers out of her and then pulled out his thumb. He oiled his erection and ran it between her cheeks, teasing her hole.

“Please. Do it. I want you in me.”

“You want me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes. Yes. Fuck my ass.”

He pushed the head in and she groaned. He stopped. “More,” she hissed.

He pushed in, out, in; each time a little deeper. She whimpered and he felt her fingers inside her pussy, stroking, occasionally tapping him.

“Oh. Oh. I’m. Oh, I never. Oh. Yes. Yes.” And as she shook, she screamed.

As she calmed, he slipped out, moved her up on the bed and spooned behind her. He hadn’t come after his afternoon with Jenny and he was still hard. She reached back and and guided him into her anus. She shook with another orgasm. He held her as she was still having small tremors. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “I can’t believe we’ve never done that before. It was wonderful. I want you to do it again.”

Well, damn, the Queen was an Anal Queen. Lying on their side, he stroked slowly, enjoying the tightness.

“Faster. Go faster. I’m almost there. I’m going…. Yes. Yes.”

And this time as she shook, he unloaded inside her, shooting again and again.

He held her as he slowly softened and slipped out. He held her as small tremors shook her.

When she started shaking again, he held her, “Okay?”

She slowed and panting, “Yes. I was just thinking about getting home; imagining you in back and my vibrator in front.

She began shaking again and he held her as she shook, slowly calming, until she fell asleep.

Sometime during the night, he felt her tugging on his penis. He got out of bed, went to the bath and washed it.

When he returned, she asked, “Why did you go away?”

He snuggled next to her. “You know where it’s been. It shouldn’t go anywhere else until it’s clean.”

She reached down and wrapped her hand around him. “You washed it for me?”


“Let me see.” And she turned around, took him in her mouth. “Oh, it tastes soapy.”

He pulled her on top of him so that while she sucked his cock, he could lick her pussy. He grabbed her cheeks, ran his finger down into her cleft and found her hole was still distended. He pushed in two fingers.

The next day, the ladies shopped and Bernie and Carl went to the bar and watched SEC football.

At dinner that night, the ladies were sitting across from Carl and Bernie, whispering and smiling. Jenny frowned, then her eyebrows rose in surprise, but Carl and Bernie couldn’t hear what was said. Then as Jenny grinned, they clearly heard Jenny say, “Only if I can watch.”

Vera and Jenny grinned and looked across at the bewildered guys. Vera looked over at Bernie, “Jenny has agreed to loan us Carl tonight.”

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