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This tale takes place in that, sadly very short, interval between the ready availability of the contraceptive pill and the outbreak of HIV and AIDS. It does not involve anyone underage at any point.

The real adventure now began. School finished and uni not starting until October, two and a half months to find out as much as I could about life and have some serious fun.

I had started my long break by visiting Tante Marise (see story of that name) in her French home. She had taught me a lot, and introduced me to the joys of mutual showering, a pleasure that I have enjoyed throughout my life.

Where to go next and what to do had been the two big questions. In the 1960s travel to far off lands was not really one of my options, so I decided to head for the beaches of northern Spain. Here I could live cheaply, enjoy the weather and get a proper sun tan.

Travel by air, with a tour company, was way outside my budget, but a friend had given me his hints and tips for hitch hiking long distances and now I was in northern France planning an 800 mile hitchhike to Barcelona, or actually anywhere near by.

Barcelona had the attraction of being in a straight line from my starting point at Tante Marise’s and the direct route was via only two roads so, with a bit of luck maybe, just maybe, only one or two changes of lift.

My first lift was a little disappointing as it didn’t even get me to Paris but the driver was pleasant enough and chatty. I supposed that life on the road could be pretty lonely and he was enjoying the company.

My next was more fruitful. A british lorry pulled up with a hiss of airbrakes and the driver ushered me round to the passenger side. Everything was, of course, on the wrong side now that we were in France.

As the passenger door swung open a cheery female voice from the depths of the cab hailed me with,

“Hop in sweetheart.” I grabbed the rail, put my foot on the step, and swung myself in.

“Where you off to then?” She enquired as I settled myself into the seat.

“Barcelona, or somewhere near there.” I replied, taking stock of my new surroundings. My chauffeur was very obviously female, if the voice hadn’t give her away the sight of her chest certainly did. She wore her dirty blond hair very short, her T shirt equally tight and lightweight khaki cargo trousers. I guessed she was about thirty and had a cheeky grin. Result.

“So ‘ow long you going for?”

“I don’t have to be back until October to start uni.”

“Blimey, nice work if you can get it!” and she shot me a smile that formed alluring dimples on her cheeks.

The next several hundred kilometres passed in getting to know each other. Gilly was her name. She loved life on the road, often did the same runs up and down through France, knew all the best stops and frequently picked up hitchhikers for the chat and to pass the hours.

“So off for the three Ss are we?”

“The three Ss?” I said quizzically.

“Yep, the three Ss. D’you know you can tell someones age by their three Ss?”

“Sorry, I’m not with you.”

“Right I’ll tell you, you just complete the third S with the first thing that comes into your head, OK?”


“Sun, sea and?”


This reply was met with about the dirtiest sounding laugh I have ever heard in my life!

“OK, you’re about eight years old! Sun sea and sand!” More laughter, ” Let’s try again. Sun, sea and?”


“Getting better, much better, but still not there. One more try.”

I am now getting nervous. The only other S I can think of is sex and I was certainly not going to say that out loud to this lady I’d only just met. She’s good company and I don’t want to get put out in the middle of nowhere.

“Sun sea and?” Came the question again. My mind was racing for an escape route and I suddenly found it.

“How many letters?” She took one hand off the wheel and started turning her fingers down one by one as she counted.

“Eight.” Phew, so it wasn’t sex. You cannot believe how relieved I was that I hadn’t said it, but eight? I racked my brains, but even sangria was only seven.

“Give up.” I admitted. Her reply stunned my into silence. I could hardly believe my ears.

“Shagging! Shagging of course. Sun, sea and shagging. Isn’t that why all you students head for the Costas?” My week mumblings were incoherent and never meant to be heard anyway. Gilly, with the dirty blond hair, tight T shirt and filthy laugh had just said ‘Shagging’!

“Come on now.” She said placing one hand on my knee for a few seconds and flashing me her beguiling smile, dimples and all. “Don’t tell me I’m wrong.

“Look, I bet you a quid that I’d find johnnies in your ruck sack? But I’m not giving you the quid unless you let me check. There are johnnies in your pack aren’t there?”

This was getting out of hand. This lovely lady had just put her hand on my knee, flashed me a smile and boxed me into a corner.

“You win.” I said reluctantly.

“Knew it. Sun, Sincan Escort sea and shagging! Well a good looking lad like you shouldn’t have much trouble pulling on the roast chicken beaches.” Again the smile with the dimples.

“Roast chicken beaches?” I wanted to know what she meant but didn’t want to appear as naive as I was.

“Yea, you know. All those bikini clad girls sunbathing all day and, like a roast chicken, all the best bits are white!” Another pat on the knee accompanied by a chortle or two of that dirty laugh.

“That is unless you go to Playa Mar Bella, where every one is the same colour all over because they don’t wear anything.”

I am now having trouble controlling the cinema in my head. Nudist beaches, I hadn’t even thought about that. I had only ever seen one naked woman in my life and the pictures floating through my mind were starting to cause problems in my trousers. On a nudist beach I would certainly get an erection and what to do then?

“I think I’d better stick to normal beaches.” I muttered weakly.

“Not sure you could cope with all those naked bums and tits, eh? I have to say it’s a bit of a surprise the first time.” The first time? Is Gilly telling me she goes to nudist beaches? Displays those magnificent tits to the world, not to mention her pussy. Shit, I must stop thinking about Gilly naked, it’s getting difficult. A few more miles rolled past.

“OK, time for a game of Truth or Dare. Obviously the dares are going to be limited but if you don’t want to answer you just pay a forfeit. You start.”

I can only remember the key questions. We started off simply enough just asking slightly more probing questions than you would in normal conversation when she asked me.

“Truth or dare?”


“What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?” Shit! I thought.

“Do I have to answer.”

“Of course, that’s the game, unless you want to pay a forfeit and my forfeits are quite challenging.”

“Well, a couple of years ago I barged in to my parent’s bedroom. They were both naked, on top of the bed and ‘doing it’.”

The dirty laugh just got dirtier, “I bet that put them off their stride. Shit, embarrassing all round. OK, your turn, I’ll go for truth.”

“What body part are you most proud of?” Expecting an evasive answer.

“My tits of course! Aren’t they great? You’ve hardly taken your eyes off them for the last hundred miles. My turn. Where did you loose your virginity.”

“Um, er, well, er……”

“Are you trying to say it hasn’t happened yet?”

“Er yes.”

“Jeepers, cooped up in a cab for hundreds of miles with a virgin. No wonder you can’t take your eyes of my tits! Your go.”

“How old were you when you first had sex?”

“Oh that’s easy. Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!” More dirty laughter, “It was at my birthday party, the night I became ‘old enough to know better’. There was a boy I’d fancied for ages, we’d snogged before, but I took him up to my room. My turn. If you were a girl for a day what would you do?”

I was getting much more comfortable with the company of this wonderful woman. She was so open and seemed so worldly wise. Before I could really think of the answer my mouth said.

“Find a nice boy and take him up to my room.”

“Great answer! He was fun, but very inexperienced. It didn’t last long. He got the Johnny on, put it in, moved up and down a couple of times and made a noise that left me in no doubt that it was all over. Not exactly the Karma Sutra but it got the job done.”

I can hardly believe my ears. This woman had just described her first sexual experience to me without batting an eye lid.

The indicators went out with their characteristic clicking noise and we pulled off the road to a Routier. Parked up in a diagonal line with lots of other lorries.

“That’s it for today. Let’s eat.”

We walked over to the building and as I followed her I couldn’t help but notice how the cargo pants clung to her very alluring bum, which wobbled in a truly delightful way.

They served delicious food, at a fixed price, with a glass of wine and I noticed with relief that they also had rooms also at very reasonable prices. After the meal I got up and walked towards reception.

“Where are you off to?”

“Get a room.”

“Well, if you want to save some money and you promise to be good, you can kip down in the cab. It’ll be cosy, but cheap. I get the bunk, but the seats all fold forwards and you can put your mat across them. Your decision.”

I must have looked like a goldfish gasping for air. This very attractive, mature, lady with stunning tits and an attractive bum, comfortable enough in her own skin to talk freely about sex to a lad she’d never met, was offering to let me share her cab. I was very naive back then!

We made use of the facilities and went back to the cab to natter and watch a bit of TV. Eventually it was time to call it a day and I spread Etlik Escort my camping mat over the folded down seat backs.

She got into her bunk and with all the curtains drawn it was pitch dark. I could hear her getting settled for the night so I took advantage of the darkness and slipped out of my trousers and T shirt. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had done the same and was now lying just a few feet away with those magnificent tits unencumbered by a bra. I had to stop thinking like this because I could feel my cock swelling.

She was right, it was cosy. It was also blooming uncomfortable but then again it was cheap.

“Comfy over there?” She asked. I tried to sound convincing but obviously failed.

“We did some Truth earlier, but not much Dare.” Said the voice in the dark. So here’s my first Dare, I dare you to come over here and get a bit more comfortable.”

What! I was being invited to the bunk. I told you I was naïve.


“Yes seriously, that’s the dare; and the forfeit is to take all your clothes off and run round the truck three times.”

Not much of a choice really. I wriggled over to the bunk and under her duvet. It didn’t take me long to discover that she was totally naked. First my arm accidentally brushed her tits and in trying to move it to a less embarrassing location discovered she wasn’t wearing panties either.

“Well, big boy, now you know. I’m naked and you’ve promised to be good, so get rid of your pants, grab a johnny and show me just how good you can be.”

The penny finally dropped. Fuck, was this really happening? Was I about to loose my virginity? I hadn’t had to try out my new chat up lines or make any other effort and now I was in a pitch dark cab with an experienced woman, naked, telling me to get a johnny on.

After much fumbling in my bag I managed to find the condoms and roll one on to my rigid cock. She sensed I was ready and pulled me gently on top of her, one hand found my, now fully erect, virgin, cock and guided it towards her entrance.

No boy ever forgets the first time his cock slides into a real live pussy. I don’t know what I was expecting, but certainly not the slippery, wonderfully welcoming, sensation as all the nerves in my cock started screaming at the same time. Once she had me fully in, she held me close and whispered in my ear.

“Just stay still, don’t try to move.”

I felt her push up from under me as she forced herself against my cock a couple of times: I could take it no more. I shot my bolt and filled the condom. I came like I’d never never cum before. The whole experience was erotic beyond my wildest dreams, but it was over so quickly.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry. I’m so sorry.” I stammered realising it hadn’t been much of a success for her.

“Shhhh. Shhhh.” She held me tightly to her magnificent tits as my cock shrank slowly back out of her. I hadn’t even handled her tits yet and here I was, spent.

“I tried to tell you earlier that it’s always a bit quick the first time. There’s plenty of time, besides you’ll remember this moment for the rest of your life and there is something special about fucking a virgin, I really felt it when you came, every single lovely pulse.”

I disposed of the condom and we chatted some more while she stroked me gently. Normally, after an orgasm, I was satisfied for the night. If I was feeling particularly horny I could have another one in about half an hour or so and so it was with the actual act of fucking. She had me stiff and ready to go again after just a few minutes of stroking.

“This time,” she said, “no johnny. I want you to feel what a real fuck feels like. I’m on the pill: only got you to use one earlier to slow you down. This time we are going bare back and you have promised to be good.”

She clamped her mouth over my lips, her tongue sought out mine, my new erection found its own way into her. This time it was much slower and the slippery sensation was even greater. I had time to fondle her breasts, feel the magnificent sensation of my cock sliding gently in and out of her without the barrier of the condom. If this wasn’t heaven it was pretty close. It still didn’t take all that long and when she ran her fingernails over my bum it was the final straw: I shot my bolt for the second time.

We fell asleep and the next thing we knew was the sound of a revving engines as the earliest departures headed off. We went into the building, had a coffee and croissant for breakfast and hit the road.

“My load is all chemicals and I’m actually taking it to Barcelona. So I can take you all the way.” She said slowly with a wink and mischievous smile. I was beginning to understand this lady.

We chatted as she drove and learned a lot about each other’s lives. I still couldn’t take my eyes off her tits and every time I thought about the previous evening I started to get another erection. She seemed to enjoy getting me worked up with her risqué conversation. She Çankaya Escort talked so freely about sex that it might just have been the weather.

We arrived at the Zona Franca, the big industrial area near the port and wandered around in the sunshine while she was waiting for the unloading.

“I’ve still got a few dares up my sleeve if you fancy staying with me tonight. It’s a cheap hotel but better than the cab.”

The answer was a foregone conclusion. After another reasonable meal we made our way to the hotel. It was very close to the port and most of the truckers stayed there, as I was to discover much to my embarrassment.

“Hi Gilly, brought your other son with you, have ya?”

“Fuck off Jacko, you’re only jealous.” As she raised two fingers in salute. “Besides he can do all night what it would take you all night to do!” And placing her clenched fist over her crotch flicked her first finger straight out mimicking an explosive erection and gave a burst of that dirty laugh.

We settled into the room, clean and reasonably comfortable, without being in any way posh.

“Time to get rid of the road dirt.” And she headed for the shower. “Come on then I’m not sleeping with you stinking! Get your kit off.” She pulled her T shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, her tits swung free and she undid the belt on her cargo pants.

“Chop chop.”

I was still processing the information. We were going to shower together! I’d only done this once before with Tante Marise and I wasn’t going to miss the second opportunity.

My eyes feasted on her tits, her cute little bum, the forest of curly hair that tried unsuccessfully to hide her cleft. Where to look? My eyes ran riot, tits, bum, pubes and that valley, I couldn’t take my eyes off that valley. By the time I got my pants off I had another stonking erection.

We got into the shower and soaped each other all over, and I mean all over. If her tits were a feast for the eyes and a joy to touch, they were ecstasy to soap. I savoured every second. She got me to soap her bum which was an equally erotic experience and then she directed my hand down to her pubes. This was another sensational experience and I was amazed at how easily my finger slid in to her. By now my cock was throbbing and I was doing my best not to touch it, knowing what would happen if I did.

She then approached me from the front, with a hand full of soap, slid one hand under my balls and pulled my foreskin back with the other. This was only going to end one way, and in the very near future. I felt myself at the point of no return as she slid her soapy hand up and down the length of my cock.

The inevitable happened. My cock jerked in her had several times and I shot my cum all over her stomach. I was about to apologise when she spoke.

“OK, wow! The express has just left, so now we can take the slow train.” She leant forward and kissed me passionately and then washed my cum off her belly. “Time to dry off.”

Hang on a moment, so this was all part of her plan? I may have been learning fast, but I was still naïve.

After towelling each other dry we went and lay on the bed. She encouraged me to explore her body guiding my hand to her most sensitive parts and allowing me to slide a finger in that delightfully slippery divide between her legs. My cock however only recovered slowly, that is until she slid down my body and kissed it.

I had never heard of this before and she sensed my apprehension.

“Just relax and go with it!” These were the last words I heard before she sucked my cock gently into her mouth. I know now about blow jobs, but then? No way! Never even heard of it, but my cock understood exactly what was happening. It quickly came to attention again.

“Girls like this too.” She said pointedly, as she slid back up to my side. “They really like it.” By now I had woken up enough to take the hint and slid down the bed. I emerged between her knees and had my first ever close up view of a cunt. Lovely, sexy, pink lipped, blond hair surrounded, cunt.

I followed her example, licking slowly and positively, from bottom to top. It tasted divine and left me with a life long love of giving head. Her hands on the back of my head controlled the pressure and pace. The noises she made let me know when I was on the right track.

“Oh fuck, there!…….Right there!…….Stay there!……Fuck that’s good!……Oh fuck yes, don’t stop!”

Not knowing what to do, I allowed a finger to slip into her moistness and felt her muscles clamp on it. Her hips came off the bed, jerked a bit, and then she flopped back.

“Shit, dam, fuck, bugger, cunt!” I don’t think I’d ever heard a girl use language like that, but then again I’d never done that to a girl before either.

“Come back up here, you sexy beast.” So I obeyed. By now I didn’t need it spelled out. I manoeuvred on top of her, my young cock found its own way into her welcoming sex, we fucked and then fell asleep.

In the morning I awoke to another novel sensation, a foreign hand was playing with my cock.

“Rise and shine!” Said the voice beside me, as she expertly brought me to full erection by sliding my foreskin gently over the sensitive tip and squeezing. I just lay on my back enjoying the new experience and marvelled that these novel sensations hadn’t caused me to cum yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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