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In our last episode I related how my husband introduced me to anal sex and really started my training of being his complete cock whore. It’s been several months since then and I must admit that I really enjoy being fucked in the ass by him. He still keeps telling me he is going to pimp me out but so far, he hasn’t done this. He loves to dominate and make me do all sorts of nasty things. One of my favorite times was when we went on vacation to Las Vegas. We had rented a house for a couple of weeks and had done all of the usual touristy things. One night instead of going to the casinos, we decided to just stay home and play. We had been fucking all afternoon and he had ordered me to suck his dick off. I did like a good little slut and offered him my tongue and tits to shoot his load on. He chose to cum all over my face. I didn’t know before we had started this last bout that he had ordered pizza. Just as he came, the door bell rang. I got up to go grab my robe and clean up and he said no, go to door as you are. I couldn’t believe it!
“Are you crazy? You want me to go answer the door naked and with cum dripping down my face?”
“Yes. I want you to do it. Think of how much fun it will be for a total stranger to see you. We‘ve talked about a threesome; why not now?” There was no play in his eyes so I sucked in a deep breath and tried to gather my courage and went to answer the front door. When I opened the door, the good looking young black guy of about 19 or 20 holding our pizzas almost dropped them. He didn’t know whether to stare at my naked tits and pussy or my bruised cum covered lips. A smirk came over his face as he blatantly stared at my nude body for several minutes.
“Well I guess I know why you’re hungry for pizza. Looks like you didn’t get enough to eat.” Ha ha ,ha I thought, smart ass.
“I’ll have to get change, come on in the living room.” My husband was setting on the couch in his boxers, very bemused, sipping on a beer and watching the two of us. Me blushing and fumbling for change and the college kid hungrily devouring me with his eyes and trying to hide his erection. I tried not to notice how good-looking and well muscled his body was as I paid the kid.
“Did you give him a good enough tip? Let me see. That‘s not good enough, ” he said to me as he got up from the couch.
“Why don’t you give him a blow job as part of his tip.” he said as he looked me evenly in the eye. MY heart was failing. “Do it,” he commanded coldly. “Hey kid, you want your dick sucked?”
“My name’s Jamal and hell yeah.” he replied with the look of someone who had just won the lottery.
They both looked at me and my hubby said, “You know what to do.”

It was like I was in another place looking down and watching myself as I undid Jamal’s fly. His dick was huge and a rich chocolaty brown. He must have been at least 10 inches long though he wasn’t as big around as my husband. Jamal stopped me long enough to take off his pants and shorts and walk over to the couch buck naked and confident as hell. He motioned for me to come to him with his legs spread wide; he was already shaking his cock at me and massaging his balls. Max, my husband, walked beside me as I made my way to that piece of chocolate heaven waiting on my hungry lips. I couldn’t wait to bury my head in Jamal’s crotch. His smell and taste was different from my husband’s but he was delicious. I licked the full head in a gentle swirling motion before sliding the whole shaft into my hot mouth and throat. I took as much of his cock as I could down my throat and started sucking hard and greedily. Hubby eased behind me and slipped his cock into my wet cunt. He groaned how hot and wet I was and began to fuck me so that he was pushing my mouth down on Jamal’s cock.
“Fuck her face. She loves to feel a dick just as deep as you can shove it down her throat.” It was like that was the permission Jamal was waiting for. He immediately grabbed my hair and ears and tried to smother me with his dick. He ground his long snake down my throat in a deep circular motion, moaning and cussing steadily under his breath. Meanwhile Gene was matching his rythmn and thrust from behind me in my cunt. Smack my husband‘s dick ground deep into my aching cunt only to be answered from the other end as Jamal rammed me deep.
“Hold her head, Jamal; I’m going to fuck her ass.” Jamal just grinned and watched lustily as Gene pulled his fat dick out of one sloppy wet hole and shoved it in my ass in one swift motion. I moaned as he filled me with his fuck meat. It was still my favorite place to have it. I felt like a hockey puck as they knocked me from one fuck pole to the other back and forth between them for what seemed like hours. I kept on cumming and pussy juices drenched Max and the couch as he kept reaching under me and rolling my clit between his thumb and forefinger.
“She ever been in a sandwich? Inquired Jamal as he steadily pumped past my swollen lips.
“No, but I like the way you think,” said Max as he straightened up lifting me up with him with my ass still stuck on his big stick. With his arms around my tits, he lifted my right leg and opened my pussy for Jamal. Jamal wasted no time shoving every inch of his black meat up my cunt. “Damn, this girl’s on fire. Her pussy is about burn me she so hot.” Max just grinned and said, “Wait til you’re in her ass!”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He was going to share ALL of me with a stranger. My pussy was in heaven. It hadn’t been used nearly as much as I wanted it to since my husband had taught me to ass fuck. Jamal was hammering into me and twisting hell out of my nipples as hubby reached around from behind and held my tits up as he pumped hard in and out of my asshole. Jamla leaned down over me and bgan to suckle on my left nipple while he twisted and pinched the right. I could feel his sharp teeth clamp down on my nipple and bite with a sharp, quick sensation. Suddenly it was all too much and I came hard, squirting pussy cum all over them and the living room. This sent my husband off too and he plunged deep in and out of my butt as he shot wave after izmir escort bayan wave of gooey cum in my ass. He pulled out and flopped on the couch and told Jamal, “She’s all yours. Wear her out.”
Jamal’s white teeth gleamed as he bent me over the coffee table in front of my husband so Max could watch another man fuck his wife’s ass. Jamal slapped my ass a dozen or so times with the flat of his broad hand before he plunged his black snake into my hot rectum. Max’s load of cum had me well lubed and Jamal slipped right in with a grunt and went about his work. Nineteen year olds are wonderful; so full of energy and of cum! Thirty minutes went by as he continued to fuck me at a steady pace as he talked dirty to me, calling me a cum dump and black slut and a whore while he tormented my tits and nipples with pinches and slaps. I felt like a jack hammer was pistoning its way through my body such was the rapid, forceful pace he was setting, in and out of my body.
“She needs her nipples pierced. Then you could lead her around by them. And a good ring through her clit would be good too.” Max smiled in agreement.
“I got some brothas that would love this little bitch if you’re interested. You could make some money.” Finally I felt him tense and come. I could feel his shaft pulse and throb as his cum gushed up inside me in waves. The head of his cock swelled and pulsed with each wave of his orgasm. He groaned and slumped all of his weight over on me. It was all I could do to support us both and my legs trembled from the effort of holding up his big body. Finally he withdrew from me with a sloppy sucking plop and sank down in a nearby chair. My ass was so stretched out from the two of them that the cum just ran down my leg as I flopped down on the couch in Max’s lap and snuggled up to him. He held me there, grinning at me while he massaged my tits.
We both just sat there as Jamal rose finally and began to dress.
“Here’s my number,” Jamal said and stuck his fingers in my snatch working me for a quick finger fuck. He pulled them out and licked them clean then got up to leave after thanking Max for the wonderful afternoon. I was so tired and sore I went to the shower and then laid down on the bed and fell into an exhausted sleep. I don’t know how long I was out but when I awoke it was to the strange sensation that I was being watched. I opened my eyes and all around the bed stood five of the biggest blackest guys I’d ever seen in my life plus Jamal and my husband.
Immediately I pulled the covers up to hide my nakedness and searched Max’s face.
“It’s ok honey. These are Jamal’s friends and they won’t hurt you. They’ve bought you for the night though and I told them you would be real good to them.”
“Wha- wha- what?” I stammered. I knew I had confided this fantasy to him but that was just it–it was a fantasy. It was supposed to never become reality, especially as real as this was turning out to be. I looked around the room at each of their lust driven faces and knew I was in for it. My body was still sore from the fucking that Max and Jamal had put me through the previous night. Seven men-seven hard cocks– if Max joined them. I didn’t know if I could do this. A sick dizzy feeling was coming over me. “Drink this,” Jamal offered me a cold beer and I took it gratefully. Soon the room sort of started to spin as I realized it must have been spiked with something and there was this great warmth springing out from the center of my body. My pussy was beginning to dampen. I stretched out in the middle of the bed and met each eager stare with a smile. The men, most of them naked by now, began to reach out and touch my body. I felt hands grab my wrists and ankles and pull them wide apart on the bed. Hands were everywhere. On my tits and pinching my nipples, caressing my thighs and spreading the lips of my cunt and labia. A young black Adonis with a beautiful cock was crawling between my legs and stuck what had to be a 7 inch tongue out at me and wiggled it back and forth. I couldn’t suppress a laugh as I stretched up against the many hands to open my pussy up more for him. He grabbed my clit in his teeth and shoved his tongue in my pussy hole. A pair of hands turned my head to two cocks that really did need to be sucked. “Yum,” I moaned as I alternated between the two making loud slurping sounds. Max moved quietly amongst us with the video camera trying to catch every angle and every tongue and hand on me and in me. A twin set of mouths were mauling my nipples leaving huge hickies all over my tits. My face was soon covered by two of the many loads of cum I was to get that day. It was warm and the smell of it was intoxicating. I rubbed it into my face and then licked my fingers clean as I opened my mouth for another fat prick. Adonis rose up between my legs and began to slick the head of his dick with spit to insert it in my pussy. I moaned around the prick in my mouth for him to hurry. He shoved all nine inches of it in to the hilt and began to pump away as some enterprising soul reached under my ass and pronged my anus opening with a thick finger. I was in heaven. All my nerve endings were singing with an ever mounting pleasure. I got my third load of cum on my face and new dick to suck when Adonis’ cum started splashing around the walls of my vagina. He was soon replaced by my husband’s fat cock . I moaned so loud and grabbed his ass to urge him on. My ass fucker was trying to get his whole hand up my rectum as he was three fingers deep and trying to add a fourth. I came hard, squirting them down. Hot tongues were all over me trying to lick up my pussy juices as Max after several deep thrusts came in my fuck hole.
“Has she ever been fisted?”
“No, but what a great idea!”
Max got off of me and went to the bathroom to get more lubricant and my next volunteer lined up and shoved his dick in my sloppy cunt. This guy was massive. Bigger around than Max and about 12-13 inches long. He was bound and determined I would have all of his dick in me. He pushed and pushed but I was just too small.
“I know,” said Jamal as he went down on my pussy and buca escort began to hum on my clit. When you feel her expand to cum, shove it all the way in. It’ll pop through her cervix and you can fuck away.” He bit and chewed on my pussy lips and clit then began sucking in earnest to make me come again. Sure enough just as my insides contracted and expanded for the next wave of my cum, I felt this huge baseball bat dick slip through my cervical opening. I had never been so fucked. It was like being ass fucked again for the first time. The guys must have loved it because I felt several more hot jets of cum land all over my face and tits. When Gyro, finally came in me, I was exhausted and my pussy was so sore. Endless times I had been fucked; they had fucked me until all had come at least once but most twice. I was covered in white jism; what hadn’t been rubbed into my skin or forced into my mouth was splattered all over my body and in my face and hair. I had never been so covered with cum. I turned to each cock and suckled and kisse it wanting more of the warm fluid to flood my mouth or body. Few were able to give me what I wanted but the sensation of setting in the middle of so many dicks and being used by them was intoxicating to me.
The guys were hungry and went down to the kitchen. I slept and then showered and slept some more. When I awoke, I knew they were down stairs because I could hear them playing pool, watching TV and talking about their afternoon.
Finally I summoned up the courage to dress and go down stairs. Still sore enough to have trouble walking. “Ahh, hell no. No clothes.” Jamal and Darrian got up and pulled out a knife and cut my clothes from my body. “Fuck toys stay naked, you hear?” I nodded meekly and looked around for Max but he wasn’t there. “He’s gone to the casino to have a little fun. You’re ours for now. Besides you got holes we ain‘t even tasted yet”
My insides turned to jelly. I felt warm hard bodies closing in around me and suddenly founded myself lifted and placed on the cold granite bar high in the air and completely vulnerable to their intentions. Gyro took his beer and inserted the open end into my pussy filling my cunt with cold beer. I tried to hold it in as he pulled his bar stool closer to me and began to alternately fuck me with the bottle and drink the beer from inside of me. He licked and sucked it out of my hot cunt in long swigs. When he finally had me licked clean he rose to let another have a turn. My eyes were glazed over with lust as I lifted my hips inviting another to have a go at me.
“I want to fist her pussy, Jamal.” Darrian begged. “Y’all hold her”
My legs were forced apart and some lubricant was squirted all over my pussy and ass. My puss was about eye level for them while they gathered around setting in the bar stools as Darrien lubed up his fist and arm. I cowered in terror because I was already so sore from their fucking earlier. Gyro had me primed but I didn’t think this was what I wanted. Gyro’s fat prick was what I had had in mind, not Darrian’s arm. He started with just one finger and a lot of clit play. I felt other hands pulling and stretching my lips and ass cheeks further apart. Soon he added another finger and then another, increasing the pressure on my cunt walls. Three fingers felt wonderful at first but soon the soreness came back and I was about in tears as he gouged fou fingers and his thumb in and out of my cunt. I shook my head from side to side and moaned. “Please, no more. Please, stop.”
“Let’s turn her over, man. You’re never gonna get your whole arm up in there. She’s too tight.” They flipped me over on my stomach and I could feel the cold granite mashing my tits flat.
“She’s got a pretty little asshole. I wonder if she would get a buzz from beer up her ass?” Gyro reached for another chilled long neck and started working the mouth of it into my anal opening. He tipped the full bottle up and I could feel the cold liquid pouring into my backside. They left the bottle in my ass as I sucked their cocks and balls. Beer seeped out around the bottle and left little warmed puddles around me.
“I can’t wait to stick my dick in there.”
Fingers plunged into my ass, fingers that didn’t belong to the same person. At one time there were four different hands with fingers thrust up my anus greasing it up for the long cocks just aching to dump a load of cum in it.
“I got an idea. Let’s fuck her in order of size so that she still feels tight for us all then we can double -dick her.”
Everyone was excited by the prospect of seeing me with two black dicks probing my guts at the same time. I felt hands guiding me back so that my head dangled over the edge of the bar and a cock thrust into my face. I opened my mouth and took it deep in, all the way past my tonsils. More lube was shoved into my anus with the use of a small dildo before David who at 7 inches had the smallest cock prepared to ream my backside. He couldn’t reach me on the high bar so they picked me up like a sack of potatoes and carried me to the arm of the couch. They laid me across the arm on my stomach so that someone could set in front of me to get their cock sucked in preparation for their ass fuck. It was in this position with David just about to claim me when Max walked back in. “Glad I didn’t miss the fun, he smiled.” and immediately set down in a chair to watch our “floor show.” David’s dick was the perfect ass fuck dick. Just large enough to make you feel stretched but not too big to hurt. His quick strong thrusts opened me up and really started some awesome sensations growing in my bowels. He stroked in and out for almost ten minutes before filling my ass with his come. Meanwhile I had been sucking Jamal as he was next in line. He pulled his dick from the suction of my mouth with a pop and ran to get it shoved in my rear. He was not careful or worried about my comfort; he just wanted to bust his nut deep in my body. He leaned all his weight on my back as he bucked in and out of my body and leaned to the side to watch as I began to suck Darrien. “Yeah, suck that nigga’s dick. Whore, cunt, bitch. Take izmir escort that dick. That‘s all you‘re good for.” I looked up to see Max’s face transfixed by the scene as he slowly tugged his own dick and shook it at me. I went back to sucking Darrien loving how fat his dick was and relishing when he would shove it in my ass next. Jamal increased his speed and spilled his baby seed in my bowels with long loud grunts and growls. He sagged on me a minute or two while Darrien enjoyed the last few licks of my tongue before rudely taking it from me and shoving Jamal out of the way. “You couldn’t take my big hand but you got no choice in taking my fat dick right up yo ass, ho.” He shoved it in to the base and held it there, his eyes closed, just relishing my whimpers. “Yeah, cry bitch.” Darrien pulled his dick out completely, lined up and shoved it in deep again. This time as he had me pronged, he began to rub my stretched ass hole ring with a greased finger. Slowly he worked his finger in with his dick into my butt, only to pull them out a little and shove them back in. It hurt and I moaned in pain. My discomfort seemed to turn him on all the more and he pumped my ass several times before my whines and squirming sent him over and his cum burned hot all inside me. He pulled out and wiped his cock on my cheek then slapped me hard across the ass. The twins Cory and Clayton came next. I sucked Cory while Clayton worked a big 10 incher into my abused ass. He worked like a piston in an engine to fuck me and caused me to have my first orgasm from the ass fucking. He made me cum so hard I tried to swallow Cory whole. Clayton didn’t last long though because when I came so did he. Cory followed him up with a bigger cock and another dose of sperm lubricant for my rectum. I was exhausted and there were still two left if my husband joined in. Gyro stood with huge 14 inch dick grasped firmly in his hand. He walked up close to my face and held it there for me to see that he was holding more than two hands full of mighty fuck meat. Gyro wanted me to kiss it and beg for him to fuck me with it. I wanted that black dick so badly that I got down on my knees and crawled to him. I kissed and licked his balls before reaching up and taking the huge bell shaped head in my mouth. I looked him straight in the eye as I sucked his dick and begged him to fuck my ass with it. Gyro flexed his muscles and reached to pull me up. He kissed me full on the mouth and rammed his tongue into me sending chills up and down my spine. The rest of the guys moved in a circle to surround us as Gyro continued to rub and massage my body. He moved around behind me and was holding me close to him by my tits as he rubbed his big black dick up between my legs. I parted my legs and arched back to meet him wanting his dick in my pussy first. Max wanted them to lift me up and set me down on this biggest of fuck poles so that is what they did. Jamal and Clayton held my left thigh while Cory, Max, and Darrian lifted my right and maneuvered me over the waiting cock. Slowly they eased my pussy down and let my weight settle me on it completely before lifting me again. My pussy was stretched to its limit and I sighed with the sheer pleasure this massive cock gave me. Whatevr he wanted, I would do just to keep this tool inside my body. They guys watching over this scene were mesmerized by the sight of my thin white body mounted on Gyro’s fat, long, hard prick. Their lust was glazed over their eyes. They began to workl in tandem lifting me off Gyro;s dick before shoving me back down on it in a steady rhythm of wonderful cunt smashing fucking. After several minutes of this I could take no more and came screaming my release. Gushes of hot fluid rushed from my body as my pussy spasmed around his ever growing rod. At this, they lifted my limp body from his pulsing rod and shifted my asshole over it and slammed my weight down on Gyro’s waiting dick. It popped through my sphincter muscle causing me to cry in pain and amazement at the feel of that huge mushroom head jamming into my bowels. He grunted in satisfaction as my tight little ass expanded to enfold him deep and tight. I felt like I was being impaled by a railroad crosstie and almost passed out as the guys left me fully impaled and rocked me back and forth on Gyro‘s monster dick. I moaned and writhed on my stake but this only seemed to incite them more and they had no mercy on me ; they just kept on lifting and shoving me down on my fuck pole til finally, in one huge upward thrust, Gyro spent his load of semen deep in me. Even then they still kept shoving me up and down on his still rigid tool as it pulsed and shot thick warm jism deep in my torn ass. Max laid me back against Gyro’s massive chest and Clayton began to cum all over my pussy as he jerked off alternately cumming on me and fucking me. When Clayton moved, Cory shoved his dick into my gasping pussy. Jamal came in my mouth, covering me with more hot gooey cum. I was filthy; covered in cum and my own slime, Max walked over to me and motioned for Darrian to come too. They lifted me off of Gyro and eased up close to me and began to work on shoving two dicks in my ass. Gene got his fat dick in me without much problem since I was so loose. Darrian however had to work hard to get his in too and stretched me even farther. At first they worked in opposite rythmn first one in then the other but eventually their strokes evened and matched thrust for thrust. My poor body had to submit to their simultaneous pounding , their rectum tearing fucking, their rape of my ass. I screamed with my orgasm and began to twitch and jerk in great spasms as my juices rained down from my gasping pussy. As they filled me with their loads Gyro ran forward and shoved his whole hand into my shuddering cunt. With each push from him, I went deeper into another orgasmic contraction. His hand went deeper and deeper into my womb. Finally I could take no more but Darrien was satisfied that I had finally got fisted. Max captured the final scene with Gyro’s cock shoved in my ass and Darrien’s hand mid forearm deep in my cunt. As they both pulled out of my body with a sucking sound I collapsed completely satiated and grateful to my wonderful husband who loved me enough to let me be the sex plaything of this group.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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