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Megan woke up the next morning aching, but smiling. She almost couldn’t believe what she had done, it didn’t seem real. She stayed in bed a while cuddled up in her blanket, wondering how to go about her day after a night like that. She finally got out of bed and found Justin in the kitchen making breakfast. She was just so lucky to have a guy who would give her a night like that, but still do the romantic and domestic things to care for her as well. She walked up behind him and hugged him while he fried bacon. She kissed the back of his neck and reached down his front to feel his rock-hard cock.

“Did you have fun?” he growled sleepily.

“Maybe too much fun,” she teased, “might make a habit of it.”

At that comment, she felt his cock twitch and harden even more. She could not believe how freaky he was. She had never thought he’d be aroused by the thought of doing this regularly. She thought maybe he’d be full of regret and profusely apologising for how she was treated. He usually did, anytime after they did something even mildly kinky. He clearly enjoyed himself when he stopped holding back, but almost always felt ashamed after, which was silly. She needed it, she wanted to be used and fucked. Only now did she know that she liked to be shared too. She enjoyed those men and their bodies, but loved Justin for giving her to them. They were irrelevant, inconsequential, she enjoyed being given, like a toy for their pleasure and she enjoyed that it gave him pleasure. That’s how she felt about the men from last night, J was another matter.

After quite a pause, Justin asked, “Do you really want to? The guys from last night are free and eager to do it again tonight, or J knows a few other reliable guys if you want to change it up.”

She was just amazed. What could J not do? “I don’t know.”, she feigned, “I’d have to think about it.” She didn’t want to seem too eager, in case Justin was a little jealous, but in truth she did want to do it again. Maybe not as soon as that night, but she didn’t want to take too long either and risk Justin or J losing their enthusiasm. She actually regretted that all she had done was suck their cocks. None of them were actually in her and she kinda wanted that. It wasn’t really a gangbang if she just sucked them all off. She knew she could let them do so much more with her body.

“Go talk to J about it, she’s in the shower.” Justin told her.

Megan let out a squeal and hugged Justin tightly before running to the bathroom. J looked magnificent in the shower, water cascading down her perky breasts, her ample, sensuous hips shining wet. When she turned and saw Megan, she blew her a kiss and winked at her. Megan joined her in the shower and immediately volunteered herself to help her soap up. They didn’t say a word to each other, they only rubbed their wet soapy bodies together and stared into each other’s eyes with fierce intent. After what seemed a long time, J reached down and teased Megan’s clit with her finger, smirking. After last night she couldn’t believe how ready she was to go again and she got weak in the knees. J stopped and let Megan regain her senses. When she was ready Megan leaned in and kissed J, who then whispered to her, “I know what you need, you nasty fuckslut.”

Later that day, she waited in eager anticipation for what Justin and J had planned for her. She had let J know that she was okay with trying different guys than last night, but didn’t know who or how many there would be. Megan had a few hints about what would happen. J had inserted a butt-plug, larger than the one from last night, into Megan’s ass after breakfast. She supposed that was something she’d have to get used to, being constantly ready for anal. While Justin went to work, J kept Megan busy. J had her on her knees eating her out while she watched porn for most of the day. Megan could hear some of what J was watching almanbahis adres and got pretty excited. It sounded like interracial gangbang porn and Megan began wondering. She had never had a black cock before and assumed that if things continued in the direction they were going, she’d have a few eventually.

Megan really wanted to check in with Justin to see if he was still okay with all of this. But he was gone; there was only J and she seemed content with Megan as her fuck-toy pet. Megan did enjoy it, but she also loved Justin and didn’t want things to get too out of control. She wasn’t sure if this was still his fantasy or if J was just sort of taking over. J must have been anticipating this. When she grew bored with Megan’s tongue, she got up and told Megan to listen to her for a minute. “We’re going to get started in about half an hour, you’re probably wondering what I’ve got planned.”

“Are we going to start without Justin?” Megan asked, a little concerned.

“Yes, you’re mine to play with tonight, but we’ll let him know what’s happening and take a few pictures for him. I want him to know that our little slut is working hard.” She replied, “That’s what you are, you know that, right? That’s all you’re good for, is fucking, I want you to say it.”

Megan felt a rush of excitement, her doubts were fading and she was aroused by the whole arrangement again. “I’m a slut. . . ” She whispered.

“Come here!” J growled seductively, “You can do better than that.” She said as she bent Megan over her knee.

Megan was squirming with anticipation, knowing what came next. J leaned down to her ear and whispered, “I want to hear you yell it, I want to hear you say what you’re willing to do for cock.”

“Anything!” She shouted as J’s hand came down on her ass with a loud smack, “I’ll do anything, I’m a slut, I need to get fucked!!”

“Now,” J grinned, “we’re going to tell Justin what you’re going to do tonight.”

She put Megan on the ground and spread her legs so that the butt-plug was visible. She snapped a quick picture and sent it to Justin. Then J stopped and thought for a while. She left for a minute and came back with a very big black veiny dildo. It was about as big around as J’s wrist and at least 10 inches long and Megan was afraid that J was going to put it in her right now. Instead she just set it down in front of Megan, in between her still spread legs. She snapped another picture and sent it to Justin.

There was a knock at the door, Megan’s heart leaped in her chest and J’s eyes lit up. She looked at Megan mischievously and went to answer the door. She came back moments later with three very large, well-muscled black men. Megan loved Justin, but she could also see the bulge of these men’s cocks through their pants and . . . Oh! She was so ready to be a slut for those. J got her to her feet and lead her to the bedroom, threw her down on the bed and called Justin.

“Your girlfriend is about to get gangbanged by black guys in the bed you share with her.” She told him.

Megan could not believe what was happening. She was actually going to do this and she couldn’t be happier.

J put the phone to Megan’s ear and said “Say hi to your boyfriend. Tell him you’re going to get dp’d by black cocks.”

Overwhelmed by arousal, Megan meekly consented. “Hi honey. I’m face down on the bed with a big butt-plug in me and my pussy is wet as fuck. There’s three big black dicks waiting to take turns with my holes and I just want you to know I love you.”

“Are they going to cum inside you?” he asked,” You never let me cum inside you. . . “

Megan looked at J and asked, “Do you want them to cum in my pussy?”

J looked at her mockingly and replied simply, “Your ass too, bitch.”

Megan told Justin, “They’re going to fill me up with cum. . . in all my holes. I’ll swallow almanbahis adresi it too. I hope you’re okay with this.”

He hung up.

Before Megan could react, J pulled out her butt-plug and told the guys to get started. They had all gotten naked while she was on the phone and they were so hard and ready to go. One of them grabbed Megan by the hair and dragged her head to the edge of the bed and plopped his fat, throbbing cock on her face. She struggled to either lick it or get her lips around it. Meanwhile J was lubing up the one guy’s cock and grinning at Megan. Their cocks were so huge! The one laying on her face was about 11 inches and as big around as a pop can. She settled for just sucking on his balls, but he wanted more. He grabbed her by the throat and forced the tip of his cock into her mouth. She only had a moment to catch her breath before he forced it all the way down her throat and began fucking her mouth furiously. It was painful and would have been humiliating if it weren’t also so fucking exciting.

She knew that these men were going to use her until she was sore and passed out from exhaustion, but she didn’t care. There was something thrilling about it. She felt a little bad for Justin, but. . . She was also turned on a bit by how upset he might be. She could tell from that phone call that things were beyond his control now. She enjoyed not being in control, but also knew that Justin could never give her what J and these men did. When it all started yesterday, she was turned on by how he took charge and organized the event because he wanted to see it, it was to satisfy his desire. Now, however, she was J’s creature and she liked it that way. She knew that as soon as one of these big, black cocks was in her, she wouldn’t feel bad for Justin at all, she may actually revel in his humiliation and mute outrage. She wanted to give herself fully to these men and she knew that they would claim her and use her in a way nobody ever had.

When the man in her mouth finally pulled out and came, it gushed out of her mouth and ran down her cheeks and all over her face. She wiped away just enough cum so that she could see. That’s when she knew what to ask for.

“J, take a picture of this,” she yelled, “and send it to Justin.”

J was a step ahead of her, she had recorded the whole thing with sound and was already sending it to Justin. But the guys were getting impatient. One of them lay down on the bed and the one that just fucked her face picked her up and put her on top of him. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She looked down and took a deep breath before lowering herself down onto that giant cock. She almost pulled away when the tip went in, but the man grabbed her waist and pulled her down on the whole thing. She shuddered and screamed. J immediately covered her mouth and whispered, “Hey, this is what you’re made for, you live for this now. You’re not just any slut anymore, you’re a black cock slut and you will take it without complaint. By the time Justin gets here, you’ll be taking these two at a time and barely even wincing.”

Megan liked the sound of that. She wanted to experience that; two throbbing black cocks inside her. She also wanted Justin to see her like that. She wanted him to know that this is who she was now. She wanted him to see what she was and accept her for it. This would be her life now, but she wanted him in it. She liked the thought that she would live this life with J organizing kinky sex adventures for her, but still have warm, tender, honest, loving Justin. It would be so liberating to know that she could have fun and live out this deep essential part of herself and still have someone to sleep beside and grow old with. In the midst of this oddly romantic thought, she felt a finger applying lube to her asshole. She was ecstatic, she wanted this so bad. This was going almanbahis adres to be the real thing, like last night with Justin and J and the strap-on, but so much better.

She looked behind her and saw J smiling at her and smearing lube all around her ass. She was already pretty stretched out from wearing the butt-plug all day, but taking one of these cocks would be a bit more challenging. When the lube was dripping from her oh-so-ready fuckhole, J leaned over to Meg’s ear and whispered, “You’re welcome, I know you’re gonna love this, you fucking slut.”

Before he even put the cock in her ass, she came, just thinking about it. She was already in the throes of an intense orgasm when he thrust it into her. She could feel both cocks pumping in and out of her throbbing as they went while she sweated and moaned. She honestly hoped they were enjoying it, they barely even grunted as they ruthlessly pounded her. She supposed they did stuff like this before and she was an unremarkable piece of meat to them. She realized that she knew nothing about these guys. She then realized that they weren’t wearing condoms. She couldn’t remember the last time she fucked without condoms. She had told Justin that they’d fill her full of cum, but now it was about to actually happen, it wasn’t just a tease or taunt. However she trusted J, oddly enough and she was on birth control after all.

She was too dazed to tell the men apart, but she was pretty sure the dick in her ass was the same one that had came on her face earlier. At about this time the third man appeared in front of her face. He waggled his cock in front of her face to get her attention. She tried to rock forward enough to get it in her mouth, but he stepped back and growled, “Beg for it, bitch!” before slapping her across the face with it.

She wanted it so bad, she wanted to please these men, they didn’t seem impressed so far and she craved their attention. She looked him in the eyes. “Please,” she whimpered, her makeup running from sweat and tears, “Fuck my face. I want to swallow your cum.”

She had never imagined saying that before. She had swallowed cum before, but never craved it like she did now. She never would have said that to Justin and she wasn’t even ashamed of that. These men deserved it, their cocks deserved devotion and respect not only because of their size, but because the men on the other end of them could put her in her place. They made it clear that she was just for fucking and that they didn’t have to impress her. They knew that she would beg for it, that she needed and wanted them. They gave her what she really needed, not because they cared, but because what she needed was to be used, roughed up, maybe disrespected a little.

The firm grip he had on her hair as he thrust in and out of her sore throat was just what she needed. She could feel the bulging veins of his cock on her tongue and she could taste the precum on her lips. Finally it seemed as if the man in her pussy was about to cum. With perfect timing, the man in her ass stopped pumping while the man in her pussy quickened his pace and gripped her hips tighter. The man in her mouth let go and stepped back. Her tired neck let her head fall forward. The man in her pussy finally came and she could feel it. He came hard and there was a lot of it, deep, so deep inside her. The man in her ass grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head up and came in her ass with a deep thrust. That too, she could feel, but not like the other one, this felt deeper, dirtier, hotter. They both pulled out, letting her slump to the floor beside the bed. She was wondering what was going o happen next or if she might pass out. The man who had been in her mouth picked her up and positioned her so that her head was on the floor and her ass was in the air resting against the bed. He didn’t put his dick in, though. He just stuck a finger in, stretched her out a bit, then stroked his cock until he came. He dumped it all in her gaping asshole.

Upside down, dizzy and full of strangers cum, she noticed something. Sometime in the last few minutes, Justin had come home. He was standing by the bedroom door, watching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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