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Cum On

“You’ve never played High-Low?” I asked incredulously. In fact, I knew that none of the ladies sitting before me had played the game, since I was just making it up. Actually, the basic idea came to me some time ago and I had been refining it in my mind as I flew from the East Coast to the Midwest today. Then when nasty weather stopped us halfway, I ended up in the same hotel with the crew (two female pilots and one flight attendant) from our regional jet. I had chatted up the flight attendant, Annie, on our flight; I encouraged her to sell me a mix of twenty mini bottles of liquor for $50, and she had watched as I filled my otherwise rather empty briefcase. As we were checking in to the hotel, I asked the ladies if they wanted a nightcap in my room. They looked at each other and probably feeling safety in numbers, agreed. We were now sitting in a rough circle in my room as the snow continued to fall outside.

“High-Low is a simple card game, played with a single deck and two jokers,” I explained. “It’s sort of like poker, like a drinking game and like Truth or Dare,” I continued. “It would be easier if I could show you.”

Kia, the co-pilot said, “I’ve got cards—I’ll be right back.” She got up and left the room.

“I’ll get ice for the drinks,” added Lisa, the pilot, and she too left.

Annie turned to me as we sat alone. “Is your game going to get us drunk and rowdy?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“If you want it to, it can,” I said frankly. “If you want it to be tame, that can happen too.”

“Tell you what, if you can get me into Lisa’s pants, I’m willing to help you,” she said matter-of-factly.

I looked at Annie in surprise. She was a very pretty brunette with shoulder-length hair, a cute but petite figure, and great legs. She was wearing her standard-issue airline uniform, complete with white blouse and dark blue skirt. She had shed her jacket and was sitting primly across from me like she had just commented on the weather. “You’re kidding me. I wouldn’t have guessed you swung that way,” I said.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I like men too; but I’ve had the hots for Lisa for a couple of years. Have we got a deal?” she added.

“OK, here’s the plan,” I began. “I’m going to describe a game that will sound easy, just a little naughty, but non-threatening. My goal was to get you ladies loosened up and lulled into complacency, while you were getting more and more willing to do almost anything. So just go along with me, and I think we’ll both be getting lucky tonight.”

Just then both Lisa and Kia came back in the room. As Kia opened a new deck of cards with the airline’s logo on the back (of course), I said to Lisa, “Don’t break out the bottles yet—they’re part of the game.”

I watched as Lisa put the ice on the counter. I could see why Annie wanted her, because I did too. Lisa was a classic tall blonde Norse goddess. She and Kia wore the pants version of the airline uniform, but for Lisa her legs looked a mile long. Even with the airline jacket on, I could tell that she had the biggest set of tits of the three. Her hair was in a bun and was so light it was almost white. I glanced at Annie–she was staring at Lisa’s tight ass as she slowly winked at me.

Lisa walked back to the group, unaware of the looks from Annie and me. Kia handed me the cards as I began to explain.

“The game is simple. You get one card. You want to be High for the first hand. The highest card is the Ace of Spades, and the lowest is the 2 of Diamonds. Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds is the rank of suits. So a 5 of Hearts is higher than a 5 of Clubs. Got it?” All three nodded.

“What about the Jokers?” asked Kia.

“I’ll get to them in a minute,” I assured her. “Now for the next step. Each person gets one chance to get a new card, but can’t show the discard to anyone else. At the end of the optional draw, we all turn our cards face up. High gets to ask Low to do something or answer a question. That’s the Truth or Dare part. If Low does the task or answers the question, that person then controls the next hand. If they don’t succeed or decide not to complete the task or answer honestly, they need to drink one of those little bottles. And they sit out the next hand.

“Now let’s assume they complete the challenge. Remember I said they are in control. That means that they deal, and more importantly, they choose whether the next hand is High or Low. By that I mean they can, after looking at their card, declare whether High or Low will win the hand. So Annie, say you have lost the previous hand, deal the next hand, and give yourself a 3 of Spades. You then declare Low, don’t have to draw a second card, and can likely be the winner. In that case, the High card is the loser. Any questions so far?” All shook their heads as they considered the ramifications. A loser in one hand could likely be the winner in the next.

“Now to your question, Kia,” I continued. “The Jokers are not only automatic winners, High or Low, but also give the holder the right to challenge all three of the almanbahis adres others. So turn it over when you get it. If, by some chance, both Jokers are dealt in the same hand, the first one shown wins. And in addition, the person with the Joker continues to control the next hand. That’s it,” I concluded, looking at the three beautiful women around me. “Want to try it?”

Annie didn’t let the others think about it. “Sounds like fun. We really don’t have anything else to do. I’m sure this storm will sock us in for at least 24 hours, so our pilots,” she nodded at her companions, “don’t need to worry about helping with all the booze Bob bought. I say we play for a while and see what happens.”

Lisa and Kia looked at each other, then shrugged in agreement. This was going better than I could have hoped for. I had all three gorgeous ladies ready to play a game I was making up as I went. And one of them was a mole, ready to accelerate my plans.

“Kia, you be the first dealer,” I said, since she had the cards and was the quietest. Kia was Asian or Hawaiian, I wasn’t sure. She too had her hair up in a bun, but it was black with just a touch of brown. She displayed a great ass in those pants. Since she had left her jacket in her room, I could see that her chest was the smallest of the three.

Kia shuffled the cards a few times, and then dealt to Lisa, Annie, me, and herself. “Remember, you want a High card this time,” I reminded them. “An 8 is right in the middle.”

I had a 10 of Diamonds. “If you want a new card, just discard your card face down” I said. Lisa started a discard pile, while Annie and I kept ours. Kia added hers to the pile and gave a fresh card to Lisa and herself.

“All right, all cards face up,” I said. I showed my 10, Annie had a 9 of Spades, Lisa had a 5 of Diamonds, and Kia had drawn a 3 of Clubs. “I win and Kia loses,” I stated. I knew I had to get the game going but not scare Kia or Lisa off. So I thought a moment, then said, “Kia, you look pretty limber. Take off your shoes and suck your big toe for 30 seconds.”

My thinking was that I would get some clothing off, but under the guise of a physical challenge. It worked as I hoped, as Kia quickly took of her shoes, raised her right foot up, and easily started sucking her pantyhose-covered toe.

“Eeeyew, that’s gross,” Annie laughed, as I counted down the 30 seconds. I thought it was rather sexy, particularly since Kia’s pants pulled even tighter as she sucked. There was a clear camel-toe there.

“Times up, and you get to deal again,” I said. Kia left her shoes off (I didn’t know what I would have done if she had put them back on—maybe created a new rule on the spot), picked up the cards, and quickly dealt.

I got an Ace of Clubs, which would be great if Kia called High. Of course she picked Low. So three of us groaned and got new cards. I showed my 8 of Diamonds, Lisa showed Queen of Spades, while Kia and Annie both had 4’s. Since Annie’s was a Club, she was Low and got to challenge Lisa.

“Lisa, since you still have your jacket on, pretend you’re a stripper and remove it as sexily as possible. Then run outside, go completely around the hotel and return.”

Lisa quickly turned to me and asked, “Isn’t that two things?”

I was silently pleased that she looked to me to be the judge. I replied, “It’s two parts of one challenge. Taking off the jacket is the first part of running around the building in the snow. Just because the method of taking off the jacket is unique doesn’t make it two tasks. In fact, Annie was pretty creative for the first time playing the game,” I added with a much authority as I could muster.

Lisa bought it, reluctantly, as Annie theatrically pumped her fist and hissed, “Yes!” Lisa stood up and started to remove her jacket. “You’d make a lousy stripper. Give us a show,” Annie ordered.

Lisa started to move her hips, lowering and raising the left shoulder of her jacket. She started to strut around, humming the Gypsy Rose Lee strip song. We all joined in as she lowered the jacket to her waist and shook her shoulders in a very nice shimmy. As she finally got the jacket off, she swung it over her head a couple of times and tossed it over to Annie. Annie caught it and put it between her teeth, as if it were a bra or g-string. We all laughed, and Lisa said, “OK, I’ll be right back.” She opened the door and disappeared.

The three of us looked at one another. “Potty break,” I declared and got up. Neither lady stood, so I said I’d be right back and headed for the bathroom.

When I returned, Kia was the only one in the room. “Annie went to her room to get more glasses,” Kia declared.

“Hope she makes it back before Lisa,” I observed.

Just then Annie walked back in the room with 2 more glasses and a small duffel. “Just some supplies for later on,” she said to me with another wink.

Two minutes later Lisa came running back into the room, shoes in hand. A thin layer of snow covered her head and shoulders, and her blouse was soaked enough to almanbahis adresi be almost transparent. “Brrrr, I need a towel,” she said as she dropped her shoes and headed into the bathroom. When she returned, she was vigorously rubbing her hair, which was now down. As Lisa dealt the next hand, I noted that she looked even sexier with her hair tousled like she just gotten out of bed. We picked up cards and before anyone could react, Lisa squealed and turned over the first Joker.

“OK,” I said, “everyone put your card in the discard pile. Lisa, you can have each of us do something.”

“Does it have to be the same thing?” she asked.

“Yes, within reason,” I answered. “For instance, you could ask each of us to take off an article of clothing. I’d take off my shoes, but Kia would have to pick something else since her shoes are gone. Or if you asked to describe the first time we’d slept with a guy, I’d have to answer ‘Never’. So choose carefully.”

Lisa thought for a few seconds, then said, “All right—each of you pick a bottle from the liquor supply, wait for me to say ‘Go’, then drink it as fast as you can. The last one finished has to run up and down the hallway outside in their underwear.”

No one questioned the dare, so the girls were starting to get into it. I felt the need for clarification and wanted to gauge Lisa’s attitude. “Does the loser get to put their clothes back on after the run?” I asked.

Lisa quickly answered, “Let’s make it interesting—no, they have to leave off whatever clothes they removed.”

We all looked at each other, then rushed over to pick our favorite liquor. I chose tequila, Annie chose vodka, and Kia chose an Irish Cream. We each twisted the caps off and stood in front of Lisa. When she said, “Go,” we each chugged our bottle. Vodka and tequila flowed down throats immediately, but that thick Irish Cream took its time. So Kia finished a second behind Annie and me.

We all laughed at Kia, and Annie put her arm over the smaller girl’s shoulder. “Let’s see some undies, Sweetie,” she whispered as she patted Kia on the rear.

“No one said I had to undress in front of you guys,” Kia said as she headed into the bathroom.

“Seems silly, since she’ll be back out here for us to see anyway,” Lisa murmured as she poured her own little bottle of gin in a glass. Noticing my questioning look, she added, “I figured the rest of you were getting ahead of me. Besides, I’m still cold.” Her blouse had not dried out, and the outline of her rock-hard nipples could clearly be seen.

Annie wasn’t going to object; in fact, she got another vodka–this time over ice–to join Lisa. As the two sipped, I thought about how well things were going. Lisa would be a prime target now for all the rest of us. I was sure she would be in a lot fewer clothes shortly. Annie would find a way to join her, so I had to plan my own strategy. I wanted to show off the chubby I was developing, so the pants would have to go soon. I’d have to get Annie to help me out.

The bathroom door opened at that moment and Kia walked out. She was stunning in matching lime green panties and bra. The panties were French cut and covered her panty hose. “These are underwear,” she asserted, point to the hose. She had obviously put her panties on over them for a reason. If the reason was modesty, she had failed miserably. Even with the extra layer of nylon, there was clearly some serious camel toe going on, as I had noted earlier. She carried her shirt and pants over and dumped them at Lisa’s feet. She turned and quickly walked to the door, stuck her head out, looked back at us and said, “Well, here goes.”

We all ran to the door as she scampered out. We watched her run as quickly and softly as possible down the hall to the left. She reached the end after about 200 feet, turned and jogged back. Her taught body looked great. As she passed us, she stuck out her tongue.

“GO, KIA,” I yelled as she passed. She looked aghast and hurried faster to the right. The hall was even longer that way, and I was surprised that no one stuck a head out to see who was clapping and laughing. As Kia ran back to my door, I closed it. Not wanting to be too cruel, I opened it almost immediately and was treated to her beautiful face going from panic to a look that could kill in the time it took to drag her into the room.

Kia was clearly in good shape, as she was only slightly winded. Her hair, however, had come partially undone, so she pulled it the rest of the way down. Shaking her head, the hair tumbled halfway down her back and was a nice contrast with the colorful underwear.

“Need a drink?” I asked as she headed to the sink where the booze was.

“Yes, but not Irish Cream,” she laughed. She got a glass of ice and added a bourbon. I guessed that she was after some fortification as well.

Lisa looked at me and said, “Even though I’m supposed to deal, I think Kia should since she was the big loser for that round.”

We all agreed as Kia sat down in her bra and panties. Her stocking had developed almanbahis adres a run on the inside of her left knee. “I’m going to get you,” she said as she stared daggers at Lisa.

“Hey, don’t be mad at me. I wanted Bob to lose,” Lisa said as she finished her mini scotch.

“Oh, that hurts!” I laughed, looking at a 10 of Hearts.

Kia called High after seeing her card; I wanted a better chance to either win or lose, so I took another card along with Lisa.

We turned over our cards, and I had a 3 of Clubs, Lisa had an 8 of Clubs, Kia had a King of Hearts, and Annie had an Ace of Diamonds. She won and I lost.

Annie rubbed her hands together and licked her lips, hamming it up as we all laughed. “That wasn’t very nice of him to shut the door on you, was it?” she asked Kia.

“No come to think of it, it wasn’t,” Kia replied. “Make him pay.”

Annie thought for a moment. “Here’s the plan. We’ll blindfold you with this,” she held up Kia’s blouse. “One of us will kiss you. You’ll guess whom. If you’re right, you’re done; but if you’re wrong, you remove an article of clothing. You’ll then be kissed again. This will continue until you guess right or you run out of clothes. So I’d keep careful track if I were you.”

Ingenious—the girl had thought of a way for me to truly control the game. I thought of one thing and added, “I know what you each have been drinking so this won’t be hard at all.” I knew they’d quickly drink another, different mini to “confuse” me.

Lisa wrapped Kia’s blouse around my eyes, and I was treated to the faint, pleasant aroma of the garment. I smelled a hint of jasmine and roses. I stood in the center of the room and could see nothing. I heard whispers and bottles being opened. A few moments later, a pair of lips touched mine. They were soft with a hint of bourbon–that was what Kia had been drinking before; but I figured Annie would go first to break the ice. Wanting to be wrong, I tentatively asked, “Lisa?”

No one spoke, but a hand took mine and pointed my thumb down. Ahh, the universal sign for “No”. I bent over, untied my right shoe, and slipped it off. Straightening back up, my hand was again grabbed and my thumb pointed down. “I guess you want the other shoe too,” I said. My thumb was pulled upward. Again I bent over, untied the other shoe, and kicked it off.

I now stood waiting. Another pair of lips met mine. As they moved away, I felt a tongue brush over my lips lightly, a hint of jasmine and coffee lingering. Wow, I thought, that was Kia! If I was right, things were getting interesting. But it could be Annie; she’d tend to be more aggressive. “THIS time it’s Lisa,” I stated, again hoping I was wrong.

My thumb was again pointed down, and I silently breathed a sign a relief. I quickly bent over and pulled both socks off. I stood back up and waited. The next set of lips silently ground mine with an intensity that surprised me. Again, the aftertaste of coffee, but I was sure it was a different girl from the last. If I was right, then this was Lisa. So I guessed, “Kia?”

I was wrong again (or was I right?). “Is my belt an article of clothing?” I asked. My thumb was quickly pulled down. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off, leaving me with just my pants and undershorts. It now occurred to me that I no longer was in control if my internal guesses were wrong. I could easily be naked and “no clothes-er” to identifying those lips.

The next kiss was clearly the same as the second, the tongue wasting no time in probing between my lips and meeting mine in a quick challenge. I was pretty sure I also smelled jasmine AND roses, so it was definitely Kia. “Annie,” I said, wanting to push this a little further.

This time I felt my belt being unbuckled. “I guess that means No,” I laughed as I stood and felt at least two pairs of hands unzip and pull my pants to my ankles. As the fabric passed down my legs, I heard a gasp when my “tiny whities” were exposed. I knew my cock was lying sideways, stretching and wetting the undershorts in obvious arousal. I was not ashamed of my seven inches—it had never disappointed.

I lifted my feet one at a time as someone removed my pants entirely. I now waited for what I hoped was my final challenge. As a set of lips met mine, a hand brushed my hard-on. I sensed that it was the first girl who had kissed me. And if I was right then, it would be Annie. Was she sending me a signal with the cock touch? “Annie?” I asked, this time hoping I was right.

“AWW, so close,” I heard her say as the blouse was removed from my eyes. I blinked to see her join her companions on the couch facing me, all three unabashedly staring at my underwear (or through it).

“I feel like running up and down the hall,” I chuckled as I sat and picked up the remaining deck of cards. I didn’t try to hide my arousal. The girls pulled their eyes away from me to look at the card each was dealt. I gave myself the 4 of Hearts, so I called Low. Everyone groaned and drew. When they turned over their new cards, Lisa had a 7 of Hearts, Kia showed 5 of Clubs, and Annie lost with a Queen of Diamonds. “Another interesting aspect to this game,” I casually said, “Is the opportunity for PAYBACK!” I looked at Annie, rubbed my hands together and licked my lips as she had done to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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