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I picture being so nervous as we talk into the theater. You holding my hand. Me dressed in a tank top, braless letting my 36D’s free. My nipples just barely showing through the thin material; a long sweater covering my shoulders and ass, and a modest skirt. My hair in a braid, very light make up. Nothing screaming, “this girl wants cock,” but clearly, my body is on fire and I’m so excited to be sharing this fantasy with the man I love.

We walk in and find a seat in the front of the middle walk way platform. Not directly up front; we wouldn’t want to cause anyone to have a neck cramp after all. I take off my sweater and hang it over my seat. We sit and relax as you wrap your arm around me. I whisper to you,

“I’m glad they have concrete floors, although these seats may get a little wet.”

You smile at me and kiss me, responding,

“God I hope so. Remember, if you want it, I want it. Don’t hold yourself back because seeing you enjoy and get off, gets me off.”

I nod and smile. Kissing you and running my hand up and down your cock. I go down on you and undo your pants, wrapping my mouth around you. Moving my head up and down as you rock your hips into my mouth.

“Well hello,”

you breath out, realizing that I am eager to enjoy you and calm my nerves at the same time. I suck your cock in public and you just sit and relax.

Looking around, you see others are watching. They’ve inched closer to get a better view. One comes up to you and I hear him ask,

“Is it open season?”

You respond,

“If she wants to, yes to the chest and up.”

You reach down and gently wrap your hands in my hair and move my head up and down. Making me moan louder and louder. The heat rising, şişli escort my back arching, and I explode with your cock gently thrusting in and out of my mouth. I look up and moan, grinning.

You lift me up and kiss me, saying,

“I need to be inside of you. And remember…if you are enjoying it, I’m enjoying it.”

I look around and see a couple men with their cocks our stroking, most likely from watching me over the actual movie playing. One had gotten closer, but was still maintaining a distance.

You raise me up and bend over the seats so I have my ass in the air. You line up behind me and pull my skirt up, revealing my ass with a little black thong. You move your fingers gently around my pussy and find me absolutely soaked.

You line up, pushing aside the thong and slide your cock into me. I moan loudly and let my body relax around you.

My lips part and I see someone coming closer to watch. Me bent over in a standing doggie position, your cock sliding in and out of my soaked pussy. Holding myself up by the arm of a seat.

I see the man coming to watch. Oh…his cock is out as I see him closer. My pussy twitches around you and I know you feel it because you moan as you keep moving in and out of me.

I see the cock in front of me and I moan. My lips part and the man feeds it to me.

I push my hips back into you and work my mouth on the man in front of me. I moan and as your thrusts help me stroke his his cock with my mouth; my tongue moving up and down the underside.

I feel your hand gently tugging my hair. I moan louder and suck more feverishly. Your thrusts growing hotter as I get hotter. The motion sending my mouth deeper onto his cock.

I moan mecidiyeköy escort louder and louder and my whimper turns silent as I grip tightly and cum hard, squiring around your cock and my juices dripping down your balls.

The man was not expecting my orgasm and it caused his as well. As I’m cumming, ropes of his seed shoot down my throat. I swallow and swallow…savoring.

You reach around and gently massage my nipples. I feel you still going in and out of me. The pleasure insanely good.

I look up at the seats and see that there are three or four men sitting in our row; all with their cocks out stroking.

As the man I sucked zips up. He steps to the side. My lips still open another man steps up to my mouth and slides in. I moan and savor as you match my passion. I suck and use my hand to cup his balls. Moaning as I do from the pleasure in my mouth and you in my pussy.

Another man comes closer to watch and is still jerking. I reach up and put my hand to his cock. Running it up and down. Feeling the thickness and heat. They are so hard and you feel so fucking good.

I suck and slurp the hard cock in my mouth and you push me into him with your thrusts. The other man in my hand grew closer as he must have been edging for a while. I stroke up and down and before I know it he is shooting ropes on my face. I close my eyes and cum hard. The man in my mouth pulls out and also shoots cum into my face and my open mouth. I savor and savor. Drinking and licking it up; smiling so big.

You pull me up with your hands on my chest. Kissing my neck and petting my head. My head spinning and feeling adored and desired.

You whisper in my ear,

“You’re beautiful.”

I smile big as you kiss me, sure that there is still cum on my face. Okay, who are we kidding, it’s everywhere.

I use my fingers to scoop some of the cum into my hungry mouth; scooping and sucking it off my fingers.

Another man is near by and is watching to see if I’m open for more.

You look at me and ask,


I nod greedily.

You sit down and lower me onto your lap, knowing my arms were getting tired. You push me onto you as I face away. Sitting away from you as you gently just push into me; not moveing as much as rocking.

Another man moves in front of me as you gently guide my head to it. This man had clear intentions as he holds my head in his hands, sliding into my mouth. Controlling the motion of my mouth as he pushes in and out. Thankful for the direction and control, I tighten my lips around him.

My nipples hard and my pussy pulsing around you. I moan and moan. Swallowing his cock as he thrusts in and out land then pulls my head into him. Holding me there as I moan and close my eyes relaxed and feeling his balls twitch, his cum runs through his cock and I can feel it on my lips through his veiny cock. I feel it explode down my throat. You hold me tight and pinch my nipples. Pushing deep into me as I cum hard around you, soaking you.

You had came before you and I arrived, but even this was too much for you. You thrust up and released all you had inside of me, draining your balls as my pussy milked and squeezed your pulsing cock. The sounds of pleasure and orgasms rushed through the theater. Me, Savoring and moaning. I relax into you and curl up, your arms around me.

You hold me and kiss me. Whispering,

“I love you.”

We relax there for a moment. Time passes at a rate I don’t know.

There were six other men there that night. All eight of us left that night satisfied with at least one orgasm. Me? Well, I lost count.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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