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My brother Tyler knew Jimmy because he was in the same high school class, though they weren’t friends. He was a good friend of mine. We were both in the same group of friends who hung together quite a lot, some my age, some a year older like Jimmy. We had never dated, but had kissed a couple of times. We even made out once at a party, but that was as far as it went. It was pretty clear that he would have liked to pursue a relationship if I wanted to, but we were both happy being close friends only. But now I was thinking fuck buddy.

I was sure that Jimmy would jump at the chance. Just to fuck, even if it wasn’t me. Since we were good friends it was even better. Saturday night we were going to a movie, just the two of us since the rest of the group either didn’t really want to see it, or were busy. I couldn’t wait to tell him that we could go to bed afterwards. He had gone to work after high school, so by now he had a little, tiny apartment of his own – which should work quite well. If I could wait that long without masturbating. Okay, it turned out I couldn’t. Next best thing, I tried thinking of fucking Jimmy while I came, but my thoughts would not leave my brother. Damn!

So when I met Jimmy at the movies, we had only been in our seats for a few minutes when I had to break the news. I placed my hand on his thigh, pretty high up, and leaned into him. He looked at me like he was expecting something unusual.

“After the movie,” I started, trying to sound sexy or enticing or whatever, “you can take me back to your place and fuck me.”

Nothing like being direct, but that’s the way we were. Even so, he looked surprised so I repeated myself, with an extra squeeze on his leg. When he didn’t answer, I asked, “Interested?”

He gathered himself. “Hell, yes. Let’s go now!”

“Not yet. I want to see this movie.” And I settled back in my chair, dragging my hand up his thigh. It was a good thing his dick was on the other side of his crotch seam or I’d have had a handful.

I’m not sure if he paid much attention to the movie, but as soon as it was over we were hand in hand, walking briskly towards his apartment.

“You’re sure this won’t change our relationship?” Kütahya Escort I asked. Not wanting any misunderstandings, I added, “it’s just sex. I don’t want our friendship to change.”

He stopped dead and looked at me. “That’s what I was assuming. Just sex. Just this once. Right?”

I hadn’t thought about after tonight. Just once? Or frequent fuck buddies? I had no idea, but let’s do this, then we could continue, I suppose, if we wanted. Or not. “Right. Just once.” Then I looked at him and smiled. “Probably.”

We just got his door closed when we began kissing. His hands found my breasts. After a minute or so of frenzied kissing we broke, looked at each other, and without a word walked into his bedroom. We both knew what we were there for, so there was no uncertainty. I began taking off my shirt and was somewhat surprised to see him just standing there, watching. So I tried teasing a little. Letting the shirt fall off my shoulders behind me, I unhooked my bra but held the cups to keep it from falling. Then I let one slip a bit, uncovering most of my breast but not my nipple. Then I covered it up again and did the same to my other breast. He was grinning, and frustrated, so I let it fall to the floor and stood there, on display.

He couldn’t take his eyes off them, finally saying, “They’re beautiful.”

“Good response”, I thought to myself. Then I slid my slacks down my legs and stepped out of them. He stared at my crotch, no doubt waiting for my panties to disappear. Instead I took a step toward him and reached out, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. All of this anticipation was making me hot, and when I looked at his crotch I could tell by the bulge that he was hot as well. I was a bit relieved to know that I was turning him on. When I was done with his buttons I let my fingers continue down to his pants and unfastened them. I let them drop to floor and placed my hand on his erection, which was straining his tighty whities. Somehow I expected better underwear from him, but no matter. He groaned as I squeezed his member.

“Ready?” I asked, and he nodded quickly.

I sat on the bed and scooted to the middle, wrestling my panties off. He ripped off his Kütahya Escort Bayan shirt and shorts and leaped on the bed naked, kissing me and forcing me backwards onto my back all at the same time. Our hands now roamed over the most intimate parts of the other’s bodies, desperate after hours of buildup. I insisted though that we wait long enough for me to get a good view of his dick. I needed to really see one besides my brother’s. Of course, I couldn’t tell him about my real reason. He stopped and let me look, exploring, comparing the size to Tyler’s and feeling his hardness. I was surprised how hard it was, yet so soft on the surface. It seemed to be less thick than Tyler’s, and an inch or more shorter, but I was sure it was a very sufficient size for me. It didn’t take long before Jimmy was in need of more than just being touched and looked at.

Any thoughts of my brother were immediately driven from my mind as soon as his dick touched my pussy. It was electric. The shock traveled through my body as he pushed up and down my lips. As it found my hole he pushed, sliding it in slightly. I thought it was amazing as he pushed in further, separating my walls as he went. So few times had anyone been inside me that it felt very fresh and new. And the buildup to this that I had been putting myself through for the past two days had been way too much foreplay. I was half surprised that I didn’t explode right away.

(Jimmy was excited as well. This was more than he had dreamed about. Actually, he had dreamed about it. More than one time this fantasy had gotten him off late at night. But it was just a fantasy, he thought. He had no expectations that it would ever happen. In fact he knew that it would not. But yet… Here he was… Inside her. It may be only a one time thing, because they were friends. Good friends. But this was a great benefit. He could feel his excitement boiling up inside him. He wouldn’t last long.)

I could tell he was excited. A little out of control. But so was I. He was pumping into me faster and faster, and I was pumping right back. My hips rose up to meet each thrust, feeling him deep inside me. But then my mind finally wandered back to Escort Kütahya my brother. Was he bigger? Would he be able to get deeper inside of me? How would that feel? Briefly, these thoughts shot through my mind as I was getting pounded, yet they couldn’t remain there. The pounding Jimmy was giving me felt so good. And soon… very soon… He would be done.

I felt his breathing change, his thrusts change, his moaning turn to gasps, or cries, or… Suddenly I felt him explode inside me, crying out as he did. He thrust as deep as he could and held it there for a moment, then pulled out and thrust again, each time spurting inside my pussy. It was a fantastic feeling to feel and hear his excitement and release. I felt proud to have caused him such joy.

And yet, there was still no release for me. He was not experienced enough to know that his climax was not enough, so he was going to leave me hanging with no relief. Satisfaction with all that happened, but no relief. We lay there in each other’s arms for a little while as we regained our senses, then cleaned up. He took me home with great gratitude for the evening, though probably feeling even then that this was the only time we would fuck.

I went straight to my room. It was late. Everyone in the house was asleep, but I was on edge. My frustration was building out of control. Two days of waiting, an evening of seduction, a great fuck session… But as much as I enjoyed it, there was no relief from my deep frustration. And my mind had been nearly all on my brother since Jimmy had rolled off of me.

I knew my brother was sleeping in his room as I walked past, but didn’t dare stop to look. I went straight to my room, stripping off my clothes as I went. I pulled down the covers of my bed and crawled in, pulling the sheet on top of me. My hands immediately went to my pussy. Seldom had I masturbated until this week, but I certainly was going to now. I thought I must have masturbated more this week than the rest of my life all put together, but there was nothing I could do about it.

With two hands I attacked myself. I pushed two fingers into my pussy, then three. With another one I found my clit and pushed it, hard, side to side. I curled up in bed into a fetal position, buried my face in my pillow, and cried out as that long sought orgasm racked my body like never before. Finally, finally, the relief I had thought I would get much earlier. Much needed relief. It felt great. But it wasn’t enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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