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Big Tits

Her Decision:

It was a cold December morning when she woke up with that same empty, lonely feeling. Her husband left early again that day for work without so much as a goodbye. “There has to be more to life than this” she is thinking. How long has it been? Damn! That was her problem, here she was at 35 years old, in her sexual prime and can’t get enough. She has been married for all her adult life and thought that was all she needed, that was until that cold December morning. She climbed out of bed and decided, “No More” I will not continue to starve myself of the attention that I need..

Later that morning:

There it is again, that ol’ familiar itch. “Hell, why shouldn’t I take care of that?” No one else is around to help, “I’ll do it myself” She gets outs her favorite vibrator and a movie. That’s the good thing about her vibrator, it’s her battery operated man. It starts when she wants to start and doesn’t stop till she is ready to stop. So what if it doesn’t want to cuddle afterwards, that’s okay for this morning, she just wants to cum and cum hard.

She gets one of her favorite movies out, it’s all about horny housewives. One of them fucks her Plumber, one fucks her Gardener, and a couple of them fuck the new neighbor in town. Oh boy do these women have it made. Then out of the blue she has a crazy idea. It’s called the internet. She has heard tell of so many men and women meeting because they chatted on the internet.

After running the idea through her mind, it’s decided. She ataşehir escort will pick out a sexy name and take an x-rated picture of herself. “That should get some attention” she thinks. So after watching her movie and getting off a few times with her trusty vibrator she takes some juicy pictures. “Wow, look at all that cum in my pussy”. Any man in his right mind should like that. Nice and juicy and wet, wet, wet.

It don’t take long once the picture is posted on the computer. It’s starts with a simple “hello”. My picture has caught his attention.


Oh my god, she thinks to herself. She curiously replies back to her mysterious admirer. “Hello to you” she types. Then, he replies back… “Would you like some man cum in that sweet hole of yours?”. She sits back and shutters for a second. Wow, a guy that is ready and willing to fuck me….. She gets the itch and emails him and says that she wants to see his goods. Poof, before she can even imagine what another guys cock looks like; there is the picture in her inbox. Oh my god, it is nice she thinks. It appears to be relatively long and erect and round. She reaches down and grabs her battery operated man and starts it up again to rub her clit as she daydreams about the cock picture. Just as she is getting ready to reply, he emails her and asks if she is ready to meet so they can just fuck like wild rabbits? Oh, she is not sure if it is her battery operated friend or the intense desire to meet and fuck this cock, but she is starting to feel avcılar escort her orgasm build intensely. She trembles as she types to her admirer… “where do you want to meet?” He quickly replies with a local restaurant that is only blocks from her house.. She quickly replies that she can be there in 15 minutes. He states that he will be wearing a white ball cap so she will know who he is.

She quickly grabs some clothes and fixes her hair. She does not put on any panties or a bra. She runs out the door and drives to the agreed upon meeting place.

Once there, she walks in and sees a guy with a white ball cap. Oh my, she scopes him out before making a move. He looks young, but very cute. After a few minutes of watching him check the door, she makes her move. She taps him on the shoulder and asks if he is David? He smiles up at her and says that he is. She then realizes who he is….. Oh my god, it is my neighbors 18 year old son. She can’t resist her temptation.

She grabs him by the hands and they head out back to her house. She hides him so his parents don’t notice that he is heading into her house. As they enter, she whips around and yanks his shirt off. She is amazed at how clean shaven he is. She looks at him and tells him to lay back. She wants to see that cock of his. He lays down and she unbuckles his pants and lets his rock hard cock out. Oh my, she licks the head of it. Slowly she starts to suck it down. The boy reaches down and grabs her blouse and pulls it off of her exposing her breasts. ataşehir escort bayan He grabs each one in a hand and starts to firmly rub them and pinch her nipples. She can’t take it. She hasn’t had this type of attention in so long… She gets up and pulls down her skirt. She looks at him and says that she is wet. And then straddles his face. She pushes herself down on him and forces his tongue deep inside. Oh yes, she moans over and over. “Keep licking, I am going to cum… don’t stop.”

He grabs her waist and pulls her down even tighter as he drives his tongue in deep and then out and then in again. She can’t hold it any longer.. She rocks and releases her cum all over his face. She slides back and he smiles. “Now, you lay back and let my dick work you over.” This is what she has been wanting… to feel his pulsing cock drive deep inside her. He leans over and inserts the head of his cock. Ummmmmmm she moans. “That feels good.” He slowly pushes it in and then starts to work it harder and faster. She wraps her legs around him and pulls his waist tight against hers. “Don’t cum yet” she screams. She can feel her orgasm build again. Then, with several long, deep thrusts, she is cumming hard and he is too. He squirts cum like water hose. She feels it oozing out of her and onto the bed.

She smiles and asks him if he is free tomorrow? He smiles and says that he will be over once her husband heads to work.

Dinner Time:

Her husband comes home to find dinner made and the house clean. He looks at his wife and asks why she went to all the trouble. She smiles at him and said that it was no trouble at all. She felt like the house needed some cleaning and was in the mood to cook a nice meal. Oh, if he only knew what he was missing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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