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Lisa stepped out of the bath tub. She stood in front a mirror looking at her naked body. Standing 5’8 with light brown hair till mid waist, black eyes, 34 size boobs, light pink nipples on her white skin add them more beauty. She just trimmed her pubic hair into a V-shape just above her pussy. She stood there moving her hands gently on her boobs and pussy. She is admiring herself with her eyes.

Clock strikes.

“Oh, time’s up. Nick would be coming. I gotta ready fast.” Lisa put on a robe and went for dressing.

Lisa is a 30 year old teacher working at a local school. She is divorced. Her husband left her 6 years back as he loves another girl. Later, she got many proposals but she wasn’t interested in getting into a relation again. She left everything and started career as a school teacher.

Nick lives in the same colony. He is 19 year old, doing his college. He is 5’8, very thin and pale white in color with light red marks over his face. His eyes and nose are bigger than usual. His mouth is wide and front row tooth come out of his mouth make him look weird. Because of his appearance he got no friends. He stays at home all the time, don’t go anywhere except college.

Nick’s mother and Lisa are good friends despite of their age gap. Lisa met Nick few times but didn’t talk much.

As Nick’s grades are going down, his mother asked Lisa whether she could help him. Lisa wanted to avoid it but as it was holiday time for school she will be very free at home. Nick’s mother is the only person with whom Lisa spends her time. She couldn’t reject her friend so she agreed to take private classes for Nick everyday.

And today is the first day.

Lisa put on a white shirt and knee length grey skirt. She likes to be dressed simple.

Door bell rings.

Lisa went to answer expecting Nick. There he is. Nick wore a red t-shirt and green shorts. She took few seconds to look normally at him.

“Hi Nick, come in.” She said waving her hand.

“Hi Miss Lisa” Nick replied with a smile and walked in.

“Make yourself comfortable” said Lisa while closing the door.

Both sat on sofa facing each other.

Nick is feeling uneasy as this was the first time that he is with a woman in private.

“Want something to drink?” Lisa asked trying to be nice.

“No, thank you!” Nick with a smile.

Lisa then asked about his academics and then discussed regarding his grades. Both are talking casually now. Lisa gave few instructions how to improve his performance and all. This went for couple of hours.

“We can call it a day.” said Lisa after the discussion.

“Thank you so much for helping me.”

“It’s okay.”

“Bye! See you tomorrow.” said Nick while walking out.

“Bye!” Lisa closed the door and went inside.

“God! He looks scary. Hope, this ends fast!” thought Lisa while going to bed. To get out of all these thoughts she started touching her pussy.

Lisa had lot of sex with her husband when they are together. She enjoyed to be fucked. After getting divorced she lost interest in relations and later denied all proposals. From then she had no cock in her pussy. She uses her hand while going to sleep and when ever she felt horny.

And today also she is doing the same. She slept while pleasuring herself.

“God! She is so beautiful. Can’t believe I spent some time with her.” thought Nick laying on his bed.

Nick is still a virgin. He couldn’t get a girl as no one is ready to even talk to him. He never tried also. He sometimes masturbate thinking he is making with some girl. Lisa is in his mind now.

“She looks so young unlike a 30 year old.” Nick stroking his penis thinking her body. He is fucking her in his mind. He climaxed in his hands. After cleaning the mess with tissues, he slept thinking how would be the next day.

Nick got ready and started to Lisa’s house. She took the class. He came back.

Days are going on. This became routine for both of them.

Everyday Nick would come and both will discuss things and he will read for sometime and Lisa will clear if he got any doubts. Then he leaves. They got usual to this. And they became friends. Lisa would sit just beside him sometimes put hands on him. They sometimes crack jokes, watch TV together, play games and all.

Lisa is now comfortable with his presence and stopped thinking negative about him. She got a new friend.

And Nick is still fucking her in his thoughts everyday. He don’t know how many times he stroked his manhood thinking her in last couple of weeks.

Nick came with his test results. Lisa was very disappointed as he did’t score much.

“What is this Nick?” Lisa with a angry tone.

“I don’t know! I couldn’t concentrate!” Nick answered.

“How could you say this so easily. Why you are silent all these days?”

“Sorry! I think I can’t make anything better.”

“This would be my fault. I did’t guide you properly.”

“No! It was completely my mistake. I am the one who failed to perform.”

“And my question is why? Is there any problem for you? Common Nick, I am your friend. too hot to handle latino izle Let me know your problems. We can work out.”

Nick remained silent. Lisa sighed with disappointment.

Entire room was silent for few minutes.

“I don’t have any friends.” Nick opened his mouth finally.

“We are friends Nick!” Lisa responded quickly.

“I don’t know whether it is correct to discuss this with you.” Nick posted his doubt.

“No problem, just go on.” Lisa sat on the sofa opposite to him.

“It is actually…” Nick went silent.

“Hmm!!” Lisa signed again trying to understand what is trying to tell.

“I am a virgin!” Nick did finally.

Lisa was shocked but calmed herself.

“Is that your problem Nick? Go and have sex with your girlfriend.” Lisa tried to be normal.

“I don’t have one.”

“What? You don’t have a girlfriend?” Lisa said that but she knew that he couldn’t have because of his weird appearance.

“Yes!” Nick with a low tone.

Lisa didn’t get any words to speak.

Both went silent again.

“What’s there if you don’t get a girl? You can make yourself happy. Hmm, don’t you touch yourself?” Lisa asked.

“Hmm???” Nick with a puzzled look.

“Don’t you masturbate?”

“Yeah! I do that sometimes.” Nick answered with some hesitation.

“So, you are having some kind of relief. What’s your problem then?”

“But it not that what I want.”

Lisa don’t know what to tell to convince him. Actually she couldn’t believe they both are having this kind of talk.

“Poor Nick! See, when you can’t do anything you should be do some other thing.” Lisa trying to change his mind.

“Moreover, you can imagine any girl while you masturbate. May be you can’t have them in bed but you can still do this. It may relieve your pressure.”

“I do that. I have a girl in my mind.” Nick want to let her know his problem.

“Hmm!! Did you try to ask her out? Try to get into relation my boy.”

“We know each other, but I can’t dare to tell her.”

“Try that once. May be you could get a chance.”

Nick cleared his throat. “It is you.”

“What?” Lisa was shocked with his answer.

“You touch yourself thinking of me? How could you do like that?” Lisa with a serious tone.

“I know it is wrong. But you are my only friend. I have never been with a woman like I was with you. I couldn’t help it. I am sorry.” Nick was very sad.

“Nick. How could you think of me? I am older than you. You can get a girl of your age. It is just you didn’t find the right girl yet.” Lisa trying to be normal.

“I don’t know how it was started. But you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Lisa didn’t understand whether to take that as a compliment or not.

“See Nick! It is all because of your age. I am not correct for you.”

“I know. But I don’t know any one else.”

“So, you fuck me in your thoughts, huh?”

Nick stood silent.

“Get out Nick!” Lisa said.

“Sorry that I hurt you.” Nick tried to apologize.

“Just go and leave me alone.” Lisa was already frustrated with the discussion.

Nick left the place.

“How he could think of me like that? Was it my mistake to be friendly with him?” Lisa thinking about what had happened.

Actually, she is having a bit of happy feeling. At 30, she attracted a teenage boy. She is proud of her structure.

“What should I do?” this was the only question she is thinking off. She slept as usually fingering her pussy.

Nick is having some relief as he opened up with Lisa. He is worried now about what would happen next.

“Will she complaint to my mom? What if my mom came to know about all this? I don’t know what to do!” thought Nick. He slept with all these thoughts.

Next day Nick didn’t show up to Lisa. She was expecting him to come so that she can take some counselling, but he didn’t come. This happened the next day also.

“Nick, Lisa is here for you!” called his mother.

“Oh my god! She came here. What should I do now?” Nick thought in tension.

He went down to meet her.

“Hi Nick!” greeted Lisa.


“I think you have some exams next week, why are you not coming for tuition?”

“Ah! It’s just I am not feeling well.” Nick with a sigh relief as she didn’t tell anything to his mother.

“Will you come today?”

“Yes! I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Okay! See you then, Bye!” with that Lisa left.

As said, within one hour Nick is at her door waiting for her to open.

“Hi! There you are!” Lisa while opening the door.

Nick stepped inside. Both went to living room, closing the door behind.

“So, Why you are not coming?”

Nick remained silent not knowing what to speak.

“Fucked me these 2 days, I mean in your dreams?”


“You’re sorry?”

“Miss Lisa, I am really really sorry. I shouldn’t be doing like that. It was completely my mistake talking to you like that. I am lonely until I meet you. treason izle You are good and beautiful. These made me to..”

“Stop it Nick!” Lisa ended his explanation.

“I can understand. It is very common for your age and I know that you are spending your time alone.”

Nick stood silently listening to her.

“So, you are unable to concentrate on your studies?” Lisa asked.

“Hmm!! Yes.”

“You failed in the last exams, right?”


“And you have exams again in a week!”


“Let’s have a deal then!”

“What?” Nick was completely puzzled.

“You come here daily as usual and prepare for the exams yourself. I won’t help you anything.”

“Why?” Nick questioned as he didn’t understand anything.

“Because you are going to get a reward if you pass this time! So, I want you to get it yourself.”

“A reward?”

“Yeah! If you get at-least a ‘C’…” Lisa stopped.

“What will happen if I get a ‘C’?” Nick was still puzzled.

“Well, you can sleep with me.”

“Whaaaat????????” Nick was shocked.

“Oh! You don’t want that? I thought you would be very happy to fuck me?”

“Are you serious? Is this all real?”

“Yes, Nick!” Lisa just smiled.

“So, I can have sex with you if I get a ‘C’! Is that the point?” Nick was still in shock but excited.

“Yeah! But I don’t want you to just pass, at-least a ‘C’ will make your dream come true. It that clear, Nick?”

“Yes, yes!!” Nick searching for words.

“So, that’s the deal. It should be between us only. I know, you won’t tell this to anyone.”


“Good! So, from tomorrow you can start your work.”


“All the best, Nick!”

“Thank you, Miss Lisa!”

Both bid goodbyes and Nick left the place.

“Will he do that?”

“I have to get her!”

Nick came to Lisa’s house on time. He went and sat in a corner. He is really preparing hard. Lisa didn’t involve in his work. She would be giving him something to drink or to eat while he is studying.

This went for whole week. Nick didn’t study like this till now. He looks very confident.

Finally exams are done. They both didn’t had even one word regarding his exams.

“So, this is the day!” Lisa thought while dressing.

Today Nick will be coming with his results and Lisa is preparing for him.

She put on a red shirt and black jean, simple as usual.

Door bell rings.

“He’s here!” Lisa went to open the door.

Nick stood there very calm. She couldn’t find any expression from his face.

“Come in, Nick!” Lisa closed the door after he enters.

“Did he fail again?” thought to herself.

“What happened Nick? You got a ‘C’?”

“No!” the first word of Nick this evening.

“Ohh! Poor boy. You missed it. What did you get then? Failed again? Don’t worry!”

“It’s an ‘A’!”

“What? Really?” Lisa was very happy to hear that.

Finally Nick busted his happiness. “Yes! It is.”

He handed her the report card and yes he got ‘A’.

Lisa was very happy that Nick passed his exams.

“Thanks Miss Lisa! Thank you so much!”

Lisa went to him and kissed him on lips. Nick took her into his arms and started kissing her back. She left the report card to the floor and hugged him while kissing.

She forced her tongue into his mouth. Nick sucked it and then he pushed his into her mouth. Both were sucking their mouths. He took her ass into his hands and started squeezing them. She is grinding her hips and moaning into his mouth.

Finally they broke the kiss. Lisa could see the disappointment in his face as she broke the kiss. That was his first kiss.

“Call me Lisa!” she said to him.

Both looked into their eyes. They hugged and started kissing again. This time he covered all her face. She completely gave in.

Nick hold her tightly with one hand around her waist and other at back of her head. His kisses are leaving a trace of saliva all over her face. He went to her neck and his left hand moved to her left boob while right hand still holding one of her ass cheeks.

Nick couldn’t believe that he is actually having this woman. He placed his hand on her boob.

It is so soft and round. He didn’t feel any fabric other than her shirt. He pressed his hand on her boobs. Lisa just moaned. He again started kissing her lips. She took his tongue again.

Nick started unbuttoning her shirt while kissing. She helped him doing that. After undoing all the buttons he put his hand inside. He is correct. She didn’t wear any thing under her shirt.

He is squeezing her boob hard, while kissing her. Lisa stepped back. His hand still on her breasts. She took off her shirt.

There she is! The woman he had been thinking off standing half naked in front of him. He took both her boobs into his hands.

Lisa moaning slowly as he is playing with her tits.

“Go on Nick! I am all yours.” she pulled his head towards her breast.

“Mmmmm… that feels so good…” Lisa moaning as Nick sucking her nipples.

He true detective izle sucked her nipples so hard and gave some bites. She is enjoying every moment of him.

“You don’t want to just suck me all the day, do you?” Lisa asked in a low tone.

Nick went on to his knees in front of Lisa. He hold her waist and started kissing her stomach while squeezing her ass. She is running her hands in his hair and letting out low moans.

He started unbuttoning her jean and pulled it down. She don’t even have any panties. Her pussy is just inches away to his face. It was trimmed, light pink in color.

“You are ready for this?” Nick asked her while pulling her pants down.

Lisa smiled and nodded her head. She stepped out of her pants and threw it away. She is completely naked now. She took his head and pulled him and locked her lips with him. She forced her tongue into his mouth.

Nick kissed her back so hard and also bit her tongue and lips. They broke the kiss looked each other.

She placed her hand over his shorts on his dick which is already rock hard. He pulled over his t-shirt and threw it away and started unbuttoning his shorts.

“Wait!” Lisa ordered. She placed another hand on his upper body and started caressing over it.

His body was in pale white color with red and light pink spots over just like on his face. He was very thin than she thought. Her look was expression less.

“Yeah, I am ugly!” Nick broke the silence. There was a unhappy look on his face.

Lisa just smiled and bent to kiss his chest. She planted kisses all over his upper body, sucked his skin. Then stood and gave kiss on his lips. He is happy again that she accepted him.

“Now it’s my turn!” she knelt down and started rubbing her hands over his shorts.

“It looks the same!” he said.

“Let me check that.” Lisa started unbuttoning him. She pulled his shorts and got a wank from his cock over her face.

“Ohho!” she exclaimed.

He stepped out of them and stood right in front of her.

There is it. That is the most ugliest cock she had ever seen and big as well.

It would be around 9 inches in length and 2 inches wide. She measured it by her looks.

He has golden pubic hair which he didn’t trim. It was in light pink color with red marks. And also it is very uneven like his dick nerves are having knots inside. And his balls, bigger than she imagined just like his penis.

Lisa took it into her hand and started examining it.

“You have a very weird cock Nick.” said Lisa.

“Yeah! You are the first woman to see this!” replied Nick.

Lisa laughed and said “And the first to take it.”

He still can’t believe that the most beautiful woman he had even known was kneeling in front of him with his cock in her hands and ready to get fucked by it.

He came to sense when he realized she was kissing his manhood while stroking it.

Lisa started licking him while continuing her strokes. Nick was just moaning in response.

She opened her mouth and guided his dick into her mouth. He felt her mouth warm on his dick as she took it slowly.

Lisa started sucking him while playing his balls with one hand. She squeezed them so hard that he let a loud moan. She placed her another hand on his butt and pushed him into her. Nick understood what she was trying to do and started moving in and out.

He is fucking her face. His dick is slamming her mouth. He took her head and started moving hard. He is deep throating her and she is completely taking him.

Nick increased his pace and Lisa understood that he is close to climax. She moved her tongue over his dick and started sucking it hard.

“Yeah, yeah, yeahhh!!” he started cumming. Lisa took every drop of his semen. She sucked him clean and swallowed all his cum. She sucked it for couple of times and took it out. Not even single drop escaped her mouth.

“That was sweet.” Lisa smiled.

“That was great.” Nick smiled back.

She stood and started kissing him. Both had kisses all over their faces.

Lisa broke the kiss and said, “It’s time to return something.” With that she sat on the couch and opened her legs wide.

Nick knelt down between her legs took them into his hands and pushed them a little back.

“Eat me Nick!” Lisa in a slutty tone.

He placed his right hand on her pussy and started rubbing it slowly. Then he inserted his middle finger into it.

“You are very wet and warm!”

“I am burning to be fucked by you.” Lisa laughed.

Nick began stroking his finger into her pussy. His index finger joined to fuck her cunt. He increased his pace.

“Ohhhh Yeah!! Yeah!! Don’t stop!!” Lisa moaning.

He now placed his mouth on her vagina and started kissing it while fucking with fingers. His tongue replaced his fingers.

“Your mouth feels so good on me! Fuck me with your tongue.” Lisa placed a hand on his head and pushing him into her pussy.

His tongue is licking and fucking her cunt simultaneously. He added his finger and stroking very hard this time.

“Ahhhh!! Hmmmmmm!! Yeah!! Fuck!! I’m going to cummmmm!!” Lisa came very hard. Nick kept licking all her juices.

“Fuck me Nick!! I can’t wait anymore. Fuck me!!” Lisa begged him.

Nick positioned himself. His dick is rock hard pointing towards her cum dripping cunt.

Lisa took his cock into her hands and stroked a little while pulling it to her. She stopped when his dick head touched her pussy lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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