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Hedone part 2 – Alter of Lust

The darkness echoed with the screams of pain and pleasure. Every nerve in his body screamed in agony. Slowly he came awake to a world of purple light and smoke. What had happened? Where was he? Who was he?

Slowly his mind adjusted to his new surroundings. How had he come to be here? Lost, confused and dazed he tried to move but his body was sluggish and refused to move.

He closed his eyes and tried to relax but his mind would not stop reeling. Flashes of images came and went. A room with a beautiful girl, being tied to a bed, screams of pain. Was that him screaming in agony?

Feeling a presence at his side he turned his head and opened his eyes. All he could see was a blur. A smudge of a shape but what he believed to be a person. He tried to speak but no words would come.

The figure came closer and slowly his vision cleared revealing a woman of the most exquisite beauty. She came to his side and ran a hand over his forehead. At her touch all his pain vanished and his vision cleared.
He was lying on a stone slab, totally naked and fully erect. The figure lent down and whispered in his ear,
“I am Hedone. You now belong to me Aaron.”

At the mention of her name all his memories flooded back and he screamed in despair,
“I’m dead, how can I be dead?!”

Hedone shook her head and brushed her fingers along his side, drawing small trails of blood. Lifting her bloody fingertips to her lips and licking them clean. Her body shuddered in pleasure at the taste.
“I choose you for your vitality, your physical death was necessary.”

Aaron bunched his fists in an act of defiance, once more he tried to move but his body refused. He screamed in rage and pain, his eyes going cold as he watched Hedone,
“What do you want with me Daemon?”

Hedone hissed in anger before gripping Aaron around the neck and lifting him bodily off the slab. With a roar of pure rage she hurled his body across the room, sending him crashing into one of the vast pillars that filled the room,
“Watch you tongue Human!”

Aaron rose unsteadily to his feet and shook with pain and barely contained rage, but a single look from Hedone stilled his rage. The calm anger that boiled in her eyes reminded him where he was. Hedone’s words came back to him ‘you belong to me’, he knew with every shred of his being that he did.

Hedone slowly walked across the chamber, her every movement full of grace. Every step was measured and precise. Every flex showed the curves of her body. Aaron watched open mouthed as she slowly approached. It was only now that he noticed that she was totally naked. Full round breasts, easily a DD cup. Soft round hips and smooth thighs and a throbbing eleven inch cock.

Aaron could not take his eyes off Hedone as she stood over him. His eyes always returning to the cock that stood out and pulsed.
Hunger gripped him, he wanted to suck that cock so bad. Hedone looked down on him and grinned showing perfect white teeth and vicious looking canines,
“Suck it, I know you want to”
Aaron didn’t hesitate. He gripped the shaft and gently began wanking. He could easily fit both his hands around the shaft.
Pre-cum dripped from the tip of Hedone’s cock and Aaron could hold back no longer. Running his tongue around the head while his hands kept up a steady rhythm along the shaft.
Hedone moaned and purred at his ministrations of her cock. She stroked his hair before taking a handful and moaning in pleasure.

Tightening her grip on his hair Hedone chuckled a sadistic laugh before plunging her cock deep into his throat. Aaron gagged and tried to push her away but Hedone held him firm and pushed her cock deeper and deeper into his throat.
Aaron’s eyes bulged as the full eleven inches were buried deep in his throat. His nose pressed against her abdomen. He reached for her balls to kneed and massage them but his hand found a dripping pussy instead.

At his touch Hedone pulled her cock half way out of Aaron’s throat and let out a growl of pure animalistic lust. With a howl of pleasure she thrust her cock back into his throat. Her whole body shook with spasms of pleasure as she came, filling his throat with her cum. Gripping his hair tight Hedone viscously fucked Aaron’s throat until finally she stopped cumming.

Hedone pulled her cock from Aaron’s throat and let him fall to the fall gasping for breath and coughing up cum that he had not been able to swallow.

Darkness claimed him once more as his body sagged. His throat burned from the punishment it had taken. He hated himself because now he wanted more. He wanted nothing but to please Hedone, and if that meant being her fuck toy then so be it.

The sound of girlish laughter broke through the fog of unconsciousness. Aaron slowly izmir escort bayan opened his eyes hoping the recent events were just a dream. He could not of been more wrong.

He lay on his back in the centre of a small pit. Turning his head slowly to take in his soundings he saw four girls watching him. They sat immobile around the pit just staring. Every so often they would whisper to each other causing each other to giggle and laugh. It was this laughter that had woken him.

Aaron tried to move but his entire body burned and every muscle ached. He managed to get into a sitting position before his body protested and threatened to fall into unconsciousness once again. Hedone stood before him and laughed at his plight.
“finally you wake. My Nymphets nearly started without you”

Hedone waved the nymphets forward. With a hiss of anticipation they leapt into the pit, moving to stand around Aaron. He looked at each one in turn and felt a wave of revulsion surge through his body. They were not human at all but twisted creations of a twisted mind.

The first nymphet approached Aaron. Her body moved with a lithe grace, every step measured to show off her femininity. Her body was mostly human but her arms and legs were most definitely not. Her legs were those of a goat, covered in a soft fur from her waist to her tapered hooves. Her arms seemed human from the shoulder to the elbow, but from the elbow down they formed lithe tentacles. She bent down and kissed his cheek before rolling out an elongated snake tongue and running it over his face. She shuddered in pleasure then stepped back to let the next nymphet examine him.

The second was even less human than the first. Her lower body was that of a snake, six feet of writhing tail that whipped in restraint. Her head was shaved bare exposing a small crest of horns growing from the back of her head. She slithered up to him and rose to her full height, dwarfing even Hedone. Moving with a serpents speed she wrapped herself around Aaron. Her hands exploring his flesh and leaving small cuts were her talons cut into his chest and back. With a hiss of loathing she dropped him back to the ground before turning her back on him and moving behind Hedone.

The third nymphet smiled and watched Hedone as she walked over to Aaron and gently kissed his forehead. She seemed human in every way. But the illusion was broken when she opened her mouth. Instead of a tongue a dripping tentacle snaked out. Wrapping around Aaron’s neck holding him still while her hands explored his body. She released him and purred in excitement before moving to join the others. As she turned Aaron saw the tail that twitched behind her. Something about it was more disturbing than any of the aspects of the other nymphets.

The final one approached. She resembled Hedone in nearly every way. The only difference was her breasts. Where Hedone had two large and shapely breasts the last nymphet had six, each no bigger than a B cup. Her areola the size of tea coasters. Her nipples hard and erect standing almost half an inch long. Like Hedone she had both a pussy and a cock, her pussy dripped in arousal while her cock throbbed. Not as big as Aaron or Hedone, her cock was about six inches in length and about three inches round. She stroked her cock slowly as she studied Aaron before turning to Hedone and giggling.

Hedone reached down and gripped Aaron around the neck and lifted him off the floor so she could look in the eye before dropping him once more. She walked over to the pit edge and sat on a cushion one of her thralls had brought for her comfort. She hissed a command at the nymphets who giggled in anticipation before approaching Aaron as one.

They gripped his limbs and dragged him to the centre of the pit. He knew it was useless to resist as it would only cause him pain. Better to follow instruction and he may yet survive this ordeal, even though he knew he would never get home.

As one they began licking and kissing his body. Taking every smell and scent. Savouring every drop of sweat that ran from his trembling body. They purred and squealed in pleasure at his taste.
Aaron squeezed his eyes shut and tried to ignore the revulsion that threatened to over take him.

Hedone leaned back as she watched her four Nymphets take their pleasure from the human. He had indeed been a worthy sacrifice. She stroked her cock gently while listening the the purrs and squeals of delight. She had to stop herself from laughing at the expression of loathing on Aaron’s face but she knew it wouldn’t be there for long, not once her girls really got started.

Hedone had never bothered to name the Nymphets. They were only toys to be used and had not yet earned a name. She hissed a command at them and grinned in lust as they rushed to complete her buca escort wishes.

The nymphets started chanting in low guttural voices. The words were unknown to Aaron but the power in them made his skin crawl and his stomach turn.
The chant only lasted a minute but left the nymphets breathing heavily and staring at Aaron with barely contained lust. As one they began caressing and exploring his body. He tried to resist but his body refused to obey. His limbs felt like lead but every sensation seemed to be magnified to levels he had never known.

The first nymphet slowly ran her tentacles along his legs. Exploring every curve of muscle. Looking for his sensitive areas before she lowered her head and wrapped her tongue around his cock. Aaron was disgusted with himself for being aroused but he couldn’t deny the pleasure he was receiving.
The nymphet slowly worked her tongue up and down his length while one of her tentacles began to caress his anus. He tried to complain but the others held him down while they explored him. The third nymphet leant down and gripped his chin, forcing his mouth open. Before he had a chance to scream she forced her tentacle tongue down into his throat. He gagged and tried to pull his head away, but she held him firm and drove the tentacle further still until it reached his stomach.

While his throat was being abused the first nymphet drove one of her tentacles deep into his ass. Aaron’s eyes bulged in pain at the intrusions, but his cock twitched and grew harder with every passing second. He couldn’t stop himself opening his legs further, allowing her to drive the tentacle deep into his body.

Slowly with delicate care the nymphet removed her tentacle from his mouth. Her hands running over his chest, her fingertips pulling gently at his nipples. He moaned in disgusted pleasure at their treatment. His eyes wide and begging for more.

Slowly the tentacle was pulled from his anus. Every inch caused him to buck and writhe in pleasure. Once it was fully removed he wiggled his hips and looked imploringly at the nymphets. He whispered,
“Please more”

Hedone grinned to hear him beg for more. She hissed a command at the other two nymphets who had stood by and watched the first two explore Aaron’s body.

The second nymphet hissed at Aaron in disgust before looking at Hedone for instruction. Hedone growled at her making her wince in fear. She slivered over to Aaron and gripped him by the neck before lifting bodily off the floor. His limbs flailed uselessly as he hung helpless in her grip.
With a hiss she moved her tail round with the tip help up between his legs. Her other hand moved down his chest and stomach before gripping his cock in an iron hard grip making him cry out.
She looked him in the eye and growled. With a grunt of disgust she thrust her tail up while pushing him down, driving her tail deep into his ass. Aaron screamed out in pain as the tail was forced deeper and deeper. The nymphet released the hold on his neck, his body held up by her tail alone.

Aaron wept and screamed in pain at the latest violation of his body. He was stretched more than ever before. Blood began to run down her tail from his abused ass.
The nymphet ran her hands over his chest before gripping under his armpits. Dipping her fingers into his flesh she began to move him up and down on her tail viciously, fucking him like he was nothing more than a piece of meat.

Hedone growled at her seeing the look in her eyes. The nymphet was intent on killing Aaron with her fucking but Hedone would not allow it. He was hers to use and abuse and only she could decide if he was to die.

With a final thrust deep into Aaron’s ass the nymphet growled and threw him aside with a look of hate that he had never seen before.

Curling up in a ball and weeping. His body screaming in agony and bleeding freely from the violation and brutal fucking he had just received. Aaron didn’t notice the forth nymphet slowly approach until she was stood over him. Forcing his eyes closed he rocked and cried,
“please no more, I can’t take any more, please stop”

The nymphet looked over at Hedone and said something in a language he didn’t know. She knelt down beside him and gently stroked his hair. With gentle movements she rolled him onto his back. She began stoking his stomach with a tenderness he had not expected. From her touch Aaron felt a soft warmth spread through his body, she whispered in his ear,
“be healed chosen of Hedone, your day is not done yet.”

The warmth slowly eased. The bleeding from his anus stopped as the damage that had been caused was healed by the nymphets touch.
The pain finally faded, he opened his eyes and looked up at the nymphet. He wanted to thank her but something about her stopped him.
Looking over her izmir escort body he noticed her breast dripped. A mothers milk slowly seeping from her. Before he knew what he was doing he began sucking at one of her breasts. The nymphet gasped and moaned in pleasure. She gently stroked his hair as she purred encouragement to him.

Hedone watched as her toy was healed before turning her gaze on the nymphet that had angered her.
With a hiss at the other two she growled a command sending them into a frenzy of activity.
Aaron stopped suckling when he heard the commotion. He turned to watch as the two nymphets grabbed her and dragged her to Hedone’s feet.

Hedone stood and motioned for Aaron to join her. Slowly he climbed to his feet and walked stiffly to her side. The snake nymphet hissed at spat at the others holding her.
Hedone struck like a snake. Slapping her so hard the sound echoed around the whole chamber,
“SILENCE! You over step your station Whore!”

The nymphet went silent and still. Her cheek bright red from the slap, her eyes filling with tears from the stinging pain. Hedone reached down, taking hold of her horns and lifted her head so she could look into the nymphets eyes.
“You will not displease me again!”

Releasing her hold the snake nymphet shook in fear, her eyes imploring and she looked for support from the others but none would meet her gaze for fear of sharing her fate.

Hedone turned to Aaron and held out her hand. In her palm she held a knife of exquisite beauty. She held it out to him and said,
“You will take her life, either with this knife or your bare hands.”
Aaron looked from the knife to Hedone to the nymphet. He took a step back and held up his hands before shaking his head,
“I cannot kill her”
Hedone exploded in anger,
“You will Kill her or I let her kill You the way she wanted to!”
The colour draining from his face Aaron took the knife and closed his eyes. He needed to be strong. She would not of shown him mercy and would not of thought twice about killing him.

He walked towards her slowly, holding the knife tight in his hand. The other nymphets let go of her arms as he stepped close. Aaron expected a fight as she lifted her head and look right into his eyes. His lip curled in anger. Moving faster than he ever had he gripped her horns before thrusting his full length into her mouth and throat. With a growl of anger he began to fuck her throat with the ferocity she showed him earlier.

Aaron’s vision went red as all the pain he had suffered burned in pure hatred. The humanity in him died as he fucked the nymphets throat. Now he was just like them, a creature of Hedone.

With every thrust he dragged the knife across her back opening cut after cut.
Her blood flowed freely down her back as he pulled out of her throat.
She coughed and gasped for breath, her body shaking in pain. She tried to hide her pleasure at his treatment but it was obvious she was enjoying his treatment.

Aaron flexed his fingers on the knife before slashing at her wrists and elbows opening the veins. Her eyes went wide when she realized what he had done.

The sudden pain drew a whimper of fear from her which he quickly silenced by ramming his cock into her mouth once more. Again he went to opening cuts on her back and sides with every thrust.
He was getting close to cumming. He grunted in pleasure as he pulled out of her mouth again. Her eyes pleaded for mercy but his anger would not be stopped.

With a vicious cut he slashed her throat opening her veins and wind pipe, covering himself in a shower of blood. He gripped her horns and pulled her head back before driving the knife deep into her chest. The blade punctured her heart. Her mouth opened and closed in mute horror at her own death but Aaron wasn’t finished yet.

He pulled her head back exposing her opened throat and thrust his cock into the wound. He fucked her torn throat as the life left her body. As her heart beat its last beat he came, pumping his whole load straight into her now dead stomach.

Aaron stepped back from the now dead nymphet. His body shook and his hands trembled at what he had just done. But something had awoken in him, something dark, something cruel.
He straightened his back and looked to Hedone who now sat on her cushion once more, cum running down her cock. The other nymphets knelt at her feet covered in her cum, licking it from their faces and each others bodies.

He pulled the knife from the now cold corpse and stepped up to Hedone holding it out handle first, he raised his head exposing his neck to her. With the act of killing the nymphet he had sealed himself to Hedone’s service for as long as she wished to keep him.

Hedone took the knife before standing. She reached out and gently ran her hand over his face. At her touch the world went dark and Aaron once again fell into unconsciousness.

What would await him when he woke again?

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