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Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018

Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls… … … except that point on the story really starts the real teasing!

If it’s not your main kink and more than chapter 2 would be too much, you may prefer the alternate ending as chapter 2.5 and 3.5.

The first chapter wasn’t indicating at all the story would go so far into the kink, and at first, for all the stories I have read feeling bad but wanting to know the end, I thought of a short alternate ending half way that doesn’t pushes the fetish further that it has until the end of this chapter. Then, I just became more and more into doing that alternative timeline! Plus, I didn’t want the first event of chapter 3 to be long and detailed here, while I focused on it on chapter 3, making it better of course, but then future events are ellipses, so most of you that will read both will really enjoy two different takes!

Summary of chapter 2:

Our sex life begun when she allowed me an exceptional phone scenario to get off a week of frustration, promising me to kiss each other on the lips when I see her naked. My kitty side never fades but is pleased to share more and more of its place with a boy serving his beloved princess through the discovery of her body. But all he gets, despite how hard it drives him any second in his tight boxers, is a raw “nothing”; because somehow, I’m still just an innocent kitty.

It finally leads us to our sexual blooming, symbolized by the discovery of the unique and divine taste of her lips, and I mean all of them: she drops her panties on the floor and is given her first oral ever, while my cock reaches her private entrance for the final few seconds and give her a mind-blowing orgasm in total self-sacrifice.


As you can guess, I was nervous in the train, we opted to find a sex-shop where to buy the cage directly so that our parents would not have any hint of a clue about what could be the money spent this time. It was our first saturday afternoon date far away from home, us two, traveling the nearby big-town where we just called some sex-shops and luckily found one to buy the cage I previously made the needed measurements.

She wanted to be a little of a tease to celebrate the moment she’d see my cock… after all it couldn’t be as epic as when I saw her pussy since she was going to lock it right after seeing it!

She didn’t want to go very far, knowing I was frustrated for 5 days, and in for two more; yet I also explained her often that frustration, even after days and days, was only actual torture when I’m alone, so she still wanted to be a bitch! A kind bitch!

After some brainstorming on casual tease and denial sites, she made a casual tease and denial scenario since it wasn’t an accurate moment for me to be a cute kitty.

Basically, it began by preparing the dinner from A to Z, like we never really did, to extend the wait; then eat, normally, again, clothed. Next, she had me sit in she sofa right as we arrived by 7pm, still in the too short and tight jeans I wear all day, and she gave me her first actual sexy strip-tease, succeding to be confident and playful with my horniness while remaining sexy, even discovering that the little misses and out of tone movements tended to make me blush somehow… and sometimes twitch in my pants.

Both clothed, and me begging to be allowed in boxers so much my cock was crushed, we watched porn together… actually we watched a bunch of videos skipping 95% of each to choose six of them to download and watch full on tv, all that with her naked and next to me, what took easily 45 minutes.

I only knew that we chose 3 of what we each prefered, but I didn’t know why 3, I soon found out tho.

We watched together the first ones, one of each of our favorites, me on her shoulder, her warming herself. Mine hadn’t to be chastity and denial, for symbolic’s sake, more like some teasing, blowjobs or other nice treats rather than what I was gonna get soon! Hers also were some nice treats given to girls, or some female lead fuck.

The first ones ended and she began to strip me… began till she ended, my cock springing out of my boxers, leaky, squirmy, under her gentle laugh.

“So that’s what suffered secretly and quietly for me for all those weeks, poor thing, it’s pretty!”

We can say that the new life begun at that moment so, she wanted me to enjoy some jerking off during the second video, whatever the pace as long as I don’t cum of course, after 2 and a half long hours of teasing since we arrived home.

I provided her some pleasure on her breasts when her final video happened, and climbed on her lap when my turn came, watching a guy getting his cock head teased alaçatı escort by pretty lips. She tickled my legs, tummy, chest, neck, nipples and even my balls with her fingers and nails; my arms holding her hips, my cock having to “enjoy” merely being free and hard… for not so long anymore.

She was delightedly sorry for my tension, my anticipation and most of all my future life, as I was showing her my intimacy so that she puts it out of use. It wasn’t mere sadism at all since despite these feelings were more intense than those she usually makes me feel, it was really part of the moment and I just craved them as much as her, getting myself in the most vulnerable mindsets and positions against her.

She whispered in my ear to listen to the clock tick, what made me shiver as I heard the silence of that particular evening. I realised half a second later during the shiver that there was no clock, it was obvious but I was in a state of direct response to her words, before my slowed down thoughts form. So I took half that second to realize what imaginary “tick tock” she wanted me to listen to, and started to breath fast as I was almost trembling for a second. I buried myself against her for a moment and calmed down thank to her reassuring arms.

My mouth was resting in her neck so I started kissing it kindly, and let a line of kisses up to her shoulders before presenting myself right in front of her, on her lap, hands in my back, smile on my red face.

“I guess the clock is fading my love.”

“Is it?” she smiled back and devoured my neck a moment before the moment of fate while she had put an ice bag on my privates.

My cock hadn’t touched her, I was seated on her, turned 90° against her, like a prince or servant carry a princess in fairy tales, but seated. It made it even more intense because of how protective that position feels while it was also to not give up on the teasing game until my cock says goodbye to freedom, what would happen a minute later, with a shared smile, and some more nuzzling.

She granted me a mere kiss on the tip of my cock while still rock hard, enjoying the taste and feeling, and admitting she had no idea herself if it was comfort or playful humiliation.

She laughed she probably sucked at comfort, seeing my squirmy reaction and several spasms afterwards, trying to get more, as only the brain will remember the sensation forever; while the penis itself just kept contact for half a second and nothing more.

She had promised back then, and she stayed true to her promise, enjoying the look on my face even more than I enjoyed her kiss… unlike in my case, she read the need for more, like for so so so so so much more, a mere blowjob would even be cruel at this point! I deserved to cum inside her, and I was getting what could hardly be closer than the absolute contrary… and I don’t just mean the cage but also the promise for the sexless kitty time following, I craved it too, don’t get it wrong, I craved it badly, more badly that making love in fact, except some kitten’s wishes and some 18-year-old frustrated virgin boy biological responses are very different.

For a little note out of my role again, I’d say the most symbolic thing in it that means “I enjoyed this because I’m gonna cage you” was how the narrator brought the kiss in the story: five poor lines, no preparation, no signs, night and day compared to the pure bliss of her panties kiss! At this point, what follows follows without anymore text: She clipped it!

Despite the tension and frustration, I did sleep well, encouraged by her, this time taking me to sleep with gentle words pronounced against my neck.

She slowly put a hand down my cheek to my demanding neck, the other reaching my 5-days-swollen balls and cupping them.

“There’s no way we can ever be a boring couple now, isn’t it my kitty?”.


She cooed me some gentle things in the morning, caressing my neck lightly when I painfully tried to have my morning wood. Short after she locked me, yesterday, she’d been reasonable and asked me about cumming tonight, as it was sunday now. She didn’t want to hurt me but play with me, and guessed she’d be crazy with all the new possibilities our relationship offered all day long, knowing I was frustrated as hell. She was very aware the efforts these new ways of fun would ask me, caged for the first day of my life and horny since 5 others: I was sensitive to each new sensation her touch could make my body feel, to each way to refer to my caged dick and tease it, from all the pleasure I was happy to provide her erogenous areas to the kitty neck play with a little cock seemingly non-existing but in fact never ready to calm down it its prison at all.

All this, more than taking her back to being reasonable about my treat, really made her eager to remain in that teasing and sexual frenzy all sunday to play intensely and begin the school week relieved, with kind care and attention. We made it go slowly, letting me alaybey escort masturbate each time I’m home to release the excruciating day of so much hours without her to help me cope with the cage.

It eventually went well, my wish to play the kitten game with full devotion to her neck care didn’t wane a second, it really felt marvelous to “not have a dick” when she pleasured me that way.

I wondered if it would ever stop fighting, leaking and forcing itself soft after some time: it didn’t after two weeks but it wasn’t disappointing, I interpreted my inability to not awake sexually at each of her touch to be part of it, I was my dick’s own mental keyholder while she was the physical. I remember one day making her laugh by speaking to my cage:

“You wanna get hard? Too bad I just want to feel her kisses and pets fondly without your disgusting need that made you hard. I don’t care! Just fight, just cry, I just wanna feel like I’m hers without your dirty interested help, this is your life now!”

After two weeks we both realised something… I expected her to tease me a bit while I didn’t really want it, but I thought she did! And she felt the same, teasing me awkwardly, not really knowing how to deal with me caressing her body, knowing I was frustrated. And then it struck us: we were in the deepest love ever, we had life ahead, why don’t start back at zero? From there, I didn’t even tell her when I opened my cage by the evening with the spare key I had, what mattered is to be caged by each and every moment we were together, so I could be again only her kitten!

We were back to that cute as hell stage of the beginning of our relationship, miles away from her even cupping my balls, miles away from me to see her underwear. I’d melt and feel like I owed her the moon at each cheek kiss she’d sparingly give me. That, except I’d get off less and less evenings, often holding up two or three days, building a delightful frustration day after day that would never vanish in any way.

It would make every end of breaks something so evil no one should ever experience… but it formed our new little heaven of neck kissing, smiles, and rainbows and we were the happiest lovers of the world, and time just flew so fast!


“It’s been a month and a half I was putting that cage on you, teasing you like crazy for a single day, naked on the house, making “love” before, kissing and all… are you really not suffering that I barely even mention it anymore? While you are also… a really good boy when we spend evenings together!” she said looking down at her crotch with a smirk.

“You already know how I feel, I’m not less dreaming of a blowjob, I’m not suffering less in there, it’s terrible sexually, I hope I’m not making you feel bad. I asked for it and I’m taking it, it’s great, not easy!”

“I love this, it’s not feeling bad but… I’d like to be sure you’re not suffering badly, like you’re somehow suffering as you like and I’d not like to push it where you can’t love it anymore, so is it really great?”

I took her hand and smiled, I could see she wasn’t worried despite how it looked, she knew I was okay now, and it was a warning to not go too far, but what I said definitely erased all doubts of her minds forever.

“It’s great because our sexual drive will grow again, your teasing drive especially haha, it’s the first day again every morning, everything is to come! It’ll be intense again as it was the day you put that on me and gave a kiss to my cock, but now it’s cute and lovely, just as we are, just as your kitten is happy to feel when he’s with you my love! So it doesn’t have to be intense and sexual and teasy yet for me, don’t worry! Oh and your body will always get as much love as this, as long as you desire it, you may slow down your needs for my care at any time or enjoy daily oral each time we’re together at the very minimum! I’m all yours to please however the way! You know… this is a beautiful goddess’ body nothing can equal pleasuring it, nothing can equal in itself either!”

And so it went, weeks after weeks, her fingertips making me purr as a reward after class; and my “kitty love” fondling her everywhere not sexual like her back, legs, nape, feet, over her chest or whatever… And also twice or three times between her legs too! Because, well… it can also be made in a “loving-to-please kitty way” as I hinted I could do as much as she liked; all that making up for lost time to be the only one touched for months. I had actually been pleasing her body without a dick touch from her for more weeks that she ever fondled my neck without a hand on her butt, even if it takes two sentences to sum up!

Summer holidays happened 6 weeks after that adorable conversation, 3 months and a half after being put on chastity. I was pretty rarely out in her presence, except when she felt like making me a favor to get hard, or sleeping with her leg against by hard, horny and often doomed member, waiting another long school day aliağa escort to blow its load.

Sexual tension grew in the last month for sure, while we both chose to wait during the exam period to switch from the innocent kitten play to the horny kitten-boy one, we didn’t feel like going to a slow gradation anymore.

We wanted it now and raw, time made its time and now it was time!

Now, all I wanted was to put the spare key, mine, in a closed letter and never open it without an emergency; and all she wanted was to display her’s in her pretty little cleavage that gets me horny as hell! Then, she’d comfort me with some gentle yet teasy words while weighting my balls, a fake sorry smile displayed on her head.

And alternatively but worth mentioning, like really, like really really really; she craved to cum from my actions like much more often… like much much much more often!

We broke our promise of raw cuteness on the last day of exams, heating each other with the scenario of the end of my freedom from unlocking past the last one; her getting wet, me sore and frustrated as it became… quite a bit more than just the official giveaway of my sexuality!

That evening, the door carefully locked (even though the parents knew it was not anymore strictly about kisses and hand-holding), not only did she promise another cock-head kiss before my sex life become her property, but first… she didn’t do it! Then, she closed the letter in a short miniskirt letting me see her panties when she bent ahead, the said panties I was looking at and masturbating. But she closed the letter too fast to let me cum, and my pleadings didn’t make her change her mind to put my dick in ice for a few minutes, laughing at the little worm she slid easily into its cage. The head not even out and protruding yet, she wetly kissed the metal bars it wasn’t even touching as long and sexily as if she kissed my lips, and let go right when it was about to reach it.

She made me get up and held me, caressing her pussy through her panties with my cage. She waited for me to fully throb in heat, limp cock sorely swollen and trying to burst the cage, to begin burying my neck into kisses, making me shiver. She knew I last came yesterday evening, but it was easy to see time didn’t mattered yet, just from how her cage kiss made my heart race, not even mentioning what followed.

She pushed me lying on the bed, at her mercy, and started to finger-tease herself at my view, over her panties. She climbed on me and began to finger herself for real, as well as kissing me deeply. Not only she did not grant my cock a touch, but she was repeatedly giving my nuts light fast slaps, hurting a little bit, making me whimper in her mouth.

“I feel… your power…” I whispered in a weird gaze of total letting go, I knew a side of her wanted it to be absolutely horrible, and the other wanted it to be orgasmic: a plaything brought to levels of frustrations proportional to how he was loved and felt connected to her in awe. I felt both at the same time and understood what “a whole is more than its parts” really meant. I could do nothing but beg for more, arch my body, moan in ecstasy and breath hard.

She got her clothes off one by one, sitting next to me, and slowly put a beautiful black soft lingerie while massaging my slightly achy testicles.

She climbed up, sat on me, between my legs, driving my leaky cage inside her, under her panties, till she came thanks to the help of my unchained member unsuccessfully trying to taste her insides; made crazy because of both her hands that held a feather tormenting my neck.

We ended the event caressing each other tenderly, my hand on her panties for her to have some more waves of afterglow even past her post-orgasm trance. Her hand went from my sore balls to my itching neck after my shy demand that made her laugh cutely. She learned for the first time that however mad, frustrated or sore she drives me (in the particular case of my nuts… she would come fast to like to play a bit rough with them), no level of anything could make me ever request some attention below the neck… and the belt, to feel better. No, I had just turned around as for my “demand”, a silent request.

“You’re so devoted… so adorable… taking everything I had in store for your new life and turning the other side in almost foetal position so much you’re feeling shy and blushing. You could have requested what would be the most indulgent thing to allow you past having been such a good boy, but it’s not what you’re offering me hmm? Howww, little kitty, is that neck for me?”

“… …”

” ‘that for me? Only for me?”

“… … meow”

“Hmmm, that’s true, not just a good boy, but a really cute kitty cat too, nhhh, lovely, show me that neck, just like…”


“Oh, there, there, it’s alright, alright, shhhhh… Lisa will take care of you kindly, okay? Would you like to receive a little kiss in your neck for being a cute kitten?”

I nodded yes with my head, slowly, shyly, still hiding myself from her, curled towards the left while she was behind me. She moved very slowly that time, taking care to not make me escape at the other end of the town if her hand touched me while I wasn’t preparing for it, and gave all her love into that kiss.

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