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The text message was short and to the point. Bridget wanted him to be with her tonight. It sounded like a fun time, but Zack already had other plans. His text message was also short and concise. He wrote that he had other plans for tonight. He issued an apology in the same text message, though he reassured Bridget that the two of them would get together again sometime next week.

Zack waited for her response in the middle of the night. The suburbs had grown dark and silent. After a sizzling afternoon in the middle of August, everything cooled down when the full moon towered over the city of La Mirada. Zack appreciated the solitude when the heat temporarily expired. A cool breeze helped soothe his senses. Even if he wore a black tank top with his blue jeans, he welcomed the lower temperatures. He stayed outside right when he left the house and walked across the street. No moving cars had been present at this time. He would have made it to the house that stood right across the street from his own home. But Bridget’s text message stopped him from moving forward.

The street lights on both sidewalks provided more brightness for his digital communication. Bridget’s next response consisted of her expressing disappointment, but also hope for their next meeting. Zack did care about his girlfriend. She was a beautiful young woman with an outgoing personality. He would never want to upset her in any way. He also didn’t want to upset his favorite neighbor.

He sent another text message to assure Bridget that he would be there for her next time. She simply responded that she would see him again soon. Zack wished her a good night before he finally put his smartphone in his pocket. He got that out of the way. He rang the doorbell and waited for Herman to open the front door.

Zack waited patiently in the dark. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening. Ever since May, he had kept this secret from his girlfriend. In fact, he kept it from everyone he knew. Even the users he met in online forums. He didn’t want anyone else to know. He and Herman had a special relationship that lasted for more than three months now. It wouldn’t have happened if Zack had these unusual feelings at the very beginning. But then, Herman showed him just how special this invisible connection would be. Both men would have no shame in expressing their true feelings. It would always happen in Herman’s two-story house. That was where Zack had been able to be a completely different person than what he usually was.

Herman opened the front door. The light from inside the house spilled over the concrete floor. Just seeing Herman made Zack more comfortable in this new environment. The 36-year-old neighbor had the right characteristics as the more dominant one in the relationship. He was tall with broad shoulders and dark chocolate skin. His overall physique reminded Zack why he continued to lust for him.

Herman closed the door. He and Zack embraced each other. Zack felt so small in Herman’s arms. At 18 years of age, the blond-haired man could have easily been categorized with his feminine features. He was skinny, with fair skin and a fresh pair of blue eyes. He didn’t mind being the one with a more submissive tendency. He hugged Herman even harder. Having the black man’s warm arms surrounding him made him feel weak in the knees.

Zack rested his head against Herman’s shoulders and whispered, “You’ll be happy to know that Bridget still doesn’t know about this.”

Herman whispered in his ear, “Why should she? We’ve got something good here.”

They Şişli Escort kissed each other on the lips. Zack always adored this feeling. He would never want to compare Herman’s lips to Bridget’s own, but the victory clearly belonged to the one of the same sex. Herman grabbed his hand and brought him upstairs.

The master bedroom included a carpeted floor and the curtains that kept the windows shrouded to avoid spectators from the other side. The familiar surroundings fueled Zack’s long-lasting fixation toward naughty escapades.

Herman kissed him on the neck. “You’re so gentle…and innocent.”

Zack almost shivered. “I always like to stay this way whenever I’m here.”

“Show me what I want.”

Zack couldn’t resist. He took off his clothes in front of Herman. When he finished, he had no shame in showing off his nude body to the man he yearned for. He wanted to be used by his neighbor. His submissive side had come out of hiding yet again.

Herman smiled. “Yeah, that’s right. That’s the stuff I like.”

Zack proudly showed off his nude exterior. He had done this numerous times since their first encounter from nearly four months ago. He had no guilt, even if he knew it was wrong. The temptations were stronger than his conscience, and he willfully ignored his original moral codes. Being a good service to Herman’s needs proved to have benefits, albeit only in secret.

Zack slid his hands all across his body. “I’m ready. Go ahead and take me.”

Herman didn’t move. “Not quite yet. I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

He slid open the closet door and pulled out something that Zack had never seen before. Herman showed him a simple pink dress. Nothing complicated, just a skirt and a sleeveless top.

“I want you to wear it.”

Zack had never worn a woman’s dress before. Nevertheless, he had great anticipation. He grabbed the dress and put it on. He stood in front of the mirror that hung on the wall. It was a perfect fit. He appeared to be the appropriate size for this red dress. The skirt ended right above his knees, while his bare arms had no trouble being exposed by the lack of sleeves.

Zack couldn’t believe it. The dress felt so warm and comfortable. “I like it. I really like it.”

Herman stepped forward and stood behind the younger man. “Oh, yeah. It really looks good on you.”

Zack felt like a young woman during a rite of passage. He felt tense. His feminine behavior had reached new heights. Herman grabbed him from behind. He trembled at the sudden touch, making his girly behavior more noticeable in this situation.

Herman whispered, “I do wish I’d see you like this more often from now on.”

Zack immediately imagined the possibilities with his new wardrobe. He felt more tense. He only wished he could grow his blond hair even longer to give himself the proper appearance. He now waited for the inevitable push.

Herman, who still had his original clothes on, pulled Zack closer from behind and locked him in his embrace once again. Only this time, he slowly thrust his hips forward. Zack could feel Herman’s shrouded cock pressing against the skirt that shielded his hole. Zack moaned like a girl. Herman kept pressing the bulge in his pants against Zack’s butt. Both of their hips collided into each other. Zack held on to the older man’s arms. The slow and sensuous dry humping made the younger man forget about everything that happened today. At this time, he belonged to his favorite neighbor.

Herman kissed his shoulder. Şişli Escort Bayan “Can’t get enough of my dick, can you?”

Zack closed his eyes for a moment. “You’re not wrong.”

Herman reached down and lifted the skirt up. He grabbed hold of Zack’s erection and began to caress it with care. Moving his fingers up and down caused Zack to feel even more vulnerable in this position.

“Oh, fuck.”

Herman had no trouble demonstrating his authority. Zack welcomed it with an open mind. Herman’s fingers picked up speed. Zack could feel his cock being persuaded to make a mess on the floor.

Herman whispered in his ear, “That’s right. You’re mine tonight.”

He didn’t stop stroking Zack’s cock while pressing his bulge against the latter’s skirt. Zack trembled at the overall feeling of submission. He let out another girlish moan.

“Oh, it feels so good.”

He looked in the mirror and watched it all unfold. The pink dress was still a perfect fit. It gave a sweet flavor to his current demeanor. Herman’s fingers made him gasp. He could feel the eruption about to take place.

“Oh, Herman. Fuck!”

Zack shivered just as his semen spurted out of his cock and landed on the carpeted floor. Herman stopped stroking the cock. Both men stayed still in their embrace. Zack bit his lip. He felt grateful for the ejaculation. He knew this wouldn’t be the only time that large amounts of cum would exit a man’s body.

The two of them kissed each other. Zack slowly wiggled around in Herman’s arms and gave a girlish giggle. “I just love it when you do this.”

Herman smiled. “But it doesn’t end here.”

* * *

He was correct. This would only be the prologue to a more fashionable technique. Zack lay flat on his back in bed. Herman, after taking his own clothes off, stood right above him at the edge of the bed. Zack had to swing his head back when Herman shoved his cock deep into his mouth. His head was upside down, but it didn’t matter to him. Zack took it with pride. Even if Herman was careful when he thrust his big dick into Zack’s mouth, he still managed to add a little aggression to his dominant position. Zack opened his mouth wide and took that cock like a champion.

Herman didn’t stop thrusting his cock. “Oh, yeah. You better swallow all of it when I’m done.”

Zack still wore the pink dress, which made him more aware of his subservient actions. He couldn’t say anything. He could only muffle a few words since the big dick was still in his mouth. He had grabbed hold of the bedsheet and blanket. The tip of the cock slid deep into his throat and it almost choked him. But he tolerated the mild discomfort. He still enjoyed having Herman’s black cock being stuffed into one of his holes. His line of vision still vibrated owing to Herman’s fast movements. The bedroom was upside down at the moment. This surreal experience just made him feel even more aroused.

Zack let out a high-pitched moan when Herman thrust his cock as hard as he could. The climax had been reached. Zack could feel large amounts of warm and succulent cum flooding his mouth. He had to be quick. He sucked the semen and swallowed everything he had received. He made certain that none of it would spill out of his mouth.

Herman finally pulled his cock out of the younger man’s mouth. Zack had swallowed all of it. He still had no shame in expressing his secret identity. He licked his lips. No residue would leave his mouth at a time like this.

Herman looked down at his prized possession. Escort Şişli “All that cum is good for you, you know.”

Zack chuckled. “It makes me feel good, too.”

Herman still had more of his masculine juices left. That was why he spent the next several minutes pounding the blond man right in the ass. He sat down in the chair near the corner and kept Zack on his lap. Zack wrapped his legs around him as he faced the older man. Herman thrust his cock upwards. The two of them bounced up and down in the chair, which made a loud creaking noise every time Herman jumped in the seat.

Zack shouted, “Oh, fuck! Don’t stop!”

He swung his head back as he and Herman bounced with agility. He still wore the dress during this occasion. It made this presentation more appropriate. He let out his girly moans. He could feel a drop of sweat forming on his forehead. The entire room had grown warmer as Herman perfectly utilized his testosterone.

Zack squeezed his eyes shut. Even if he admired Herman’s big cock, it still caused a stinging sensation as it slid inside him. “I want it! I so want your cock inside me!”

Herman didn’t stop. He made his upward thrusts faster and harder. “You’re so good when you take my dick.”

Zack’s moans grew louder. The temptations had overruled his critical thinking once again. Tonight, he didn’t care about Bridget. He didn’t care about the disloyalty. He only cared about this special attachment with Herman. He just wanted to be used by his favorite neighbor. It has been happening for nearly four months, and he still didn’t want it to end. There be no termination toward his secret cravings anytime soon.

Herman hugged Zack tightly. The blond crossdresser almost screamed. Herman’s cock released its warm ingredients for the second time in a row. The familiarity made Zack more appreciative of his conduct. Having thick cum flooding his narrow walls never felt so delightful.

The two men remained seated in the chair. Zack couldn’t help it when he wrapped his arms around Herman’s neck and gave him a long kiss. Herman kept his cock deep inside Zack’s hole while they shared their intimate moment.

Zack felt so weak in Herman’s arms. He imagined himself as a maiden who pleased her master. He was glad to have been given this pink dress. He didn’t want to throw it away.

He whispered, “I think I’m actually a better girl than Bridget.”

Herman kissed his forehead. “You really are.”

That simple statement kept Zack’s high spirits intact. There would be no other way to fulfill his wishes. He and Herman still made a great pair. The dress just extended their secret adventures. Zack didn’t want this to be the only dress he would wear in Herman’s house. He would wait until the older man would give him a few more to wear. And he would gladly wear them as he pleased him without remorse.

Herman had another good idea. “I want you to stay here for the night. I wouldn’t want you to leave me alone at a time like this.”

Zack kissed him. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll still be here.”

And after a soothing shower, the two of them turned off the lights. The night would end with them snuggling in bed in the nude. Zack rested his head on Herman’s shoulder and slowly caressed Herman’s thick chest in the dark. He finally relaxed. He stayed close to the one man he cared about the most. He would have had the courage to tell Bridget the absolute truth. But he just couldn’t. He lay with Herman in bed while reminiscing the good times they shared. He only hoped that their relationship would never change. He hoped they would stay together even with Bridget still in the picture. He never imagined that keeping a secret like this would be so easy. But he accepted it. Bridget didn’t have to know anything about it. This was too good a secret to be revealed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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