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My company sent me to London where I was expected to

Have Sex With A Customer

It was only then that I found out I was gay.

I was waiting nervously in reception for someone to escort me up to a conference room, although the reception area was not very busy with comings and goings I was having difficulty picking out who my escort was, then, I made eye contact with someone heading my way. He was in his mid-fifties, give or take, wearing an expensive smart dark business suit walking purposefully almost military like in my direction, I stood up to meet him as equals, like we were taught at business school.

He introduced himself as “Lieutenant Commander Craig Davidson, the customer’s NATO representative at the Foreign Office, but please call me Craig as I am now retired.”

I introduced myself, who I worked for and that I was to submit and get certified my company’s proposal for a submarine defence project in the Philippines.

I had no business cards as I was an eleventh hour substitute, the Naval Bid Manager had handed in his notice and my friend Hamish had recommended me to our Marketing Manager to courier our bid to the client. Which I subsequently volunteered for, to hand deliver a tender to the NATO Clearance Offices run by the Foreign Office. Sweetener was I would have four days to myself in London on expenses that was the selling point.

This would be my first trip to London and I was looking forward to seeing in person if what they said about London’s night life and fleshpots are correct. Basically all I had to do was hand deliver our tender and witness it being uploaded into a digitised NATO tender correspondence library and review system. Two days later it would either be accepted into their full review process or handed back to me to take back to my company; simple.

For two days I could do what I liked in London then get the return rail sleeper on Sunday night and straight back into work on Monday morning. Although I couldn’t plan anything for the first day as I didn’t know how long the certification processes would take, but I had planned out the next two days with the last day being a free day in case I had to pick up our rejected proposal. This was unusual for a NATO project but the Philippine Navy had insisted on this being part of the tender process.

Craig led me upstairs outlining the process, we had to individually certify two hundred and fifty two pages of documents by initialing each page then they were to be scanned into a document digitizing reader library and the legal document package sealed. The digitised working versions would then to be uploaded from a flash drive and verified.

Apart from the initialing process which was slow it all went very quickly and the scanned documents were certified against the digitised version then electronically segregated into review and assessment disciplines for specialist reviewer’s to comment on. There were a number of proposals being scanned and checked for this project and we had to wait until all the proposals were in the system.

This process was not expected to be completed until about 14.00 hours then we would be allowed to leave and my expedition in London could get underway, until then we were on in-building call. Craig suggested as I had to be escorted we to go to the refractory for a late breakfast, which I needed as I only had a coffee and a pastry for breakfast five hours ago.

As we chatted over our late breakfast, at that time I didn’t realise it, Craig was effectively interrogating me, all part of the review process was I who I said I was. Spooks at work.

He started off by sharing his background, private residential school in Winchester, his father and mother were Diplomats living in Thailand at the time, officer training at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, submariner in the Royal Navy, NATO Naval attaché in Thailand and Philippine’s transferring to the Foreign Office in London then retirement to the family pile in Devon (I didn’t know what that meant but didn’t like asking), now an ad hoc consultant to the Foreign Office Overseas Trade Delegation.

My background was more mundane, state school, college, father an electrician mother a school auxiliary, now in my second year working as a business administrator and volunteered to deliver the proposal. We then drifted off onto our private lives, I was glad Craig took the lead as I wouldn’t know where to start. Not married, other than to the Navy, no current relationships, traveled all over the world many times, worked in some unusual places in some cases doing unorthodox things for and with interesting people.

By contrast I was boring, lived with my parents went to college, after qualifying moved to the big city to work for a defence contractor, lived in a house share arrangement with three other guys, Jim, Mike and Alex. Jim and Mike were a few years older than me, gay and an item and they didn’t care bahis şirketleri who knew, Alex was the same age as me, a computer programmer in the same company and total geek who didn’t really live on this planet. This was my first trip to London and I was going to explore London life, visit a few interesting tourist places museums and night clubs that I had been told about.

Turned out Craig and I did have two things in common we were both wargamers with a preference for Roman battle gaming. Although there was a Roman era wargaming talk on in the Imperial War Museum on Friday afternoon I couldn’t get tickets at short notice. Craig said he had some family connections with the IWM and could try and get us tickets.

Entheausticly I said; “Yes that would be great.”

We were also booked into the same Kensington Close Holiday Inn hotel for the weekend and when he comes up to London for one of these tender review jobs he usually stays up for the weekend, as it was on expenses. He offered to show me how to get to the hotel, although I had already worked out a route on my travel idiot cards.

I replied; “Ok that would be great.”

On schedule after the tender formal opening we were told that we could go and would be contacted in 48 hours to confirm if our tender’s had been accepted for full review or to be collected. You had to collect it or your company would not be prequalified for future tendering opportunities; important point.

We both left together trailing out wheelie suitcases behind us trying not to collide with anyone as we walked the length of Kensington High Street, Craig pointing out where various wealthy and Diplomats lived. You could also tell from the security screens on their apartment windows. The trek took us about forty minutes due to the crowds it was also a hot sunny day and my case was feeling heaver with each step.

Craig said he was going to the hotel pool to cool off and invited me to join him; I accepted. As we checked in he enquired about the pool availability, apparently there was a private party just about to start in an annex although we would be sharing the changing and shower facilities the pool was quiet. We went to our rooms which were two floors apart I got changed into my new speedo black wet look swimwear then pulled on a pair of shorts and tee shirt to go down to the pool, plan was I would go up to Craig’s room and we would go down together.

When he opened to door inviting me in he was still in the process of getting changed, his room unlike mine was executive with lounge area, mini bar etc. He finished totally undressing in front of me and stood naked as he put his suit trousers in the trouser press. I said my press wasn’t working he responded you can use this one. Although I was embarrassed with his offer I didn’t let it show, I think. After he donned his swim shorts and matching tracksuit we headed down to the pool area, all the lockers were taken bar one which we shared.

The pool wasn’t busy eight bathers but two guys in the corner caught my attention, they seemed a bit intimate, saw me looking at them and smiled. Not knowing what to do I just smiled back both nodded in acknowledgement. Craig I think saw what had happened as he came over touching me on my shoulder which brought me back to reality.

After a few lengths of the pool sort of racing each other we stood in the water talking, he mentioned he had visited crowded naturalist beaches in Thailand and swam naked in the warm sea, all I could say was that I had been to a naturalist beach in Ayrshire it was quiet but too cold to swim in the sea. He suggested we go out for an early meal tonight to a local pub he knows, just as my two intimate friends passed us as they left the pool, looking back at us approvingly.

We left the pool shortly after and headed to the showers towels in hand, Craig hung his towel on a peg and removed his swim shorts, sort of caught unaware again I followed his lead. Both naked we padded dripping into the communal shower area, my two intimate friends were in the corner naked washing each other. Again I couldn’t take my eyes of them I didn’t know what I expected them to do next, again they looked over and smiled at us.

We finished showering together, dried off and wrapped ourselves in our towels, as we were walking to the locker area the younger of the two came over to us and asked.

“Would you like to join our class it’s a free Tantra taster class, it’s a demonstration from a Pink Tantra facilitator.”

I looked at Craig with one of my, no doubt lost looks; he looked at me then replied confidently.

“Ok we would like that.”

We followed them into an annex room the receptionist had told us about, apart from us there were about eight others in the room all only wearing white hotel towels.

The class started with the Pink Tantra facilitator saying.

“Pink Tantra is a blending of both spiritual aspects and the sensual means, for instance one may be engaging bahis firmaları with a partner by gazing into one another’s eyes. Many understand this to be ‘divine sex’ the couple may work together to overcome neuroses and obsession about touch, pleasure, and love, so that they may enjoy playful, loving, gentle, nonsexual stimulation, touching and massage. We will also explore Red and Black Tantra too at this second session.”

I didn’t know what any of that meant or was about but kept listening as the facilitator said “with your partner,” in my case Craig.

“As this is our second taster class, remove each other’s towels and gaze into each other eyes, while touching each other’s arms draw yourselves together then slide your arms slowly down onto your partner’s hips, then buttocks and draw each other together until you intimately touch.”

Craig took the lead, I followed, until we touched intimately it was like electricity pass between us as we stood there gazing into each other’s eyes. It was an exotic experience for me, the more we stood there pressing on each other the more erotic I felt, I had never experienced anything like that before.

After holding the pose for a few minutes I was starting to feel quite horny and starting to get aroused, we were then asked to part and turn round exchanging partners. My new partner was my younger friend who invited us to join them as we came together, both aroused, I experienced the same electrifying thrill with someone, who I didn’t even know their name, pressing intimately against me, this time he discreetly body rubbed me, I thought I was going to cum on him.

The facilitators saved me from an impending embarrassment as he asked us to part, and reface our initial partner with our second partner embracing from behind. When I turned I could see from Craig’s eyes that he was enjoying us coming together again as we embraced as a threesome. It was electrifying being intimately double body rubbed this way, with each body rub I was starting to experiencing unadulterated ecstasy. Again the facilitator saved me from embarrassing developments as he asked us all to part then sit down and embrace each other in a daisy chain sitting position.

I was now pressing on Craig’s back with my arms around his waist, my second partner having his arms around my waist, this time we were to touch each other intimately and gently stroke each other. I now felt myself fully aroused and becoming wet tipped, Craig was equally aroused and wet courtesy of my stroking hand. The facilitator said to continue through into a Red then Black Tantra experience, it caused me to climax over Craig’s lower back as he let go too. It had been total ecstasy and an exhausting experience for me; others too.

This time the communal shower was full off partners intimately washing each other, it was an unparalleled first experience for me. After we dressed we took the lift up to our rooms in it Craig asked.

“Do you still want to go out together for a meal tonight?”

My instant reply was.


Dressing in my hotel room I was on a euphoric high from what had happened downstairs, I had to ease myself. Then as we walked over to the Prince of Wales pub which was about ten minutes away I started to relax and come down from my high. By the time we finished our meal and on to our second beer I was relaxed. The pub was still quiet as Craig asked me.

“What did I think about today’s Tantra developments?” I replied.

“I don’t know what to say about it other than it was an experience which I really enjoyed.”

Craig’s reply wasn’t what I expected.

“As you probably realise, I am gay and have been since my Winchester and Dartmouth days, had to keep it below the blankets so to speak as it was a no, no, particularly at the Naval College. Nelson would never have approved.

Changed days now but was quite a journey for us, your boss Peter who sent you here was part of our circle. Although it was officially openly allowed from 2000 the Navy dragged its anchor implementing it, now reluctantly but officially allowed.

Too late for me though, no promotion for over eight years then I was outed when I was stationed in our embassy in Singapore as a Naval Attaché. I met someone outside the Navy word got out, someone wanted my job. To head off a scandal I was moved to Manilla and assigned to the Foreign Office as their NATO representative. A few years later I left the Navy and transferred into the Foreign Office, basically for the same job.

During my Philippine days I did interesting deals with unusual people for unorthodox things that needed done. One such deal was done in a renowned gay night club called the Gray Goose in Manilla were I was introduced to a young student dancer who did live sex acts to fund his college studies. His name was Dumitru Phetsi, I gave him the nick name of Albert as he reminded me of a Navy friend called Albert.

I really liked him the way he seductively walked, talked kaçak bahis siteleri and his athletic routines with me. After a few weeks he moved in to my apartment all very hush hush, he still did his college during the day and dancing at night.

As I was working out of our Embassy he asked me if I could get him a work permit for the UK as he had a chance as a dancer and makeup artist on a film set in Dunure a fishing village in Scotland. I called in a few favors and got him his work permit, there was some problem at the film set and his work permit was traced back to me. I was transferred back to London later retired, no regrets it was that time.”

Craig looked at me inquisitively and said “what about you what’s your story have you owned up yet to being gay?”

I gave the answer we were all advised to give at an ‘all-inclusive lecture’.

“No I don’t think so but who knows!”

Without saying anything his inquisitive interrogator look demanded an answer from me.

“My two gay house share friends Jim and Mike who have the next bedroom to me have entheaustic and noisy sex I often thought I might like to do that too. They invite me to join them a few times but I always had an excuse and said no another time, although I did go to gayish nightclubs with them. If they brought friends back I left them to it.

At one night club with them I had had a few drinks and was introduced to Paul who was from his body language and dress clearly gay, we got on well, very well, but I made it clear from the outset that I wasn’t gay. He didn’t mind, anyway we all ended up back at his apartment the guys had more cocktails, Paul and I had a pot of strong sobering green Indonesian tea between us. The next morning I woke up in his bed with both of us naked spooning together, it was obvious what had happened. I showered and left no drama.

When I returned to our house absolutely fuming at being left in such circumstances Jim, Mike and Alex were sitting at the breakfast table, before I could say anything Mike said look on your phone. There were a couple of videos, with sound, the first was me banging away at Paul, we were both vocally enjoying it and encouraging each other on the second video we had swapped over as he banged me. What could I say, Jim added, it was the green tea you both had it’s a potent sex enhancement aphrodisiac.”

Craig asked; “how did you enjoy it?”

All I could say was “I don’t remember a thing or any feeling’s about it.”

“I never saw Paul again, one night stands were his thing, but it preyed on me. A few weeks later I went back to the club alone, talked to a few guys but I didn’t take them up on their offers.

It was still at the back of my mind, one Friday night at the house, the other guys had gone on holiday or back home for the weekend. I shared my feelings with my friend Hamish who had already admitted to me he was gay. We chatted about what was praying on my mind, I had gone into the kitchen with glasses or something when I came back, Hamish was standing there with only his underwear and a shirt on.

I froze more from excitement, I think, as he came over and slowly unbuttoned my shirt then my trouser belt, he was talking to me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. My shirt was now on the floor, trousers at my ankles, I could feel him slowly slide my underwear off. I was numb by now, fear, excitement or what I don’t know, Hamish was now naked too, we both had erections and were intently rubbing each other.

We ended up in my bed together, Hamish kneeled over me then I could feel him enter, the thrill and excitement of what I did with Paul came rushing back. Not only did I let him but I vocally encouraged him until he climaxed we lay together then I made the next move and engaged him athletically until I climaxed. The next morning when we woke we repeated the previous night’s assignations and didn’t get out of bed until after noon.

Although I and my house share mates had kept it private, it got out and passed round my office what had happened between me and Paul at his apartment, pillow talk on pillow talk. Hamish they didn’t know about as he was having, in his words, an athletic arrangement with an older man. I had to endure a lot of ribbing about it some not very pleasant including being assaulted on one occasion, I was walking back to my office and as I passed two guys, one punched me in the stomach and I fell to the floor, the other said.”

“Let me help you up you should be more careful.”

“No witnesses or anything, but there is always someone willing to step forward, in this case a security officer who was watching a bank of monitors, as it was a secure defence building it had hidden cameras in the smoke detectors. He logged it in his HSE log as a Cat 1 suspicious staff assault, Cat 1 has to be investigated, answer recorded ‘I had just fallen’.

The following week an unannounced HSE inspection took place, the system took over, I was called into the safety manager’s office, when asked I told him and the HSE inspector what happened. They couldn’t sweep it under the carpet, although nothing happened to the perpetrators. It was after that I was transferred to the marketing tender department.

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