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by Shale & Pierced

Shale wandered into the harsh, fluorescent lit room and took a seat with the other applicants. He saw the ad in the college rag about participants in a study and figured he could pick up some extra change. Living on social security was tight, just like he expected, but he was a young 65 and could still do gigs at the university, modeling for art classes, and the occasional study that paid subjects.

Pierced looked up momentarily as Shale walked into the room. She didn’t pay him much mind, just another of the several men and women who answered the ad and were congregating in this waiting room. She was a full-time student and needed a few extra bucks since she didn’t have a steady job. She soon closed her eyes and was lost in the rhythms of the CD.

Dr. Ovidal came into the room, dressed in a lab coat and carrying a clipboard. She read off the names and most of them were people sitting in the room. She asked if anyone knew anything about an experiment at Harrad University in the 1960s. Shale knew all about it and raised his hand. Dr. Ovidal looked at Shale’s white beard and bald head and smiled. Of course he knew.

Dr. Ovidal looked at each application and noted that all participants had agreed that they were sexually experienced and had no qualms about casual relations with others. She then explained to the others that this was an extension of that early work at Harrad, a social experiment in pre-marital sex where couples were paired off without their choosing for a yearlong experiment. She explained that this segment would only be for a 24-hour period.

Shale looked around the room, saw a fifty-something woman, slightly plump and wondered if they would be spending the next day together. Pierced glanced around and saw a guy whom she had passed on campus. She noticed him because he looked like he could be an underwear model.

Dr. Ovidal called out each person’s name and handed them the list with their paired partner and the room number where they would be spending the next 24 hours. The rooms were in a wing of the campus infirmary building, which used to be a hospital. The hospital equipment was gone and each room had one bed, a table and two chairs, a small fridge and snack food. In a basket were condoms, lube, and other assorted toiletries. Dr. Ovidal informed the participants that there would be a guard in the corridor in case anyone felt the need to end the relationship, but any set of partners leaving before the 24 hours would forfeit any money. She reminded that there was $500 per participant in this experiment.

Shale and Pierced were surprised to find that they had been paired. Pierced wondered for a moment who Undie Model went with. Shale spotted the mature woman going into a room with a young college hunk, a noticeable smile on her face.

Shale introduced himself to Pierced. She told him her name and asked him what he thought this experiment was supposed to prove. Shale said he didn’t know, probably to see if two perfect strangers with all social restraints removed would end up getting it on in a 24-hour time period. Pierced looked at Shale and wondered why they paired her with him; he could be her father.

“How old are you?” Shale asked.

“Nineteen” Pierced replied.

“I’ve got a grandson that age” Shale grinned back at her, “Pierced your given name?”

Pierced slyly smiled back and said, “No, I gave it to myself.”

Shale looked at her Goth outfit, black lipstick and black nails and decided not to pursue the name further.

They sat at the table drinking tea. Shale would have liked a glass of wine, Pierced woulda liked some beer but they only provided non-alcoholic beverages. şişli escort

“Which side do you prefer?” Shale asked.

“Side?” Pierced asked back.

“Which side of the bed do you prefer? Looks like we’ll be sharing,” Shale asked again.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, I move around a lot at night,” Pierced grinned back at the old guy who showed a look of quiet resignation.

So the small talk continued into the night. There were no books, magazines or TV. There was select meditative or romantic music on the closed circuit radio and Pierced had to give up her CD player. They found, naturally, that they had very little in common. Shale had lifetimes of history before Pierced was even born. However, they found that they were both Scorpio and wondered if that was the criterion for pairing them.

As the two got to know each other better during the night, Shale opened up about the awkwardness of the situation.

“This is great for a dirty old man like me,” he said, “but it looks like you got the short end of the stick. A pretty girl like you were probably hoping to spend the day with that nice looking hunk with too much hair on his head.”

Pierced smiled back politely and mentioned that she went into this thing knowing it would be an adventure and was ready for new experiences. She mentioned that Shale didn’t look bad at all, to which Shale laughed back, “for a man my age?”

“Yeah,” she admitted.

Shale said, “I have to warn you; even if you were to agree to get intimate with me, I am not the man of 20 years ago. I don’t get as hard as I once did – don’t even know if I can still keep it up for a good fuck any more. Haven’t even been with a woman since my wife died – just get by with JO porn and a few fuck buddies who would suck and rub with me.”

Pierced was surprised and intrigued by this candor. She had never known a man to be so open about anything except bragging about the size of their cock and their prowess in bed.

“But,” Shale continued, “I am good with my hands.”

He reached down and lifted her foot by the ankle, scooted his chair forward and put it in his lap. He undid her sneaker and pulled it off of her sockless foot. Pierced was freaked about an embarrassing odor, but Shale didn’t seem to mind as he rubbed his large hands over her small foot, pushing his palm firmly into her instep, sliding his hand down and circling her heel. He pushed his thumbs deep into the bony top of her foot then began pulling on her toes. It felt so good she leaned back into the chair and closed her eyes. He continued rubbing, pressing his thumbs into the balls of her feet, that she barely noticed that the tugging on her toes was his mouth as he sucked, then licked between her toes. This was strange she thought. No guy had ever done that before, but it felt so good. Shale eventually had massaged both of her feet and part of her calves, stopping well before her knees.

Shale offered her a full-body massage and motioned toward the bed. Pierced was quite relaxed at this point. If this was a seduction, she admitted to herself that it felt damn good. She stripped to her panties and laid face down on the bed. Shale lit the candle that was on the table and turned off the lamp that had dimly lit the room. He pushed his hands into the muscles along her back from the waist to the shoulders and Pierced audibly sighed at the touch.

Shale spoke softly as he squeezed and kneaded the muscles of her back and said this was a way to get experience of a partner’s body. Pierced forgot for a moment the great age difference and just enjoyed the feel of his hands pushing into the muscles of her back. Shale whispered that he better grip the muscles çapa escort of her butt without the cloth and she was so relaxed that she just lifted her hips as he slid down her panties.

Shale looked upon the beautiful smooth, round butt before him as he squeezed the firm flesh. He was aware of the hardness growing inside his shorts. Shale began kneading her thighs, and spread her legs apart to make room for his large hands. A slight scent of her groin wafted to his nose; the scent of vulva, ani glands and all those confined sweaty parts newly released by the spread cleft. His hardness grew more. As he massaged her upper legs his eyes were transfixed on the succulent lips peeking from her inner thighs.

Pierced could feel the cool air on her exposed, warm, moist crotch. She knew that Shale could see her most intimate regions and yet she did not mind. The massage felt good, his hands were so firm, yet gentle. She didn’t know exactly what she would do with this old guy, but she was interested.

As Shale’s hands pushed over the back of her legs in long smooth strokes, they would slide into her butt cleft and over the top of her butt. One time his hands went so deep into the cleft that a finger grazed the bumpy surface of her anus. Pierced was a little shocked and a little amused at how sensual this felt. When Shale’s hand went deep between her thighs and grazed her labia, Pierced knew he was seducing her. She didn’t object. It felt good, and having an older guy do this to her body was a novel experience.

Shale asked Pierced if she would like him to do the front. By now she was comfortable with the old guy and turned over. Shale had removed his shirt. Pierced looked at the gray hair on his chest; he was not over built, but had definition in his chest. His skin was not as smooth or firm as on other guys she had been with, but she noticed that he did not have a bad build.

Shale tried to keep his cool as the nubile young woman lay naked before him. Her breasts, not large but full, did not flatten as she laid back. They were so enticing with the small stiff nipples on such firm smooth skin, but Shale continued with the massage.

He worked on her upper legs with long effleurage strokes that went over her hip. As he rubbed her inner thigh his hand slid along the crease between her leg and labia. Shaved labia, where Shale could see her clit below the smooth hairless mound, peeking from those succulent labia, a small ring sitting above the hood. Of course, Shale thought, the given name.

Shale’s dick was pressing hard against his shorts, leaving a wet spot at the end of the bulge. He hadn’t felt this hard in a long time, almost like in his youth where it would get so large it hurt. But he didn’t touch the girl where he so desired, but moved to her abs.

Shale ran his hands up her abs, stopping at her breasts. Criss-crossing he worked down to her pubic mound then stopped. The massage took on a very gentle touch, strokes very light as his hands moved up and down her torso, a finger teasing her navel, always stopping at her breast and her mound. Shale stopped moving. Both hands rested on her torso, one below her breasts, the other on her pubic mound.

Pierced knew she was wet. She knew she liked the feel of his hands on her body. She didn’t know what he would do next and it excited her. She forgot for a moment that this was the old guy and only knew his touch felt so good.

Shale’s hand slid along the smooth mound and he felt the slightest stuble run across his palm. Twisting his hand, he slid it between her legs, glancing over the piercing at her clit. Shale pushed down with his middle finger to just crease the cleft of her vulva and Pierced fındıkzade escort raised her hips to meet his touch. Shale then pushed his finger lower, slipping between her lips, feeling the moisture that had been collecting there.

Shale bent his head down and kissed Pierced on the navel, licking at the edges then pressing his tongue into her. With little kisses his mouth moved to her mound and he took a deep breath, inhaling the fragrance of her moistened labial skin. His finger pushed deeper within her as his mouth retreated up her abs to her firm breasts. He found a stiffened nipple and passed his tongue over it, enjoying the turgor as it sprang back, awaiting his next lick. And suck. Shale’s lips pulled gently at her nipple before he put his mouth over her breast, rolling her nipple with his tongue. One hand played with her other breast, gently squeezing as his thumb and forefinger rolled a nipple back and forth.

Shale’s other had was well within Pierced. Slippery and wet it probed her depth as his thumb slid slowly over her clit, brushing the small ring on her hood. Pierced gave a moan and slight upward thrust of her hips. Now there were two fingers in her and a thumb still teasing her clit.

Shale removed his head from her succulent breasts and moved between her legs. His face pushed into her labia and he inhaled her fragrance, rubbing it onto his beard. The tip of his nose darted over her clit as he slid the hood back with his thumb, pressing his nose there to savor the slight scent of smegma. His tongue, now inside her tasted the slight bitterness of her urethra as he licked from there back up to her clit.

Shale licked her as his fingers were sliding in and out of her, palm up, fingers curved up, tracing the contour of her vagina. Pierced started to lift her hips and moaned. As Shale sucked on her clit, sliding his fingers in and out, she gave a shudder and squeezed his head between her thighs. Shale slowed, but didn’t stop as he rode with Pierced, this wave coursing thru her, feeling her grasp his fingers inside her as her thighs pushed against his head even tighter.

Pierced let out a slight scream as she came, and the surges subsided within her. Shale was kissing her firm inner thigh, fingers still in her, his cock straining at his shorts. He loosened his belt and unzipped. The shorts were off and his cock sprang free and he got on his knees on the bed facing Pierced between her raised knees.

Pierced was surprised at the size of the old guy. Somehow she expected much smaller. Shale was glad to find Magnums in the condom basket. He could fit in the regulars but they were so tight they squeezed the blood right out of his cock. But this time was different; this firm young woman excited him like he hadn’t been in years. With the condom rolled on he slid into the wet folds of her lips, slid to the full seven inches and Pierced pushed to meet him.

Shale filled her and she felt so good on him. He grabbed her hips lifting her off the bed and pulled her onto him, back and forth. Pierced was surprised at the strength of the old guy as he pushed his hips and lifted her butt to him. She felt the surges build with each stroke, as Shale kept driving with a newfound energy he was getting from this young woman. Pushing and pulling until he just held her tight, pulled against him, letting out a moan. Pierced came at that time, grasping his cock within her and they both joined in that convulsive moment, not old, not young, just a man and a woman sharing a primordial joy together.

Shale and Pierced awoke, entwined. The sun was coming in thru the window and the 24 hours would soon be over. They would each answer questions individually to the surveyors and go their separate ways. Pierced to her college age guys and Shale to his porn and occasional fuck buddy, but both would often think back to that one day when an old guy and young girl gave each other such joy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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