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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I left my house feeling both horny and in control. As a graduate student with a wide array of sexual interests and a sizeable amount of debt, I use my fitness and attractiveness to my advantage. My eyes light up when I see “generous” or “$$$” on a dating profile. You can call me a prostitute or a sugar baby. Technically, I am. But it has never felt like that before. Not only do my internalized daddy issues dictate my preference for older men, I also like the feeling of being owned.

I also enjoy men who are especially handsome even if they are not willing to pay for sex. My primary motivation to stay in shape is to maximize my sexual opportunities. We’re only young once. And it has been a long time since a guy blocked me after I sent body pictures. Some guys prefer blonde, twinkish looking guys to my brown hair and semi-muscular build. I was never going to get those men. I look like the TV depiction of a generic, white frat guy. I make sure to keep my abs visible year-round and maintain some definition to my chest. If they like my face, they will like my body too.

This time I was headed to the house of my ideal Daddy. I met him on Grindr, like most of my other hookups. His profile said that he was “looking for a sub to spoil”. My sexual experience often works in my favor as I can get myself into most male fantasies. But I need no convincing to be a sub. He also told me to call him “Daddy.” I prefer “Daddy” to “Master” or “Sir”. I have found that men who like to be called “Daddy” are more affectionate than the latter, while still being just as dominant.

Daddy’s profile photo showed a sexy, moderately hairy and decently built chest. Perfect. We chatted specifically about ownership, and his desire to do whatever he wanted. I love that. When he discussed his experience with bondage, I knew I wanted to be his boy. I pushed my luck by asking if he liked spanking, but he did not seem interested.

I rolled my eyes when he said, “I have other ways of disciplining you,” because I assumed he meant he would fuck me hard. I love getting fucked. And I was not intimidated by the photo of his cock. It was maybe 7″, circumcised, and maybe a little above average in thickness. It was perfect for taking down my throat and would feel great up my ass. But I love rough sex and thought there was no way seven inches could feel like a punishment.

Still, I do not need discipline to enjoy myself. Getting tied up to serve a sexy guy was something I would volunteer for free of charge. When he offered me $1,000 for the night, I cancelled my Friday night plans so that I could work with his schedule. I could not believe he would pay me that much, and I didn’t even have to take a belt on my ass. I never brought it up, but he told me the safe phrase would be “happy valley.” I used to feel like safe words detracted from the ownership I craved. Daddy insisted that I keep the safe phrase in mind even when I told him I did not need it.

Daddy’s only red flag was a common refusal to share a face pic. Some men want to be discreet. I get that. This time it was no problem as I just googled his address to find his name. If he was ugly, I would have just blocked him. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised.

He turned out to be classically handsome daddy. His LinkedIn photo showed a clean-cut, expensive looking man. His hair was mostly grey but was thick and well-trimmed. He still looked like he could be in his forties, even though I knew he was fifty-four. The professional experience in his profile also seemed impressive. This guy seemed perfect.

Zillow told me I was headed to a house with a $2.5 million dollar value. This was nice, but common in Los Angeles. I arrived at his house and found it more intimidating than the photos. He had more space than I expected around his house. And the view of downtown was spectacular. I felt butterflies as I rang the bell, and hoped he was not using his front camera as I did not feel very confident. I was dressed in my favorite blue button-up shirt, with white pants and brown shoes. When he opened the gate, I got even more self-conscious.

He looked as handsome and distinguished as his photos suggested. He smiled confidently, wearing a white dress shirt and charcoal pants, and gently put his hand on my shoulder. As he escorted me into his house, almanbahis I felt like an under-dressed intern at a job interview. I felt him look me up and down a couple of times and relaxed as he smiled even wider. He told me to get comfortable as he went to the kitchen to open us a bottle of wine.

Perhaps I was nervous because I was wearing panties under my regular clothes, for the first time in my life. They do not do anything for me. But I was happy to buy and wear them for this beautiful man. I was curious to find out what turned him on about the panties. Did he want me to act feminine? Or did he want to humiliate me as his property?

He returned with a bottle of wine, and we chatted for a long time. It felt genuine. He told me that he was a lawyer, and I responded that I was finishing medical school. I knew the former to be true because I stalked his LinkedIn. I know the latter to be false because I was in law school. Eventually, after finishing the bottle of wine, he leaned in close and started rubbing my arm. I kissed him first. I could not hold back, and he immediately grabbed me and took control. Soon he was on top of me while we were making out.

Then he asked me, “So, are you comfortable with Daddy doing what we discussed?”

“Yes Daddy,” was all I could muster as I kissed him again.

He then pulled away and started getting up. “Good. Remember, the safe phrase is ‘happy valley,’ and you are free to use it as you please. I will fulfill my end of the bargain regardless.”

I was so turned on. I love when men are willing to refer an arrangement. Paying for sex has a negative stigma for the purchaser too, but his confidence never wavered. He was perfect, and I felt like his property. I loved being his boy.

As he left the room, he told me “When I come back you are to be wearing only the panties.”

I rushed to get all my clothes off, neatly folding them on the couch. This man’s house was meticulously organized. I did not want to make a bad impression by throwing clothes everywhere. I waited nervously, subconsciously shaking my leg until I heard him walking back.

“Very good, son.” He walked up to me and softly played with my nipples. I closed my eyes and moaned, holding onto his legs while I leaned back on the couch.

“I want to do a proper inspection.” He gently grabbed my hand, and I walked with him into a bedroom. Daddy felt so in control and still perfectly affectionate. I could not wait to please him.

As I entered the room, I could not tell whether it was the primary bedroom. The room was neatly decorated, with a large California King Bed ready. Four restraints lay on each corner of the bed. The bed was perfectly made, and I was surprised to not see any towels. But then again, this guy probably had enough money for a daily housekeeper.

Before I could lay down, he pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. His hands started on my ass, squeezing and pulling my cock into his growing bulge. Slowly he worked his hands up my body, pulling my head close to his as we continued making out. Then, he moved his hand around to the front of my neck and began choking me. I was in heaven. He was clearly an lexpert and knew the perfect amount of pressure to apply to show me he was in control.

His hand was still on my neck as he gave the command I had been waiting for. “Lay down for me.”

I did as I was told. I lay down on my stomach spread my arms and legs, preparing to be restrained and taken by my new Daddy.

Daddy quickly corrected my positioning. “No, turn over boy. I need to make sure you followed instructions.”

“Yes Daddy.” I quickly responded, turning to lay on my back.

He began with my right arm, using the comfortable leather strap and pulling it tight on my wrist. Silently, he moved to my left arm as I tested the first restraint. It was surprisingly secure. There was no leeway for me to pull on the restraint. My left arm soon was the same, and I was completely at his mercy. I waited for him to do my legs, but instead he climbed on top of me for another wonderful kiss.

Daddy pulled back, straddling me as he looked my right in my eyes. “I see you wore the panties for me. I’m glad you can follow instructions, Son.” Daddy was so calm, and so in control of the situation.

“Yes, Daddy.” I said as I breathed rapidly. His brown eyes were confidently boring into me. I was so turned on that I almanbahis giriş silently thrusting myself up and down desperate to feel his hard cock rub against me.

Daddy corrected me again. “Lay still, boy. I need to make sure you did everything I told you to do.”

He moved up still straddling above my abdomen, bringing his crotch near my face. I tried to stay still and be a perfect boy for him. Slowly, he began working his hands down towards my nipples.

“I see you shaved your chest properly. You could use some color, but we can work on that.” His moved himself back, now straddling my hips again.

His hands squeezed and pushed on my stomach and he purposefully was rubbing my abs.

“You have more definition in your pictures, son.”

I must have looked devastated, but before I could say anything he continued, “Don’t worry, that’s normal. But if you want to come back here you need to focus more on your core. Understand, boy?”

“Yes Daddy.” I quickly said. I would have agreed to anything at that point.

“You will also shave all hair below your neck, including this trail on your stomach.” I nodded again to daddy’s newest instruction. I was not particularly hairy, so I never really bothered to shave the stray hairs on my chest.

He moved down to my hairless crotch, something I did just for him. I always kept my ass and balls smooth but usually just trimmed above my dick. He put his hands inside my panties and began pulling them off. I lifted my body so I could be completely naked for him.

Once my panties were off, he grabbed my ankles and lifted them up to inspect my ass.

“Very good, Son. You are going to make an excellent boy for me tonight.”

He lowered my legs and reached back to grab the other two restraints. I was surprised to see that they were not connected to the other corners of the bed. He attached the restraint to my ankle and pulled until my left knee was near my ear. He attached the rope to the corner of the bedframe, before doing the same with my other leg.

It felt like every insecurity I had ever considered was on display. On paper, this situation was not foreign to me. I had let men tie me up before. I had begged strangers on the internet to bound me and use me how they wanted. Usually that just meant a rough knot, with some rope I brought, and a quick fuck with less protection than I wanted. This time was different. He knew what he was doing with these restraints. My arms could barely move. I could slightly move my legs towards the corner of the bed, but I could not lower them. It was slightly uncomfortable to be in that position. Maybe if my core was stronger, I would be able to do it better.

Thankfully he soon moved into position to fuck me, and he leaned into me taking some of the weight off holding my legs up. In his left hand were my panties.

“Open wide.” Daddy told me, and I let him shove the panties in my mouth. I knew he was going to gag me but was also disappointed not to kiss him more. To my surprise, he grabbed a roll of duct tape and tore off a long piece. He taped it over my mouth, keeping the panties in place.

“Does that feel okay, boy? Nod your head if you’re okay with me continuing.”

I nodded profusely. I was tied up in a missionary position, and insanely turned on. I could not wait to feel his cock inside me.

Instead, he moved his hands down to my rock-hard cock. It was a good thing he gagged me. I was moaning loudly even through the gag, as he started stroking me up and down. As he stroked me, he told me what a good boy I was being for him. My first load was building, and I was desperately trying to control myself. I knew I could get hard again if I came, but I did not want to blow my load without his permission.

Daddy kept going and was pushing all the right buttons. “You have such a perfect little cock. You said five inches, but I’m glad you were exaggerating. You’re closer to four. That’s what makes you a submissive bottom, isn’t it boy. You know you need to please other men with your ass and mouth.”

I made a muffled sound as I tried to say “yes, daddy.” I nodded my head so he would know he was correct.

“You’ve been a bottom your whole life with this small cock. I wonder if you can take dick like a man.” Daddy went for the jugular, and it worked. I moaned through my gag, as a huge load shot out of my cock. The first jet hit my face, and almanbahis yeni giriş I kept shooting a big load all over myself. Once it was over, Daddy reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube. At first, I thought he was undoing my restraints. Then I thought he was going to fuck me. I would be hard again in no time, but it would be hard for a minute to take his cock right after my huge orgasm. I was wrong again.

After lubing up his hand, he kept stroking my deflating cock. He was still fully clothed and had not taken his cock out. I whimpered a bit, but once Daddy started talking again, I started getting hard again.

“Stop whimpering like a bitch. Take it like a man. Otherwise, I am going to have you in those panties full time, and more if you confirm that you’re a bitch.” Daddy aggressively stroked my cock, and I started enjoying it again. I nodded my head to egg him on.

“I don’t care if you’re a fem boy or a masc boy. You just need to please me. But you need to be open about what you are. If you keep making those noises, you need to shave your entire body.”

Daddy kept degrading me, and I was loving it. I could not cum again as quickly as the first time, but eventually I felt another load coming.

“Remember, you are my whore. You will do what I decide. You need Daddy to own you.”

I lost control again and came all over myself again. This load was smaller, and I began to realize what he planned to do. My head was clearing as I became less horny and thought more clearly. I looked at him fearfully, and he kept stroking my deflated cock.

His hand closed around my neck to hold me in place as I began squirming uncontrollably. It didn’t hurt. But it felt a severe version of tickling I needed to escape from. And he wasn’t letting up.

I tried to say the safe phrase through my gag, but he didn’t hear me. He moved his hand was off my neck and began playing with my sensitive nipples which felt equally uncomfortable after a second consecutive orgasm. With his hand off my neck, I weakly said the safe phrase through my gag.

“Happy Valley.” I didn’t have it in me to yell it, and I don’t know if he could hear me talking in a normal voice through a gag.

Daddy was focused on keeping me still and didn’t understand me. “Don’t worry boy, I will fuck you soon. I want you to get all the cum out of your cock, so you can focus on getting fucked like a man.”

This settled me down quickly. His stroking stopped tickling as much, and I began thinking about how badly I wanted to please this man. I thought of my $1,000 payment, and my desire for more. Then I thought about his perfect cock, and how great it would feel inside me.

My cock grew again. It was not fully hard, but it started feeling like a hand job again instead of torture. I focused on making masculine noises as he continued stroking me.

“Good boy. You’re going to do as I say.” Daddy smiled at me and looked me in my eyes, and I was once again in heaven.

He continued stroking me for at least ten minutes before I even thought about cumming again. I thought that my balls were already drained, and soon he would give up and fuck me. Instead, he took breaks to play with my nipples before continuing to stroke my cock. I was so turned on. His dirty talk continued. He kept implying there was a chance I could be his regular boy. That I could be fully owned by him.

My orgasm was building, and I unsuccessfully tried to suppress my third load. He knew exactly what to say. He told me that I needed to earn my allowance, which sent me over the edge. This time, my orgasm was even more intense, but it felt like nothing came out of my abused cock. The fear I had felt earlier had now multiplied, and my body was convulsing as he kept stroking my cock.

“Just say the words boy.” Daddy told me, looking surprisingly cocky like I wanted him to continue.

“Happy Valley. HAPPY VALLEY!” I yelled through my gag, desperate for him to stop. I did not care that I must have sounded like a porn star, I just needed him to stop. After three orgasms I felt like I never wanted to have sex again. “HAPPY VALLEY!!”

“What’s that, boy? Fuck me, daddy? You’re ready for daddy to fuck you?”

I stared at him with confusion as he unzipped his pants. Slowly, I realized what he had done. I never really had a safe word. My eyes welled up as I realized what would happen next.

———————–[END OF PART I]————————

Thank you for reading the first part of my first story. Please leave feedback or suggestions. You can be nice, or you can also be rude if you prefer. I do have a degradation fetish…

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