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This is the female perspective of by PrestigeSuites. This story is a collaboration.


He has no idea how happy I am to see him.

Sitting across from me on his hotel bed—naked and fully erect—he strokes himself. And I do the same. My naked back rests on the plush pillows while I slip my fingers under my panties. I chose teal and lace for the evening. My legs are spread wide so he can watch my hand move under the damp fabric.

He can’t see what I’m doing. He can only imagine it, and he seems to love whatever he’s imagining. His sculpted chest and abdomen dramatically rise and fall in the soft lighting. They’re incredible to watch, but I still love his eyes more than anything else. Even though I haven’t seen him in 15 years, his eyes look just like I remember them—green, like jade.

They were difficult to attract in high school. I’d try to get his attention, but he was either too oblivious or too shy to look back at me. At the time, I assumed the latter. I was a star swimmer and well-liked. He spent most of his time with the other school newspaper students.

My popularity was usually enough to make someone notice me—to want me. But not him. Even when I intentionally bumped into him after school, he gave me nothing. I was wet from swimming, and I collided with him when he rounded a corner. Our bodies smacked together. He pulled me to him to keep us from falling, grabbing my waist and thigh. My crotch pressed against his—exciting every part of me—and our eyes finally met. I giggled and lied that I had forgotten my goggles, hoping that he would offer to walk me to the locker room. I would never jump into the pool without my goggles. That’s idiotic. But playing dumb wasn’t enough. He just let me go and walked away.

My friend told me that her friend’s friend heard that he would be at our 15th high school reunion—and he was single. I don’t get along well with my parents, so I usually only go home for the holidays. But for him, I made an exception. For him, I’ve spent the weekend sleeping in my twin-sized bed.

With a flirty smirk, I slide off my teal panties and toss them onto the floor. He deeply inhales at the sight of my drenched lips, but instead the sandman izle of increasing his pace, he slows. He strokes his dick loosely in his hand while he watches me play with my pussy. Wet sounds of my self-pleasure quietly fill the room.

I’ve masturbated with him in mind before. Many times. High school boyfriends came and went. I rarely came with them, but I wasn’t disappointed. At night in my little bed, I would hump one of the teddy bears they’d given me, imagining his green eyes until I came by myself.

Tonight, I don’t have to imagine anything. He’s right there looking hotter than ever. Back in gym class, I kept an eye on him. On hot days, he wiped the sweat off his face with the bottom of his shirt. I caught glimpses of his biceps when we lifted weights. My friends would tease me and call him wimpy, but I only saw potential. He has undoubtedly fulfilled it.

While I admire the light cascading over his body, I swirl the tip of my finger around the sensitive hood of my clit. Shadows accentuate his round, smooth muscles and his thick veins—both in his arms and his cock. Soft hair covers his chest. There’s already a mist of sweat along his brow. He sits up straight and sure, and he stares at me with a fierce, piercing expression. It challenges me to excite him but assures me he won’t finish too soon.

My head falls back with a sigh when I slip my finger into my pussy. I massage the soft skin inside me while I pinch my hard nipple. Desirous heat simmers in my chest. Finally. He’s watching me do what I’ve done hundreds of times before. My nipples sting and my sex throbs. I want to finish for him. I want to show him what he inspired during those restless nights in my bed. I want him to see exactly how he makes me feel, even after all this time.

My body stuns stiff as my pussy clenches around my finger. Heat swirls in my skin. I whimper once, then twice. The third time, I jerk with orgasmic release. Sweaty and panting, I let my head sink into the pillows.

He challenges, “I can do you better than that.”

Oh, God. I hope so.

Just to provoke him, I raise a skeptical eyebrow. I dare, “Prove it.”

He lunges toward me and then captures the snow girl izle me in a kiss. The soft bedding cradles us, but we devour each other with sloppy mouths. More heat flashes in my body when my hands explore him for the first time. His arms flex in waves of muscle, his soft hair slips through my fingers, and his gloriously hard dick presses against my aching mound. I want it. I want him to shove it inside me and fuck me so I’m screaming for more.

But instead, he gently kisses my neck. Then he places a soft peck on my collarbone. When I feel another peck between my breasts, my breath hitches. Is he going to stop here or keep going? My back arches toward him, hoping he’ll tease one of my nipples with his tongue, or maybe be even suck it into his mouth.

But his tongue slips down my belly and then traces my navel. I yip and wiggle; I’m ticklish there. The sudden change in sensation makes me giggle. I peak down between my breasts and find him playfully smiling.

He quickly resumes his mission. I watch him inhale my scent as he centers his head between my legs. His gorgeous eyes focus on my oozing sex. I impatiently wait to feel his mouth against me. Biting my lip, I relax my legs and tilt up my hips—inviting him to enjoy me. My heart pounds in anticipation.

I twitch with pleasure when his mouth presses against my clit. His tongue strokes my swollen folds. It’s firm and intentional—seeming to not want to overlook any part of me. Acute desire overwhelms me. I grab his hair. My hips squirm, desperate to dissipate some of the longing between them, but he locks my legs around his head.

I start panting. He won’t stop. It’s like he could go on forever. His lips casually kiss my soft, wet skin. When he slips the tip of his tongue into my entrance, I moan with an intensity that I haven’t experienced before. It only encourages him. He presses his face more firmly against me and increases his pace. I moan again. He won’t fucking stop.

I sit up to get a full view of his performance. “You fucking love it, don’t you?” I gasp when he responds with a hard flick of his tongue, but I growl, “You love sucking on my soaking wet cunt.” I’ve only encouraged the spencer sisters izle him more. He escalates to hungry, wide-mouthed licks, but I keep going. “You think this is enough? Do better. Eat me alive.” I shove my clit against his face, and he eagerly accepts the challenge. He presses his tongue hard on my throbbing nub. I cry out and quake.

Rabid with arousal, I flip him onto his back and take his dick in my mouth. I suck the delicious precum from his thick tip and swirl my tongue around the rest of his head. I teasingly stroke his shaft, and after a firm flick of my tongue, he shouts profane praise that cracks in the quiet room.

Enough of this. Enough waiting and hoping he’ll give me what I want. I flash him a mischievous smile. “I fucking want this inside me.”

His hands grip my hips and I straddle his stiff dick in only a second. Tense and pulsing to finally feel him, I sit—

I squeak in surprise. Oh, he’s a thick boy.

Feeling almost delirious, I ride him like a horse. I let my head fall back and my tits shamelessly bounce in rhythm with my lewd hips. I shout from my core. I’m hot, and sweaty, and wild from more than a decade of unspent teenage lust. I stutter as I approach the edge. I have no idea what I say, and I don’t care, because I jolt into a liberating orgasm. I tremble on his dick, and then I lurch again from the thought of his gorgeous eyes watching me fall apart on top of him.

I shakily return to reality with deep breaths and a pounding heart.

“I want to fucking drill this gorgeous body.” He flips me over and hoists my ankles up onto his shoulders.

My body effortlessly submits when he slides himself back inside me. It releases a low, drawn-out groan. My mind is lost. I’m only wet, soft flesh that craves for more of his taught, hard cock.

He fucks me slowly, deeply—so much that I feel every centimeter of him. Then he starts rapidly rubbing his strong fingers against my clit. The combination of fast and slow submerges my body in a trance. My mouth hangs open while I gaze into his mesmerizing eyes.

He arches back. I gasp when his dick touches my hilt, and then he comes inside me. One last time, I tighten and shake around him.

Exhausted, he collapses next to me. His hot, humid arm lightly touches mine. It feels more intimate than anything else we’ve done this evening. I would smile if I had enough strength.

After I’ve caught my breath, I take a chance. “I better see you at the 20th reunion.”

My heart flutters when he replies, “I better see you sooner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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