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Shelly had never had this done to her before and couldn’t believe how nice it felt, how wonderful. She lay there naked on bed, Ron’s bed, wearing just the tan elastic ankle support on her right ankle and a similarly colored elastic wrist brace on her left wrist, staring blankly up at the ceiling, as orgasm after orgasm went through her.

Ten minutes or so later, she raised her head and looked down; Ron was so intent on how he was sliding his fingers in and out of her cunt that he didn’t notice her looking. It was just as well. She loved watching him doing things to her. She loved it when he kissed her feet, kissed her toes. She loved watching him while he sucked her toes. The feeling was wonderful too, but seeing him do it made her love him more.

Another orgasm shot through her like a zigzag of lightening. Her head fell back in the pillows; her chest arched. She felt her nipples harden and tingle in the air. Ron had pushed his finger all the way in and lifted, pushing up under her pubic bone. Both hands spread, fingers lifting off the bed; her feet flexed straight down, toes together. Then another climax started to build. Shelly’s knees came up. She couldn’t remain flat on the bed. Her knees came up and she greeted them with a hug, pulling them to her chest, her feet pointing down. Ron fingered her hard and fast for a moment or two, then shoved in deep and lifted up again. It felt as though every muscle in Shelly’s body tensed at the same time. She shivered, her muscles trembled. The orgasm exploded and she felt woozy. But then another shock went through her. It wasn’t finished. Her whole body strained inside. She held on but now she gave up and gave into it. The thing fluttered through her like a leaf about to be blown off the tree by a hurricane. Her toes strained downwards, her thigh and calves locked solid. She gasped in and let the orgasm come through her.

Shelly heard herself make a desperate gurgling sound in her throat. She couldn’t help it. No one had ever done things like this to her – no one. Before Ron she had had orgasms only with other women, never with a man. But this one was different, knew how to make love to a woman’s body. She gasped and held her breath, her whole body shaking inside and out. Now the bed rolled a little as Ron repositioned himself in a sitting position. He’d been laying flat on his front down there, up on his elbows as he’d fingered her, and now he leaned close and kissed the top of the toes on her right foot – the one with the ankle support on it. The combination of that gentle kiss on her sensitive toes and the thick finger pulling upward inside her brought on an orgasm so strong Shelly feared me might lose control of everything she had down there. She clenched her bladder muscles for control, but now Ron was kissing the top of her foot just below the border of the tan support and her toes clenched downward.

Never. No man had ever brought her to this point, this point of desperate grabbing for control. She had come close to it with women, normally with their tongues and how warm and tender and yet stiff they were, and how they used them, but this was beyond that. She gasped. She clamped her hands over her face, feeling like she might scream, or that her face would explode upward and get stuck to the ceiling. For a moment she visualized that, wondering how she would manage to put on her makeup with her face stuck to the ceiling, but then that odd thought was blasted away by another orgasm.

Ron was now licking her toes! She wanted him to stop, but didn’t want him to stop. She wished to pull her foot away, into some safety zone, or perhaps lay her leg flat so he couldn’t get at it, but she also wished for it to remain where it was, how it was – forever. A slower, weaker orgasm fluttered through her. She was reaching the point where the pleasure would only build and not explode. She was getting comed-out and it was alright. It would be her turn soon to repay Ron for all he’d done, to do it till he screamed, and then she would go on beyond that. He deserved it.

She wasn’t going to let him off That easily.

But he didn’t seem to be stopping. She looked down over her heaving chest, saw him leaning against her leg as he continued kissing her toes, his finger still exploring, pushing, filling her. Another wave of pleasure rose up through her like a tide, then receded. She decided she had had enough. Without giving her intent away, she turned – leaving her foot in Ron’s hands – curled around and took his erection in her hand. She squeezed it, pulled up and down slowly on it. She felt it thicken in her hand, canlı bahis moving her fingertips away from her palm. It was so thick, so thick and hard now, and the tongue that had been bathing the front of her captured foot was stopped in mid lick. She looked back at Ron, saw him with eyes closed, enjoying her hand on him, and then looked back at what she was doing.

The head was huge now. There was a glistening inside the slit-hole in the head and she smiled, knowing how wonderful pre-cum tasted. She started working Ron’s log a little faster, a little harder, wanting to squeeze out at least a drop. The head enlarged. She saw that the wetness in the hole started to bulge outward. She squeezed and jerked hard on Ron and a droplet began to appear. He caught his breath and it made Shelly stop; she did not want him to get off too soon. She wanted this to last. She wanted him to beg her to bring him all the way off! She slowed her pace, finally sliding her legs out of Ron’s immediate reach. He lay on his side and then turned over on his back. His finger slipped out of her cunt and it gave her a shiver. She moved closer, leaning over his thigh, her hand still gripping him firmly. Then she softened her grip. She let go entirely and then brushed her fingertips delicately up the underside of the organ. It lifted up stiffly, then relaxed. She ran her fingers downward to the base, then trailed them off over the scrotum. Again the thing flexed up hard and full before Shelly’s delighted eyes, and she knew how things were going to go. It made her smile.

After ten minutes of this light, feathery touching, a large drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of Ron’s dick. It started to leak downward but before it could drip down from the head, Shelly smeared it gently all over the bulging sponge of the head. Ron sighed somewhere distantly, but now Shelly gripped the throbbing cock again and squeezed. Another drop of clear honey appeared and started to run, and again Shelly used it to coat the head of Ron’s cock.

Half an hour went by. Shelly’s new plaything was so stiff and thick now, veins could be clearly seen along its length. It twitched up and down with Ron’s heartbeat and at this point, that was quite quickly. She had taken to running her fingers lightly up and down the sides of the thing rather than just up the middle seam of it, but the seam still seemed the most sensitive. And since she had started, the texture of Ron’s prick had changed. It was no longer fleshy and sticky, but smoother, almost like velvet. She had kept each drop of pre-cum from coursing down to wet the rest of the shaft so now it felt almost like there was a silken powder on it. But then a hand was between her thighs. Shelly tried in vain to close her knees and block it, but to no avail. Ron’s finger slipped into her molten snatch again and went all the way in. She made a soft yelping sound in her throat out of surprise and the surprise pleasure she’d received. It wasn’t until that moment that she realized how hot and bothered she’d become over the last half hour or forty-five minutes, and now, at the second long, deep stroke of that finger, her body reacted in just the opposite way she wanted. She found herself moving up and spreading her legs, giving Ron ample room to work, and work he did! She leaned back on one elbow – one knee up and the other flat – and as she felt the shivering waves coming up through her, she took firm hold of Ron’s prong and began to jerk it up and down. She began to match his in and out finger thrusts with her up and down jerks and as she felt the thing in her hand grow stiffer and thicker, she felt her own body nearing the falloff point into pleasure.

Dreams faded into her mind; dreams and memories. She remembered Carol and Dawn and Tracy from her college years. She remembered how she and Dawn would finger each other incessantly, almost two times daily through their junior year, and how Tracy had used her big-toe in her and how Shelly had grown to love inserting her own toe into Tracy’s juicy, tight snatch. Then she remembered Carol and her love of dildos of all kinds. This reminded Shelly of those times, and this fleshy, warm-to-the-touch thing was Carol with her dildo strapped on.

But it flexed, moved back from her hand. This wasn’t the same. This was….

She opened her eyes and saw the thing, the beautiful, thick, massive thing. She wanted to kiss it and leaned toward it, pulling it back to her. She opened her fingers and was about to touch her lips to the under seam of it when the finger in her cunt turned and curled inside. She gasped, squeezing the thing in her hand. She bahis siteleri yanked it up and down, the loose outer skin sliding over the rigid core, and then she came again. Her hand began moving on its own, flying up and down along that shaft, its grip softer now – only pushing in deep enough to move the outer layer – and then Ron gasped. The thing went solid and stiff between her fast moving fingers and it started to undulate, spitting out a long, whitish stream of fresh jiz.

Then another.

Shelly’s lower body twisted and turned. Her pelvis lifted and rolled as another orgasm went through her. She kept jerking on the now-wet thing in her hand, making more cum squirt out. It was running down over her fingers; everything was slick and slimy now, almost as wet and slippery as she was inside. The finger jammed in deeply, lifting, turning. She gasped. Cum droplets landed on her cheek as her head sagged that way. She felt some land in her hair, and yet it was still coming out, being pushed up by the contractions of that wonderful organ.

Ron had never felt such a thing either – the way Shelly writhed around his finger! But more, how her hand, her small hand, felt around his dick. The way she’d stroked him off to climax had been incredible, but now she was still going, working his meat, squeezing everything out of him. And it was a lot. It had been such a long time, and now it was happening! So much to come out. So much frustration, loneliness, pent up desires. He glanced over at her, saw her beautiful tits jutting from her heaving chest, the side and underside of her jaw, her hair, her shoulder. The one nipple that was in view was so hard it looked like a fingertip. But then his eyes wandered lower, over the tight belly, down to where his finger was buried fully. Such a gorgeous pussy. The way her labia were so swollen, the loveliness of her V of pubic hair – everything. But now his eyes went to her thighs, back to her hips, her navel. He pulled his finger back and pushed in. He could feel her inner muscles squeezing him, just as her hand was squeezing him down below. Her thighs, her knees, her calves. Such beautiful legs. Long and shapely. Her ankles. Her pretty feet. Especially the one in the ankle support. It looked injured, weak, but propped up and jury-rigged for action. This kind of action. It had that ready look about it, with the pretty toes protruding, and the delicate heel. Ready.

For him.

Like her hand, her wrist. She was working him hard now, just as he was working her. In moments it would be over, but for this one moment there was almost an electric glow around them. He added a second finger and Shelly’s cunt squeezed and released, giving room. Ron pushed in gently, but when he felt her dilate, he began ramming again, fiercely. He wanted her to come more than she ever had before. It was important for him to give her that. He thought of his wheelchair and how bound he was to it, how many things he wasn’t able to give her or share with her or do with her – but this, THIS thing, he wanted to give her more than anything else. He pushed and pulled, even as she yanked on his oozing dong. It felt like a strange and wonderful storm had just passed overhead and was beginning to slip to the horizon. He finally felt the last of his cock tremors end. It was over for him, but maybe not for her. He got up on one elbow and rammed her fast and deep, and then he felt his cock slide into a warm, wet place. Her mouth. He looked down, saw the underside of her chin and the big, fat, fleshy thing she was now swallowing. Her lips were opened wide to take his girth, and then, blinded by the thought that she might not have had enough, Ron turned his face to the beautiful bush, jammed his face between her invitingly spreading thighs and put his tongue on her clit. Her body twitched. She gasped, and he felt her sigh through her nose. He could feel her breath against the wetness of the exposed part of his softening cock. He rubbed her rigid clit, pushed it inward into itself, then flicked up and down and side to side. She gasped again. She moaned and the vibration went right up through his dick. He turned more and planted his mouth directly over her cunt, now extending his tongue full length into her cunt. Her pelvis lifted, turned. He held on, licking frantically now.

For almost five minutes they were clutched in sixty-nine, each passionate about giving each other the ultimate release. Then for another length of time, they licked and sucked and kissed more and more gently as the tide of passion began to subside; Shelly simply cleaning off any remaining semen from Ron’s bahis şirketleri limp dong, Ron running his tongue around the insides of Shelly’s pussy-lips, avoiding her too-sensitive clit now. The distant storm was long gone but they held each other, held their head and mouths to each other’s groin, kissing each other’s most sensitive places, enjoying the reactions they got. When it was finally over, Shelly lay back licking her lips, tasting the remnants of Ron’s jiz. She inhaled happily and stretched out, arms above her head, legs straight down. Ron, still laying the opposite way, stretched out too, but his eyes were on her, on her hips, the feminine bulge of her abdomen, the arch of her thigh and the way her stretch had made all her muscles visible beneath her pale skin. Then he looked downward to see her face, any part of it, and found her looking back at him, smiling.

“…wow!” she laughed. “But…if I hear you say you’re handicapped, or ‘disabled’ one more time, I am SO going to slap you!” Ron put his hand on her thigh and ran it slowly down her leg, appreciating how completely beautiful she was. Then he looked up sheepishly and smiled back at her.

“Okay, I won’t use those terms anymore,” he finally said. “But…” Shelly eyed him suspiciously. “But I think maybe this kind of therapy might be good to…have a lot of. What do you think?”

Shelly smiled and sat up. She saw Ron’s eyes go to her tits, her tummy, then back up. She loved being looked at by him; appreciated by him. Raising her right foot, she moved it over and pressed the ball of it gently against Ron’s limp cock. It flexed and started to thicken right away despite its gooey, spent condition.

“Well,” she said, raising her brows. “I think this is good for my ankle, so…yah…let’s have a LOT of therapy!” Slipping her foot downward against the thickening cock, Shelly could now feel it against the bottoms of her bare toes and not through the elastic of the ankle support. She liked the feeling of it, of the way its still leaking goo made things so slick and wonderful. She smiled and began caressing the growing thing, smiling at it, and then back at Ron. Without taking her eyes off his, she moved her other foot beside the other and began to use both to caress and squeeze Ron’s cock.

“Good for both ankles, I think,” she whispered, feeling the thing standing up and thickening between her feet. She started working it up and down and it only got fatter. Ron looked down at the pale and pretty feet surrounding his reddish log. The contrast only made Shelly’s feet seem lovelier, more exquisite and elegant. He looked up at her again in wonder, and found her still smiling at him.

“I don’t have any complaints,” she whispered, “But I don’t know how long I can go on with us just masturbating each other…. I…I just SO want you to fuck me – in my cunt. I mean THIS–” – she squeezed his dick between the sides of her big-toes – “–in my cunt, you know?”

“I’m game,” Ron said. “It was your idea. I mean, so we wouldn’t get too attached by having ‘actual sex’, remember?” Shelly scowled.

“Of course I remember, Ronny,” she sighed. “I mean, I never would’ve thought I’d get so into seeing your stuff shoot up in the air; I wouldn’t be able to see anything if you were in me, but…still, you know?” Ron turned slightly on his side and started to curl up toward Shelly’s crotch. She instantly clamped her thighs tight. “Oh no you don’t!”

“C’mon, sweetie,” he sighed. “Mutual. Simultaneous. Both of us doing it to each other at the same time, remember?” Shelly held on for a moment and then relented. She turned on her side, feet still massaging the now rigid prick between them, but her rump now facing Ron. A moment later a finger slipped into her still moist cunt. She shivered, gasped, and then raised her head and looked over her shoulder at her man.

“Okay,” she grumbled, “But this is the last time, okay? Right after this, I’m going to straddle you and have you in me. I’m ‘attached’ so it doesn’t matter anymore!” She lay her head on her arm and went on working the thing between her feet while the thing in her started to make the tingles swarm around inside. A moment later – and three thrusts of Ron’s fingers – Shelly felt a twisting, clenching feeling deep inside her. Though it felt good, having a cock between her feet simply wasn’t enough. Turning, she reached out and took Ron’s dong in hand again, squeezing it gently and beginning to rub it up and down.

It even with the brace on her wrist which covered her knuckles, the contrast between hand and penis was wonderful. She stared at her hand moving along that stiff and fully erect thing and smiled to herself.

“…well, maybe not ‘right’ after this,” she thought to herself, and started yanking on Ron’s prong a little faster.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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