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I was looking forward to another workout at my local gym. Only this time not for the obvious physical reasons one normally attends the gym. No, I was looking forward to seeing her again, more specifically, her magnificent legs.

I attend the gym Monday through Friday and take weekends off for recovery. For the past two weeks I have seen her almost everyday at the gym. Yesterday I finally got the courage up to smile in her direction and say hello as I passed by her on my way to the treadmill. She smiled back and returned my hello.

I am 35 and single; if I were to guess I would have to say she was in her early 20’s. I knew I was reaching trying to make a connection with this leggy vixen. However, I had to try, as those legs were the most amazing I had seen in years and attached to such a good-looking young woman. She had it going on in the looks department as well but those long, firm, shapely legs were by far her best assets. Watching her go through her workout routine I could tell she realized this as well, as most of her workout concentrated on her legs and ass. She moved from the treadmill to the bike and then to the stair-master. By the end of her routine her shorts and top were soaked and her legs glistened with the sheen of sweat.

Throughout the years I have come to learn that it does no good to hide your intentions, especially as a leg and footman. If I like what I see I will look and enjoy the sight. The majority of the time my stares are welcomed with a smile of appreciation. This past week I was getting a lot of smiles and extended eye contact from my leggy gym rat. It was obvious she began to realize my attraction to her and more specifically to her sexy legs.

I entered the gym and made my way to the back where they keep most of the aerobic machines, if she was in today I knew this is the area she would be working out. I was not disappointed as I saw she was sitting on the bike. Her strong firm legs rapidly pedaling away. I made my way toward the treadmill located several feet behind and to the right of her. From experience I knew this particular machine afforded me the perfect vantage point to that particular bike and her legs.

As I approached her position she recognized me and smiled saying, “Hello, are you ready for a good workout tonight?”

Initially I was surprised. That one sentence was the most either of us had spoken to each other in the brief history of our existence under this roof. I was also surprised at the sound of her voice. It was so small and almost impish sounding. She had to be close to six feet tall with a toned and slender build. Her small voice did not match her body size.

I stopped to the right side of her and smiled. Realizing I was standing next to her pumping legs I began to feel the heat coming off her body. Immediately my attention was drawn to her legs. Before I could say anything I heard her giggle, “Well what do you say are you gonna work up a good sweat tonight or slack off and take it easy?”

I realized I had not given a response to her initial question I had been distracted by her fantastic legs I pulled myself back and stuttered, “Uh yah I’m ready…its been a long day and I been looking forward to this.”

She smiled, and between breaths said, “I agree, been looking forward to this as well.” Not taking her eyes off me she reached down with her right hand and began to slowly rub her palm up and down the outside of her right calf saying, “My legs have been tight all day.” I could feel my cock growing quickly beneath my shorts and I knew an obvious hard-on was beginning to show. Her eyes tracked to that region in my crotch and I could have sworn I saw a wry smile flash across her face.

I said, “Well better get to it”, and quickly turned making my way to the treadmill. I could have sworn I heard her snicker as I turned away. I welcomed my run and set my speed at a comfortable pace. Even though my heart was racing and my blood pumping from our brief meeting I felt somewhat relieved to be actively engaged in something other than talking. I was taking great pleasure in watching her firm lengthy calf muscles flex nicely as I watched her legs rise and fall with each circular pedaling motion of the bike. The thick rope-like muscles along the outside of her thighs tightened and bulged as well. I watched as beads of sweat began to form on her legs and trickle down in tiny rivulets across her calves and onto her slender ankles. My mind began to wander as erotic thoughts of what her long powerful legs could do to me. My breathing became more panted as the excitement of such thoughts overtook me. My pulse was racing and I struggled to keep my normal pace. Any other time I would not be hurting so early into my run. She then leaned forward in the seat and slowly rubbed the outside of her legs in s slow sensual manner. I felt my blood race even more as my breathing became extremely labored.

She noticed my heavy puffing behind her and turned her head to comment, “You doing alright back there balçova escort or am I going to have to call 911?”

I turned down the pace on my treadmill and managed to breathe out, “I’m okay just got a bit excited.”

She giggled, “Is that so.”

I looked down at my digital readout and saw I had barely completed 1.5 miles. My body was telling me I had gone for four or five miles. I could not believe how tired I was feeling.

I slowed down to a walk and decided to just enjoy the site of her legs a few feet in front of me. As I gained control of my breathing my mind began to wander again as my imagination took hold and I felt my cock begin to stir. I could not get over the excitement her long pumping legs stirred deep inside my groin.

My thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Henry the gym manager, who approached us. He stopped next to her and said, “Okay Trish I am leaving now. Don’t forget to turn off the lights and fans and lockup when you leave. I am going to turn the closed sign on the front door and lock it on my way out. Do you have the key I gave you?”

Trish continued to pedal and said, “I got it uncle Henry…you go and have a good time and tell Carol I said hi.”

I noticed Henry giving me a wary glance as he asked, “Trish you going to be alright doing this tonight?”

Trish smiled, “Of course I will, you go and have fun.”

I stopped the treadmill and got off making my way to the water fountain. I now know that my gym rats name is Trish and that the owner or manager of this establishment is her uncle. I looked around the gym and saw that it was empty and that Trish and I were the only two people left working out. I walked back over to the mats and began to work on some sit-ups and crunches. I heard Henry close the main doors on his way out and figured I would have to be leaving soon as well.

Trish came over to the stair master next toe me and before she started her routine I remarked, “So he is your uncle huh.”

Trish stepped on the machine and turned to look down at me laying on the floor next to her saying, “Yes, its his marriage anniversary tonight and I told him I would lock up for him so he could leave early. He has dinner reservations across town.

I said, “That’s very thoughtful of you.”

She smiled and began her routine.

Each time I raised up from the mat I had a great view of her long legs. I was working out really slow tonight and just enjoying the view.

After a few minutes it was obvious that I was sporting a good size woody.

I stood up and made my way over to the water fountain placing my towel in front of my waist so Trish would not see my tent pole jutting out.

Trish stopped her workout as well and followed me over to the water fountain. I could feel her standing behind me while I took my drink. After I was through I turned to her and backed away from the fountain. To my surprise she did not drink but instead smiled and said, “Well if you do not know by now my name is Trish. ” She held out her hand for a handshake. I took her hand in mine saying, “Hello my name is Eric.”

During our introduction I had forgotten about holding my towel over my hard-on and Trish saw the bulge saying, ” Well, you do get excited over working out.”

I could feel myself becoming uncomfortable and I said, “I am really sorry, it’s just that well to be honest with you… oh never mind I have to go and you got to lock up.”

Trish grabbed my wrist saying, “Don’t be silly, what were you going to say.”

I looked at her and for the first time realized she was at least three maybe four inches taller than me. She was smiling as she added, “C’mon, what were you going to say.”

I said, “Okay, I think you’re very attractive.”

She smiled saying, “That’s sweet. What else.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

“What else got you excited?” as she nodded in the direction of my shrinking cock.

I said, “Alright if you must know, your legs a very sexy and they get me extremely hot.”

Trish almost jumped with excitement saying, ” I knew it! I knew it! The way you kept staring at them I knew you were turned on.”

I asked, “You did?” and then answered my own question saying, “of course you did.”

Trish laughed, “I have had a lot of guys stare at my legs and I have to admit it is quite flattering, but I did not realize just looking at them could get you in such a state of arousal,” as she glanced down at my now diminished hard on.

I said, “Well I am what you a call a leg and foot man, that is I get into women’s legs and feet.”

I watched as Trish’s forehead wrinkled and her lips puckered as she said, “hmmm, what an interesting fetish.”

It was then I realized she was still holding my wrist in her left hand as she emphasized her words by lifting my hand up and down say, “Hey! Do you have to leave right now?”

I said, “No not really I have no plans this evening.” bayındır escort

Trish smiled wickedly, “Good. Do me a favor and hold my feet while I do some sit-ups.” Then smiled sideways at me adding, “That is if you think you can handle it.” as she glanced down at my semi hard cock.

I happily agreed.

Trish sat on the floor and took off her sneakers. I noticed she was not wearing any sox and that her toenails were immaculately painted a very deep shiny red. She leaned back on the mat I had laid down earlier and brought her knees up slightly with her feet together and flat on the floor. I knelt down on the floor in front of her bent legs and as I reached for her ankles I noticed how big her feet were and the exceptional length of her toes. They were soft and warm to the touch.

I gripped her ankles and slid in close to those wonderfully large feet. As I did this Trish placed her hands behind her head and raised her head up slightly. Pulling her knees apart she said, “I know I have very big feet. Please sit on top of them when you hold them I like it better and it feels more secure that way.

I smiled thinking to myself how it allowed me to get closer to her feet and wonderful legs. I glanced back at Trish noticing a similar smile on her face as well. I slid in closer raising my butt slightly off the ground I spread my bent legs allowing her feet to slide in between my thighs. I lowered my butt back down on top of her toes and arches. All the time I kept my grip on her ankles.

Trish giggled, “If I didn’t know better I would say you have done this before.”

I could smell the light sweet sent of her feet filling my nostrils as she playfully began to wiggle her long toes underneath me. I felt my cock quickly becoming erect again.

She began her sit-ups counting each one. I watched, as with each sit-up her long slender calf muscles flexed tightly. Her legs were so long that she was able to touch her chin to her knees with each repetition. By the time she got to ten my cock was completely hard. Normally I wore a jock strap and cursed myself for not wearing one this time. The head of my cock was close to poking out the legs of my shorts. Not that I am extremely large. When fully erect I measure in barely at 6.5 inches. However the position I was in forced my shorts to ride up my legs not leaving much room for cock coverage.

After a few more sit-ups Trish asked, “Eric please scoot in tighter I feel like my feet are slipping out from under you.” She continued to perform repetition after repetition as I raised myself up and scooted in further on top of her arches. As I did this I felt her legs slide forward causing her shins to press firmly into my groin and against my cock.

Upon feeling this I felt a bolt of excitement shoot through my loins down my legs and up into my torso. With that I released a slight grunt of excitement. Trish felt and heard my response as well smiling brightly saying, “That’s much better don’t you think?”

I said, “Yes much better.”

She continued her sit-ups and with each upward movement I felt the front of her lower legs press firmly into the head and shaft of my straining cock. It was obvious she knew what she was doing to me as the smile never left her face each time I saw it rise up over her knees. After a few more reps I slid my hands up her lower leg cupping her shapely calf muscles feeling them jostle and tighten. Her skin was slick with sweat and very smooth to the touch. The soft moistness of her skin reminded me of her young age in comparison to my own and excited me further as I felt my pulse racing and my breathing increase. I gently caressed her calves reveling in the feel of their perfect shape and strength. I was slowly being taken in by them drifting into sexual bliss when I was brought back by the sound of her tiny voice.

“Eric, I am not losing you am I?”

I said, “Know just counting your repetitions is all.”

Trish smiled, “Sure you are. You looked like you were in another world. I need you to raise up for me and hold that position for a few seconds while I reposition my feet.”

I was not going to argue with her and did as she requested. Much to my surprise I watched as she pulled her feet out from under me and then guide them back in only this time she skillfully pointed her toes and slid her feet into the legs of my shorts. As she did this I quickly looked up at her only to find she was already resting back down on the mat. I felt my cock flop down to the right and on top of the smooth arch of her left foot.

Before I could say anything Trish rose back up slightly and spread her knees apart for me to see her smiling face saying, ” I hope that does not bother you, it feels so much better for me. I am going to do some crunches now.”

As she performed her crunches I continued to grip her calves even firmer as I felt her feet slide up and down below me causing my cock to slide along the smooth soft skin bayraklı escort of her high arches. I was in heaven and could not believe what was happening as this leggy vixen pumped out her crunches panting with each repetition. She had quickened her pace and with it the rubbing sensation of my cock against her left foot. After several minutes I was feeling the heady faint sensation that comes from a continuous state of arousal I found myself leaning forward and before long resting my chest against the front of her legs as I let myself become completely overtaken by her legs and feet.

Seeing the state I was in Trish stopped her crunches and rose up in the sitting position.

She laughed and ran her fingers through my sweaty brow saying, “Just stay like that I am going to be your dream girl. It is going to make me hot knowing that from this point on you will be jerking off to the memory of me playing with your cock.”

Hearing her say this was a bit shocking at first but was soon forgotten as I felt her feet and toes move inside my shorts as she began to fondle the head of my cock with her long toes. As she rotated her ankles and wiggled her toes I could feel her calf muscles move beneath my hands. I slowly rubbed them up and down her lower legs reveling in the smooth slick feel of her skin.

Suddenly I felt her long toes lock around the shaft and head of my cock as I rested the side of my head on top of her kneesshe began to slowly flex her ankles up and down pumping my cock between her long toes. I grunted with each pull of her toes.

Trish laughed, “That’s it I can feel you now. Your making my toes wet with your juices. Keep it coming.”

She continued to giggle and coax me with her soft tiny voice. I was in sexual heaven now. After a few more tugs I was beginning to thrust my hips up in unison to her pulling toes and could feel my body beginning to give in to her legs and feet.

Trish stopped, pulling her feet from my groin and told me to take off all my clothes. My mound was so clouded and I was so sexually aroused at this point I would have jumped off a building had she asked me to. I took of my clothes without hesitation.

She laughed, “That has got to be a record strip down.”

She stretched out her long legs toward me placing her feet on my chest. I could not help but be amazed at their slender length and perfect muscle tone. My God, I said, ” You are nothing but legs!”

Trish smiled as she traced her big toes along my chest and down to my stomach, “Yep they are and I work hard keeping them in shape. These legs are going to rock your world tonight Eric and I want you to hold on until you cum as hard as you can all over them.”

I said, “Oh God yes please do.”

Trish got up saying, “Well now that I got you primed we need to make room, so help me move some of these mats together.”

I watched mesmerized by her long legs as she stood up and began to move mats across the floor.

After taking several minutes of placing them together we stood in the center of them. She then asked me what about her legs and feet turned me on the most.

I said, “Your incredible calves and your long sexy toes. She smiled and told me to kneel down in front of her and stood there for several seconds as if in contemplation about what she was going to do next. After a few moments she left and then came back with a multi-colored adjustable folding mat. She placed it in front of me and then sat on it facing me with her legs together. So it’s my calves you desire most. Still on my knees, she instructed me to move toward her and to place my cock between her lower legs. I felt her taught legs clamp around my semi hard shaft and she told me to fuck her legs. As I pushed my cock between her legs she leaned forward and to the side looking studiously behind her legs to see where my cock pocked through.

I started to pump and after a few thrusts she told me to stop saying it was still too low and that she wanted to make sure my cock was even with her calves at all times. Somewhat frustrated I pulled out as she got up and placed another mat on top of the ones she was sitting on and we took our positions once again. This time she opened her calves slightly. I looked up at her and she nodded indicating I should place my cock between them once again. I pushed my cock between them, and noticed my cock was now level with the high part of her ankle right where her leg started to curve into her shapely calf. As her shins pressed into my torso, Trish leaned forward and to the side once again looking under her legs to see where my cock was in relationship to her calves. She raised her head up and smiled down at me saying, “Perfect now.”

Keeping my cock clenched between her calves she continued speaking as she ran her fingers through my moist hair saying, ” I love doing this, as you probably know your not the first I have done this with. However you are the oldest. How old are you anyways?”

I said, “35 and how old are you?”

She smiled, “20. Does that shock you?”

I laughed, “Oh yes it does.”

We both laughed and Trish said, “I think you will never forget what my legs are about to do to you.”

She continued, “We have to work on this together as a team. It will be a good workout for the both of us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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