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Ariana Grande

[Specifically Dedicated to “My Gus.” She can share my cake anytime.]

“Why don’t you let anyone call you by your full name, Justine?”

“Jay.” I growled my retort at everyone who had ever called me that, including Gus.

“Exactly,” Gus responded through her half chewed apple while turning the roundabout way too quickly for my taste. “Justine is a pretty name. I don’t understand why you refuse to let anyone call you that. ” She barely took a breath and leaned into the curve as her car expelled itself from the other side of the roundabout. My stomach sloshed over with the centripetal force. My stomach also lept into my throat when she said my name, whichever one she used, because that “new crush” feeling never seemed to go away. Gus drove at speeds and angles as if being chased by the entire metro police force yet that night, the streets were nearly empty. The only thing chasing her was the second hand of the clock in her head that steadily clicked toward seven in the evening and the mall closed at nine and there was a flash sale on hiking boots. It was Friday, March 13th, 2020…the night before the first quarantine and the sales were unbelievable.

“Justine sounds like a chemical.” I responded, “A paint or varnish. Something Bob Ross would put on a brush and wipe on a canvas and suddenly a mountain would appear. I don’t like it. Everyone calls me Jay. ‘J’ for short.” I held onto the sides of the seat as the Riverfront Mall came into view as we flashed through a green light. I wanted to lean over and kiss her but I didn’t want to spill the ice cream cake that was freezing my thighs. Another bargain that was way too good to pass up tonight. This one said, “Happy Birthday Derick.” Apparently Derrek didn’t want his name spelled like that on his ice cream cake so he refused to pay for it and we agreed to buy it at a steep discount…along with the other two at my feet. COVID-19 would have to try much harder to ruin our future celebration plans. Just one more quick trip to the sporting goods mega-store at the mall and these three sheet cakes of misspelled creamy goodness would store in our freezer ad infinitum.

The Riverfront Mall was about 7 miles from the closest river. Its original location was to be right on the river but the indigenous people in the area reminded the local Eurocentric government that they had indeed forgotten that folks were still buried there and it would be off putting to construct a shopping mall on sacred ground. The Eurocentric local government decided it would be magnanimous to move the location to a hillside populated only with poor people who’s buildings were bought for pennies on the dollar and knocked down. There was a big celebration with members of the Tribe meeting with members of the Local Eurocentric government where they shook hands and held on to a gold painted shovel and there were lots of signs and everyone took pictures. There were protesters as well but no one took pictures of them. The mall, who’s design included a beautiful view of the river front now looked out on a complex of storage facilities. At least the name would be pretty. The poor folks often can be seen in tents on the sacred ground near the river. We can assume that where they enjoy the river view, it is no consolation for their homelessness.

Gus drove at an angle counter to the layout of the painted parking spaces in the Riverfront Mall parking lot. This made me nervous.

“I mean, you have a beautiful, name.” Gus continued. “Sure it isn’t very common, but you could sing it. It rhymes with lots of stuff like, ‘queen’ and ‘keen’ and uh…”

“Obscene?” Jay inserted.

“Yeah…and uh…”

“Martin Sheen?”

“Stop it, Jay. Fuck. I’m just sayin’ that you have a pretty name just like your face and your body. You don’t give yourself enough spotlight. You should put yourself out there. You’re an adult woman. It’s ok to use your adult woman name.” Gus sometimes talked like a coach right before a big game. At least that’s how I thought it would sound. I’ve never been in a big game except for Science Games and our coach couldn’t pronounce his ‘S’s properly. He called me “Juthteen.” I thought he was dreamy regardless.

The car slowed to a halt in the mostly empty Riverfront parking lot. Gus was already out of the car and adjusting her jacket and her stocking cap as I figured out how to stack the ice cream cake on the floorboard with the others.

“You don’t think they’ll melt, do you?” I asked, shivering in the night air.

“It’s like 40 degree’s Jay…besides, we’ll be quick. I wanna get you home.” My stomach flipped again because I love it when she flirts with me. At least I think she was flirting with me. Maybe she wasn’t.

“Were you şişli bayan escort flirting with me just then, Gus?” But Gus didn’t say a word. She just came over and kissed me, drawing my bottom lip into her mouth as she always did when it was more than a kiss. And all billion and a half little hair folicles on my body bumped up at once.

“What do you think, Jay?” I must have blushed.

“Yeah…you were flirting with me.” I took her hand and checked my bag to make sure my wallet was there. Gus kept talking about me using my full name. Finally, once inside the mall with its bright lights, warmth, smell of fried foods and echoing pop music, I interrupted her.

“So, Gus…if you think I should go by MY full and given name, then I should start calling you by your full name, shouldn’t I, L’Augustiana?”

“Naw. Too hard to say. Plus, if my Grandmother is around, everyone will get confused.” and at that, nothing more was said about it.

The Riverfront Mall was nearly empty in many ways. As we walked to the Sporting Goods Megamart for Gus’s hiking boots, we passed the darkened store fronts. The stores were moving from the malls and into the palms of people’s hands where they kept other things like their brains, memories and personalities. The few people that were in the mall stared at their palms where their devices told them things like what to think, what to buy and who their friends were. We went right to the store and found her really cheap boots.

“We could tramp around in the woods for hours in those and I’ll bet your feet would never get wet.” I observed as she modeled for me…one foot with that big plastic security tag on the tongue. I liked how she looked in boots. Especially the black ones that went to her knees. I liked those a lot. But these were practical and it fit the practical jeans and the grey college hoodie she wore. That night she adhered to her hip adult lesbian stereotype dress code. But, like me, she wasn’t much for conformity.

“Yep…I think these will do.”

I walked slowly behind Gus as we began to make our way back to the car. She walked with purpose, faster than I did. I liked to watch her walk. Her hips swayed confidently and I liked to think she did that for my benefit. I was dreading the cold and I began to re wrap my scarf and tighten my jacket about me when she stopped to look toward the children’s play area near the Dillards department store.

“Looks like they closed the kids area.”

“Yeah…a place crawling with children would surely be a hotbed for contagions.”

“Let’s check it out, Jay.” Gus’s eyes twinkled which was her version of a smile. I pointed to a sign that was on official Riverfront Mall stationary and printed in a font without serifs and it read, “Closed. Keep out.”

“See the sign, Gus? No serifs. That means it is serious. Let’s just go home.” I tried to flirt with her to draw her attention. “We can make out and eat ice cream.” I tried to sound sexy but it just didn’t work. She was already heading toward the ball pit like a moth to a flame.

Stepping over the barrier she looked back and tried to reassure me. “See, if it were dangerous, they would have used caution tape rather than this chain here.” It made sense in a really weird sort of way. So I followed her.

Gus took off her jacket and scarf and I watched her like a little girl admiring a bull fighter entering a ring. Her shoulders, exposed as she removed her flannel blouse, strong and shaped, beautiful arbor themed tattoos with those things that were closest to her heart. In just a tank-top and her dusty rose colored jeans, she slid into the ball pit like an olympic swimmer entering a pool. Everything she did had such physical intelligence to it. It matched her form, beautiful and graceful with arch and curve. I bit my bottom lip and sighed and dropped my jacket idly on the floor and followed her.

While Gus remained under the surface of the balls, I shoved two of them up under my blouse to give her the impression that my breasts had suddenly grown. She said she thought I should put myself out there, right? When she erupted in a shower of multi colored plastic balls, I stood with my chest jutting forward. The cool balls pressing against my nipples.

“Hey Gus! Like my tits?” I whispered.

“Oh my GOD, Jay, get those out of your shirt…they’re filthy.”

“Says the woman swimming in them.”

She walked over sloshing through the knee-deep colorful plastic balls with a grin.

“Got one up your skirt?”

“Maybe.” (I didn’t because that would be gross)

Her hand playfully reached up under my skirt and pressed against my groin. “No balls in here.” She laughed at her own joke. I just stared into şişli escort her eyes as she was welcome to do that anytime she wanted. The plastic balls vacated my shirt and I remained silent.

“No balls in there anymore either.” her other hand inspected the area where the plastic balls had been only to find my breasts with very hard nipples that really didn’t mind being felt up at all.

Time stands still when she touches me and that moment wasn’t any different, except it was in an inflatable ball pit in a shopping mall during a pandemic. I moved my legs apart a bit more to give her room. My arms just wrapped around her waist and I kissed her. Gently, she moved the fabric of my panties aside and our flesh touched.

In my imagination, the whole scene is almost like we were in a tropical lagoon…blue water and the jewels of tiny tropical fish swishing around our ankles. Me and Gus barely dressed in gauzy linen maybe with flowered laurels in our hair. My leg lifted and her fingers curled up into my pussy. I held her with confidence. She knows my spots. The paces that drive me crazy and my movements that ask for specific things. She knows just the right place to press and how quickly to press it. I whispered her name and told her I loved her and how I wanted to live forever in this tropical lagoon paradise. Even if she was just finger-banging me in an inflatable ball pit in a shopping mall during a pandemic. It seemed like close enough to paradise for me.

My body began to shiver as her finger slid into me. But then she stopped. And not just stopping for anticipation or effect. She stopped the way an animal freezes when it is spotted by a hunter.

“Freeze tag, Gus?” I whispered with just a hint of sexy growl.

“What? No. Shush. Someone’s coming.” Gus had excellent hearing. Her father worked for an earplug manufacturer and she always got free samples.

I whispered a bit more quietly. “I don’t hear anything?” And this was true because MY father was a freelance explosives manufacturer until he was caught. She slid her finger out of me slowly and carefully (which was disappointing) but soon I would see the necessity. For at that moment, I could hear and see a very frustrated security guard wearing a utility belt and “SECURITY” badge on his black official looking uniform coming around the corner. He stood 10 feet in front of the ball pit. He talked on the phone like he was speaking to the back row at a theater, though he may have been just a loud talker. I appreciated that because I don’t hear so well.

“What the hell am I supposed to DO, Darla? Its my JOB.” he listened to Darla’s voice that was loud enough to be audible. It sounded like a wasp stuck in a window sill.

“So, I’m just supposed to leave my keys and walk off the job? What the hell?” though I couldn’t hear what she was saying, the tone sounded like she was explaining to him that the mall would close anyway and he would be out of a job. It also sounded like she was convincing him.

“You’re right, honey. I’ve been working too hard for this rinky dink heap of corporate greed for too long. I’m coming home to you and the kids!” I wanted to wave an American flag and cheer but we weren’t supposed to be there and my skirt was up around my waist. We just silently watched him walk toward the main entrance of that wing of the mall, drop his belt and keys and walkie talkie on the floor, engage the door alarm and drop the gate, locking us in the mall.

“We’re trapped.” I gasped.

“Kick ass!” Gus smiled and put her hand back between my legs.

“No! I mean…yes…but then, we gotta get out of here. Those ice cream cakes are gonna melt!”

Maybe it was the thrill/fear of being locked in a shopping mall that raised my ardor. But for a glorious few minutes, Gus rubbed and circled and diddled me to overflowing orgasms that soaked her fingers and my thighs. And the padding and netting of the structure of the ball pit, originally made to prevent the plastic balls from escaping provided an excellent sling for her to lean back in while I knelt between her thighs and returned the favor.

We used the complimentary handwipes on a stand to freshen ourselves as we got dressed and wipe down our area.

“I think we’re depraved.” I ruminated as I looked back on our inflatable, ball filled love nest.

“Yeah…but hey we’re fun. Now…how are we going to get out of here?”

I walked to the place where the security guard had dropped his belt and looked at what it included. Chemical mace. A large ring of keys. A walkie talkie and a bundle of zip ties. On the inside leather of the belt, the guard’s name was written in permanent ink. “Arturo Alvarez.” I whispered a gentle cheer to him. “Orale’ mecidiyeköy escort pues, officer Alvarez. Go on and stick it to the man. Viva la familia.”

I put the mace in my bag, along with the zip ties because I was confident we would need them around the house. And I looked at the ring of keys. Gus was already at the gate pulling on it and pressing the release buttons but to no avail. I joined her and we tried all of the keys.

“I think it is locked with the keypad.” Gus stared at the unyielding gate. I looked around and inventoried what I saw. Fountains, plants, locked stores, (oooh, baby clothes!) and then I saw the solution. I saw a display of vehicles near the center atrium, between us and the ball pit of love that included a commercial, gas powered lawn mower.

“Here’s my plan.” I started.

“Let’s start that lawnmower up, let it drive toward the door. It will knock down the gate and the doors will break, causing minimal damage and we can escape and go home and put our cakes in the freezer.”

“Jay,” Gus, redirected my gaze to the shiny red Camaro sitting near the mower with a local car dealer’s logo emblazened across the hood. “That will never work. Let’s drive that Camaro through the doors.”

“Gus, think of the damage and the cost that will incur. We’re not savages. We have a civic responsibility to use the least invasive method.”

“Ok…we’ll try it your way but if it doesn’t work…ramming speed.” I gulped and we got to work.

Luckily, for us, the Riverfront Mall had ignored safety guidelines about displaying vehicles indoors with combustible fuel in the tank. When we found the key on the key ring of the security guard, we were able to start it right up.

“I’ll get it into position.” I sat quickly on the mower and immediately rammed it into the minivan adjacent to it proving that the steering was something I was quite comfortable with.

“Least invasive? Civic duty?” Gus hollered over the roar of the engine.

“Fuck ‘the man’!” I yelled back. Then I steered the mower to face the gates, propped the accelerator lever down with one of the zipties and popped the clutch. It moved forward at a moderate pace. I stood by and watched it roll, pilotlessly toward its target and our freedom.

“Jay, I don’t think this is going to work.” Gus said.

“Sure it will. Just wait, those things have really powerful engines.”

“It’s steering itself off to the left.”

“Naw, it’ll make it, you’ll see.” I didn’t want to admit that I may have set it to curve off to the left toward the “Country Depot Shoppe” which was filled with wooden nick knacks, crafts, macrame mobiles, decorations made of straw, candles and scented oils for changing the way a room smelled.

“No really, don’t you think that we should at least try to stop it and re aim it or something?” Gus sounded more concerned.

“Nope. This is gonna be glorious.”

“Shit, baby, that mower is gonna hit that store.” her eyes were beautiful when they were about to witness something exciting.

The mower raked against the security grate on the “Country Depot Shoppe” and shards of the metal gate tore at the fuel tank. The rupture spilled fuel into the shop and sparks from the engine and the gate ignited the spill. Within moments the entrance was ablaze.

“Fuck, Jay.”

“Well, you wanted to try the Camaro, right?” Gus stopped and thought a moment. “Yeah…guess you’re right.”

“I generally am.”

The same fuel condition of each vehicle in the display (Minivan, side by side go cart, four wheeled atv, two pickup trucks and two sedans) made it easy to move them so we could drive the Camaro out. Each vehicle was quickly deployed into different stores, each causing some sort of damage except for the mini van that drove into the kettle corn stand before plunging into the atrium fountain. As we sped the roaring Camaro out through the crashing wreckage of the entrance of the mall, I swear I saw a decorative tapestry drifting on a burning updraft that read in script, “Live. Laugh. Love.”

We parked the burning Camaro near our car and tossed the key ring into the back seat. I kept the belt with the security guard’s name. Hopefully he won’t catch too much flack for it.

When we got back into the car, laughing with tears running down our cheeks, Gus kissed me and whispered, “Let’s go home.” I checked under the lid of the ice cream cake and wiped a wee drip of vanilla cream with my finger and offered it to Gus. As she sucked it clean, I whispered in her ear, “That’s not the only thing dripping in here.”

In the weeks that followed, Gus and I saw civilization fall around us. The destruction of the mall was a beacon of hope to a world that had become hopelessly addicted to acquisition of things. The blaze burned away the excess and made space for a new world. Or at least we think it did. We haven’t left the house yet. Why would we? We have each other and all this ice cream.

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