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Guess Who’s Coming to Town?
My name is Toby and I am 36 and happily married for almost a decade now and I have 2 kids Jenny and Jimmy and my wife is a wonderful woman. I am an IT technician and my wife is a nurse and so all is going fine for me and my family. Our sexual life is very satisfying and I am very glad that my wife is very open to new stuff. I don’t normally drink but I do only on occasions like holidays or special events or when I go on vacation. I work six days a week and since my wife is a nurse things can get a little hectic for me when she has the night shift and I have to get the children ready for school and so it’s a little too much for me. But as time goes on I would normally get help when my wife gets the afternoon shift.

Now on a normal basis I would take my family with me on vacation down by my brother’s place in Miami. My brother Jamie normally takes his family to Canada at the same time so everything works out quite fine since he is more than happy for us to stay at his place for 2 weeks. However, this time around things did not turn out the way it normally does. Firstly my wife got early notice that she would be required to work during her normal vacation period in August. So we had to make a decision since my wife won’t get to make the trip along with the kids and myself. Now I was not happy at all that my woman won’t be around so I called off our trip and had to come up with a plan B. We decided that we’ll send the kids along with Jamie and his kids to Canada and my wife and I would spend the 2 weeks at home alone even though she had to work. So all is set when a few days later my wife asked me a weird question “guess who’s coming to town?” I had no clue and when I learned it was my mother-in-law I was absolutely pissed because I don’t like her. She is so pushy and talkative and always behaves as if I am her child. I hate her.

My mother-in-law is 55 and looks really good for her age since she is retired and loves to go to the gym. She has a nice figure but I still don’t like the idea that she is coming to spend 2 weeks at my home and to make matters worse I was going to be home for the two weeks. My wife always gets a good laugh at the fact that I don’t like her mom. The only thing different from Marie’s visit was the fact that her husband Bill went on a fishing trip with his buddies. Oh how I wished I had the freedom he had. Anyway as the day approached we saw the kids off at the airport then had to wait for 3 hrs. for Marie to arrive and so she did all dressed up and looking really sexy this time around. Honestly, I had to look twice and hey I was actually saying in my mind that she really looks juicy. So as soon as we got into the car Marie said “Toby, you better be careful on the road”, yada yada yada yada and she started on her usual mouthing. Anyway as the trip home was nearing the end, my wife broke the word that I would be home for the two weeks and boy oh boy was izmir escort bayan Marie excited saying “well Toby, you and I are going to have a good time”. I said in my mind “maybe I should call my boss and postpone my vacation”.

When we arrived home Marie moved to her usual guest room and I quickly called my wife to explain that I won’t survive with her mother and she was very adamant that it would be a good opportunity for me to appreciate her mom and that she would love it if I can just try. So I agreed and all was well. So for the first week my wife got the day shift and leaves for work at 5:30 am and would return at 6:30 pm. Monday morning and my wife bid me good luck and left. My first day at home was to upgrade and service my work equipment and Marie was cleaning the house. She cooked lunch and brought it for me and I noticed that so far she is not as pushy and talkative like the previous times and I loved it. After I was finished I took a shower and decided that I’ll have a few beers and watch some TV. When Marie was finished cooking dinner she joined me to watch Football. She brought me a cold beer and we started to chat about different things and I kept saying in my head that she is different, something must be wrong and over and over I just could not believe how nice she was to me. My wife arrived and when I relayed back to her about my day she was so happy that Marie and I were getting along quite well.

Tuesday morning and my wife left for work and I had to run downtown to get some stuff and Marie was quite ok to stay at home. She requested that I get her a bottle of Cream liquor and I was surprised for I know that she does not really drink but she reminded me that was on vacation too. When I returned back home I was greeted to a well layed out table for lunch and Marie had on a red skirt and a white top and she had her hair done and she was looking quite pretty. So I went to get a shower and she placed her liquor in the cooler. Anyway I came down for lunch and this woman seem to have an agenda. We had lunch and a few drinks and I retired to my room for a nap because I was a bit tired. I had 5 beers and Marie had 2 glasses of Liquor and I also noticed that she kept looking straight into my eyes when she is talking. Upon thinking about all that just transpired I quietly fell asleep. Later I awoke and when I looked at the time I realised that I slept for 2 hrs and as I lay in bed my attention was directed to a faint noise of a voice and decided to investigate. When I came down the hallway the noise got louder and I quickly realised that Marie was in her room and as I got closer I was blown away and shocked that the noise I heard was actually Marie and she seemed to be playing with herself and she was actually saying my name “oh Toby, I want you so bad, make love to me, make me your bitch, fuck me”. I could not believe what I was hearing behind her closed door. I was getting aroused and my cock grew buca escort to full length in a matter of seconds. I then moved away slowly and went back into my room and I got into the shower and I got a mind blowing orgasm from jacking off to the thought of me fucking Marie. I blew so much sperm and all due to Marie and her secret behaviour. The day ended and my wife arrived home and we all had dinner and Marie was as normal as can be. So we all retired for the night and so many thoughts kept coming to mind and my view of Marie has changed and I am now looking at her in a more sexual way and I decided that I am going to make a move on her. So the next day arrived and my wife left for work and I started to drink at about 9am. Marie was cleaning and I took my shirt off letting her know that I was feeling a little bit hot. As soon as I did so, Marie just looked at me and was actually checking me out and I can tell that she was interested.

At about 11am Marie was finished and she came with her glass of Cream Liquor and we started to talk and I was just waiting for to show signs and the first thing I noticed is her eyes kept taking quick glances at my upper body. I must mention that I am reasonably buffed and muscular. She went for her 2nd glass and I was now ready to make a move. When Marie came back she said “Toby I am very hot so I am going to take a shower”. So I had to wait until she returned. About 30 minutes later she came back down and my eyes almost fell off. Marie was wearing a blue short pants and a blue silk vest. I had to compliment her and she loved it so much that we made a toast to our new found friendship. As we sat and talked Marie asked me “do you think I look beautiful for true?” I said “sure you do”.

I then finished my beer and got up and walked bravely over to Marie and took her hand and said “let’s go upstairs”. She was speechless and got up and we went to my room and as we entered I closed the door and Marie knew exactly what was going on and I just grabbed her and kissed her hard and we locked lips and she responded like a pro. My cock was rock hard and I quickly removed her top and then her pants and also her panty. She looked so good and I was amazed at how firm her skin was. As soon as I removed her panty she went for my pants and then my boxers. My hungry 8 inch cock rose and she held it and I was over powered by lust, excitement, passion and the fact of what was taking place got me so aroused. Marie pushed me on the bed and went straight for my cock and took the entire 8 inch in her soft and warm mouth. As my body adjusted to her mouth and the sensation I held her hair and let out a soft “ooooooooo, that feels so good, yes baby suck it, it’s all yours”. As she sucked my wood I rubbed her head and I was ready to blow my load and I started to move my waist up and down to fuck her mouth as she bobbed me up and down. I soon felt the spasms crawl up my back I shot my liquid of life deep in her izmir escort mouth and she milked my cock so perfectly that I actually realised that she gives a better head than my wife.

Since the passion and sex was so amazing my cock remained hard and when she finished cleaning my cock-sicle she layed next to me and said “please eat my pussy” and I was more than happy to eat her and I moved between her legs and her pussy was neatly shaven with hairs on the sides leaving her entrance clear for any sort of landing. I licked her and she was moaning loudly and grabbed my head and pressed it into her cunt and I then started to suck vigorously on her swollen clit and she was losing control and I can feel from her pressure that she was about to blow her load and as soon as her spasms was building and she started to groan louder and I just withdrew myself and grab her waist and command her “turn over and get on all fours”. She followed and got on all fours and said “please be gentle for this would be my first anal”. We were both over taken by passion and I just positioned myself behind her lifted ass cheeks and slowly pushed my cock head in her soft ass and she was dripping wet and I just rubbed my hand on her pussy to gather some juice and lubed her opening and then pushed hard and she let out a loud “awwwwwwwww” and “mmmmmmmm” followed by “yes honey, fuck my ass, make me scream”. And so I started to fuck her furiously and she felt amazing. Her anal walls were so warm and soft and were holding onto my cock. As I pushed in and out I can tell she loved it so much that she reached for her pussy and started to rub herself hard and we both were in ecstasy. The thought of my fucking my mother-in-law was in itself mind blowing. She was now getting to the point of no return and started to scream “ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss, fuck me, harder, harder, yes, yes, oh I am cuming, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”. I then got more aroused and then shot my second load deep in her well worked ass.

As the pleasure subsided and my cock now went soft slowly pulled out her ass and a good bit of cum just oozed out her ass and I was exhausted. I still did not get to sample her pussy but I am confident that it is just a matter of time. We layed in bed and fell asleep and for the rest of my vacation Marie and I made love almost every day and I did fuck her in all positions and places around my house. I even took her to a motel and also we had sex in my car twice. When my wife got the night shift Marie and I had the whole night and house to our self. We made the most passionate love in the early hours of the morning at around 2am.
So now my whole attitude was more pleasant towards my mother-in-law and my wife loved it so much but has no clue as the method used. All my wife knows is that by just socialising and spending time together was the main factor. Marie and I got so close that I actually agreed to spend a week at her house next winter since her husband has to go to his annual convention in Belgium. So we know what’s going to happen then. I just have to work out a plan.
After hate is love……………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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