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The Introduction of Insanity.

Michael was a freshman at Bowling Green State University, in the amazingly flat terrained town of Bowling Green, Ohio. A simple college town with a few quirks, much like any other college in the world, except unlike every other college, this one was his home. Michael grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, dated a few people, and had lazily gotten through highschool with a 2.4 GPA. School never really mattered, and neither did most people. “Life is a lot simpler without assholes getting in the way” that was his philosophy. Until she came along.

After the first week of school Mike was bored, his room mate was out often, probably partying with how he slumped into his bed at night. Most of the time Mike took to rollerblading campus at 2 AM. No one was around at that hour, and the cool air felt wonderful at night. Over all Mike was pretty normal, basic haircut, basic glasses, basic outfits, basic lifestyle. Music needed to be loud and aggressive, but that was the marking of his age group.

Wednesday night changed a lot about that boring college, and it always did. Wednesday nights were known as “Goth Night” at the Uptown/Downtown club. A simple two floor building held two individual clubs, the lower level for people above 21, it was mostly a bar. The upper level of the club had more music, more room for dancing, and allowed people to come in if they were 18 and up, however, you still had to be 21 to drink. Mike decided to go for the music, not the people. It was no surprise that he knew people who were going, he lived across the computer lab from the Arts Village, a special floor for Art Majors, where they could be weird together and enjoy college in small social circles.

Jason noticed the black outfit on Mike instantly as one suited for clubbing, “Mike? Are you sure you’ll survive?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked, looking to make sure that the fishnet sleeves and studded belt were secure.

“You’re the hermit, you never party. Besides, you kinda look like a poser.” Jason said chuckling. Mike took offense, until Jason explained that it was more than black clothing, usually it was also makeup. Jason helped Mike apply the eye liner, shadow, and creame to pale his face before he allowed Mike to dare attempt going to the club.

“Also man, I have one piece of advice for you. Dance. If you just sit around, or stand there, you’ll look awful, you have to actually keep moving so that people think you don’t give a shit. If you care, you suck, simple rule of the club. You can look like you’re stoned or trashed, but if you move around while doing it, people will respect you for it.” Jason said knowingly. He’d been at this school for two years, and hadn’t really done much other than Goth Nights, and classes.

Mike walked to town feeling awkward, until he saw the line of people waiting to enter the club, then he smiled, “Tonight I have to have fun.” he said to himself, in a pep-talk sort of way.

Mike got in line and got out his wallet so he could show his liscense and pay the entry fee. Mike’s jaw visable dropped as he saw some of the women entering this club. Most of them were pretty attractive, obviously well built and very prepared to show off. The line consisted of fishnet stockings or sleeves (even one fishnet top with just a black lacey bra under it) and short enough skirts as to imply that bending over to pick something up was not an option.

The girl infront of him was listening to the beat of the music inside. Mike could tell because her curls bounced to the music as she shook her head along with it. Her hair was a deep black, seemingly natural. She was in a very tight leather outfit that hid nearly nothing. It was cut just an inch above where her nipple should be, and her breasts filled it nicely. She had on white and black checkerboard sleeves and stockings that came from her plated black skirt. She also had on wicked black boots that laced up and went to her knee, with at least two inches of platform on the bottom. The most noticable thing about her though was that in her hair was a pair of kitty ears that seemed almost childishly cute resting Yalova Escort on her head.

Mike finally got to the door and watched the gothic kitten walk up and envied whoever she shared her bed with. Mike paid his entry fee and got his hands stamped, and the letters I V written on the backs of his hands with permanent marker. The stairs were blacklit, and paint was glowing off of them. Mike raced up the stairs and looked around for the girl, but people were everywhere, and it was impossible to see. Mike shrugged and walked around, barely able to hear anything except for the music.

The decoration was nice, very dark and creepy, which was strange since halloween was still two months away. Mike found an empty table and sat in one of the tall chairs to it, listening to the music and gathering up his courage before he would go to the dance floor and attempt dancing.

The music had small breaks in which someone would claim a birthday, and ask the DJ in the large black box to give a happy birthday to them, then the DJ would let the whole club yell a cheerful “Fuck you!” to the birthday victim. Mike was enjoying the scene so far, he spotted Jason dancing with a crowd of other people from the Arts Village.

“Have you seen my ears?” A femenine voice from behind Mike asked.

“What?” Mike asked in confusion until he turned around and saw the goth kitten, only without her ears. “Oh… I’m sorry, what you said just didn’t make sense. I haven’t seen them, I’m sorry.” Mike said, turning away.

“Well fuck, I only had them one night.” She said, sitting down across from him and rested her arms on the table, then set her chin on it, looking up at Mike. “Who are you?” she asked, somewhat rudely, but in a sweet girly tone.

“Mike.” he said, taken back by her boldness. “So, who are you?” Mike asked, trying to sound relaxed.

“Terri, short for Theresa.” She said, smiling and sitting up. “I want to dance, come with?” Terri asked.

“Sure.” Mike said following her to the dancefloor. Terri danced very gracefully and smothely, while Mike was obviously not as skilled. Her motions were even like a cat’s, gradual shifts in her shoulders and small steps and flows. They danced for an hour, Mike nervous the whole time, and Terri not really paying attention, lost in the music.

After an hour, Mike was visable wearing thin on stamina, his legs feeling like they were about to fall off from his weight shifting, and movement to the beat. Over the music Mike yelled that he was going to go sit down for a bit, Terri following him. Terri walked and got some water for both of them and walked back to the table, offering the drink to Mike. “So where are you from?” Terri asked.

“Lakewood, this suburb of Cleveland.” Mike said, masking his embarrassment at coming from a suburb. “How about you?” he asked.

“Sin.” Terri said smiling and trading a finger slowly along the rim of the cup. Mike looked confused, then thought about it for a moment, realizing that sin meant Cincinatti.

“What are you majoring in?” Mike asked.

“Sex.” Terri said, to which Mike coughed in mid-sip of his water.

“What?” Mike choked out, trying to breathe.

“Well, I figure that’s what happens at college anyway, so I should study it, maybe make a hypothesis on it and get made into some kind of Sociological Idol like Karl Marx.” Terri said, “Besides, I figured you choke if I said it.”

“Very funny, so you’re a Sociology major, that’s cool I guess.” Mike said.

“Boring isn’t it?” Terri half-asked. “Well, we can’t all be famous you know.”

“True.” Mike said looking at his watch, realizing it was already past midnight, and he was still just looking at how lovely she was. “Want to get out of here?” He asked, half wincing at how much it sounded like he wanted to just tie her to his bed, not that he’d mind.

“Sure, I know a good coffee shop in town, they should be open.” Terri said, smiling, “However, I bet our roomies are trying to sleep, so I don’t think you can violate me just yet.” Mike again visable choked in surprise.

They walked for ten minutes, getting coffee and heading Yalova Escort Bayan back to campus. Large blue “safety lights” gave everything a mellow coloring.

“Are you cold?” Mike asked, as he noticed she wasn’t wearing much.

“Is that a hint that my nipples are poking out?” Terri asked, while checking her leather top. “Not cold yet, but we should go to my lounge so that we can enjoy soft couches. Dancing wears me out.”

“With how slowly you move? How do you think I felt?” Mike complained.

“Well,” Terri said, leaning close to him, “I guess I was smarter then.” She said blowing a kiss.

“You always this flirty with people you don’t know?” Mike asked, nervously.

“Worse sometimes,” Terri said, “but I’m having a good time just tormenting you.” They went into the dorm’s lounge, Terri living two floors above Mike. They talked about moving in troubles, lofting their beds, building futons, and food on campus until early the next morning. “So,” Terri began, “are you tired?” she asked.

“Sort of, I have a class at noon though.” Mike said, yawning.

“Well, I have none today, So I can either wake you up, or keep you up.” Terri said.

“How would you manage that?” Mike asked.

“Easy, I’d sit in your room and play on your computer while you slept, then pounce you to wake you up before class.” Terri said, demonstrating by tackling him on the couch, and laying on top of him for a bit. “Or… there is always the option of not letting you sleep, and playing with you instead.” Terri said, tracing his ear with her tongue and gently blowing air into his ear. Mike shuddered gently from this, surprised and enjoying it.

“I hope you’d know what anyone with any sanity would choose Terri.” Mike said, trying to not act as nervous as he was.

“Oh… well okay, I’ll just play on your computer then!” Terri joked, hopping off of him and walking up to the stairway that held their side of the dorm. They walked up quickly, and into Mike’s room, seeing his room mate getting his books together for his morning class.

“Oh, hi Brian, Math?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, it’s a bitch, but I need it for Comp Sci.” Brian said, spraying on some deoderant. “Have fun.” Brian said patting him on the back after looking at Terri. As soon as the door was closed both Mike’s and Terri’s lips locked together, her leather pressing against his cotton shirt.

“Are you sure about this?” Mike asked, making sure that she wasn’t making a decision based on a tired brain. Terri thought about it for a second, then took Mike’s hand and put it under her skirt. Mike immediately felt warmth and wetness on the soft silk of her panties.

“I’m pretty sure.” Terri said, climing up onto Mike’s bunk. Mike knew better than to come to college without bringing some protection, and opened his sock drawer and made a quick decision to grab the one ribbed condom he had, under a pile of basic ones. Mike climbed up to see Terri untying her boots. “These things take for ever to put on or take off, but without them I let people know that I’m really 5’6″ and not 5’9″.” Terri said smiling as she threw her boots off the bed and pulled Mike on top of her, kissing him passionately.

Mike quickly pulled her shirt up and noticed that the bra was built into her top, her breasts swung loose and bounced into life. At least a C cup. Mike smiled and squeezed one, leaning down and licking the nipple that was starting to stiffin from the air, and the touch. Terri laid back and began sighing gently as Mike used his tongue and teeth to caress her breasts. Mike slowly slid lower, trailing kisses on her pale, slim waist. Terri smiles and unzipped her skirt, pulling it aside and quickly pulled off her panties and thigh-length stockings, showing off a very well trimmed down and shaven body. Terri smiled as Mike admired her. “Most women shave at least around here,” Terri explained, tracing her soft lips, “though I shave an inch higher than my slit to make it easier for men to not choke on hair.”

“Just water.” Mike joked.

“Yes, just water, now get back to that tongue and mouth action my little slave Escort Yalova boy.” Terri joked, running her fingers through his hair as he leaned closer and began licking her slit slowly, as it testing the water before he began swimming. Mike wasted no time testing and soon slid a finger into her while sucking on her clit gently, pinning it between his teeth. Terri began gasping gently and moaning quietly as his tongue began flicking her clit. Terri was obviously ready enough for sex, but wouldn’t stop him from pleasing her.

Mike added a second finger, noting how tight she was, he figured it was just luck that she was tigher than others. Terri was moaning louder now, making coarse gasps and clenching bedsheets. She smiled wickedly and sat up and scooted back, interrupting him as she pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply tasting herself on his lips. Terri then pulled his black shirt off and kissed Mike’s chest, then quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped him, lowering his jeans and boxers and stared happily at his erection.

“You’re uncut.” Terri said, looking at it closely, grasping it in her hand, “That means I can’t use too much teeth, otherwise you’ll get hurt, but it also means you probably are very careful about keeping this nice sized toy clean, so that it won’t get infected.”

“I can see you pay attention to anatomy.” Mike said with a smile.

“Well, if you like something…” Terri said pulling back his foreskin and leaning down, taking in a few inches of him and gentle sucking on his soft skin while swirling the head with her tongue. Very gently and slowly Terri sucked on him, tasting him and stroking while he simply moaned and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. Terri stopped and licked her lips, “as I was saying, when you like something, you study it.” Terri said, laying back. “So when can I see how it fits?” Terri said bluntly.

“Well…” Mike said unwrapping and sliding the condom on, “how about now?”

“Oh! Ribbed, you’re so considerate.” Terri said jokingly. “Now’s fine, so stop making me wait.” Terri said, pulling Mike close and kissing him. Now Mike’s taste lay on her lips. Mike slid in slowly, Terri arched her hips to help him slide in as she closed her eyes and exhaled softly when he was all the way in.

“Are you alright?” Mike asked, seeing that she had winced a little.

“You’re bigger than the last one, so this’ll take some adjustment, you might have to put it in me twice every eight hours, doctor’s orders.” Terri said, smiling. Mike pulled most of the way out and back in, then kept the motion up slowly as Terri held him closely and began moaning regularly.

Mike sighed, the feeling was amazing, however his hips were already pretty thrashed from dancing, so he worried about having to stop from being too tired. Terri met every thrust of his and began licking his ear again, moaning into it quietly. Mike slowly began to move faster as Terri moaned louder, his hips beginning to ache, but at this point, pain was the last thing on his mind. Terri dragged her long nails along his back, gently, but hard enough to leave little red streaks along his back. Terri started gasping rapidly, then leaned up and bit Mike’s neck, hard. She began shaking and held him tightly, as he thrust harder she stopped pressing back, still noticeably trembling.

Terri stopped biting and smiled, “Sorry, orgasms distract me.”

“You are forgiven.” Mike said kissing her, then pausing. “My hips are pretty screwed up right now, can we switch positions?” Mike asked.

“I have a better idea.” Terri said, easing him out and off gently, Terri took off his condom and began sucking on Mike again, this time much faster and with a lot more tongue. Mike began moaning deeply, he laid back as her tongue swirled on him and overloaded his senses. Mike began breathing heavier, and it was obvious he was almost at the end of the line. Terri smiled thinly while sucking on him and moving her head, she began tracing her nails along his balls, and working mostly on the head, and not the shaft as he was close to an orgasm.

Mike sat up with a start and winced from pleasure as he came. Terri smiling again as she stroked him and began swallowing. She licked him clean and crawled up his body, holding him, “I like this, we should do this more often.”

“I agree.” Mike said, falling asleep at 10 AM, and not waking up in time for his class, since Terri also slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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