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“Mum I don’t want you over at Marks while we make love. I couldn’t stand the idea of you watching him and I doing it. It’s my first time I want it to be special, not like a couple of porn stars making a movie with everybody watching.”

Rae was stalking around the bedroom talking to her mother while she pulled clothes from her wardrobe trying to put together a combination that they both thought would make her look sexier.

“I watched you this morning it was awesome. There was my prim and proper mother down on her back lying in the grass with no clothes on, her legs wide open moaning and crying while a man ate her out. It was raunchy and yet it was loving, it was two people enjoying each other, two people doing what is natural out in the grass under a tree like it must have been with Adam and eve.”

“It made me feel wonderful all over. It made me cum. I couldn’t stop Cuming. My nipples were hard as rocks, my pussy ached for cock, it was mind boggling.” She turned to look at her mum, “but you didn’t know I was there. I wonder if it would have been the same if you knew I was watching. I wonder if you would have been so desperate to get the last inch of his cock. I wonder if you would have still cried out for more when he fingered your bum.”

The first thing that Mark noticed when Rae knocked on his door was how timid she was this afternoon, very different to the cheeky youngster that had teased him on the golf course. “Come in beautiful this is a pleasant surprise.” he said as he opened the door. Rae looked at him to see if he was being sarcastic. H shouldn’t be surprised when he had arranged with her mum for her to visit. “Don’t give me that surprised crap,” she growled quietly, “we both know I’m here so you can break in a new young pussy.”

Mark smiled this was more like the Rae who had challenged his ability to satisfy three young women by calling him an old man.

He closed the door and slipped his arm around her waist, “let’s start again shall we. I don’t want the day you loose your eighteen year old virginity to be like a man visiting a brothel where he pays his money and demands his moneys worth. I don’t want you to come in here strip your clothes off and throw yourself on the bed and demand I take your cherry. I want to make love to you. I want to enjoy loving you and I hope you will enjoy loving me. Think about it. If you don’t want to do it my way you can go home now or anytime during the afternoon.”

He gave her no time to answer. “I was just having a drink let me get you one and then we can sit out by the pool if you like. If you don’t mind I’ll ask Ayaha to join us with her baby.” Rae was disappointed she had expected him to drag her into the bedroom and ravage her. Instead she had been escorted out to the pool where she now sat playing with Ayaha’s tiny baby.

Ayaha could see that Rae was disappointed. She tried to help by signaling Mark to take Rae off to the bedroom she had prepared for the girls. He didn’t seem to notice her signals or was deliberately ignoring her when she took the matter in to her own hands and stood up. “Its time both of you stopped being so silly you both know what you want, so do it.” She took Rae’s hand and pulled her to her feet. “Take Mark away before I get so horny thinking of what you two are going to do that I take him for myself.”

In the bedroom Mark took Rae in his arms and kissed her “Sorry love,” he whispered. “I wanted this to be a time in your life that you would always look back and remember fondly.” He slowly stripped away her dress before releasing her young but heavy tits from their confining bra and then sank to his knees to pull her thong down over her round bottom. “Every time I’ve met you, you have been so vibrant and cheeky that I found it impossible to respond to you when you became so quiet and subdued.” To his surprise Rae started to cry her sobs growing louder every minute.

“I’m scared,” she cried. “I don’t want to do it like this;” Mark bonus veren siteler stood back up and held her close. “I understand sweetie let me take you home.” Rae sobbed, “I can’t, I’ll be too embarrassed when I have to tell them we didn’t do it.” Mark kissed her tears away. “Then we wont tell them,” he whispered “it will be our secret.”

He held Rae’s nude body in his arms and cuddled her close. Whilst his brain understood her concerns his cock responded to the feel of her young body and grew between them pushing up against Rae’s stomach. She looked up at Mark a question in her eyes and he kissed her. She sighed and responded opening her lips and welcoming his tentative tongue.

She grew warm as their kisses continued. Her body tingled as she relaxed and responded to the warmth of his caresses. Mark felt the tension leave her body. He thought for a moment about dressing her and taking her home but decided to cuddle her some more until she told him she was ready to go.

Rae sensed rather than felt his hands moving over her back. she marveled that they were ever so light seeming to flutter like a butterfly or moth before moving on. She waited for his hands to finger her pussy but even when they ran lightly over her flat stomach they ignored it and moved on. She groaned when his hands moved back up under her breasts again not touching her nipples before moving on again to run through her hair and stroke her face. His teasing caresses made her want him, making her ashamed of her earlier fears.

She was no longer scared. She could feel her worries evaporating as he kissed her gently. She loved the way his hands continued to caress her bottom now fluttering lightly over her tingling skin. Her pussy tingled when his mouth and lips kissed her ears neck and shoulders. She groaned in disappointment when his hands stayed away from her breasts and her pussy putting no pressure on her whatsoever.

Time passed and Rae was now very horny. Marks continued kisses and his cuddles combined with his roaming hands made her want him to do more. “Kiss my breasts,” she groaned when his lips ran down her neck once more. “Please,” she whispered “please kiss them.” Mark had recognized the change in Rae, he knew her fears had gone as her body moved to his touch and her mouth became more demanding when they kissed. He smiled inwardly when she pleaded with him to kiss her breasts and slid his mouth down to run his tongue around her nipple.

Mark loved kissing pussy and breasts. He found a woman’s nipples irresistible, especially when their owner was aroused. “They’re beautiful,” he whispered. “Honestly, Do you really think they are beautiful?” she asked quietly. He kissed and nibbled one nipple then the other, “fantastic,” he groaned as he mouthed them once more.

Mark continued to kiss and fondle her breasts until her groans and sighs encouraging him to take further liberties. He felt his cock grow harder; his balls tighten as he let his hand wander closer and closer to her pussy. He was making up his mind whether to invade her pussy when Rae whispered, “can we lie down.” Even though his back had been bent for the last half hour as he stood and devoured her hard young breasts he would not have complained or sought to change things for fear of scaring her once more.

Now He picked her up in his arms and to her surprise he did not head for the bed he just held her and looked into her eyes. “You’re very beautiful,” he whispered. “I love your sweet little body its perfect.” Rae felt a warm wet feeling flood her pussy when she heard his words and knew she was safe in his strong arms. She slid one arm up around his neck and pulled his head down so she could kiss him. “I’m not scared anymore,” she whispered. “I don’t want to go home.”

Mark laid her gently on the bed and stood back to look at her young nude body. “What?” She whispered when he made no move, “what’s up?” He smiled “nothings up I was just thinking how beautiful bedava bahis you are.” She sat up and reached out to him her voice pleading. “Come on don’t make me wait anymore,”

Mark let her take his hand and pull him down to sit beside her on the bed. Slipping his arms around her he kissed her gently. “We have all day,” he whispered “I want to enjoy you and I want you to enjoy me.” Now that she had made up her mind Rae was not to be denied. “Please hurry” she growled as he slid down until his mouth was kissing her stomach and his hands were running lightly over her thighs. “Relax and wait,” Mark whispered. “We have tons of time. Let me kiss you first.”

Rae lost her sense of urgency when she felt his mouth devouring her pussy. She slumped back on the bed and opened her legs wide as his tongue licked up to touch her clit. The boys at school never kissed her pussy when they were demanding blow jobs. They would finger her until she agreed and after she had blown them and they had cum they were only interested in leaving, barely waiting to kiss her lips let alone her pussy.

She could not believe the sensations Marks mouth and tongue were creating. Her leg muscles were jumping, her heart beating, her breath sounded loud and ragged in her ears. She could feel her body growing warmer. Her heart beat sped up as she bumped her body up off the bed into his face and experienced what she would long remember as her first orgasm from a mans mouth. “Oh shit,” she cried as she grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her pussy, “I’m Cumming.”

It seemed like hours before she came down off that high. She opened her eyes to see Mark smiling at her. “I think you blacked out for a moment,” he whispered. “You looked so lovely lying there with such a wonderful smile on your face that I was happy to just sit and look at you.” Rae felt his hands moving between her legs as they sat staring at each other. “I don’t want your hand,” she whispered, “let’s make love, make me a woman.”

Mark knew it was time, but he still teased her with his fingers as he once again returned his mouth to her breasts. He felt her body moving in response to his kisses but knew she would no longer be satisfied with kisses alone. He felt Rae shudder as he rubbed the wet head of his cock along her pussy lips until he felt it reach her clit. Her hard little nub pushed against the slit in his cock as he rotated his cock slowly hovering lightly over the now reaching clit.

Her fingernails dug into his back pulling him down. “Give it to me,” she moaned “don’t tease me any more give it to me.”

“Let me lie on the bed love,” he whispered. “I think you will enjoy your first time better if you ride me on top.” When he saw the doubt in her eyes he reassured her, “don’t worry, it will be good. If it isn’t we will try other ways.” He laughed, “And even if it is good we will still try other ways, we have tons of time.”

They struggled to rearrange their bodies on the bed so she was sitting on him her pussy poised over his highly excited cock. “Steady,” he moaned. “Steady. Let me hold you so it doesn’t hurt.”

“It wont hurt,” she giggled, “I’m so wet you will float or should I say drown.”

He watched her face as she eased her pussy down and the head of his cock filled her entrance for the first time. “Oh my,” she whispered as he held her so just the head entered her pussy. “Oh my,” she groaned licking her dry lips. He lifted her body so the head was sliding out just touching her entrance and then lowered her once more until the head disappeared. “Oh,” she moaned, “that’s lovely,” her eyes shining. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. “I want to kiss you.”

Rae was panting as she leant forward so their lips could meet. She felt his hand caressing her back running down to her tail and then back up to the back of her neck where he lifted her hair and caressed her ears.

Rae had been so excited by his kisses and caresses she had not realised deneme bonus that he had let her body slip down until his cock filled her pussy. She waited for him to move but he continued to caress her body his eyes showing how much he was enjoying his time with her. “What a girl,” he groaned “what a girl,” as she felt his cock twitch and his hips move.

Now he pushed her back so she was sitting upright his hands holding her breasts. “Ride me love,” he whispered as his body pushed up against hers and his hips started to rise from the bed. Rae was over the moon it didn’t hurt it was marvelous. His cock filled her pussy making it tingle she was breathing hard and felt a flush hit her face, “oh my god,” she cried as she felt like screaming. “I’m coming,” she groaned. “Oh hell I’m coming. Thank you, thank you,” she cried as she fell forward kissing him.

“It’s not over my sweet and there’s no need to thank me,” Mark whispered as he rolled her over and let his cock slide from her pussy. She held her breath when he eased her legs apart and kissed her ankles sliding his tongue up the inside of her legs until his face was inches from her leaking pussy.

Her nerves were tingling expecting him to kiss her pussy when to her surprise he placed his hand gently over it and whispered “you’re hot.” She smiled but her mouth was dry making it impossible to respond as he ran his fingers along her moist pussy lips.

Her body was tense waiting for his next move when he lifted her head and whispered, “Can you see your little man he is standing like a soldier on guard.” He waited while she strained to look down at her clit then as she watched he blew lightly on it and slid a finger deep into her hot hole. Rae felt her body open up, knowing that the build up of tension from his fingers and mouth was taking over. She gasped as her back arched, her bottom bucked up from the bed and she came, her juices flowing over his hand.

Rae opened her eyes and looked at Mark, “Please,” she moaned “I want your cock. Fuck me hard. I want to feel you in me before I come again.” Mark looked at her and knew she was now desperate for his cock. “You are a fantastic lover my little one,” he groaned as he ran his cocks purple head over her clit and eased it down until it was in position to slide into her hot pussy. He heard her take a deep breath and waited leaving it to Rae to take the next step. “You are teasing me,” she cried as she took hold of his hips cruelly pinching them and pulled him down and into her warmth.

She took Mark by surprise when after a slight pause her body punched up off the bed bucking so wildly that he struggled to meet her attack. “Keep that up and I’ll come in seconds,” he whispered as he leant forward until he could chew her lip. Rae’s wild pumping slowed when he kissed her gently. She couldn’t believe the loving feeling she experienced when his hands ran up over her ribs to gently fondle her breasts whilst he continued his slow gentle kiss.

“You are magnificent,” he whispered his eyes staring into hers. His words and the way he was looking at her and touching her made her feel special. She relaxed and waited for him to do whatever he wanted trusting him to use her as his slave. She could feel his cock easing in and out slowly then driving deeper before returning time and time again until she though it was going to slip out.

Rae tensed as what she later described as sexual pressure built up until she knew she was going to come. Her mouth opened but no noise came out as she tried to tell him what was happening. Then it happened her bottom bucked in the air her legs shuddered her stomach felt empty and she moaned as it hit her. Mark felt the explosion in her loins and stopped thrusting holding his cock and body still pushing down against hers as the intensity of her orgasm swept over her. “What a sexy young animal you are, I have never met anyone like you” he whispered as they slid together.

It was late that night when Mark drove her home. “Mum will be waiting,” she said as they turned into her street. “Are you playing golf with her in the morning?” Mark looked over at Rae, “yes,” he whispered and smiled “I think you should stay home tomorrow instead of spying on us like you did this morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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