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I wish to express my gratitude to my editor luvtoshareherxo. A fantastic job…thanks

I am waiting with anticipation for tonight, it is my 42nd birthday which means my annual blowjob from my wife Marci. I used to be assured of two BJs a year, once on our anniversary and my birthday. Over the last two years that has been reduced to once a year. We have been married for 14 years, as far as I know we are still in love. Our careers and three kids have kept us very busy, so much so we have neglected our love life. But all that will change tonight, I am assured of at least a blowjob. As with most couples during our engagement and first year of marriage our sex lives were very active. Our sex life consisted of vanilla sex primary only missionary position, slam bam thank you ma’am and the occasional blow job, while she loves receiving oral sex, she has always been reluctant to reciprocate. I’ve asked her why not more. She said she never liked the taste, which is oblivious since she always spits out the cum out as fast as it goes in.

I had to work later than planned, so I rushed home. My wife greeted me at the door, she gave me a great kiss and wished me Happy Birthday. She said get upstairs and change we are meeting my parents for dinner. I had totally forgotten we were meeting my folk’s dinner. Dinner ran late and in anticipation for what was to come later Marci had been drinking somewhat heavily. We got home, it was well after midnight, and I still had to run the sitter home. By the time I returned home Marci was passed out on the bed half naked. So, I crawled into bed somewhat depressed and quickly fell asleep. In the morning Marci had gone to work before I woke, not even a goodbye or I am sorry.

So, all day, I looked forward to tonight again, it may not be my birthday anymore, but a BJ is a BJ I got off work early and headed home, Marci wasn’t home so I showered and manscaped myself. Marci came home looking somewhat bedraggled. I asked what was up and she said she was really beat; we had a quick dinner and she was off to bed. So, it was now Saturday, I had a host thing to do today. After finishing the yard work, I had to run to the hardware store. While in town, I drove past the adult bookstore. Now I’ve heard rumors that the bookstore was a place you could go to get a quick blow job. I thought to myself I should check it out since I was shorted my annual blowjob, and what could be more exciting than getting a strange woman. I made a U-turn at the next intersection. I quickly pulled in the lot, parking in the front and entered the store. I must say the front end of the store was disappointing; it was dark and dingy. There were shelves Bostancı Escort scattered about with all sorts of adult DVD’s and toys, some of which I couldn’t describe or determine their purpose. I was in awe.

Totally unfamiliar, with the whole concept of how things worked in the bookstore. I milled around the shop watching several men buy tokens and enter the back area. Having watched others, I figured that had to be where the action was to occur. I went ahead and paid my fee, got my tokens and went to the back room. It was not what I expected, it was very dark there were couches around the main room, there was a large screen with two guys sucking each other off, my first reaction was yuk. Nothing is more discussing than gay sex to me. I just don’t understand how one man could have sex with another. But yet I could not take my eyes off the screen, it was like a moth to a flame. I looked around and there were a series of doors with lights above red and green. I thought that must be where you go to get a blow job. One again I watched, I saw a man walk out of a door. He was in the process of zipping up his fly. The light above switched from red to green. No one else was around so I proceeded to the door, I grabbed the handle in trepidation. I thought to myself nothing ventured nothing gained.

Inside it was a very dark room with an old torn chair, and a tiny viewing screen with porn running. On the screen was a woman in a similar room with a large white cock sticking through a hole. The woman was working the cock with total reckless abandon. Never in the years I have been married has my wife ever worked that hard on my dick. The woman was wearing a black lace mask that covered most of the face to hide her identity. She was swallowing the entire cock shaft. It was amazing. The woman seemed familiar but I couldn’t place her because of the bad lighting, definitely not professional porn. She must be one of the many porn actresses I have seen before. None the less my cock was quickly hardening. As I was rearranging my cock in my pants, I noticed a small hole just like the one in the movie.

Looking more closely at the hole I see a small feminine finger sticking through the hole. This is it I am finally going to get my blowjob. I quickly unzipped and dropped my pants. I moved closer and stuck my engorged cock through the hole. Nearly immediately I felt a warm wet sensation engulfing my entire cock. I let out a groan of approval. I cannot believe some strange woman is kneeling next to me sucking my cock. I felt my new friend slowly moving up and down my shaft. She starts taking turns kissing my cock, licking the shaft Ümraniye Escort and sucking on my mushroom head. I start slowly moving my hips in a rhythm in an attempt to face fuck, my companion. I was so involved that I forgot about the movie, looking over the woman was now backed up on to and fucking a huge black cock. Having never see a black man fuck a white woman, I was even more excited, so much so I quicken my pace to where I could not control myself. I could feel that I was about to explode. A hand came through the hole and grabbed my ball sack squeezed. I shuddered and came harder than I cum in years. The mouth did not move from my cock. Stream after stream of cum erupted from my cock. I could hear swallowing sounds next door, but still the mouth did not move from my cock. As I began to soften my neighbor continued to clean my cock with their tongue. My cock was given one final kiss before falling back out of the hole. Without a doubt the best blow job ever.

I reached down to pull up my pants and as I was coming back up when something firm but smooth brushed against my cheek. I found myself face to face with a cock. This was the closest I have ever been to a cock that wasn’t mine. I was in shock and awe, then the realization came to me, ahh fuck it wasn’t a woman but a guy sucking my cock. I stood back trying to take it all in, the cock was twitching up and down in the hole. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, it was hypnotic. It was five or six inches long as far as I could tell. I was strangely drawn to it. I reached out and touched it, it bobbed up and down from the attention. I wrapped my fingers around it, I could feel the throbbing. I stroked it slowly, it continued to grow. I knelt down beside the hole. I closed my eyes and gently kissed the head.

I can’t believe this I am about ready to suck a cock, even without a gun against my head. I took a deep breath and pressed the head between my lips, automatically my tongue swirled about the head. Pulling my lips from the head I licked them with my tongue when they were both good and wet, I slid them down the side of the shaft. I could feel his blood pulsing through his cock’s veins as my tongue wandered up and down. Working my way back to the top of the shaft, I took another deep breath and went as far as I could over the cock. I guess I was about two thirds of the way down when the dick was pulled out, I moved my mouth closer to the hole seeking out the warm moist cock, when all of the sudden it was then thrust all the way in mouth. I was actually deep throating a cock. The thrust came faster and faster, I was being skull fucked and loving every bit. I heard a Ataşehir Escort rapping on the wall, simultaneously I felt a tightening of the cock and was greeted with a warm ribbon of sperm hitting the back of my throat, since the cock was unrelentingly in attacking my throat, I had no choice but to swallow the cum flowing down my throat. The cock was pulled from my mouth and I heard a zipper being pulled and a door slamming.

I pulled up my pants and took a look around the booth and saw my phone was on the floor. I reached down to pick up my phone. I then realized how much cum was on the floor. My knees were sticky from the puddles of cum. My phone had managed to hit one of the wettest cum spots. I was wiping it off on my pants leg when the light came on next door and a big black cock appeared through the hole. This thing was like a black throbbing snake, it was easily twice the size of the last cock and wasn’t even hard. It reminded me of the cock that was fucking the women on screen earlier. When I say it was black, I mean black, pitch tar black. I reached out and touched it, it seemed like it was pulsing with anger. I tightened my grip; the cock seems to come alive in my hand. I couldn’t believe myself this cock was magnificent. I was totally out of control, that cock. was like a drug I wanted that cock…no I needed that cock. Grabbing it with both hands I directed to my mouth, I worked that cock as if my life depended on it. Stroking, licking, sucking for all its worth for nearly 20 minutes with no indication that he was ever going to cum. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get more than a third of it in my mouth. I began working harder and faster finally I was getting some hip movement, heavy breathing, and moaning. I heard him say.

“I want to cum on your face COCKSUCKER, stroke me on to your face”

Using both hands I started stroking him hard, I could tell he was getting close to cumming. Then almost without warning warm sticky com was covering my left eye, then another shot and another and another and even one more. I released the cock. I was starting to wipe my face. I heard him say

“If you wipe that off before you leave the building, I will beat you within an inch of your life”.

Wasting no time this time, I left the cubical, on my way out of the bookstore the attendant said

“Cum Again”

Cum was totally dripping down my face. I am sure everyone in the bookstore was staring and laughing at me. As I reached the door, the sun was nearly blinding. Rushing to the car I reached down and opened the door. I noticed the car next to mine was very familiar, taking a second look I realized it was my wife’s. Then I saw a note on my windshield “I GUESS WE ARE BOTH GLORYHOLE HOES. SEE YOU WHEN I’M DONE. I WILL HAVE THE DVD COPIES LATER TONIGHT. LOVE YOU MUCH MARCI.”

Then it hit me, $%T she was the woman in the blindfold!

Thank you Luvtoshareher for editing!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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