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This is my senior year in High School. I’m a bigshot now. All the underclassman watch as I bask in the glory of authority. On top of my new found power I had been working out all summer and finally had a body I could be proud of. At a short 5’8 I was built without an ounce of fat on me. My abs were well defined and my medium length blonde hair outlined my bright green eyes nicely.

As I walked the halls before my first class I knew things would be good this year while I saw the younger girls checking me out. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of me finally I was living the good life.

First period had a few of my friends in it who all had compliments for me on my new look.

“Hey Shawn” I heard from behind me “you must have really done alot of work this summer, your looking good.” I turned around to see Sara standing behind me. She was about 5’2, probably well less than 100lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, small perky boobs, and a tight gymnast’s body.

“Uh yeah, thanks” I finally stammered out, amazed this beauty even knew I existed.

“I’ll see you around” She said with a smile as she went to go sit with her friends. Now these are some girls that we have to take notice of, important to the story or not. There was Laura, 5’7, no more than 115lbs, light brown hair and eyes to match, darkly tanned skin, average b-cup chest which stood out nicely over her flat stomach. capped off with beautifully toned legs from years of soccer. Jess, also on the soccer team, 5’4, 110lbs, dark brown hair that

contrasted her light skin nicely, she had dark brown eyes, and an attractive freckled face. Her chest was an overflowing a-cup, the rest canlı bahis of her body was tight from all the running except her ass was not totally toned and moved nicely while she walked to her seat. Last but certainly not least was Janine she had light brown hair and eyes accentuating a picture perfect face. She naturally had olive skin and at 5’8 only weighed 120, her chest was a large c-cup and most of her shirts showed a nice amount of cleavage. Despite not being and athlete herself, her body was well toned and everything seemed to be as fit as possible from her shapely hips down her smooth long legs. She even had a surprisingly small ass for a girl her height.

Anyway, once 1st period had ended I found myself behind these four goddesses in the hall watching their wonderful asses proceed to class. This would definitely be a stellar year. The next few weeks went on as usual aside from a few sparked conversations with Sara which gave me hope of a heaven and faith in a worthwhile year. But on one particularly nauseating school day I asked my teacher to allow me a pass to the nurse and laid down on one of Nurse Smith’s little beds in the back of her office to get some rest. Who cares if a miss a day of History, it’s not changing. The curtain was closed around my bed and I was just dozing off when I heard Sara’s voice in the office.

“Miss Smith, I got hit in the h….hip with the hockey b….ball and it hurts soo m….much” she got out between sobs. God she sounded even more attractive when she cried. Nurse Smith told her to sit and rest it for a while. She would be going to lunch and Sara didn’t have to return to class until she came back. Apparently bahis siteleri I was forgotten in my dreamstate and Nurse Smith left us. I could hear Sara crying on the other side of the curtain and decided not to embarrass her by making my presence known.

When the crying stopped for a few minutes I assumed Sara had headed out to class or something so I looked out to see if I was alone to catch some more Z’s. To my amazement there was Sara standing in front of the full length mirror on the back of the door to the office with her pants and panties pulled down so her ass was exposed to my virgin eyes. My cock grew immediately after seeing that tight little ass and it took all my will power not to jump her. Once I calmed down I realized this unfortunately wasn’t a show for me but she was examining the damage done to her hip by the ball. It looked just to be a bruise but I wasn’t paying much attention to anything except that hot ass moving slightly as she touched her hip and recoiled from the pain. God how I wish I had a camera with me, this was something I wished I could see again forever and ever.

I laid back on the bed and smiled to myself, I took in a deep breath and just as i was about to draw back the curtain for a second viewing I inhaled a bit of dust on the bed and coughed. The next sound i heard was Sara’s zipper quickly being pulled shut and that fine ass hitting her seat. I already blew my cover I might as well say hi now. Pulling back the curtain I said hello to Sara and she returned a tear filled greeting. “What’s the matter?” I asked hoping she thought I was asleep earlier.

“I got hit in hockey” she replied as a tear ran down bahis şirketleri her cheek.

“I’m so sorry, want me to kiss it and make it better?” She giggled and smiled a little as I moved in closer. I eased the side of her pants down careful not to expose her, and examined her injured hip. “You should be ok in a few days” and I kissed her forehead.

“That’s not where I’m hurt” she said referring to the placement of my kiss.

“Well then I’ll have to fix that” I said and leaned over to place a light kiss on her bruised hip.” Mmmm a wish come true” I got up and looked her in the eyes and saw passion.

“What do you have for me to kiss now.” and she grabbed my still hard cock through my sweatpants and squeezed it gently. I couldn’t believe it this was a wish come true but I couldn’t hesitate, I pulled my pants down leaving my cock struggling against my boxers for freedom. She fell to her knees and engulfed my dick with her sweet little mouth. She could only get about 3/4 of my 7 inch rod inside but it was ecstasy anyway. She moved her mouth back and forth over my dick sliding her tongue along the bottom and rolling it around my head. Sara sucked harder and harder on my cock until I felt my knees start to give, I tried to warn her that I was about to cum but she waved my hand away. Then I started cumming, she didn’t miss a beat she just kept sucking and started swallowing it down. Sara kept my flaccid dick in her mouth until she had licked all of my cum out me then she released me and stood up as I pulled my pants back over my now limp penis.

“That was amazing.” was all I got out when Nurse Smith opened the door and hurriedly sent me back to class saying it her her fault for forgetting me and told Sara she could stay and lay down if her hip was still aching.

All the way back to class I kept saying to myself, this was definitely going to be a good year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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