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Big Tits

A month has passed since the beginning of the sexual relationship between Danny and I. We decided to keep it a secret between ourselves. I was happy with Danny. In fact at that moment I had never been happier. But there was one thing missing. Danny and I never had anal sex. So far Danny and I only performed oral sex (which was still amazing don’t get me wrong) but I felt like we needed some good bareback butt fucking to make us closer.

Back at school yet again….

So there I was, another Friday in the computer lab again. Sitting next to my best friend, and lover, Danny.

Danny nudged my shoulder. I looked at him in his brown eyes. Yet Again I would do anything to lunge at him so that we could fuck each other.

“Hey I’m gonna run to the bathroom.” He winked at me, stood up and walked out of the computer lab. I stood up to follow him. (Luckily our teacher wasn’t that bright and could give a shit about where we go.)

I met Danny at our usual spot, inside the janitors closet, (classic right?) we did this because at this time of day the janitors had a 3 hour break and came back when the students were gone

I was kissing him passionately while we stripped off each others clothes. Once we were completely nude I had him lay down on his back. I kneeled down at his face and started kissing him so that we were upside down to each other. We were licking each others tongues. Then I slowly crawled forward with my tongue licking his chest down to his belly. And last but not least his large, beautiful, delicious cock. I licked up his shaft all the way up to the head.
We were then in the 69 position.
I was about to start sucking his cock but he beat me to it.

I felt him licking around my ass. It was just too good. I accidentally moaned out loud. “Ohhhh…. FFFuuu…” I managed to say before he grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock so that I stopped moaning so loudly.

He stopped licking my butt for a second. “Don’t make so much noise. People will hear,” he said. Then he started licking my butt hole again

I thought that it couldn’t get any better than this. Having antalya escort bayan a 9 inch cock in my mouth and my butt licked by my lover.

But Danny surprised me again. He stuck his tongue inside my butt hole. I was going wild.

He started to jerk me off and continued to tongue fuck my ass hole. While at the same time he was fucking my face.

Again I started to feel the amazing sensation in my balls. I was about to cum. And cum hard. His tongue was making me ecstatic. He started to speed up with his hand motions and he was fucking my mouth much harder.

Then finally I felt it. I moaned with his cock still in my mouth. My cum shot out onto his neck and chest.

Then moments later I felt his cock get tense. “Oh fuck yeah thats the spot. Right there Chris,” he moaned.

Danny put my penis in his mouth so that he wouldn’t make as much noise. He grunted and moaned. Danny pulled out so that only the head was inside and he came in my mouth. I did my best to keep it all in but he came so much that some of it dripped onto my chin. I swallowed as much cum as I could.

I got up and licked my own cum off his chest and neck. Then I approached his face and he licked his seed off my chin. Then we made out and swapped around each others sperm. He sucked on my tongue and he swallowed all the remaining cum.

Then I rolled over next to him. We were both breathing heavily.

“Hey Danny, are you ready for tonight?” I asked him.

“Hell yeah. I’m more than ready Chris,” he said.

Danny and I went to my house And straight up to my room. We undressed instantly, (Luckily no one was home.) I was excited but at the same time I was a little nervous.

Danny stepped up in front of me and said, “are you ready Chris?”

“Wait… First let me do something,” I said.

I didn’t want it to hurt as much so I had to get his cock wet. I had no lube so I decided to do it myself.

I spit on his cock and I started sucking it until I felt that it was wet enough.

I then stood up and said, “Ok, now I’m ready,” I said nervously.

He led me to the escort bayan bed and had me bend over. Instead of going straight to fucking, he caught me by surprise and started to lick my ass. I clenched my bed sheets in my fists and I moaned out loud from pure pleasure and ecstasy. My moans echoed throughout the house.

His tongue was so wet and warm inside my butt hole. The feeling was overwhelming me.

When he knew my ass was wet enough, he stood up behind me and pressed the tip of his penis against my asshole.

He bent over and whispered into my ear. “Are you sure you want it Chris?” He teased.

“Yes… Yes I want it inside me. Please stick it in my ass,” I pleaded.

“I’m not so sure…” He started to make circles around my butt hole with his cock. “I’m not convinced that you want it badly enough,” he teased.

I started to get desperate. “Please… Danny please! I want you to stick your huge cock inside my ass. I need you to fuck me! Please… Fuck me in my asshole! Fuck me now Danny!” I yelled and begged.

“There ya’ go,” he said.

As he pushed the head in my butt, I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain and the pleasure of it. I moaned and grunted as the head of his massive cock stretched my tight asshole.

He kept on pushing until the head was inside my butt. Then once again my Danny surprised me. He jammed the rest of his cock inside my asshole with one swift thrust.

“Ohhhhhh shit!” I yelled. His huge penis was stretching the insides of my ass. I was in so much pain, yet at the same time I felt an intense pleasure.

“Holy shit Chris, your ass is so tight.” He said.

I couldn’t find my voice because I was breathing to heavily.

He waited awhile, so that I could get used to his massive cock in my ass.

Then when I was ready he started to push in and out of my ass.

It wasn’t as painful as it was at first. It actually felt good having his amazing cock slide in and out of my asshole.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my little asshole! Common fuck me as hard and fast as you fuckin’ can.” I said.

He started antalya escort to thrust harder and faster. His ball sack was slapping against my own which made a flapping noise. (When I watch porn that’s one of my favorite things to hear) I felt amazing. And I wanted more.

“Oh… Fuck… Oh shit! Oh fuck yeah! Chris I’m gonna cum!” Danny said.

“Yes Danny! Oh Yes! Fill me up. Fill up my asshole with your cum. I need your seed inside of me!” I yelled.

Just then I felt his cock expand a bit inside my asshole and then he shot his load deep inside of me.

He pulled out and kneeled down to lick my ass again. But I decided to stop him.

“Wait. I want it in there. I want your seed to stay in me as long as I can,” I told him.

“Ok then. But you have to make up for it.” Said Danny.

I turned around to face him and I got on my knees.

“Anything you ask.”

Danny grinned. “Well I’m a little dirty, so I want you to clean me off.”

He stood up and put his cum covered cock in front of my mouth. I was surprised to see that he was still hard after he came so much.

I took his cock in my mouth. I could taste a combination of his cum and my ass. And I loved the taste of both.

After I drank all the remaining cum off his dick. Then he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth.

I grabbed my dick, then I started to stroke it hard while he continued to face-fuck me.

I felt his cock get bigger in my mouth and he let out his load into my throat and mouth. I savored, and drank every last drop.

And finally I came all over his legs and feet. I licked it all off him and swallowed all of the cum.

I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard. Our tongues were dancing with one another inside our mouths.

Then I dragged him down onto the bed.
We were cuddled up with each other, naked, and sweaty.

“Hey Danny,” I said.

“Yeah Chris?”

“Tomorrow it’s your turn,” I told him.

And then we both fell asleep.

Thank you so much for reading my story. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my writing, please leave a comment or PM me. Again thanks for reading and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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