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Lynn, a co-worker , and I were in New York City for the first time in our lives. We were there to work a week-long trade show for our employer. We knew each other from work but had no contact outside of the workplace. When we found out we were going to New York together, we started getting friendlier while planning a potentially exciting week for a couple of fat, rapidly approaching forty, married with children females. Well, not to mislead, we’re not really fat but both have a natural middle-aged spread. I have never been big, especially in the bust, so one advantage to putting on a little weight was an increase in cup size from a B to a C. My husband thinks I look sexier now than I did when we married 15 years ago. I have only known Lynn a couple of years, so I don’t know what she looked like before, but now she causes heads to turn. She is a very attractive blonde with big tits and a full rear-end, probably about 38D-26-38. All the men think she is very sexy and all of us gals hate her.

Lynn has a friend in the hotel industry who arranged a small suite for us at less cost than the company would be paying for two singles and we flew up a couple of days early to get the cheaper airfare by staying over a Saturday night.

We spent all day Saturday sightseeing, shopping and giggling like a couple of teenagers, even holding hands sometimes. We had grabbed a couple bottles of wine on the way back to the hotel and opened one of them when we got back to the suite. I hadn’t even finished one glass before I lay on the bed, fully clothed, and feel asleep.

I woke up about one in the morning, got undressed, took a shower and put on a nightgown, intending to go right back to bed but decided to have another glass of wine. As I entered the living Ankara escort area, I heard Lynn’s shower shut off and presently she came into the room. She was dressed in a tee shirt that was plastered to her body in several spots, especially her tits. One question about her was put to rest, they were real. Her breasts were surprisingly firm, with just a little droop, and she had large nipples. I caught myself staring and feeling a tinge of sexual desire.

We drank wine and talked for awhile until Lynn suddenly asked out of the blue: “Have you ever been with another woman sexually?”

The question caught me off guard and I stammered: “No… have you?”

“No, but the idea has always intrigued me. Have you ever thought about it?”

“Yes, but only in passing.” The idea was suddenly intriguing to me. “I wouldn’t know how to do it or even how to begin”

Lynn scooted across the couch and said: “Probably with a kiss”, as she leaned forward and lightly kissed me a couple of times. Her lips felt warm and soft and sent a little thrill through my body. She pulled back and said: “How did you like that?”

I replied : “I think I liked it” as she leaned forward again and placed her lips full on mine. She was running her tongue along my lips until I parted my lips to meet her tongue with mine. The kiss was getting more passionate as our tongues started playing tag. I could feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples getting hard as I put my hands behind her head to pull her lips tighter. As we continued kissing, I could feel her hands on my shoulders as she pushed down the straps on my gown and started caressing my breasts. My nipples were as hard as a rock by this time and I could feel my panties were getting soaked. As Lynn was massaging Ankara escort bayan both breasts and playing with my nipples, I ran my hands down the front her tee shirt and started caressing her luscious tits. She pulled back at this point, pulled of her shirt. “Would you like to suck on my tits, Judy?” I couldn’t reply verbally because my mouth was full of her right breast. I couldn’t believe that I was sucking another woman’s nipple as I played with the other one. I kept going from breast to breast wanting both at once. I was getting hotter by the minute and could tell from her moans that she was too.

“God, that feels good, Judy. I want to suck on your tits now.” as she pushed me back and started sucking on one of my nipples. I had always loved my tits sucked, but Lynn’s soft lips gave me a special thrill. I had my hands behind her head pulling her closer as I maneuvered my legs in order to get my pussy against one of her legs and in the process also got my thigh against Lynn’s crotch. I could feel her wetness even through her panties. After a few minutes, Lynn pulled me up, pushed my gown down over my hips and led me to her bed. We immediately shucked our panties, jump into bed and started kissing and fondling. I loved it and never knew that making love with another woman could be so good. Lynn’s hands and lips were so soft and she knew just where and how to touch me. I had never been this hot before. Soon, Lynn was playing with my pussy with a finger, tweaking my clit lightly and slipping in and out of my vagina. Lynn pulled me tight to her breasts and started whispering in my ear: “I want to kiss your pussy. Do you want me to plant my lips on your pussy? Do you want me to eat your hot, wet pussy? Do you want me to fuck you with my Escort Ankara tongue?” All I could do was mutter “Yes, please” over and over. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and saying.

Lynn got up and turned around so that her face was right over my crotch and her hairy cunt was about 4″ from my face. I had never seen a pussy this close. Her lips were puckered open a little bit and I could see the glistening pink insides. I spread her lips further and could see her clit staring back at me. I touched it gently with a finger and could feel a slight reaction from Lynn. While I was looking at Lynn’s cunt I could feel her hands spreading my lips and her tongue licking them. She was running her tongue up and down each side causing little shudders throughout my body.

I wrapped my arms around her ass and pulled my face up to her pussy, lightly touching it with my tongue. It had a sweet, slightly salty, inviting taste. After the initial touch, I couldn’t hold back, I started trying to devour her pussy as if it were ice cream. I kissed it with my lips, tongued it and sucked on her large clit with my lips. I couldn’t get enough. All this time I had my legs wrapped around Lynn’s head while fucking her face. Soon, I could feel an orgasm building in my belly and could also feel Lynn’s pelvis beginning to tremble. As I was reaching a climax, I started sucking faster on Lynn’s clit, trying to get us off at the same time.

We did climax about the same time. My legs were tightening around Lynn’s head, while I was having the most delicious orgasm I ever had and I was getting a mouth full of Lynn’s juices.

Lynn turned around and pulled me in her arms and we started slowly kissing each others face and tasting our own cum. Just the taste of my own cum and the feel of Lynn’s breasts pressed against mine was getting me excited again.

We spent the rest of that day and every night of the following week making love. We still manage to get together at least once a week back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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