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A sheen of sweat had broken out on Dina’s forehead, and not just because it was still hot in the hotel room. She watched herself in the mirror as Miss White’s right hand slid down into her panties, through her pubic hair, and down between her legs.

Dina bit her lip and again looked over at Jodie, who was enjoying what she saw but more than ready to get involved. If she hadn’t been tied up she would have been sucking Dina’s tits at that very moment. Instead she could only watch as Miss White eased a finger between the desk clerk’s slick pussy lips.

Dina’s eyes went wide and she sank back even more against Miss White. She hadn’t done anything sexual in weeks, not even masturbated, and so was highly sensitive. All it took was for Miss White’s finger to brush lightly against her clit and she was coming, whimpering, her legs going weak. Miss White had to take a quick step back, bracing herself to support the younger woman’s full weight.

Miss White lifted the juice-coated index finger to her mouth and licked it. It was indescribably delicious; she surprised both Dina and herself by letting out an involuntary moan. It would be necessary to taste more of that pussy as soon as possible. But she didn’t want to appear to be in a hurry; there was also her dignity to consider.

Miss White maneuvered Dina over toward the bed and positioned her face-down next to Jodie. Then she pulled Dina’s panties the rest of the way off and tossed them aside, opening Dina’s legs slightly so her succulent young cunt was displayed.

It was all Miss White could do not to dive right into it. But Ankara escort she took a deep breath and composed herself; all in good time. Brushing Dina’s hair back out of her eyes, Miss White moved Dina’s head up so she and Jodie could kiss. Delighted to finally be able to participate, Jodie kissed back aggressively, pushing her tongue into Dina’s mouth.

For a long minute Miss White sat there on the edge of the bed watching the two lovely naked girls make out. But Dina’s pussy was beckoning to her, and soon she could take it no longer. Pulling Dina up on to her knees, Miss White leaned forward and drove her tongue into the younger woman’s pussy from behind.

Dina went rigid and began to spasm almost immediately, moaning into Jodie’s mouth. But Miss White did not let up until she had eaten her fill, licking the nectar from every crevice, coating her whole face with a layer of Dina’s juices. By the time she was finished Dina hardly knew where she was — she had never in her life come so hard, so many times, in so short an interval.

When Miss White finally came up for air Dina sat back on her haunches, breathing hard, a look of the most delightful confusion on her face. A whole new vista of pleasure had been opened before her, and she was both exhilarated and disoriented.

Miss White untied the belt of her robe and pulled it off, letting the robe fall open. Dina had just enough time to drink in the sight of Miss White’s body — her high, firm breasts and neat black bush — before feeling the cloth belt being wrapped around her neck.

A spike of fear ran through Dina — after Ankara escort bayan all she didn’t know these people. Had she gotten herself into something sinister? Would her naked body be found here in the morning?

But Miss White was just using the belt as a kind of leash — tugging on it gently, she pulled Dina’s head down to Jodie’s chest. Breathing a sigh of relief, Dina sucked on one hard nipple, then the other, enjoying the soft moans that flowed from Jodie’s throat. Dina had never tasted another girl’s flesh — it was sweet and salty and soft and delicious.

Miss White again pulled on the belt, guiding Dina down Jodie’s body, across her belly, and between her legs. For the first time Dina saw a vagina from just inches away — glistening wet and lusciously pink. The odor of arousal was strong, causing Dina’s nostrils to flare. Glancing back at Miss White, it dawned on Dina what was expected of her. Though the idea was still strange, she had come this far — what was the point of chickening out now?

And what’s more, even after such a short time, Dina felt a loyalty to Alexis White and a desire to please her. So she stuck out her tongue and took her first tentative taste of pussy. It was actually quite nice, with a tangy and complex flavor, and the way Jodie’s whole body quivered in response was unexpectedly thrilling.

Feeling her way, judging by the way Jodie reacted, Dina did her best to pleasure the bound girl. She was just starting to get the hang of it when she felt Miss White’s hands encircle her waist and lift her. Next thing she knew, she was laying atop Jodie Escort Ankara in 69 position. Jodie’s eager tongue began to explore her as she resumed her own ministrations.

After watching this delightful tableau for a couple minutes, Miss White dug into her suitcase for her strap-on.

* * *

Some time later, Dina lay on the bed between Miss White and Jodie in a semi-conscious state. With the heater off it was starting to get cold in the room, and somewhere dimly in the back of her mind she was aware that she should do something about it. But she was far too content just laying there, still gently vibrating with post-orgasmic bliss.

She glanced briefly out the window with heavy-lidded eyes; the rain outside had turned to snow, which shone grayish-white in the light from the parking lot. Then she looked over at Miss White and Jodie, both of whom were sleeping on their sides facing away from her, and finally closed her eyes and settled back into the pillow.

She was almost asleep when she became conscious of a sound in the distance. There was something familiar about it, something associated in her mind with a sense of urgency. Then she realized: Someone was ringing the bell at the front desk.

Reluctantly, but with a decisiveness born of a deep-seated sense of duty, Dina roused herself out of bed and began looking around for her clothes in the dark room. Her panties and bra were nowhere to be found, so she contented herself with the outer parts of her uniform.

At the door she paused for a moment, looking back at the two sleeping women. It had been quite a night, one she would never forget, that was for sure. Was it something that was going to change her life, or just a one-off experience? She wasn’t sure, and there was no more time to think about it just then; the bell was ringing again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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