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Big Tits

So I was just walking downtown late one night. I’d been getting high with some friends, smokin’ out and drinking beer. I was at least 10 miles from home and I was the last guy still around. I was waiting for a girl that didn’t show. Found out later she was so wasted she passed out in my friend’s car; he fucked her; bummer. She was hot. I was horny. I thought it was gonna happen and was really ready. So she didn’t show and there I was…walking around, frustrated and horny with no way home and no where else to go. I guess I was rubbing my cock through my jeans…just wishing.

He pulled up and just got out of his car. He walks right up to me and asks if I need a ride or something. I’m like a 18 year old stoner with absentee parents. He was at least 30 and looked totally straight. But, like I really want to get in his car! He persists though, insists that he’s really okay, I remind him of his little brother and that he’ll just take me home. My foggy brain thinks that it will be cool to have a ride. I mean, ten miles is a long way and waking up in an alley is not where I want to find morning.

So I check him out. The man looks nice enough, clean, large blue eyes. I figure, what the fuck. If he tries anything I can just kick his ass and jump out of the car. So I say “ok”, but I warn him not to try any shit with me. He seems unfazed and opens the passenger door, casually asking my name. Like a dumb shit, I say, “Dave” and get in. Really, I’m just stoned and tired and really want to go home. I never thought about how I looked to him. I was 18, had long blond hair. I was skinny, mostly hairless and wearing a cutoff t-shirt and baggy, low-cut jeans; not to mention I was rubbing my half-hard cock through my jeans as he pulled up.

So we drive off. He starts telling me how he likes clean boys, how he thinks I look pretty special and that he wouldn’t have stopped if he didn’t think I was special. His right hand slides over and begins rubbing my leg as he talks about muscles and smooth skin and how he wouldn’t have stopped tonight for anyone but me. Yeah, right, I think, just wishing the ride was over. But he keeps talking and I guess I didn’t stop him from rubbing my leg… I just let him. I hang left like most and I realized my cock had started growing down my leg towards his hand. I was almost afraid of what might happen if he realized his rubbing was making my cock hard. Before I could finish that thought they met and he squeezed my dick against my thigh. Fuck…

Then he was rubbing up and down on my cock, letting it get completely hard under his hand. I was just staring down and I guess I was stuck. I didn’t realize he had missed my turn and had instead turned down a street by the river. I said, “Hey Man. You’re on the wrong road.” He ignored me and pulled over onto the shoulder, under a tree on the edge of the water. As he stopped he just kept staring at my crotch…like he was hypnotized. I guess I was just fascinated. Where would this go? I wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t at all threatening. He was just very persistent.

He got out on his side and came right over Kayaşehir Escort to mine. I had started to open the door to get out but he was there to pull the door away from me. In an almost magical motion he pulled my legs out of the car so they hung over the side of the seat into the night air. It must have been his soft voice that kept me calm as he shifted me to the edge of the seat. He rubbed me some more and muttered something about how he imagined I had the most perfect cock. That made me smile but I think I wanted to know if he would think the same thing when he saw it…when he saw it. Gees. I was getting ahead. He was winning me over.

He reached up and tugged on my jeans buttons, popping them open one by one. I didn’t have any underpants on. Never did in those days, so my cock just popped right out, fully hard and shiny in the night. He actually gasped. He reached forward to stroke it; and I let him. He leaned in and kissed the head. Again, I let him. He looked into my eyes with a hungry, almost pleading look and started tugging on my jeans. Again, I let him. He pulled them down, stopping to untie my Nikes one at a time and pull them off me, tugging my jeans down and over each foot. He gently folded them and laid them across the seat, he never let his eyes off of my cock. I think he loved the way it stood so hard and proud, because of his attention.

So I was naked from the waist down in the middle of nowhere. He pulled me out to the edge of the seat, spread my legs a bit and leaned in, leaned in so he could start to give me his very best slow blow job. His mouth was so hot and wet, just like the pussy I might have fucked. But I could tell that really he loved what he was doing. It felt amazing the way he slowly slid down on it while making little sucking slurps, little gulping sucks that tried to pull twitches from the depths of me. I laid back and I think I said something like, “Oh, fuck.”

When he had slowly pulled, inch by inch, my entire dick slowly into the back of his throat, he stopped and waited, gulping now and again, making me twitch and jerk on the seat, thrusting up towards him like a whore or something. And as he held my cock deep, he undid his belt, his snap, his zipper; and kicked his own slacks off to the ground in a heap on the road. Now he was half naked, too. I had to see what his cock looked like! I sat up.

It was hard, standing so fucking hard and straight out with such a shiny fat head on it, like a plum on a fat fucking cucumber or something. Crap. I never thought a cock besides mine could look so good. I reached for it, just touching the head. He stopped me and said his cock was nasty, a dirty tool best left alone. Then he bent forward and started sucking again while he jacked himself off in the dark. I couldn’t see what he was doing anymore and that frustrated the fuck out of me.

So I pushed him off, shifted forward and grabbed his cock. There I was; Mr. Straight dude, half naked grabbing this stranger’s cock because I wanted to rub and squeeze it, to feel it in my hands. I jacked him off, Kayaşehir Escort Bayan rubbed the wet and sticky goop that came from the tip, all over the head of his fat plum cock. I leaned forward and managed to get just the head into my mouth, tasted the nasty goo. Damn, it was big. I made him moan right out loud when I sucked down a couple of inches down the shaft. For some reason that pleased me, made me hornier.

He reached down and pushed my head against him and I let him. I was bent in half trying to suck his cock. What happened next is sort of a blur, but not really. The way I was positioned, I couldn’t get his cock very far into my mouth. It was too big anyway, Shit. I wanted to please his cock, this nice man, this gentle cock sucking mother fucker! There was no way that big fucker would fit all the way into my mouth.

Fuck. It hit me like a fuckin’ horny bolt of lightning. My ass could take it. I could let him fuck me. With that thought I also knew that I couldn’t stop myself now. I mean, what the fuck was I thinking? I leaned back, grabbed his hips and sort of shoved my ass out over the seat. I really wanted to feel it; I really wanted to give it to him! So I told him to just fuck me, “Just Fuck Me!”

He almost looked scared. He was stroking his cock. He had just wanted to give this hippie kid a nice blow job and now it had turned into this. God, his cock was so shiny and hard in the night. I spit all over my hand, spread my legs in front of him and rubbed my spit all over my asshole, pushing a finger or two in and out. He moved forward, holding back with that fuckin’ fat plum just out of touch. So I spit on my hand again, pulled my legs back and out, reached down and rubbed spit all over the head of his dick.

That was it. He was mine. He leaned in, pushed his cock head against my tiny, very tight, virgin fucking asshole, and pushed again. I reached beneath my ass and spread my cheeks as wide as I could, bucking slightly against his dick. It was way too big for a first time fuck but we both kept pushing in a rhythm that slowly opened me up.

That fucking fat plum cock head suddenly popped into my little ass. I swear you could hear the sound. It stuck in and everything clamped down arouind it. I gasped and involuntarily clenched every muscle in my body, especially my asshole. He almost panicked and started to pull away but I grabbed his hands and pulled him to me, staring up into his eyes. He must have seen how fucking horny I was and he stopped resisting, letting me slowly contract and relax, contract and relax; over and over while I adjusted. Even as I relaxed I could feel the tension in his body and in his cock. Both were twitching and straining to hold back. Shit, that was hot.

So I whispered, “Gimme a little more,” and he leaned forward. His fat shaft began to enter just an inch or so. Fuck. It was brilliant. I swear I saw lights when I closed my eyes. He pushed some more and two inches were in me. I stopped him, squeezed my muscles again and waited. Fuck. I was getting used to this. It didn’t hurt Escort Kayaşehir so much as it was scary. I began to wiggle back and forth under him, reaching up and rubbing his right arm. My right hand reached for my own cock. As he held his dick in me I started jacking off. I stared into his eyes as I did so, wanting him to see me doing this nasty thing. I was letting him stick his dick in me and I was jacking off. Fuck. I’d never been like this before.

Seeing me, looking into his eyes and being so nasty was too much for him. He shoved the next two inches into my ass and only stopped because I gasped, actually I cried out loud! Fuck, it was big. That fucking plumb head just opened everything so fucking wide. I had to let him. I had to let him…it was too late. So I told him right out loud, “Just fuck me, Man. Fuck me for you. I’ll cum when you tell me. I come when you say!”

That was it. He looked down, spit real big on the rest of his shaft, rubbed it around, pulled out to the head and then shoved…shoved it all the way in and didn’t stop until he had pinned me against the seat of the car, his fat fucking cock buried in my ass to the balls. I think I screamed. I think I shouted. That’s when he put a hand over my mouth, told me to shut up and hold on. “Dave, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you right now.” And he started. He pulled that fat sucker back and let the head pop out into the night; then he pushed my legs wide open and pushed everything in, in deeper and out, all the way; then long and deep. Everything in and everything out. I started bucking like a whore, trying to match his powerful fucking, trying to make it better for him. I was being a total slut. I wanted him to squirt into me like a fucking whore. God!

I reached down and squeezed his balls with one hand and with the other I started jacking off. I was bouncing around from the fucking, and playing with his balls and jacking off all at the same time. I was born for this.

He started swearing. “I’m gonna cum in you Dave, fucking slut, fucking ass, fucking whore!” I know I said something like, “Gimme…Gimme” just before he thrust deep, lifted me into the air and grunted over and over as he came so hard into my ass. Ugh..Ugh..Ugh. Fuck. I felt my cum coming up, twitching up, twitching out, squirting out. Fuck! It was a shower of cum all over the place as he held me, fucking me, squirting stream after stream and drop after drop into my ass. My cum shot so hard it hit his face and my face and sprayed all over our bodies. And as my arms both flopped back he was still pumping me like a rag doll, shoving in and out until every possible drop was deep inside of my ass. As he finished I could still feel cum twitching up and out of my cock onto my stomach. He collapsed into the car on top of me, panting and moaning my name, “Dave…Dave, oh fuck, Dave.”

As his cock shrunk out of my ass and dropped harmlessly between us he leaned down and sucked my cock like a baby. That’s when I began to realize what had happened. I was shocked and embarrassed. He drove me to my neighborhood. I wouldn’t let him know where I lived. I was as scared of what had happened and maybe more of what might happen if I let something like this take hold of me again. I mean, shit. I’m not gay. I still want to fuck that little bitch from the night before. It would be several years before I realized that I could do both!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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