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She’d started the games. Why I’m not sure. Perhaps she was just bored with our usual sex-play. Perhaps she was concerned I was. Or maybe she’d planned the change from the beginning, deciding to slowly integrate it instead of forcing it on me. One way or another, she’d started the games.

It started with a simple one. I came home and found her sitting stark naked, aside from a pair of black high-heels, on the porch swing, in open view of all the neighbors should they look in the direction of our house. I caught sight of her while getting out of my car and stopped short, my jaw dropping open and the bag of groceries I’d brought from the store falling from my right hand and striking the concrete with a series of thuds. She just sat there for a moment, legs crossed, long red hair laying in curls over her breasts, smiling back at me, clearly amused at my reaction.

“Honey?” My own voice sounded like a croak.

Her smile widened, then she uncrossed her legs and stood to full height, plus a few inches from the heels. Her long, slender legs caught my eyes first, as they usually did. I scanned up them to her hips, not too narrow but not too wide, then her trim waist, then the swell of her breasts, still mostly covered by that mane of red curls, then her face, soft complexion with beautiful features, accentuated by beautiful blue eyes that seemed to shine out through the darkness toward me. The porch light reflected off her well-tanned figure, and for some reason, I thought, “She’s been sunbathing nude. I’ll be damned.”

She stood there for a moment, allowing me to linger in my own amazement, then she started toward me, moving deliberately down the cement porch steps and sidewalk.

I glanced around, surveying the neighborhood for anyone who might be watching. Our neighborhood was exactly like so many others, uniform in every way, each house barely different from the next to the point where you almost have to count houses to make sure you’re parking in the right driveway. That night was like every Wednesday night was after dark: no one out on the street, a few porch-lights lit, a few living room windows lit from inside, but no one paying much attention.

When I turned my attention back to her¾I should say my eyes, because my mind had never changed its focus¾she was standing right in front of me, her smile wider than ever, almost daring me to react.

I just stood there for a moment, staring, disbelieving.

She placed her hands on my chest, pushed me back against the car and raised one finger to her lips, telling me to be silent. I did so, but that might have been more out of shock than in response to her request. She reached down, pulled my shirt from beneath the waist of my pants and worked my belt loose. I stood staring at her as she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulled them open, then reached into my boxer-briefs and started massaging my cock.

She stepped closer, pressing her soft breasts against me and blowing lightly in my ear, an act that usually drives me crazy. I leaned back, resting my weight against the car, then looked around again. No one was watching so far as I can see.

I turned my gaze to her again. As I did, she dropped to her knees before me, pulling my jeans and underwear down to mid-thigh and pushing my shirt up so it wouldn’t get in the way. She looked at my cock for a moment, hanging half-erect in front of her, pointing at her nose as she knelt there, then glanced up at me, grinned widely and took it straight down her throat, enveloping it, not stopping until her lips were buried in pubic hair. She pulled away immediately, sucking back as hard as she could, hard enough that when the head came from her lips it made a popping sound.

She smiled up at me again, a strand of saliva hanging between her lips and the head of my cock, then she went to work on it, sucking the head as if in a frenzy, taking it halfway down a few times, then driving it deep into her throat and pulling back until that same popping sound erupted in the air.

“Like my surprise?” She whispered, stroking my cock with one hand, a few strands of the thick saliva from deep in her throat hanging from her lips and chin, bobbing there as she spoke. I couldn’t answer. I just rocked my head back and gasped up at the star-strewn sky.

She went back to work, licking underneath it as she took it down, her head moving as quickly as her hand had been, quickly enough that when I looked down again, I saw her hair not swaying but swinging wildly in the air beneath her head. She went at it like that for what must have been almost a minute, then drove it deep into her throat again, stopping just long enough to tighten her throat around the head, then pulling back again, looking up to me as she stroked it with her hand, this time the strands of saliva long enough that they clung to the skin beneath her breasts as well as her chin.

I glanced around again, but my inhibitions had been beaten back by her efforts. By then, I couldn’t have cared less who might be watching.

She Zonguldak Escort went at it one more time before I reached my end, this time sucking away at full throttle for what might have been three minutes straight. I gasped when I felt the end nearing, then moaned, then sloppily spat the words “I’m gonna cum.” She took me halfway down, tightened her lips against the shaft and sucked hard, waiting. My entire body tensed, then relaxed as the first spurt of cum fired into her mouth, then the second, then a third, each with less force than the one it followed.

She started to suck again, this time doing so slowly, draining the last droplets of cum and then letting my penis fall from her lips. I looked down at her, still half in shock, but too spent to care. I waited for her to spit, but instead, she just looked up and smiled, then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to prove it was gone. Then she winked at me and stood, wiping the saliva from her chin. She waved for me to follow her and started back toward the house. I pulled my pants up and followed her.

The front door leads into the kitchen. Once inside, she went straight to the two large windows that looked out over the street and drew the curtains open. I stood in surprise as she went to the wall near the door and flipped on the bright overhead light, illuminating the kitchen.

I knew what she was thinking, and now that the shock of the situation was wearing off, I had no intention of going through with it. No matter what she said; no matter what she did.

She winked at me again as she walked to the kitchen table and perched herself on the end of it, spreading her legs wide and laying back on her elbows, in full view of anyone who might wander by the large windows. She shifted her weight onto the small of her back and raised her hips slightly, giving me a full view of her tuft of red pubic hair and the entrance beneath it.

A convincing argument. I decided then that I would give it a shot after all. Why not?

I took in a deep breath, then smiled to myself as I wandered over to her, taking my shirt off and throwing it on the floor. I dropped to my knees and licked up the length of her vagina, dipping my tongue between the lips and flicking the tip of it against the hood that hid her clit. She gasped, then lay back all the way and took my head in her hands, holding it between her thighs. I dipped my tongue inside, stabbing it deep inside then pulling it out again, licking around the lips before repeating the process, speeding up as she moaned more. After a minute or so of stimulation, I worked my way up to her clit, which poked itself from beneath the hood then. I licked at it, sucked it, then licked it again, doing whatever received the best response.

As I did this, I worked my pants down, stopping now and again to stroke my cock.

I was getting impatient, too aroused to be patient. After a few minutes of going down on her, I pulled my head back, her hands fighting me but losing, then pushed her away from the tables edge and climbed on it as well, laying between her thighs and pushing her legs back onto her chest.

A moment later, I was inside her, pumping away as quickly as I could. She lay beneath me, trying to pump upward but not doing so well in this particular position, moaning and gasping.

“Wait,” she said, after a minute. I slowed to a stop, then leaned back. She drew one leg out from between us, then wrapped it around my waist, reaching a hand down to rub her clit.

“Okay,” she said.

I didn’t hesitate, just leaned my weight back down on her and went back at it, meeting full pace in only seconds. The sound of skin striking skin erupted in the room, and I pumped faster, watching her beautiful tits bounce upward until they almost struck her face, then downward, only to be thrown upward again. A few minutes of this, not to mention her moaning, accentuated by her fingers working her clit, and I came again, this time in a sudden burst that fired into her just as she reached her own orgasm. I pumped until every drop had been released then let my weight rest on top of her as we caught our breath.

We fucked three more times that night, never even changing position from that point on.

And that was where it had started. From then we’d done different things, but none too daring, none that involved others, though I guessed the future held both, at least so long as the games continued. It hadn’t prepared me for last week though, couldn’t have.

When I got home, she was waiting again. Not naked on the porch again, although that had recurred. This time, she was inside, lying on the couch in her nightgown, acting as if everything was normal.

She got up when I came into the room however, the mischievous look I’d grown to know so well in her eye. She led me to the bedroom, where the handcuffs waited. Again, I’d seen these before. She lay me down, undressed me, then cuffed me to the bed by my hands. Having done that, she announced Zonguldak Escort Bayan she felt like a shower and disappeared into the bathroom, conveniently leaving the door open so I could watch her slip out of the night gown and step behind the shower curtain.

I lay there, listening to the sound of the water hitting the floor of the shower, hearing her sing lightly to herself for almost fifteen minutes before she turned the water off and stepped back into view, her body glistening with water and her long red hair hanging lower than usual in dark red, dripping curls.

She looked to me as she dried off, watching me keenly with those beautiful blue eyes.

Oh, God, those eyes.

When she was finished, she hung the towel on the rack and grabbed a tube of something from the cabinet before returning to the bedroom. I waited there, watching her climb onto the foot of the bed and crawl toward me on all fours, leaving the tube near my feet. She climbed up beside me, straddled me, and started running her hands all over her chest, moaning loudly as she did. I watched, my eyes glued to those luscious tits, unable to take them away. She licked her fingertips and ran them over her nipples, then drew circles around the areoles, teasing them to attention, watching my face the entire time.

The mischievous smile playing at her lips again, she began to grind against my chest, the wetness between her legs dampening the hair on my chest as she did so. At first she watched me, keeping her attention focused on my arousal. Then, as she continued to grind, her breathing quickened, and I glanced up to see her head raised slightly, eyes closed. She was grinding faster by then, and her pussy lips were pressed tightly against my skin, her clit, still mostly hidden by the hood, rubbing just above them.

She gasped, grinding faster for a second, then slowing again, only to move faster and gasp again, this time moaning afterward. Her hands had taken firm grips on her breasts, her index fingers still working their circles on her nipples, which were now wet where she’d apparently rubbed spit on them for lubrication.

As she sped her pace again, a hand found its way down to her hips, as though she could press herself tighter against me with that hand pressing downward there. A second later, she’d raised herself from my chest, just slightly, and slipped a hand between us, rubbing her clit with the combination of her index and middle fingers, still grinding her hips, but then doing so into her hand. In her excitement, she’d left my chest soak and wet, and as she worked herself into a frenzy above me, more juices flowed down each leg and rang along my ribcage.

I couldn’t have cared less at that point. I was watching her, wanting to touch her but unable to with my hands bound. Wanting to fuck her, but powerless. I could only watch, take in the smell of her arousal, and try to ignore the erection that was throbbing behind her.

She moaned loudly, her hand working overtime, and ground into her fingers, her limbs trembling lightly and her head thrown back, wet hair clinging to her breasts and shoulders and back. I closed my eyes, not sure if I could keep them closed, but unable to watch any longer. I felt as though I might burst should I get any more excited.

I could still feel her there though, her juices rolling across my skin and the bed shaking from her thrusting hips. Her legs trembled against my ribcage, and the heat from above was immense. And the sound…her gasps and moans seemed even more impossible to ignore without the sight above to distract me.

Finally, she settled, slowing to a stop, gasping for a moment longer, then letting her weight fall back onto my chest. I felt her hands press into the mattress on either side of my head and her hair fall over my face. Her breath struck my face in several long puffs, then she raised her weight from her hands and slapped me lightly across the face.

“Don’t try to ignore me,” she said.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see that same grin playing on her lips again. She reached back and took hold of my cock, squeezing it lightly and remarking, “It looks like you were paying plenty of attention.”

She stroked it slowly, her fingers playing with tip. I rolled my eyes, overwhelmed by just the little bit of attention, then closed them again. She slapped me with her free hand.

“Open them,” she demanded.

I obeyed, looking up at her for a few seconds as she stroked, then she let go and moved further down my body, straddling my hips and grinding her pussy against my cock. I raised my hips, powerless to do anything else. She pressed me back down with her hands, then ground against me harder.

After teasing me like this for a minute or so, she raised herself up, lifted my cock to point upward, then lowered herself onto me, my cock separating the lips of her pussy and driving deep into her. I groaned as the warmth of her insides enveloped me. Immediately, she began to pump, raising Escort Zonguldak her body until my cock almost fell out of her, then lowering back onto me again, letting her weight fall onto me with a loud slap.

She rode me for almost five minutes, my body seeming about to cum with each thrust but somehow not quite getting there, almost as if it intended to tease me with the sensation. She pumped faster as the time went by, moaning louder and getting more and more into it. As I reached a point where I felt I simply HAD to come, that my body could no longer put it off, even to tease me, she slowed, then stopped, catching her breath before looking down at me. I tried to pump into her anyway, but she slapped me again, this time harder and on the chest, hard enough to get my attention.

When I looked up, she grinned again and dismounted, leaving me just as hard as ever and panting to boot. I looked down at her in total shock. She got on all fours next to me and crawled down to my feet, allowing me to gaze uninterrupted on that perfect ass of her as she did.

I’d forgotten about the tube, and as I gazed at that luscious ass, still in a trance, I didn’t see her smearing the lubricant onto the middle finger of her left hand.

Jelly applied, she turned to me again, trying to act as though there was nothing on her finger. At the time, I hadn’t even noticed, had merely noted her posture. I only realized after-the-fact what she’d been up to.

At the time, her having turned around, I was gazing at those lovely breasts of hers and the way her still-wet red hair clung to them. When I did shift my glance, it was to look into those striking blue eyes of hers as she dropped onto her elbows between my thighs and lifted my cock with her right hand. She stroked it slowly, licking lightly at the head and looking up at me. Then, without warning, she downed the entire length, not an amazing feat given my average size but plenty to get my heart thumping at full speed again.

Bobbing her head, she sucked away, her tongue working its way around my shaft as she did. I was euphoric in moments, totally oblivious to the world around me. I lay my head back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of being sucked into her throat, then pulled out until those soft, talented lips wrapped around the head, then downed again.

Caught up in this, I couldn’t have seen it coming. I was taken away in a sense that was undeniable. Then she did it, and I came rushing back to reality. She reached her hand under my ass, slid her lubricated finger between the cheeks, and drove it straight up my anus, no pausing to adjust or slowing down until the last knuckle was hidden between the cheeks.

My eyes opened suddenly, the sensation of being violated in that way bringing me back to an all too impossible to ignore reality. I tried to sit up, but the handcuffs refused to budge. I looked down at her, meaning to ask her what she was doing. She looked back up at me, my cock still in her mouth, then she started to slide the finger out again. I lay back down, feeling as though the point had been made, then the finger came ramming home again. I jerk lightly when it did, but didn’t bother to fight it. I was helpless here, her slave in a manner of speaking¾an almost literal one, in fact.

She sucked harder, as if the action turned her on, and I tried to ignore the violating sensation, which was not quite pain, but a strong discomfort nonetheless. The effort was in vain, however, as once I’d almost get it out of my immediate attention, she’d withdraw the finger and ram it back in again.

I was beginning to regret the entire night when I finally reached climax, gasping the words “I’m coming” about five times as I did. It built up inside of me, then poured out of me in a sudden rush. She pulled her head away, grasping my cock with her right hand and pumping quickly, sending spurt after spurt of semen gushing into the air, splattering against my chest and stomach.

Once I was finished, she pulled her finger from my ass and climbed up next to me, kissing me on the lips and saying, sweetly, “All done.”

I lay there, disbelieving, and fell asleep, still cuffed to the bed. She woke me the next morning acting as though none of it had happened, as was our usual procedure after such events. I showered and dressed and went to work, wondering what I could do to get even with her. I knew, of course, but I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to be that extreme just yet.

As the week tapered away, I became more sure of myself, then less sure, then more sure again. By Friday morning, only small doubts remained, and I decided to go for it. I’d never know how it would go until I tried.

Friday night, I went home, spent the night making small talk and watching television, having a few beers, etc. When we went to bed, I coaxed her out of her nightgown and went down on her, lapping between her folds with my tongue mindlessly while my mind wandered to what lay ahead.

She fell asleep afterward, according to plan. Perfect.

I slipped out of bed and went into the living room to watch television, turning the volume low so as not to disturb her. After I felt she was sound asleep, I got up and went back into the bedroom. She lay still, her chest rising and falling in heavy breaths, her mouth open slightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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