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Warning this story features themes of murder, rape, and slavery if you don’t like stories with these please leave now.

All sexual active characters are over 18.

Galactic Vendetta part 05

Part A, The enslavement of a princess.

Princess Kirsten was living in a nightmare her mother and her were just captured while trying to escape the kingdom. They were almost to the the transport when the Confederation troops surprised their bodyguards.

After they killed the bodyguards, her mother and her were tied up and had hoods put over their heads. Now they were being taken to, god know’s where.

When the hood was pulled of she was alone in a room with Cassandra bourgeois. Why was the daughter of the new Chancellor of the Neos Confederation here? Where was her mother and father? What was going to happen to them?

What followed was repeatedly being questioned about if her brothers were still alive. She told them over and over they were dead. However no matter how many times she told them they didn’t believe her.

When the questions stopped she was made to dress in her finest gown and lingerie. What were they going to do to her? Why did they want her dressed up like this? Where new questions she had but she didn’t dare ask them. Especially given the smile Cassandra bourgeois was giving her.

Soon she stood in an ankle length dress that showed of her cleavage, long white gloves, and behind her, tiara a large white bow holding her long blonde hair in an ponytail. Underneath had on white lace panties, bra, stockings, and garter belt. As soon as she was dressed bourgeois called for the guards.

As they entered they gave her a look that made her shudder. Before she could even consider what was next the guards grabbed her holding her arms as bourgeois opened a bag. To her horror she pulled out slave shackles and a collar.

She tried to struggle but they held her to tight as put shackles on her wrists. Her struggling stopped as her arms were secured behind her back. Soon the princess wore a matching set of shackles on her ankles.

She could only weep as the collar was placed around her neck. She’d heard of these collars once, in place they couldn’t be removed. Once the collar was in place, a leash was attached and she was lead from the room.

At a intersection of the corridor she was met by a group men leading her mother. Her mother was in a slave collar and shackles the same as her. The men handed her mother’s leash to bourgeois as they were dragged outside.

As they were lead into a courtyard they saw soldiers and Confederation dignitaries assembled. When they reached the center of courtyard they saw Chancellor bourgeois standing behind a kneeling man.

Princess Kirsten was horrified to see, the man kneeling before the chancellor was her father. Her fears increased when she saw he had been badly beaten. What she didn’t know was the worse was yet to come.

Councilman Jason Presscotte was one of the dignitaries in the courtyard. He had watched the final assault on Heliopolis while hiding his disgust. The brutality shown by the Confederation forces was appalling.

He watched the soldiers executing any Heliopolis soldier they captured. He saw how they raped and enslaved as many of the women as they could. Now he was watching as the last of the royal family was destroyed.

God he hated the man that now controlled his government. God he wished it was the chancellor on his knees beaten and bloody. However he did dare oppose him.

Even if the Chancellor was able to pass the blame, onto Heliopolis it was really him that had murdered his own son. He also suspected he had his father in law killed on Orion 3 to take over the government. Then there was the assassin named Saracen standing next to him.

The man that destroyed Orion 3 to kill one man. The man was without remorse or pity and would kill anyone that got in his way. With that scum by his side the chancellor’s control was absolute.

What happened next tested the bounds of his discretion. He watched the chancellor give a thumbs down motion to the two female captives. The soldiers surrounding them began to close in.

Princess Kirsten and her mother began screaming as the soldiers grabbed hold of them and started tearing their clothes off. Soon they were only wearing their high heels, stockings, gloves, and garter belts.

They then were bent over as Cassandra bourgeois branded them. Kirsten then was forced to watch the soldiers gang raped her mother. As she knelt watching the soldiers take turns defiling her mother Cassandra came up behind her and forced her to look at her father.

She could only scream as she saw the chancellor pull on her father’s hair tilting his head back. Then taking a knife from his assassin proceeded to slit the king’s throat. As her father’s life left his body,the chancellor continued to cut. Only stopping when he held, the king’s head up for the crowd.

Cassandra had to grab the princess as she tried to collapse. This wasn’t to give, her any sympathy. As she was forced to watch her mother’s rape. She thanked god when that ended and they were taken from the courtyard.

If she would of known, what was planned for her. She would of wished, they murdered her too. She figured she would be taken, to some dungeon or cage but she was taken to Cassandra’s room.

As the princess cowered in the corner, Cassandra began undressing. It was painfully obvious, what Cassandra’s plans for the new slave were. As Cassandra sat on the bed and spread her legs, Kirsten could only weep.

” Slave, get over here and eat my pussy.” Cassandra ordered.

Kirsten began weeping harder, as she crawled over to the woman that had enslaved her. Part of her, wanted to resist but after seeing what happened to her parents she didn’t dare. She instinctively knew, this woman would izmir escort bayan do horrible things to her if she defied her.

Once Kirsten was between the legs, of the vile woman her face was shoved into her snatch. Before she could do anything, Kirsten felt a jolt of electricity pass through her nerves. As the excruciatingly, painful experience was repeated over and over again. Kirsten, could only scream into the pussy pressed against her mouth.

It wasn’t till Kirsten was on the verge of passing out that the torture stopped. As she knelt there, barely conscious the order was repeated. There was no hesitation, as Kirsten began licking the pussy before her as there was no tomorrow.

As Cassandra felt her slave girl, get to work she put down the pain stick. She had enjoyed the sensations, she felt as the princess screamed into her pussy. Of course she also loved, putting the little bitch in her place.

“Slave you have three minutes to get me off or you’ll learn what real pain is like.”

Cassandra told, the crying slave between her legs. Hearing this Kirsten, doubled her efforts to pleasure this evil woman. As her tongue probed her pussy, Kirsten wondered why was this happening to her.

Her and her family, had always lived to help the people. Now, her family was gone. Now she was a slave, at the mercy of this woman forcing herself on her.

Cassandra was amazed, by the skill that Kirsten used on her. This girl had definitely, eaten pussy before. It was only, a minute in and she could feel a orgasm building.

Kirsten felt a wave of relief, flood over her as she saw her lesbian rapist reach climax. As Cassandra’s cum covered her face, Kirsten thanked god she wouldn’t be tortured anymore. Unfortunately for Kirsten, Cassandra got more enjoyment out of seeing her in agony then the sex.

Cassandra got a lot of enjoyment, out of Kirsten that night. Kirsten on the other hand, spent the night pleading for mercy, between screams of agony and preforming degrading sexual acts. Immediately after, her orgasm Cassandra started torturing Kirsten.

During brakes in Kirsten’s torment, Cassandra would question her. When the sun rose the next morning, Kirsten didn’t have a secret left to divulge. She told everything from, state secrets to the fact she and her sisters had a lesbian relationship.

Kirsten was a sobbing wreck, curled up on the floor when Cassandra finally finished with her. She had just given Cassandra, another rim job as light began entering the windows. She was kissing, Cassandra’s feet and thanking her for using her as the guard entered the room.

The last Cassandra saw of the princess, the guard was dragging her down the corridor by her hair. Cassandra broke out laughing as the screaming slave was taken away. She was still laughing, as she dressed and went to report to her father what she learned.

Part B

The life of a slave girl.

Kirsten woke in a panic, as she frantically looked around she realized she was locked in a small cage. Her last memory began to come back to her. She was being, dragged away by her hair when she passed out.

She looked around, again and saw that she was in the cargo hold of a ship. Her cage, was one of many stacked along a bulkhead. To her horror, all of them had a enslaved woman in it.

Looking at herself, she saw she was wearing a chastity belt. As she looked at the other slaves, in the cages she saw so were they. She realized, all the slaves in the cages must be virgins like her.

As this realization hit, she heard women screaming around her. It was then, she saw that there were even more slaves chained to the deck. Then to her horror, she saw that the ships crew were raping several of the women.

As she looked around the hold, she prayed she didn’t recognize anyone. It was bad enough, that this was happening to her but she didn’t want it to happen to her friends to. However her prayers were in vain, when she saw several of her servants as well as her mother amongst the captives.

Looking at these women, she saw that none of them were wearing chastity belts so she figured they weren’t virgins. This assumption was confirmed, during the trip as everyone of them was repeatedly raped. Her mother, must of been raped five times a day she swore.

Just because they didn’t touch them, didn’t mean the virgins didn’t suffer. Everyone of them, had a vibrator incorporated into their chesty belt. So as they watched, the rape of the other slaves they were forced to orgasm over and over.

Then there was the fact, they weren’t allowed out of their cages even to use the restroom. So every time one of them had to relieve, themselves it was onto the slaves under them. The lucky slaves, were the ones in the top row of cages.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t one of them. When they finally arrived, she had lost track of how many times she had been urinated on but it was a lot. Just before she was taken, from her cage the slave above her got her one last time.

Her humiliation from this, wasn’t lost on the crew as they took great satisfaction, every time she cried out from this degradation. The things they said, every time it happened were worse then being urinated on.

She struggled to her feet, as she was pulled from her cage. As she felt weak legs, she wondered how long she had been locked in the cage. It had to been weeks, maybe even a month. She suspected, they had been taken to the Confederation capital as war trophies.

She remembered hearing, that it took around a month to make the trip. The way her legs felt, she was convinced it probably had been a month. By the look of the other virgins, they were suffering similarly from this confinement.

She was surprised, when her and her mother were allowed to wash themselves. As the other slaves, were just hosed down. She came to understand what was happening, when they buca escort were also given clean stockings, gloves, and garter belts to wear.

They had just put on their high heels, after brushing their hair when they were restrained again. As her arms were secured, behind her back Kirsten didn’t dare resist. Even when the men, started to grope her.

This was when she finally learned, what was going to happen to her and her mother. As one of her captors, was squeezing her breasts another said how he wished he could bid on her at auction. The one holding her, responded that he could always visit her mother at the brothel she was being sold to.

When the captain came down, he yelled at the men to quit fooling around and to get the slaves ready for the market. Kirsten heard the screams, of some of the other slaves as they were hit with pain sticks. Some were tortured, for resisting and others were for the amusement of the crew.

Kirsten fell to her knees, as she was hit by two of the sticks simultaneously even though she wasn’t resisting them. As she was roughly, pulled to her feet a chain was attached to her collar. Soon her and her mother, were in the lead of a line of slaves chained together by their collars.

Once every slave, was chained together they were lead off of the ship. They all were sobbing, as they were lead through the streets towards the slave markets of the Confederation. The citizens of the city, lined the streets as the naked slaves were paraded through the streets.

The humiliation Kirsten felt, was indescribable as her body was on display to the crowd. They were stopped, when they reached the city’s brothels. She could only watch, in horror as her mother and the wives of the kingdoms nobles were lead through the doors to a life of forced prostitution.

She wasn’t, even able to say good bye to her mother. For as soon as the lines, were separated Kirsten’s group were moving again. Soon Kirsten saw her destination, as the gates of the slave market came into view.

Kirsten’s fear, had overridden her humiliation as she saw three slaves bent over in pillories. As she got closer, she saw that they had been brutality whipped. When she looked at their pussies, she could see they had also been brutality raped.

She later learned, these three had tried to escape and this was to serve as an example to other slaves. They were, to stay in the wooden bondage being used by any passing man till they died. By the looks, on the condemned slaves faces she could tell their minds were long gone.

Kirsten said, a silent prayer for them as she passed by. That horror, was pushed aside as they entered the market. As she entered, Kirsten saw five stages and two large cages. This was when, she was separated from most of the other slaves.

As her and the other nobles, were lead one way the rest of the captives were taken to the cages. They were divided, again when they got to the cages. The virgins, went into one and the rest into the other.

Her group, on the other hand was lead to the center stage. Once on the stage, the were forced to kneel along the edge. They had been split, into two lines at this point. Each group was on both sides, of the narrow portion of the stage that extended out into the crowd.

This, was called the bidding stage. Everyone of them, would be taken onto it and sold to the highest bidder. They were only placed, where they were so the buyers could examine them before the auction.

Once they were kneeling, their collars were chained to the stage. Her and the other’s, chastity belts were then removed. Occasionally one of the handlers, would walk the lines making them keep their legs spread so their pussies were accessible for examination by potential buyers. Her and the others could, only whimper and cry each time one of the men and a few women examined their bodies.

Almost nothing, was off limits during the inspections. Kirsten had, her mouth checked and fingers shoved up her ass hole. Her pussy, was the main focus of the bidders. They all talked, about how they would be the first to take it.

One fat man, in particular filled her with dread. He talked about, taking her on the stage in front of the crowd and the other slaves. He said how he would, saver her screams as her virginity was torn from her body.

Kirsten was actually, thankful when the auction started as it got these people away from her if only for a little while. Part of her knew, one of these people would soon own her and whoever it did was going to do horrible things to her. She just had, to be thankful for every minute till it was her turn.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have that long to wait. She didn’t know, that it was decided she would be the first one sold. The slavers figured, buyers would hold back on bidding on other slaves in hopes of buying her. To keep that, from happening she was going up for bidding before any other slave.

Kirsten, was unchained and roughly dragged onto the bidding stage. Once she was on the stage, a slaver held her by her hair. This was when, they started her auction. The auctioneer, started out by introducing her.

“Gentleman, what we have here was Princess Kirsten Elizabeth Vissor now it’s just a slave to be used for your pleasure. It has a vary, low pain tolerance so you will have a lot of fun making the bitch scream. Now, this bitch is a virgin so we’ll start the bidding high. So without any farther, delay let’s start the bidding on this little bitch.”

They held her tightly, as the bids went higher and higher. To Kirsten’s horror, the fat man kept out bidding every other bidder there. Soon he had won, the auction and Kirsten was now his property.

This man that she despised, was now her master. She could only weep, as her master paid for her. After he had paid, he ran onto the stage and grabbed her by her hair. Her screams soon filled the market, izmir escort as she was lifted off her feet by her hair.

This was only the beginning, as she was thrown onto the stage. As she landed on her back she knew, what was coming he was going to rape her in front of everyone. Her screams started again, as he pulled out his dick and climbed on top of her.

Her screams only intensified, as he drove his dick into her as hard as he could. He was determined, to make this as painful as possible as he bent her legs over her body as he was ramming is cock into her. She felt like he was going to tear her in two, with the ferocity of his thrusts.

Her only respite came, when he let out a loud grunt. She could feel, his vile seed leaking from her battered pussy as he climbed off of her. Her torment was only beginning, as he grabbed her hair again and pulled her head to his crotch.

A twist of the handful of hair he held, elicited a another scream from her. This was the opening he wanted, as he forced his cock into her mouth. She fought the urge, to vomit as the cursed appendage was thrust down her throat.

Her dismay was only increased, as she heard the crowd cheering her rape. She was wishing for death, as he pulled his dick from her mouth and threw her back down. He soon, had her on her stomach and was back on top of her before she had a chance to contemplate what was next.

Her screams, as he drove his dick up her ass hole brought an new wave of cheers from the crowd. This time, she was convinced he was trying to tear her in two as she was impaled by him. The pain, from this caused her to drift out of consciousness.

She came around just as he fulled, her bowels with his cum. Kirsten was a sobbing wreck, as she was pulled from the stage. As she looked, back she saw the next slave brought out to be sold. The horrified expression, on the slave’s face almost rivaled her own.

Kirsten took one last look, at the slave standing in the blood left behind from her rape and began weeping again.

Kirsten had just been kicked, awake by her master. She didn’t know, how long she had slept but it hadn’t been enough. She got to her knees, as quickly as as she could. She then bowed, down to her master as she awaited his orders.

It had been three months, since she was sold to him and her situation had gone from bad to worse. Her master, who she learned name was Joe Dirtreck had taken every opportunity to torment and demean her. She, was raped multiple times a day.

He had also had invited, others to use her as their personal cum receptacle. She, was shown no mercy by him. He would torture, her even if she didn’t do anything wrong.

Each night, before she slept she would pray for an quick death for she was convinced this man would slowly torture her to death when he tired of her. Her life was one, of fear always wondering what he would do to her next.

Last night, he had let six other men take turns with her. This was made worse, when they finished with her they let a dog rape her. After the animal finished, with her she was told how that she was now a true bitch.

Soon a leash, was hooked to her collar and she was forced to crawl ahead of him like a dog. He lead her outside, into the street wondering what he would do to her now. The only thing, she did know is she wouldn’t like whatever he had planned.

As she crawled, through the busy streets she didn’t even notice her nakedness anymore. Life as a sex slave, had stripped any sense of dignity from her. She no longer cared, who saw her like this.

She soon realized, what was happening when they reached their destination. Part of her, was thankful when she saw the brothel in front of them. Spending the rest of her life, as a brothel slave was an improvement to being his fuck toy as he had named her.

Once through the doors, she was taken away by one of the superior slaves or madame as they were called. She was lead to the basement, to be cleaned up. From what she was told, she was going out on the floor immediately after they finished.

As she was washed, she was told the rules. She would present herself to the customers, in a submissive posture. She will maintain, that posture until she is chosen by a customer. Once chosen, she will be taken to a room to please the customer.

The customer’s satisfaction, is guaranteed. If she fails, to do this she will be punished. Once the customer is finished, with her she goes back on the floor to wait for the next one. The floor slaves, were out on the floor for sixteen hours each day. They would spend, the rest locked in small cages in the basement.

She knew she wouldn’t, live to long here but even this was preferable to being that man’s fuck toy. As soon as she was dry, she was lead back upstairs and put on the floor. As the madam walked away, Kirsten knelt with her legs spread and her hands on the back of her head waiting for her first customer.

Joe Dirteck, was currently tied to a chair. It had been a month since, he sold the princess and now he was being tortured about her location. He would of told the man that just cut off, his balls if he hadn’t recognized the emblem on the knife.

When he saw the grim reaper, holding an dead mans hand he knew who this man was and that he was about to die a slow and painful death. His thoughts were proved true, when thirty six hours later what was left of him was finally allowed to die.

As the fat slug, finally died his torturer quietly left his home and headed for the star port. An hour later, an aggravated Prince Steven lifted his ship from the planet. This mission, had been a serious disappointment for him.

Not only was he unable to rescue, his sister or Lady Marie. To make maters worse, he couldn’t even locate them or even confirm if they were still alive. As he entered the jumpgate, he thought the only thing he had been able to do was kill the bastard that raped Kirsten. He wondered, if he was feeling the same thing that Morgan had last week when he failed to save those scientists.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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