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(This is a genre I am exploring, part biography, part fiction, some imagination, full pleasure. All characters in this story are above the age of consent. Dedicated to S., my wife, the love of my life who has been gone for 7 years now, whose image comes to mind, as I put these words down.

I write because it gives me pleasure. My initial writings drew greatly from my own experiences. But as I progressed, I learnt not to fetter my imagination, but to give it wings, to take it to places one has only dreamt of. That’s why I have experimented with different perspectives, preferring not to use names, so that the readers can easily put themselves in the place of the protagonist or any of the characters, building a strong identification with them. I am an amateur and a learner and would love your feedback as it is worth it’s weight in gold, and enable me to craft a richer experience for us all.

This is a lengthy story, which I have broken down into chapters, each complete by itself and maybe of a different genre. The story continues from Part 9

A smooth farewell)

28 Bare necessities

He waited awhile, and sensing the two ladies would be in the bathroom for some time, put on his clothes and took the opportunity to make an exit. She had gone in the bathroom with her mom, with a triple purpose in mind. Firstly to get cleaned up, secondly to allow him the opportunity to scoot away and make his exit, and lastly she had whispered into her mom’s ears that she wanted to be as smooth below as she was, and her mom was going to help her with this.

They first got into, the shower and used the loofah to soap each other up properly, paying special attention to their erogenous zones, heating things up in the shower cubicle They cleaned up good, enjoying the caresses of each other, experts at pushing the right buttons rubbing each other out, stroking their cunnies to cream once more.

Then her mother got to work. She lit the aromatic candles and heated the special wax she had got for the purpose. She tried a trial patch on her underarms, to gauge her sensitivity, first, lathering the molten wax with a spatula, then putting a strip of cloth on it whilst still warm, waiting for the wax to harden and in a sudden jerk pulling the strip off and with it the hair stuck to it, out by their roots. When she did this for the first time her daughter let out a blood curdling bellow of pain as if her teeth were being pulled out without any anesthesia. She felt a hundred pin pricks in her armpit as her hair were yanked out by their roots.

He stopped in his tracks hearing the scream as he exited the bedroom, wondering whether he should break the door open, when he heard the sound of her mom’s laughter and a choice of filthy abuses from her daughter’s lips. She was writhing in pain, but derived a strange sadomasochistic pleasure as well from letting the abuses flow. Oh, the sacrifices they made for love.

Her mom applied a special powder to it and when it was cleaned out it was as smooth as her cheeks, without the stubble she normally had as she shaved her lady parts. There were goose pimples, and a sea of red points where the hair was yanked out. She loved the smooth feeling, like a child again, wondering if it was worth the pain. Then her mother repeated the process on the other armpit. She thought the pain would be a little more bearable, but it was worse as the buildup made her tense up, increasing her discomfort.

She dreaded the thought that when it was applied to her loins, sensitive as they were with the constant action, she would surely pass out. Her mom started by asking her to lie face down legs spread in order to facilitate depilation of her butt. She lathered on the hot wax, onto her perineum and butt crack, and her sensitive skin immediately responded by getting scalded, making her wince.

Strangely, canlı bahis şirketleri she also felt the same tingling in her lady parts that came from orgasm, as the receptors for pleasure and pain are the same. Her mom, not one for niceties, yanked the cloth back with a jerk, making her holler and bite into the towel that she had placed below her head. She lathered on the powder and soon after, she felt a cool sensation up her ass, like when you step into a cold shower; after the initial shock, you start enjoying it.

Her mom turned her over to make her lie on her back, and the cool bathroom floor sent a shiver up her ass. She was feeling strangely liberated and in charge of her own pleasure and despite the impending pain was anticipating the pleasure as well. Her mother asked her to feed on her bosom, as she had read somewhere that breast milk has many properties, including that of a painkiller, She latched on to her mom’s massive mammaries, draining them of their contents till they were tender and she was full.

Her mother explained the different types of Brazilian, the bikini that left a triangle over the pubes, the landing strip that left a small patch above, and the full, telling her that she would progressively go through each before the final stage, from the outer to the inner. She asked her mother to cut a lock of her girly curlies, as a gift for him and her mother trimmed off a patch, before getting the wax ready.

The next 15 minutes, a series of screams rent the air, as if some perverse torture was being inflicted, feeling she’d pass out with the intense pain, as her mother, through a series of jerks, cleared off her dense undergrowth to reveal her fount of pleasure. She had shaved periodically earlier, but hadn’t liked the stubble that made her feel unladylike, preferring a trim when it got too unruly.

She felt the cool wind caressing her clam, and looked up to see her mother blowing over it. Her mom then gave her newly smooth mound, a series of licks, polishing her pearl until she hit the high spot repeatedly squirting copious amounts of her jism into her mother’s mouth in a series of orgasms, that felt that they would never end.

She had never felt this good before and the pleasure so intense. Her mother demonstrated a series of pelvic exercises to prolong the ecstasy, showing her how to contract the vaginal walls and increase his joy as well. Her mom was leaking buckets too, turned on by the show, and her pungent essence filled the air.

She put her mom’s lessons to good use so that she almost lifted off the floor as her tongue stimulated her inner core, filling her mouth with her icing, as she died a little death, moaning and groaning her hips thrusting with a life of their own. She told her that she was now ready to experience as well as provide conjugal delights, having cleared the exam, only the degree pending to be conferred, making her blush with happiness. She had never felt so womanly before and was fascinated by her smooth ridge, as she couldn’t stop exploring it , running her fingers over it, looking at it in the mirror making her blush.

He meanwhile had cautiously made his way below, looking out for her dad, intrigued at the grunting noise emerging from the room below. He peeked through the ventilator to see her dad jerking off into her moms panties while sniffing her bra, in the throes of euphoria. He quickly made his way out back to the studio wishing to give her a surprise farewell gift.

He undressed and went to the bathroom and using his razor cleared first his underarms and then his groin of the weeds that carpeted it, saving some in a pouch as an intimate gift for her to remember him by. He was aroused and palmed himself off, splurging on the bathroom floor, covering it with his spunk.

29 Showers of love

She came canlı kaçak iddaa to his room after cleaning up, dressed in a denim skirt and a sleeveless shirt tied at the bottom showing a glimpse of the belly button, tantalizingly seductive. They sat together looking at each other with puppy dog eyes, coming closer, sitting on the balcony hammock together, the warmth of their bodies in stark contrast to the cool monsoon winds, snug in each other’s arms. Soon the small kisses started becoming more urgent and he moved his hands over her entire torso, electrified by the sexual current therein.

Soon his fingers snaked their way to her armpits and was pleasantly surprised at their smoothness and lack of hair therein. He inhaled her musky scent multiplying their arousal and as his tongue licked the spot enjoying the salty flavor an involuntary shiver ran through her body. Emboldened his fingers tried to gain access to the deeper treasures that lay therein, but constrained by the lack of maneuverability within.

She motioned him with a glazed look in her eyes to be patient, loosening the knot at the bottom of the blouse. Encouraged he began unbuttoning it till her breasts were revealed, encased in white lace, showing glimpses of the treasures they hid.

His eyes sparkled with an animal desire and he rained kisses and small bites from her earlobes to her lips, the cleft of her chin, down the nape of her neck to the deep valley between her rising mounds inhaling her aroma, inflating his desire. His fingers slipped through the lace barriers massaging the globes within causing her to sigh and moan, inflaming him even more.

Her small hands massaged his rising desire through his shorts, lowering his zipper, trying to gain a similar entrance below as he was above. Her eyes widened in surprise, finding the unruly forest which usually surrounded his member missing, smiling to herself at the coincidence, two minds one thought. She put her hands behind her back loosening the clasps of her brassiere. Taking the signal, he used his lips to coax the straps down her arms and soon her breasts were free of any encumbrances, the nipples a reddish pink aroused to points sticking up. He put his mouth to each sucking, biting, nipping till she squirmed like putty in his hands.

She had got a box of chocolate and she bit into one and they tasted it together with his tongue wrestling with hers, the chocolate melting into buttery goodness from the combined heat of their bodies. He caressed her body, worshiping each curve with all his attention like a devotee to a Goddess.

Starting from the mass of curls that framed her beautiful face, from her smooth forehead, her dusky eyelids, her soft earlobes, her slim nose, her rosy cheeks her quivering lips with a tiny black dot just above accentuating her beauty, her pearly teeth dazzling white and symmetrical, her regal chin, the neck with the bobbing Adam’s apple, the shoulder blades and the curve of her back, with two dimples just above her buttocks, the swell of her breasts just slightly different in shape accentuating their beauty, the rosy red of her areola with nipples slightly upturned in arousal, her delicate fingers, thin wrists, the smooth roundness leading to her belly button, the treasure pot still unrevealed to prying eyes, the knees smooth and round with beautifully curved calves and small feet with painted proportionate toes, the skin soft, gossamer like with goose pimples in expectation of what was about to happen, it was like an answer to his prayers, a dream come true. Like a virgin, touched for the very first time.

She gave an involuntary shudder, with the desire getting the better of her, as his hand tried to gain admittance into the waistband of her skirt, from above in the front and underneath from the back, simultaneously circling her belly button with canlı kaçak bahis his lips, raining it with licks and kisses, whilst she ran her fingers tousling and tugging his hair and caressing his earlobes. Her breasts began heaving in synchronicity with his kisses and she used one hand to lower the zip at the side of the skirt leading it to fall like a heap around her feet.

His eyes shone like glowing embers, as he gazed upon the swell of her hips and her buttocks free of any veil except a thin white lacy strip clinging to her most intimate parts accentuating her every curve, and a small damp patch forming at the junction of her thighs, quivering like smooth white pillars whose treasure was about to be revealed. More through dint of habit, his hand dipped into the waistband of her panties, expecting to find the curly tendrils of hair that veiled the love pot.

Now was his turn to be surprised as she lowered her eyelids and turned her face away with a rosy blush spreading across her countenance. For she was smooth as the silk that covered it. He put his nose to the damp patch and inhaled the musky aroma in one deep breath. Then used his tongue there, making the cloth almost translucent and enhancing the wetness that emanated from her loins. She could bear this sweet torture no more, and pushed the sopping cloth down, revealing herself in her primal avatar.

He gazed transfixed, as if hypnotized by the dazzling treasure that was revealed to him. The belly curved inward, below it’s swell were two plump outer lips with a cleft in between, from which emanated the most amazing scent. She moved quickly to divest him of his shorts and underwear, and his erection rose as if in salute to royalty, with a crystal forming at it’s tip, trying to match it’s counterpart. It had started drizzling by now , so she took his member in her hand leading him into the room as if afraid to reveal their beauty to the open sky.

She sat on the bed, as he explored her most intimate crevasses, parting the outer lips to reveal the moist rosy bud at its center. Even a small touch elicited a moan and soon he put his nose to it intoxicated by the aroma, lapping it’s flavors with his tongue driving her to heights of ecstasy and soon she was dripping like a leaky faucet and used her toes to bring him to a similar level of bliss. Suddenly she shuddered and manna squirted out of her, simultaneously his member twitched with a life of its own spurting his seed up high.

They had mutually reached a state of indescribable bliss, which transported them to a different plane. Spent, he spooned up behind her, caressing each and every part, with a tenderness that drew them closer. Beads of perspiration formed on their bodies, despite the cool breeze and mixed with the scents of their love drew them closer, trying to savor every moment and capture it in the mind’s eye, as if it would slip through their fingers like the sands of time.

All that activity had made them ravenous, and the box of chocolates came in handy.He started tenderly feeding her with one hand, simultaneously applying it with the other all over her body like a paste from her forehead to her toes which she found highly arousing and she mirrored him, both taking special care to coat the earlobes, the lips, the neck, the armpits, the nipples, the belly, the fingertips, the buttocks, the groin, the knees, the ankles and the toes. And they both started licking alternately from the extremities coming in, to the groin, where they both erupted in pleasure again, almost collapsing in exhaustion due to a frenzy by the time they tasted the others seed.

Time had flown, and they both realized they just had a couple of hours before they had to depart to catch the evening bus back to the city with their family in tow. He scooped her into his arms, carrying her to the bathroom taking a luxurious warm shower together each soaping the other, paying particular attention to each other’s crevices and erogenous zones, bringing each other to a final orgasm by the time they were done, glowing in the afterglow of love.

to be continued…

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