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As Angel rode in the backseat of the car with the 2 hi-powered attorneys, her mind drifted to thoughts about sweet Emi. She wondered how the teenager had done out in California. She wondered if everything had gone okay. Angel knew that the people out in California, especially L.A., could be very harsh sometimes. With Emi being so young and so new, she hoped that she had done okay.

“Miss Enriquez, is there someplace that we can drop you off?” one of the attornies asked her, breaking her from her thoughts.

“Um, just take me to the Ocean’s Reef please,” she replied.

The 2 attornies looked at each other. Ocean’s Reef, they both thought, impressive. This girl must have some clout.

The car passed quickly through the city and over the familiar bridge to South Beach. It glided down the street leading to the exclusive condo and stopped at the gate. The driver rolled down the left rear window and Angel spoke to the guard.

“Hi Earl, had a bit of a problem yesterday. I don’t have my passcard with me. Can you give me a temp card please.”

The guard smiled big at her, she was one of their most popular residents, even if it was only part-time.

“Sure thing Angel, hold on a second,” the guard replied.

He went back into the gatehouse for a few minutes and then came back out with a temp card. He used it to open the gate and then handed it to Angel.

“You have someone waiting for you upstairs Miss Angel, a very sweet young lady I must say. Met her for the first time yesterday. Very delightful she was, yes indeed.”

Angel’s million dollar smile flashed at him. It made her happy that other people saw Emi as she did. She motioned with her finger to come closer. He bent over to the window as Angel stretched out the window and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks Earl, you made my day,” Angel whispered to him.

The car drove on up to the front door and a doorman ran down the steps and opened the door for Angel. She got out and went up the steps as the doorman ran in front of her to open the door of the building. Angel thanked him — she was one of the few residents who actually did say thank you to him every time — then she went inside and headed for the elevator.

She got off at the 14th floor and walked down the short hallway to the door. Her passcard let her enter quietly and she went inside. She looked around the main room and in the kitchen but did not see Emi. She walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms. Looking in the master bedroom, she saw the jacuzzi bubbling, but the teenager wasn’t there.

She continued down the hallway to her bedroom door and as she pushed it openly quietly a smile came to her face. Emi was tucked into Angel’s bed, sleeping soundly. Angel stood in the doorway as she watched the darling girl sleep for a few minutes. She was happy to be home and happier still to have Emi here waiting for her.

Almost as if she felt Angel watching her, Emi’s eyes fluttered and then opened. She saw Angel standing there watching her and smiled at the older girl.

“Angel, you’re here. I was just dreaming about you,” she said.

“Dreaming about me? You’ll have to tell me what happened.”

Emi folded the covers back and patted the sheet with her hand.

“Why don’t you join me and I’ll show you.”

Angel stepped to the side of the bed as she began to strip her clothes off. Emi rolled over and watched as the beautiful latin model removed her clothes. She felt a shot of warmth as Angel dropped her shirt on the floor. The skirt and panties followed right after and Emi took in the beauty of Angel. The two girls had only met 3 months ago, but in the last week, they had gotten so close that Emi could hardly believe it.

Angel slid into the bed next to Emi and the 2 girls quickly locked into an embrace. Angel pulled the covers back up as she felt the comfort of Emi’s warm body pressed against her. In this sweet embrace, the two girls talked quietly as Angel wanted to know about Emi’s job in L.A.

Emi told Angel all about it with great excitement. The shoot was for Metropolitan Magazine and might be used on the cover. They had shot with her for 2 full days and there had been this huge crew of people, all of them there for her. The girl was so excited and Angel was happy for her.

“Angel, I owe all this to you. It was you who plucked me off the street and got me into modeling. It has been you that has taken care of me and shown me the ropes. It was you that introduced me to Mrs. Beecham and got me the opportunity I have had this week.”

Her hand went to Angel’s face and stroked the lovely cheek as she continued.

“And it has been you that has shown me what it really feels like to be loved and cared about.”

Angel almost was crying as she listened to Emi. She felt blessed to have Emi here with her because she felt the same way as Emi did.

The girls talked themselves out after half an hour or so and then they drifted off to sleep. Their bodies stayed pressed together as each girl slept peacefully. Ankara bayan escort

The 2 girls slept most of the day, only waking up just as the sun was going down. Angel collected 2 sodas for them out of the fridge and they sat on the balcony, watching the last of the beachgoers pack up their chairs and umbrellas to head home. Since they were so high and since each balcony had a privacy wall that separated it from the other balconies, the girls were able to sit out in just their panties.

Emi sat down in in an upright chair next to a small table while Angel went over to a chaise lounge that was next to the railing. Her slender body stretched out as she tossed her hair to one side and got comfortable. Emi watched her in admiration, still amazed that she was here with this girl who was just so beautiful and so kind and so thoughtful.

Emi let her eyes run up Angel’s body, starting at the small feet with the toenails painted in purple, up the slender and flawless calves of each leg, up the smooth, tanned thighs, past the smoothly shaven pussy and the perfectly round rear end, across the flat stomach, up and over the perfect breasts, following the curve of her neck, until she finished at Angel’s face. She stared at the girl’s face for a moment and thought about how Angel had a perfect name. She did indeed have the face of an angel. So round, with big expressive eyes, a slender nose, and full pink lips. It was no wonder that people took an instant liking to her, all she had to do was flash a smile at you and how could anyone not be won over by her angelic face.

Emi realized that Angel was looking back at her.

“Whatcha thinking about babygirl?” Angel asked her.

“Thinking about you,” she replied as she moved over to the chaise with Angel.

Angel made room on the big chair and the two cuddled together.

“I was thinking we could go out tonight. Maybe get some dinner and then hit some clubs,” Angel suggested to her.

“I’m game. Where do you want to go?”

“There’s a new italian restaurant down on 7th. Let’s go there and then it’s only a short walk to Mangoes.”

“Oooh Mangoes!” Emi said. “I’ve been wanting to go there since I got here and never have.”

“Really? Oh Emi, you’re gonna love it. I’ll have to get you up on a table to dance. It’s a blast”

The two girls laid on the chair for another hour or so, watching the ocean, watching the birds fly by, and occasionally letting lips touch lips and tongues caress tongues. Both girls found themselves feeling that sweet warmth, but finally Angel jumped up out of the chair.

“Come on now girl. Save that for later, we’re going out tonight,” she laughed as she headed in to get dressed.

Emi jumped up and ran behind her watching Angel’s perfect ass the whole time.

As they went through their clothes, Angel came up with a plan for what they would wear that night. She pulled out 2 pairs of nearly identical black satin, bell-bottom pants that she laid on the bed. She called them her hippy-chick pants. Then she found 2 pairs of clear and very high platform shoes. She stopped at that point and looked at Emi.

Emi looked at her quizzically, “Good so far. What about tops?”

Angel pulled out the two gift boxes from the Beecham party and took out the matching diamond bras. She placed them above the pants on the bed.

Emi’s eyes beamed at the clothes.

“Holy christ Angel! You’re gonna be turning some heads tonight!”

“Correction there babygirl…..WE are gonna be turning some heads.”

Emi smiled at her. She thought Angel was so beautiful and it made her happy that Angel always treated her like she was just as beautiful. It just confirmed her feelings about Angel and her big heart.

The two girls began the ritual of getting bathed, powdered, primped, and dressed. A good 2 hours passed as the girls made themselves ready. Finally, they stood side by side at a big mirror in the corner of Angel’s room. The sight was one to behold. Easily the most beautiful girl in the city, decked in ultra shiny satin pants topped off with a gorgeous diamond covered bra, her honey-blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders and framing her sweet face was standing next to an equally stunning young girl dressed identically with long dark auburn hair flowing down her back to just above the top edge of her pants.

The bank of recessed lights above them glimmered off the diamonds and made little rainbows all over the room. The rainbows danced around as the girls made any slight movement at all.

Finally declaring themselves ready, they grabbed their small purses and headed out the door. Angel led Emi onto the elevator and they descended to the lobby of Ocean’s Reef. When the door opened and they stepped out, whatever was going on in the lobby virtually came to a stop as the 2 incredible girls garnered the attention of anyone — man or woman — in the room. They made their way quickly to the front door and the doorman asked if they wanted a cab.

“No, not tonight,” she Escort bayan Ankara told him. “We’re gonna walk and see the sights.”

The doorman chuckled a bit to himself as he thought, “Ladies, you ARE the sights tonight.”

The 2 girls crossed the street and headed down South Beach to the restaurant. As they walked, various people were running up to them and trying to invite them to parties or to dinner or back to their hotels. Angel took it all in stride and politely declined it all.

However, quite a few tourists came up to them and asked to take a picture with them. So the two girls laughed as they would pose with Sam and Gloria from Des Moines or Fred from Pittsburgh or whoever. The thought of these people going home and showing pictures of themselves with the 2 Miami beauties was a hoot.

After a 5 minute walk, the 2 girls arrived at the restuarant. Angel had called ahead and the maitre de was ready for them. He quickly showed them to an outdoor table, but one that was placed so that passersby could not approach them and interrupt their time.

“Angel, this place is fantastic,” she said as she looked down at the imported china place setting and the real silver utensils. “And expensive too.”

Just then the manager came up to them.

“Miss Enriquez, it is so good of you to join us at Flavio’s this evening. We are always grateful when a celebrity comes in for dinner. And I see you have brought a very lovely friend with you. I must say that your outfits are truly stunning. I do hope that the male guests will be able to finish their dinners”

The girls laughed at his little joke as Angel thanked him for his welcome.

“By the way ladies, I am instructed by the owner that anything you order this evening is to be on the house. The owner wishes you to be friends of the restaurant and for you to join us often.”

Emi looked at Angel in amazement, still learning about the good fortune that seems to follow Angel.

The girls ordered a variety of stuff from the menu, taking advantage of the restaurant’s policy of serving large or small portions. The manager sent them a bottle of wine and soon, their table was filled with an italian feast. The girls didn’t notice, but a small crowd had formed as people noticed the 2 spectacular girls and the feast they had spread before them

After they each sampled a little of everything they ordered, they both settled back and sipped at their wine as they watched the people go past. Angel was always fascinated by the people and she tried to guess where they were from.

As she sat there, she felt Emi scoot her chair up close. The teenager took advantage of the oversized tablecloth and put her hand underneath it and on Angel’s lap. She quickly began to massage Angel’s bare belly and even made an attempt to open the front of her satin pants.

“Emi, for god’s sake girl, do you want to get us arrested?” Angel whispered to her.

“Arrested…..hmmmm….I hear that’s not such a bad thing these days,” she replied in a straight voice.

Angel realized Emi was making a joke about Angel’s recent run-in with the law and she tried to swat the teenager with her napkin. Emi dodged it and laughed.

They finally finished their meals and called the manager over to the table to thank him. They left a generous tip on the table for the good service, then the girls stood and headed out. The restaurant came to a standstill as the 2 girls became visible to all the customers. The men were all looking at the girls with lust, while the women mostly looked on with envy but there were a few lustful looks too.

Emi was surprised to feel a couple hands on her legs and rear as they worked their way through the crowded restaurant. The girls made it to the entrance and back out on to the sidewalk. Angel led the way towards Mangoes, which wasn’t to far away. In fact, in just a few minutes, Emi could see a large crowd on the sidewalk not to far in front of them.

The girls came up to the crowd and Angel realized it was just people hanging out in front trying to get a look inside. They looked for a way to squeeze through to the door, but it was too crowded. Angel drifted off to the side of the crowd as she fished her cell phone out of her purse. She dialed a number and waited as it rang.

“Hey. It’s Angel. I’m outside with a friend. Can you come and get us?”

She hung up the phone and put it away.

“Hold on a sec, I called in the cavalry,” she said to Emi.

Less than 30 seconds later, the crowd started to part and 4 huge bouncers appeared followed by a short and very expensively dressed man. Angel waved at him as she and Emi walked over.

“Hi Angel, it’s simply delightful to see you as always,” he said as he kissed her on each cheek. “And who is your exquisite little friend?”

“Eduardo, this is my very close friend Emi. And Emi, this is Eduardo, the manager of Mangoes. He’ll be one of the few guys who will not hit on you tonight.”

He saw Emi looking at Angel, not quite understanding Bayan escort Ankara Angel’s comment.

“Dear Emi, Angel is once again showing her disappointment that I never fell in love with her. I’ve known her since we both were 8 years old and she has been trying to seduce me for 14 years.”

Emi still wasn’t quite following.

“I’m gay,” he finally said.

Emi laughed and said, “oh.”

“Well come on, the boys can’t keep the commoners at bay forever,” he said as he led them back through the path that the bouncers had made through the crowd.

Angel and Emi scurried behind him as they ran for the door. Emi was slightly surprised when a stray hand came out of the crowd and grabbed one of her breasts. But whoever it was suffered the consequence as one of the mountain-sized bouncers shot a hard fist back towards the owner of the hand. The hand quickly let go and Emi ran the rest of the way into the club.

As they passed through the door, Emi was instantly dazzled. The club was decorated like a Cuban nightclub of the 50’s. The room itself was in 3 different levels, each level about 5 feet higher than the one below it. These little terraces were u-shaped and wrapped around a dance floor in the center. Large slow-moving fans were scattered across the high ceiling. Latin music was blasting at incredible volume and people were up and dancing and moving to the beat.

There was a pause in the music for a second and Emi saw 3 men dressed in island garb line up on the highest terrace and blew through conch shell horns.

“Mira,” Angel shouted to her, “Watch this.”

The music started again as about 20 scantily clad waitresses came pouring out of a doorway at the far end and out onto the dance floor. All were in island garb similar to the horn blowers. As the music played, the girls began a dance routine that was enticing to say the least. Around the room, the customers were whistling, cheering, and pounding on the tables as they tried to get the attention of the dancers.

The dancers began to spread around the room and going to individual tables. They each picked out a table and would yank some guy out of his chair and use it to get up on the table. Once all the girls were on a table, new music started and they launched into this wild gyrating routine. Arms and legs and hair were flying everywhere as the dancers somehow managed to dance on top of the tiny tables.

Emi was looking around at each girl and realized that every one of them was very, very pretty. Angel was watching her and slid up to her, wrapping her arms around the teenager from behind.

“Don’t get any ideas babygirl,” she said jokingly. “You’re already taken.”

Emi laughed and spun her head to kiss Angel on the cheek and they both laughed.

“However, it is kind of fun to play a bit when the opportunity arises. Take a look over there,” Angel told her as she pointed to a table on the next terrace higher than theirs.

Emi looked over and saw a very pretty woman of about 40 years old. She was very nicely dressed and seemed to be alone. She was trying to be discreet, but Emi could tell that she was watching the 2 girls.

“Go over and talk to her Em, see what her deal is.”

Emi sneaked another look and sure enough, the woman was looking at them again. Angel gave Emi a prod with her finger that got her up.

“Okay, okay, I’m going.”

Emi walked the short distance over to the woman and stopped in front of her.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you were watching my friend and I. Do we know you perhaps? Or is it that you would like to get to know us?”

The woman looked at her up and down, letting her eyes travel over the beautiful teenager’s body. She especially took a good look at the girl’s breasts that were so beautifully covered by the diamond bra.

“No, I don’t know who you are miss. But yes, I would like to get to know you. Would you care to join me?”

The woman held her hand out at the chair next to her. Emi stepped around the small table and sat down in the chair. The tables were so small and the club so crowded, she found herself rubbing shoulders with the woman. The woman spun in her chair to face Emi and as she did, her legs brushed Emi’s under the table. Emi’s hands were on top of the table and the woman took one and held it, gently squeezing as she did.

“You are a very beautiful girl. What is your name? Obviously you are not American. Where are you from?”

“Emi, and I’m from Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.”

“Mmmmm, yes. I see it now. The girls from Brazil are very pretty.”

She looked past Emi for a second and pointed at Angel.

“Your friend, she is also quite beautiful. I assume the 2 of you are working this evening?”

Emi didn’t understand at first, but then it came to her. The woman was thinking that Emi and Angel were prostitutes! Emi had to supress a laugh, but then, considering what she and Angel were wearing, she could see where the woman came up with that.

“Well maybe we are, you never can tell.” Emi told her vaguely, trying to see where the conversation might lead.

“Well, I am looking for company this evening. I am here on business and came here from my hotel. If you are interested, perhaps you and your friend would like to join me.”

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