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As Danny carried me back to his room I couldn’t help but wonder where his roommate Cade was. But then at the same time I didn’t really care if he was or wasn’t there. Either way I was going to get a nice hard fuck.

Cade was sitting at his computer when we walked in stripping each others clothes off. We practically knocked him off his chair as we made our way to Danny’s bed.

“Hey Cade, don’t you think it’s time to go to bed and turn that light off,” Danny asked as he mounted me missionary style. “I mean, ugh, it is like, ugh, almost 2 in the morning after all…of fuck yeah, “ he said as he began to fuck me still talking to his roommate.

Cade couldn’t even look at us. “Sure …umm…umm…no problem…goodnight.”

And that was it. He just turned off the computer and went to bed.

“Danny, we could go into my room yeah know? I have no roommate and Cade was still working on his computer.”

“Look Kellie. Cade doesn’t care. He’s used to me getting a ton of pussy in here,” Danny told me.

Man if Danny wasn’t such a good fuck I would’ve called him an asshole right then and there. And then again I was pretty distracted.

Danny had me spread eagle on his bed and he was stuffing his big cock in and out of my pussy. His cock and my tiny frame were a perfect match. Not to mention that my cunt muscles were still tight from cumming earlier at the bar. Now he was playing with my tits, sucking , biting, and just plain foundling them as he bucked his hips towards mine. I was just getting worked up when all of a sudden…

“Oh my god Kellie, I’m cumming…oh, oh, oh, oh fuck yeah, you little slut.”

And then Danny just collapsed on me. I lie still as he continued to lay on me and breathe hard.

“Umm, are you okay Danny,” I asked him impatiently.

“Oh yeah babe, you are an awesome fuck. Damn I need a shower. Wanna join me sexy?”

“Actually I’m good,” I said frustrated.

“Alright babe back in 20. I don’t know about you, but I’m really going to sleep well tonight,” he said to me over his shoulder as he wrapped his towel around him and walked to the shower.

Great. Just great. I was waiting to have the fuck of a lifetime (again) and all I got was a weak hump from a pompous ass. So instead of wallowing in my sorrow, I decided to take matters into my own hands ( more like fingers actually =) ).

I started to pinch my nipples and suck on them a little. I love having such huge tits because I can help myself to a nice suck anytime I want. I began to feel that tingle in between my legs and I knew I needed to get off. I moved my hands down across my stomach and slowly made my way down to my pussy lips. I slowly lifted my legs to my chest and began to rub my slit and asshole Marmaris Escort ever so slightly with my index finger. I quickly opened my legs and found my stiff little clit. I started out by slowly circling it and then began to rub it against my palm very quickly. Before I knew it I had two fingers in my drenched pussy and I was moaning uncontrollably. And as I bucked against my fingers I could hear hard panting coming from across the room. As I kept fingering myself , I could barely make out Cade in the next bed. As my eyes began to adjust to the dark, I could see him clearly stroking his cock. I couldn’t tell how big he was, but his noises were driving me crazy.

Horny as fuck, I decided to make this situation a little more interesting. I began to moan uncontrollably, “Oh yeah, oh fuck, oh fuck, mmmm, I am so horny…all I need is a cock in my cunt right now. Hey Cade, think you can help me out?”

And it became silent. Cade lie still in his bed absolutely embarrassed. But I wasn’t. I hopped off of Danny’s bed and climbed on to Cade’s.

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I didn’t think you would hear …I am just so embarrassed right now,” I’m sure he was bright red but I couldn’t really see in the dark.

“Hey don’t be. I’m flattered and interested. Maybe we could help each other out. See I’m soaking wet and need a nice hard cock in me right now. And you need a nice tight pussy to wrap around your cock. Hmm…what a predicament we have ourselves in,” I said as I lowered my mouth onto his cock.

It was nice and big. In fact he was bigger than Danny by an inch in both length and girth. Damn, who would’ve ever guessed that this geeky looking kid had such a big dick. I wrapped my lips up and down his cock and he began to ponder. Was he a virgin? I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by asking, so I decided to see how good of a fuck he was.

I started to really suck him hard like my own personally Popsicle. I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft and played with his balls as I did so. I took his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke him.

“I don’t know about you but I am ready to fuck,” I said as straddled him. I was so horny and all I wanted was his cock in my pussy. “Do you think that would be okay if I just rode your cock for a while?”

All Cade could do was shake his head. At least that’s what I think he did. But he soon confirmed my guess as took my hand off of his cock and replaced it with his. Oh what a gentleman. He was holding his dick in place as I lowered my cunt onto his schlong. As the head pressed into the folds of my wetness, it was a much tighter fit than I thought. Oh my, he must be at least 10 or 11 inches. I slowly worked my pussy up and down Marmaris Escort Bayan his cock until he was all the way inside of me. I sat still as we both adjusted to the feeling. Damn I’ve had big, but he was huge, both length and girth wise.

He was the one to break the stillness. He grabbed my hips and began to buck up into me. He still hadn’t made one sound. I wasn’t too concerned though. I was focusing more on getting myself off and figured he would cum along the way. I put my hands on his chest and leaned forward. I began to bounce up and down faster and talk in his ear.

“You have such a nice cock. I mean you are one of the biggest I have ever have. No lie kid. You have a porn cock,” I said with a sexy whisper in his ear.

“So am I bigger than Danny?” Oh my god, his first words were uttered. He voice wasn’t as squeaky as it was when I met him earlier in my room.

“ Fuck honey. You make him look like a child. Mmm, oh, oh, oh, you are a haas.”

That must have fueled his fire because he pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs nice and wide. He dipped his head down and all I could do was moan. His tongue was so amazing. He licked up and down my slit and sucked hard on my clit. Damn, this kid knew what he was doing. He got me nice and worked up and worked his way up my body. We kissed for the very first time and he knew all the moves. Our tongues played tag as he fingered my dripping slit and I stroked his big cock. I had had enough.

I pushed him off of me, turned around, got on my hands and knees and looked towards him over my shoulder.

“If you don’t stick that big cock in my pussy right now, I’m going to implode.”

Well that was all Cade needed. He practically broke me in half when he stuck his dick in me from behind. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me fast and hard.

“Oh yeah, Danny was right. You do have a tight pussy. Mmm, yeah, of yeah, my cock feels so good in your pussy. Ever since I met you earlier, ugh, ugh, I have wanted to fuck this tight body. Ugh, fuck, ugh, I mean, you are just so gorgeous and fuckable. Mmmm, oh god, you, you are too good to be true.”

“Oh Cade. Don’t flatter me, just fuck me. Your dick feels so good in my cunt. Oh god, you are the ultimate fuck, oh god, oh god, fuck yes, I’m cumming, oh fuck yeah.”

And he continued to go to town on me as I had my first orgasm. God he was good. He then picked me up, damn way stronger than I thought he was and for the first time I noticed just how built he was. Skinny, but built.

He took me over to his desk and sat me down in his computer chair. He turned around and literally threw everything on his desk into his closet. He then stood me up, Escort Marmaris bent me over the desk (my head was right by the computer) and licked from my cunt all the way up to my asshole and circled when he got to it. That drove me absolutely nuts.

“Oh fuck me right now Cade. I’m your fucking slut. Do anything you want to me.”

“You swear anything,” he asked.

“As long as it involves you and your cock…for sure babe.”

“MMM,” he moaned as he shoved his cock into my cunt from behind. “Well I’ll take you up on that offer in a while. First I want to fuck you like a little school girl slut on this desk.”

Hmm, like I haven’t done that one in catholic high school. But I just moaned as he pounded me from behind. In and out, in and out his cock made me cum and cum again. I was practically screaming as he fucked me on the desk. Man we were making so much noise. I mean I was moaning, so was he, and not to mention the constant thumping of the desk against the wall. I love being noisy. I like the feeling that everyone knows what a little whore I am and how much I like to fuck. All of a sudden I felt Cade’s cock slip out of my cock dripping wet and I felt sad.

“Hey, where do you think you are goi…oh damn baby.”

All I could do was moan in pleasure and a little pain. Cade had taken my offer and stuck his cock right into my asshole. He was now slowly fucking my ass. I love to get my ass fucked and this drove me crazy. As he did so I fingered my pussy in time with his cock.

“Oh yeah you little slut. Your ass is even tighter than your cunt. Mmm, oh yeah, fuck you, you are such a slut. What kind of girl would fuck a guys rommie and then turn around and fuck him. A fucking slut. Mmm, and I love to fuck sluts.”

His cock and his words were driving me over the edge. “Oh yeah baby, I am a fucking slut. I love to fuck anyone and everyone. But I really enjoy fucking you…oh fuck, mmmm, oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck my ass, oh, we can , oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck again, uhn, ngh, can’t we?”

“Oh fuck yeah baby. I’ll fuck you when ever you let me. Fuck I’m cumming, oh , oh, oh, take my cum bitch.”

And with that we both came hard and loud. I’m sure everyone on the floor could hear us. Once he was done, Cade pulled his cock out of my ass and wiped it off with a towel he had found. After I could finally stand, I stood up and kissed Cade one last time.

“You are an amazing fuck,” I grabbed his cock and stroked it as it deflated. “See you tomorrow.”

And with that I just walked back across the hall to my room naked. As I was opening the door Danny walked past.

“Hey babe. Thought we were cuddling tonight?”

“You know what Danny, I think I’m just too tired for that tonight. But I’ll see you around,” I rolled my eyes as I said this. I opened the door and crawled into my bed. I quickly fell asleep with my hand resting between my legs. I rubbed myself to sleep as I thought about everything that had happened to me. If I get fucked like this everyday, I’m never leaving college.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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