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I had taken the day off and thought it might be fun to phone my friend Dave to see if he wanted to go swimming with me at the local hotel spa. I had been really struggling in my own, long term relationship and it was pretty much over. I was bored shitless and needed stimulation in my life in all areas; physically, sexually and intellectually.

Dave and I had known each other for a few years through mutual friends and we’d definitely had a connection previously. However, I hadn’t seen him for maybe six months so it felt a bit odd calling him out of the blue but hey, I was up for a challenge and he could always say no!

He lived two minutes from the hotel and used to be a frequent visitor to the gym there, plus I happened to know he wasn’t working so was bound to be free. It had to be a good idea, surely?

It’s fair to say Dave was a little surprised when I phoned him as but he was delighted that I’d asked him and thought it was a great idea so he agreed he’d meet me at the hotel in an hour.

I arrived first and it’s fair to say I had dressed more with feeling sexy in mind than anything else as I was definitely in seduction mode. I was wearing flip-flops, skin-tight white half-leggings and no knickers, a loose top that showed my midriff and no bra.

I’m quite fit and I hardly ever wear a bra as I’m lucky to have amazing naturally firm breasts and they looked fabulous under this loose, thin top, especially as my nipples were really obvious.

We met, hugged and kissed politely. I have to say he was better looking and fitter than I remembered so I was delighted and felt quite excited.

We walked round to the spa which, as usual, was empty mid-morning, and went our separate ways to get changed. I wore a small, tight fitting low-cut bikini that showed my figure off beautifully and, being white, it looked lovely against my tanned skin.

Dave is tall and pretty fit. He was nicely tanned too and had a nice shape, toned but not overly muscular.

You have to go through a shower to get to the pool itself, probably a hygiene thing, and it was nice to get wet under the shower as my bikini clung to my body, knowing Dave was watching me.

The pool was the perfect temperature so we swam a bit and chatted and were then larking about with the foam swimming blocks, trying to get two or three under our bums in the water. Dave decided to help me which was really nice because I had to keep hanging-on him while he was trying to push the blocks under my body for me to sit on. I kept sitting on his hands and grabbing his body to help me stay on. When I finally made it and got my balance it meant I was floating on the surface with my lower body raised out of the water and my wet bikini bottoms were pulled tight into my pussy.

It felt great being exposed like this and we had a lot of fun and lots of laughing. For me, it was really quite a horny time.

After about half an hour of messing about we got out, showered off and went into the steam room to relax and recover from expending all that energy.

It was great to sit back and relax. At least that was the idea.

There was something incredibly sexy about being alone in the steam-room with someone I quite fancied, especially as you can’t see each other clearly.

Dave already had a bit of a bulge in his shorts but I think he thought I hadn’t noticed. I had definitely noticed but didn’t say anything, not even in a jokey way (which would be my usual style).

It was pretty damned hot in there and we joked about who would be the weaker one and leave first so it quickly became a bit of a competition to stay as long as possible.

The cabin wasn’t very big and had a single slatted bench around three sides. Dave sat in one corner leaning up against the wall with his legs stretched out down the long bench. I chose to lay down flat on the bench across the top seat with my feet towards him, almost touching his arm. I happen to know he likes my feet from when he gave me a random foot massage ages ago. Nothing else happened then but it was really nice and he said how much he liked my feet because they’re slim and tanned, with beautiful toes.

We stayed like that for about 10 minutes, not really talking, just the odd comment about how bloody hot it was. I said how much nicer it would be to do this completely naked and Dave replied “Well if we jammed the door shut and unscrewed the light bulb we could both strip naked!” We both laughed.

I said that I sunbathed naked as often as possible as it feels so fantastic to not be hampered by clothing and I love that feeling of getting my whole body tanned. He agreed and said feeling the sun in his crotch warming his tackle was always such a turn-on too. It went quiet again and I think we were both imagining the other one naked.

Suddenly Dave said “Do you like your feet massaged?” – an odd thing to say considering it happened once before, but I guessed he was just being polite and trying to find a way in again.

“Ooh I absolutely sadakat izle love having my feet massaged, it’s so relaxing and sensual and makes me tingle all over,” I said. I shuffled down towards him, lifted one leg off the bench and placed my foot across his thighs, saying “Why, are you offering then?”

“Of course, love to,” he said. “Let’s see if I can make you tingle a bit then shall we?”

He wrapped his fingers around my foot, running his fingers up and down the soft sole and in between my toes, up over the instep and around my ankle, repeating the process over and over. It was blissful.

By now the room had completely filled with steam. We really couldn’t see each other well and I just know Dave would be finding this as erotic as I did. We were both very hot and sweaty, breathing quite heavily and the steam and sweat made ideal lubrication as he continued massaging my feet. It felt really naughty, like doing something you shouldn’t be doing and with a stranger who you couldn’t see!

I put my other foot across his lap and he continued massaging around my feet and ankles. He then started sliding his hands slightly further up towards my knee on each leg in turn, then back down to my feet. I lifted-up my bum and shuffled towards him a little further so my feet were right across his lap and flat against the wall with my knees slightly bent, hoping he would reach higher up my legs.

He massage around my ankles then slowly along my calf and shin, and up over my knee, just about high enough to feel the softness of the inside of my thigh. Again, he repeated this, swapping between both my legs, each time getting just a little higher up my thighs.

I had stretched my arms out above my head and I said “Oooh that feels so good” as I pulled my feet back, bent both knees and rested my feet against Dave’s thigh, allowing my legs to open a bit wider.

I could see Dave staring at my crotch which just made me want to open my legs wide apart. I didn’t just yet as I was enjoying this too much. Again he circled his hands up and over my knees, down the sides of my calves and down to my feet and toes, then up the inside of each leg again.

He shifted his position and turned his body towards me slightly, leaning forwards and sliding both hands slowly up the inside of my thighs almost to my crotch. I was so excited and felt like I was trembling with anticipation. I was sure he must have known.

I relaxed my right knee and laid it down flat on the bench as I felt his hands gradually slide higher until he just touched the edge of my bikini, right in my groin.

I took a sharp breath and again shuffled a bit closer so his fingers pushed right into the material covering my pussy. He immediately pushed back, applying pressure and started circling his fingers over the material and into my groin. I closed my eyes and said “Please don’t stop now Dave, that feels sooo nice.”

He brought his thumb round and rubbed it gently over the mound of my pussy, gently pressing into my soft fleshy lips through the thin material of my bikini bottoms. I moved even closer towards him to increase the pressure he was applying to my pussy until he was pushing the thin wet material in between my lips. He slid his thumb up and down the length of my pussy lips applying circular pressure directly onto my clit and then moving his thumb sideways into my groin. It immediately made me open my legs as wide as I could as he slipped just under the edge of my bikini to feel my soft pussy lips.

I knew I was already quite wet as he pushed his thumb just inside me then back out again, smearing my juices over my lips and clit. Then he slowly eased his thumb back inside but this time he didn’t stop; he just pushed in gently, in as far as it would go, right up to the knuckle.

I literally groaned and pushed back against him and I slid both hands down my belly and under my bikini and started stroking and rubbing my clit.

Dave continued to slowly thumb-fuck my pussy as I rubbed my clit harder. He had twisted round slightly towards me and I moved the foot that was pressing into the side of his thigh, right into his crotch and up against his hard cock. It felt really good to feel his cock.

Suddenly, someone appeared at the glass door…

We both jumped and quickly sat up, our hearts thumping, breathing heavily and giggling. I quickly straightened my bikini bottom and we just sat there in silence as this person came in to the cabin.

Fortunately it was so steamy that they couldn’t really see us and certainly couldn’t see the huge bulge in Dave’s shorts. I casually laid back down and rested my legs across Dave’s lap again, purposely nudging his cock with my toes, as he started massaging my feet again, as though nothing had happened.

After a while I took a deep breath and said “You win, I’ve had enough, I need to shower and cool off.” I got up to leave and Dave smiled at me saying, “I’ll join you shortly.” I knew exactly what he meant!

Dave sadece arkadaşız izle waited around for a few minutes, presumably for his erection to subside, and then he came out to have a shower to cool off too. I was in the Jacuzzi, with a beaming smile and he climbed in and sat next to me.

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did?” he said. I nodded and said “The trouble is, good things never last quite as long as you’d like them too so we’ll just have to start all over again, won’t we?”

As I said that, I casually moved my hand through the bubbling water and placed it firmly in his crotch, grabbing a handful of his cock which quickly began to stiffen-up again.

I then moved into the centre of the Jacuzzi to face him, kneeling on the bottom, my shoulders under water. I glanced around to make sure we were alone then placed my hands on his shoulders, leaning forward to kiss him. We had a long, lingering, tonguing kiss that was so erotic because, to be honest, I didn’t really know him, not well, so it felt like I was doing this with a stranger and that made it so much more exciting.

I started to slide one hand down his chest to the waistband of his shorts and I tugged at the string tie in the middle. Moving a little closer, I curled my fingers under the waistband of his shorts and started tugging downwards, gesturing with a flick of my head for him to lift his bum off, which he did, and I pulled his shorts down over his cock and down to his feet.

I know he was a bit nervous, sitting there basically naked in the Jacuzzi, and now with a massive erection. He looked at me and said “We really must make sure the bubbles don’t stop!”

I gently closed my fingers around his cock and started wanking him under the water. He had what seemed to be the perfect sized cock – something I could get my hand round, straight and not ridiculously long. It felt fantastic and was so hard and throbbing, all I could think about was sucking him into my mouth or easing my pussy down on him as he slid deep inside me. Just holding his cock was making my pussy tingle.

Slowly I pulled his foreskin back and forth, then back again, holding the skin hard back to force his knob right out and running my fingers around the ridge and over the top. I smiled at him constantly, licking my lips.

I think he really was already close to cumming as I slowly wanked him with one hand and, with the other, started massaging his balls and running my fingers along the crack of his arse, teasing his anus while tightly squeezing his cock.

I suddenly realised I could feel no hairs and I said “You’re shaved?” He nodded and replied “Completely.” It felt fabulously smooth and I just wanted to get closer to it with my tongue.

Again we were disturbed as the same fucking person came out of the steam room.

Fortunately, they went straight in for a swim but, as I had quickly sat back round and was beside Dave on his right, he took the opportunity to place his hand on my thigh and quickly slide it up and right into my crotch.

I was pretty turned-on by this point and I really wanted him to get back to fingering me. I sat forward on the edge of the seat and placed my left leg across his lap. Then I put my right foot up onto the step, my leg out straight, spreading my legs as far apart as I possibly could.

He immediately slid his hand up onto my belly and then straight down the front of my bikini bottoms, pushing down further and feeling my puffy pussy lips.

Obviously my lips were wet from the water but I knew they were also nice and slimy from my juices as I do tend to get really lubricated.

My inner pussy lips naturally protrude a fair amount, which I absolutely love, and with my legs so wide apart, I could feel my inner lips were being opened-up nicely as I could feel the warm water just inside. Dave eased his middle finger between my lips and sank it inside my warm pussy, pulling it out and up to rub at my clit, then back down and in again, slightly deeper, wiggling it around inside me.

It felt fantastic having my pussy fingered again and under the almost hot, bubbling water of the Jacuzzi, and virtually in public view.

I smiled sweetly, trying to look like nothing was happening as he slid his finger underneath and back to my perineum and then to my anus, teasing around it and then pushing the tip of his finger just inside. I knew what was coming but it still made me jump slightly as it went in. He said “You ok?” I just said, “Fucking love it.”

He pulled his finger out then slid back in as far as he could, wiggling it about. Then he pulled out again and started pushing two fingers into my pussy, deep inside as far as he could go.

When the base of his fingers were hard up against my clit he circled around and applied pressure, rubbing it hard, his fingers still deep inside me, curling forwards to massage my g-spot.

I was in heaven and began to feel the the tension rising in my body. My eyes şahmaran izle widened and I knew I had a slightly crazy stare – it’s my cumming face – as felt my body stiffen and get closer to an orgasm. I swallowed deeply and sort of coughed to disguise my reaction to a small but incredibly satisfying orgasm, closing my legs and gripping his hand tight between my thighs for about 10 seconds, before relaxing and allowing him to slide my fingers out of my pussy.

Still looking straight at me he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean. “Mmm, this tastes really good,” he said. “Why don’t we get out of here?”

I suggested going back to mine for lunch and then we could decide how best to spend the rest of the afternoon. I had a pretty good idea already how that might be, of course.

He pulled his shorts back up and over his cock but had to stay in the Jacuzzi for a few minutes to let his erection subside again – I’m not sure how well it would have gone down walking through the men’s changing room with a massive bulge in his shorts!

We both got out of the Jacuzzi, got changed and met in the lobby to drive to my house.

Dave knew James, my other half, from way back and on the way home it just came up in conversation as he asked how things were. I told him we were pretty well at the end of our relationship partly because we had burned-out anything we originally had in common and partly because he’d just lost all interest in me physically.

Dave knew that James and I had known each other since leaving school, in fact we’d known each other for so long that James felt sex was a bit awkward now.

I said I’d tried to keep my figure as trim as possible and wore sexy clothes and underwear for him, but it made little difference and he mostly just got jealous of me.

Dave was honest and said he’d always found me such a turn-on and always fun to be around, and that he’d always wondered what it would be like to make love to me.

He was once the partner of a friend of mine and pretty well from day one there had been a little something between us, just a spark but nothing had happened – nothing more than a cuddle and a foot massage, that is.

How things change over time.

We arrived home, cracked a bottle of wine and fairly quickly flew through that while we chatted.

We were both getting hungry so salad sandwiches were underway when Dave decided to put a slice of tomato down my top – at the front of course. I screamed out, grabbed some cheese and attempted to shove it down his t-shirt. In turn he grabbed a handful of wet lettuce, literally spun me round in front of him and managed to get the whole lot straight down the front of my white leggings. I was laughing so much I collapsed on the floor and said “Well if you want any lunch matey, I’m wearing most of it, you’d better come here and eat what I’ve got.”

Dave dropped to his knees in between mine and made gnashing movements into my crotch. He began biting at my pussy and I could feel the lettuce rubbing my bare pussy as I still wasn’t wearing any knickers.

He sat up and started pulling my leggings down so I lifted my bum off the floor to help him. He pulled them down and over my feet, leaving me lying there in only my top, with my pussy fully exposed and covered in we lettuce. I reached up and pulled my top right up and over my head letting my gorgeous tits fall out. I was still giggling, spread out on the kitchen floor with bits of salad and water stuck to my body. I opened my legs wide apart and said “So how about lunch then?”

He reached up to the counter and got the salad-cream bottle, squeezing out a dollop onto my belly, and proceeded to smear it all over my tits and down to my pussy.

This was fun and erotic but I suddenly began to get seriously turned-on and I was beginning to writhe around, helping him to spread the cream over my body.

I said “Go on, lick me clean, lick me all over and eat me for lunch.”

He didn’t need asking again, he just went down and started licking at my soft belly and down to my groin. I raised my left leg as he licked and sucked at my warm fleshy thigh right where it meets my groin. Dragging his tongue across my crotch, he opened his mouth and covered my pussy, pushing his tongue between my lips and nuzzling at my clit. I moaned out loudly, rubbing the mixture of salad cream and sweat into my tits, pinching my nipples and spreading my legs as wide apart as I could.

Dave began moving down my thigh, over my knee and down to my foot. I bent my leg, raising my knee and he ran his lips across the top of my foot licking the side with his tongue. Round the side and underneath, licking the length of the sole of my foot then up at the end, sucking my toes into his mouth, and pushing his tongue between them.

He sucked each of my toes in turn whilst massaging my foot with his fingers, running them up and down the length of my leg, stopping to keep teasing my pussy.

I adored having my feet and toes sucked, it was so sexy but, as my pussy was getting little attention, I started sliding my fingers over my clit and between my pussy lips allowing one to sink inside. Using both hands, I pulled my lips apart and began rubbing and pinching my clit as he continued to lick and suck on my toes.

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